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German Men

boys_at_work_mans_art_tn.jpg Boys@Work (DVD)
$49.88 $5.00 On Sale!
What on earth do eleven hot young workers do in the work place? They lick, blow and fuck each other until their cocks squirt! Boys@Work features eleven blue-collar studs in five filthy work places - these boys get down, dirty, and greasy as they fuck and suck each other dry! Filled with plenty of toy-play, group sex, big dicks, ass play and sperm eating. Starring Fabrizio Calabria, Denis Schneider, Dragan Stoikov, Luca Valentino, Pascal Joyeux, Ronald Laska, Joi Mitchell, Stone River, Aladin Cem, Kriss Stahl and Rivelli. Directed by Marcel Bruckmann. A Man's Art DVD.
easyrider_tom_on_tour_tn.jpg Easyrider: Tom on Tour (DVD)
Travel with Tom on motorcycle around the German countryside; everywhere he stops, he finds sex with other cute young European guys. Directed by Andree M. Cruze.Starring Tom, Mario, John, Marko, Pit, Sven, Chrissy and Marlon. Directed by Andree M. Cruze. A RAD Video/Foerster Media Films DVD.
fuck-fiction-cazzo_tn.jpg Fuck Fiction (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Fuck Fiction ia an elaborately made, action-filled porno road movie. The job should have been easy enough: Max (Thom Barron) is charged with protecting gangster boss Dany's lover. His instructions are clear - Take him out dancing, but woe is you if you lay a finger on him - Otherwise he'll meet a terrible end, just as his predecessor did. Starring Thom Barron, Anthony Ploumaud, Ben Denver, Chris Holland, Diesel T., Fred Faurtin, Jan Losch, John Hawk, Joy Bringer, Justin, Michael Korn, Tibor Weber, Tim Vinzent, Tom Hammond and Victor Piovani. Directed by Jorg Andreas. A Cazzo Films DVD.
matchmaker-cazzo_tn.jpg Matchmaker (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Summer, sun, holidays. But sometimes even the most perfect backdrop is missing the right guy to make it all come together. Fred and his lover do whatever it takes to ensure that no one leaves without a good fucking. Starring Fred Faurtin, Tamas Esterhazy, Jack Van Dean, Alberto DePalma, Benjamin Stark, Demetrius, Elias Sharif, Issac Mazar and S.Y.B. Martin. Directed by Jorg Andreas. A Cazzo Films DVD.
not-geil-cazzo_tn.jpg Not Geil (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Sex report from the German capital: Ivan Daniloff plays a reporter for a Siberian television station who is reporting on the loose morals in the German capital. He ends up on the set of a porn film in a Berlin club. His first interview partners deliver a breathtaking scene – together the two studs Peto and Ben work over the little Spaniard Juan, who ends in a quivering heap literally fucked senseless. Ivan is so turned on he simply cannot refuse when the gorgeous Giacomo offers to assist him. As Giacomo unbuttons Ivan’s pants Ivan forgets he’s a journalist, Russian and actually straight. Starring David Castan, Ben Taylor, Marco Blaze, Yennier , Ivan Daniloff, Frank Phillip, Nicolas Torri, Peto Coas. Directed by Jorg Andreas. A Cazzo Films / Raging Stallion DVD.
oil-change-cazzo_tn.jpg Oil Change (DVD) Cazzo Films
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Every chance they get these oil dripping mechanics pump their pistons. . .on the hood, on a Harley and on the highway. These dudes are always so pent up and under pressure. There's no stopping them until everyone is fucked out of commission and everything is fucked to pieces! Starring Chris Brown, Gilo, Andy Nickel, Cyrus, Patrik Ekberg, Christopher Fluer De Lis and Robert Magnus. Directed by Jorg Andreas. A Cazzo Films DVD.