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Greased (DVD)


Mustang Video Pac 92.

Sex is always greasy at the garage!

Garage boss Robert Black is on the warpath. He's pissed as hell at employee Dominic Pacifico, who has been missing time, so he gags him long enough to hire a new guy, but soon returns to finish berating Dominic. Grease monkey Robert psychoanalyzes bearded Dominic before ripping his shirt off roaring at Dominic that the root of his problems is a love of cock. A series of awful puns finally gives way to Dominic blowing Robert. Deep-throat-minded Dominic does an excellent job, working up particular fervor (and spit) doing Robert's balls. Robert gives Dominic a feisty return sucking, and Dominic's thick cock is no easy piece. Dominic's legs are spread wide so Robert's hairy face can go licking at Dominic's hairy ass. Robert, who is in the mood for some torture, wrestles Dominic to the table where he works his tits, pits and cock again before finally fucking him. Robert keeps up the act of dominating with a hearty fuck, an easy slip-and-slide easily in and out of Dominic's crack. The fuck is not as excitable as the oral action, but it's workmanlike and efficient. Dominic does some peppy riding until cumming in the middle of it. He then chews Robert's balls until he cums. "You get to keep your job," Robert chirps at the end.

Customer Dominik Rider, both beefy and adorable, goes to the bathroom, but rough-and-tumble mechanic Peter Axel follows him in, needing less than a sentence of sweet-talk to get Dominik down on his knees. Hairy Peter sure looks like he's loving the blowjob as Dominik effortlessly chows down. Peter, so big on top that he looks like he's going to fall over at any minute, has his dick jammed into a cock ring so it's bright red, a beacon easily found by Dominik's mouth. Smooth muscular Dominik gets to pose and enjoy Peter licking around his body until getting to his cock. This is another simple blowjob, with Peter's face buried in Dominik's pubes the whole time. Dominik has the ideal ass for rimming, and Peter makes the most of his time in there. Peter is the topman here, but his odd-shaped body makes for some awkward fucking, though Dominik is a pliable bottom with an ass that needs to be permanently plundered. Their rather ungainly fuck utilizes all the trash in the bathroom, and it's definitely zesty. Dominik sits on Peter briefly so he can cum with Peter inside him and then Peter uses up all the rest of his energy to blast.

Tow-truck driver Dak Ramsay makes house calls, but when he goes into tall leather-clad Lars Svenson's house, he's not allowed out until he plays in the lair. Lars brings in slave Robert Thorn, a cute brunet with a jock, collar and sunglasses to blow Dak, valiantly fighting and still trying to get out. But, the combined efforts of Robert's sucking and Lars' attention to his mouth and pits calms him down. Lars and Robert have obviously done this before, because they tag team efforts work so well on Dak. Lars gives Dak his cock to blow so he can work around Dak's body and keep Robert in place. Robert's fuzzy butt gets some fun fingering and rimming from Dak, who then gives his ass over to Robert for the same. Even Lars wants to taste Dak's bum. The secret weapon of the scene is revealed late, Robert's enormous dick! Dak and Lars share it before Lars downs it and Dak's together. Robert is rather wanly dildo-fucked before Dak gives him a much better live pounding, the most electric in the movie. Dak really hammers Robert hard, in multiple hot positions. There are no real impressive cum-shots, but Dak has learned the lay of the land, tossing Robert back into his closet before the scene fades out.

That leaves hulking baldie Justin Riddick and slim new hire Jason Hamilton. Robert leaves them to close up the place, spewing a few more puns before leaving with whipping boy Dominic. Justin grabs Jason by the shoulders and plants a big boy kiss on him. Towering over twinky Jason, Justin is clearly leading this scene, but smooth tattooed James is no slouch. He plays along very nicely. James blows Justin to full hardness as Justin strips to reveal his chiseled glamorous body. Jason isn't much of a sucker, so it's a welcome change when Justin blows James with more confidence and experience. Justin is the obvious choice of a top here, propping James up against a tire to slash into him. They don't have much chemistry, though a few of Justin's well-placed slaps help spice things up. James has an outrageous cum-shot, popping up into the air outside of camera range and landing all over his own face. Justin's is quite impressive as well.

DVD features: Chapters; trailers ("Nailed," "Forced Entry," "Afterhours," "Limits," "Trade" and "Line-Up"); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).

A DVD Review by Brent Blue ( )

*** Recommended ***

Starring Dak Ramsey, Robert Black, James Hamilton, Dominic Pacifico, Lars Svenson, Dominik Rider, Robert Thorn, Peter Axel and Justin Riddick.

Directed by Paul Barresi.

A Falcon / Mustang DVD.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

Greased (DVD) Write a review | No reviews for this product.
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Write a review | No reviews for this product.