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A 02- DVD New Arrivals

boys-of-bbl_tn Boys of BBL, The (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Jorge Hernandez is a slim and smooth twink, who loves taking big cock up his young ass. Content to bottom for a hot top, this versatile sex addict is more than willing to fuck some bad boy ass, if that's what it takes to get in his pants, which also makes him a popular player in any gay sex orgy. And if he can't find a boy to play with, the horny Latino always has a dildo handy to get the juices pumping. Any way you slice it, this sexually charged young man is captivating. Add this hardcore compilation to your collection and enjoy a sampling of Jorge's youthful gay sex adventures. Starring: Francoise, Logan, Matias, Javier, Phillip, Adrian, Erick, Luciano, Fabio. A Bareback Latinoz DVD.
boys-of-summer-icon_tn Boys Of Summer (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Hot bad boy Roman Todd gets room & board in a beautiful house in exchange for "servicing" his older landlord Max Sargent. But, when Max goes away on a business trip Roman is free to have bearded lover Brendan Patrick over for some sexy summer fun. When they meet gorgeous teens Troy Accola and Armond Rizzo at the lake, the hot foursome start to bond -- especially sensual hairy Brendan and power bottom Armond. Jealous twink Troy catches on to the sexual tension and tempers flare as romantic summer passions explode into lust-filled rage. Starring: Armond Rizzo, Brendan Patrick, Roman Todd, Max Sargent, Troy Accola. An Icon Male DVD.
boys-of-the-slums-re-release_tn Boys of the Slums (DVD) Precondom Re-Release!
$39.88 $29.88 On Sale!
This Toby Ross classic offers a collection of sexy squatters who get it on in an abandoned building. Boyishness, baby-faced men and youthful, eager plowing are highlighted. Close camerawork puts the viewer close to the action and you can almost smell the sweat and grime on these free-for-all guys when they get it on! Starring Davey Williams, Nick Dozer, Mike Anthony, Bill Kaiser, Carry Langdon, John Carmon, Lew Zion, Frank Dobbs and Troy Ballard. Directed by Toby Ross. A Bijou Classic on DVD.
brandon-3-sc_tn Brandon 3 (DVD)
$49.88 $32.88 On Sale!
Starring: Brandon, Nathan, Chase, Kristian, Cole, Titus. A Sean Cody DVD.
brazil-massive-cp_tn Brazil Massive (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Starring: . A Clair Production DVD.
breakfast-cub-gay-parody_tn Breakfast Cub: A Gay XXX Parody (DVD)
$39.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Starring: Ethan Chase, Mick Stallone, Teddy Torres, William Sawyer. A Men.com DVD.
brendan-sc_tn Brendan (DVD)
$49.88 $32.88 On Sale!
Starring: Brendan, Pete, Brandon, Brodie, Randy. A Sean Cody DVD.
bring-on-the-studs-uk_tn Bring On The Studs (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Starring: . A UK Naked Men DVD.
brit-twink-auditions_tn Brit Twink Auditions (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Starring: Rye Fox, Milo Taylor, Jake Wiles, Aiden Jason, Xander Wilde, Cody Andrews. A Studio Boi DVD.
bros-banging-bareback-nds_tn Bros Banging Bareback (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
As Lucas Vick lay asleep on his bed, John Joseph assumes he is napping, and takes the opportunity to sneak a feel of Lucas' manly body. When Scott stumbles upon Gunner shamelessly jacking his dick in his bedroom, he's surprised when Gunner invites him closer, and even more surprised to find out that Gunner has been longing for another affair. Starring: Christian Bay, Damien Kyle, Gunner, John Joseph, Lucas Vick, Paul Canon, Scott Finn, Zeus. A Next Door Studios DVD.
bros-who-blow-nds_tn Bros Who Blow (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Pastor's son Jake Davis invites new neighbor Johnny Riley over. After a few spiritual tests Johnny realizes what he got himself into. Johnny Torque is out of clean underwear so decides to take a pair from step brother Griffin Barrows. Griffin catches him and offers a blowjob in exchange. For teammates Daniel Flores and Ty Thomas, playing on the same team is just the beginning of their bond. Roman Todd doesn't bother with the fireplace deciding instead to heat the room with body energy as he and Gustavo begin making out on the couch. Starring: Alexander Gustavo, Daniel Flores, Griffin Barrows, Jake Davis, Johnny Riley, Johnny Torque, Roman Todd, TY Thomas. A Next Door Studios DVD.
hole-belongs-to-daddy_tn Butch Dixon's Hole Belongs to Daddy (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Whether he’s an authoritative leather stud or a rough and masculine builder, the fact remains that BUTCH DIXON’S HOLE BELONGS TO DADDY! True to Butch Dixon form, this DVD is a showcase of wall to wall beefy men with big uncut meat. These daddies grunt, moan, and curse as they put their bodies to good use—no doubt soaked in sweat and cum by the end! Go on and take a whiff. Starring: Axel Ryder, Carlo Cox, Cristian Torrent, Drake, Jorge Ballantinos, Ray Stone, Toby Greco, Uncle John. A Butch Dixon DVD.
butt-breaker-uknm_tn Butt Breaker (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
We’re bringing on the MEN - hairy, ripped, bulging, uncut studs with big appetites for big dicks and hirsute holes, sit back and watch these studs squirt! Starring: Gabriel Clark, Jake Stevens, Kevin David, Mam Steel, Mick Stallone, Samuel Stone, Teddy Torres, Tobias. A UK Naked Men DVD.
camp-morecock-cb_tn Camp Morecock (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Welcome to Camp Morecock! This series plays on the nickname for the CockyBoys country home and which takes advantage of the biggest ever gathering of models for our 10th Anniversary Pool Party! As our guys would say, "There's a plethora of delectable creatures all walking around at any time". Starring: Frankie V, Taylor Reign, Allen King, Boomer Banks, Colby Keller, Josh Moore, Jacen Zhu, Calvin Banks, Sean Ford. A Cocky Boys DVD.
carnal-pleasure-mg_tn Carnal Pleasure (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Appetites and passions sometimes run high and the need for Carnal Pleasure can be overwhelming, but these hot men know just how to quench that thirst and feed that hunger! Turning on each other, they unleash the craving and come together, mouth on mouth, to kiss with an urgency that starts the sexual quest in motion. Starring: Antonio Garcia, Augustos Cummings, Billy Baval, Dyego As, Justin Harris, Matt Brookes, Matt Richie, Max Duran, Riley Tess, Tony Cumbo. A Macho Guys DVD.
century-mining-re-release_tn Century Mining (DVD) Precondom Re-Release!
$34.88 $29.88 On Sale!
Those were the days, �when men were men�, ol' Archie used to croak, and would you believe that his observation is the first thing that came to mind when watching the legendary Al Parker's amazing Century Mining? The men who populate the film are absolutely beyond belief. Each one is like a different example of male beauty, from a beefy Italian Stallion and a strawberry blonde with a swimmer's build to a hairy, mustachioed hunk with an unparalleled endowment. The set, an underground mine, is surprisingly convincing, the music is a great homage to the funky bass lines from the Seventies, and the sex�oh lawd, the sex could only be better if you were having it instead of watching. Century Mining not only rocks harder than hard but also stands as a reminder of what sex flicks once were. Starring Blake Cass, Blake McDonald, Brick, Case Harden, Chris Thompson, Pat Allen, Pierce Daniels, Ray Williams, David Hughes and Eric Ryan. Directed by Al Parker. A Bijou/Surge Studios DVD.
cf-crush-dawson-2_tn CF Crush: Dawson 2 (DVD)
$53.88 $34.88 On Sale!
There are many reasons to crush on Dawson. From his genuine nice guy smile, to his absolutely perfect body, and his enthusiasm to fuck and be fucked by the hottest guys on campus- there's no wondering why he's a CF favorite! Dawson's one of the nicest guys you're likely to meet off camera- but it's his on camera personality that really makes him popular- and he's more happy to share it time and again! Whether he's dominating and stretching out some holes with his big cock or shooting incredible loads while being fully filled himself, his orgasms are as explosive as his star quality! Dawson is back to show off the skills that solidified him as a favorite to another round of lucky jocks! Starring: Dawson, Bradley, Duncan, Riley, Harper. A Corbin Fisher DVD.
cf-crush-josh-2_tn CF Crush: Josh 2 (DVD)
$53.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Josh stepped foot through the doors of CF and made absolutely everyone an immediate fan. Blonde hair, boyish good looks, a killer body, an amazing ass and that big juicy cock turned heads and made mouths water instantaneously! Then he cracked that gorgeously mischievous smile of his and we knew that there was something incredibly hot and raunchy brewing in that mind of his. Turns out we were right in the best ways! Here, Josh unleashes all of his sexual fantasies and raw sexuality on Harper, Elliot, Dixon and Josh for moment after moment of intense dick-swelling passion, always finish with a well-earned and hard shooting load! Starring: Josh, Harper, Elliot, Dixon. A Corbin Fisher DVD.
cf-crush-kellan_tn CF Crush: Kellan (DVD)
$53.88 $34.88 On Sale!
From a smile that begs for trouble down to the cock that won't quit - there is something to like in every inch of this dark-haired stud's body! When it comes to sex, there's no guy that passes on a chance to have a go with Kellan. Completely versatile, Kellan looks just as good pounding ass as he does taking cock - but that's just the start of it! Whats most appealing about Kellan is how he fully gives into each steamy sex session. He kisses, sucks, and fucks with passion and here Dixon, Clinton, Grayson, and Tanner get to experience Kellan's intensity for themselves. No wonder they're left dry of even a drop of cum! Starring: Kellan, Dixon, Kennedy, Tanner, Kent. A Corbin Fisher DVD.
cf-crush-kent_tn CF Crush: Kent (DVD)
$53.88 $34.88 On Sale!
There are a number of things that make Kent so damn sexy. His ripped abs, his thick cock, his insatiable appetite for sex... and that sense of humor and charm that really sets him above the rest. This blond, blue-eyed stud never shies away from hot action and is always up for anything we can throw at him. Here Chandler, Zeb, Chuck, and Brayden are thrown at him and his impressive cock- and they all get very well acquainted, as they get the privilege of sucking and fucking Kent's juicy cock. Skin flushed red, Kent fucks the thick loads out these lucky guys- before hungrily taking Kent's jizz! Starring: Kent, Chandler, Chuck, Zeb, Brayden. A Corbin Fisher DVD.
cf-crush-tom-2_tn CF Crush: Tom 2 (DVD)
$53.88 $39.88 On Sale!
In this 2nd installment, we get another dominating dose of one of CF's most masculine and sexually gratifying men, Tom! Incredibly hot, muscular, and insatiable in every scene, Tom gives and takes it - showing off his skills in every sexual department. This alpha jock sucks, tops and bottoms like there's a prize at the end - which there is, in the form of hot drenching loads! Starring: Tom, Kent, Reed, Trey, Cain. A Corbin Fisher DVD.
cheap-thrills-9_tn Cheap Thrills 9 (DVD)
$24.88 $19.88 On Sale!
CHEAP THRILLS VOLUME 9 includes five full scenes and features TIM Exclusives JACK ALLEN, KEER, and CORY KOONS giving us their sloppy best. We also give you NOAH FOXX and JAYSON PARK, and one of the final scenes from super-bottom SAGE DANIELS, plus the most nut-swingin' ball-bouncin' ANTONIO BIAGGI scenes ever produced. The final scene -- literally a cumblast from the past that we've been saving for a special occasion -- has TIM men TY ROBERTS and BLUE BAILEY honing their fuck-skills in a sweaty down-n-dirty romp that's one for the history books. A Treasure Island Media DVD.
chicago-raw-sm_tn Chicago Raw (DVD)
$49.88 $29.88 On Sale!
Visiting Chicago for IML, Brendan Patrick and Seth Santoro engage in some hot and sweaty flip action. These hunks sure know how to heat up a room and get the cum flowing. Next the Daddies have their turn as Hans Berlin and Adam James explore and service each other until each are satisfied. They definitely got what they needed. When five hot porn stars are stuck in a room together that can only mean one thing, a 5 man orgy! Hugh Hunter, Justin Case, Michael Roman, Zack Acland and Josh Stone all get down and dirty!! Watch to see who fucks and who gets fucked! Starring: Adam James, Brendan Patrick, Hans Berlin, Hugh Hunter, Josh Stone, Justin Case, Michael Roman, Seth Santoro, Zack Acland. A SkynMen DVD.
chizzeled-ukhj_tn Chizzeled (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Smoothed down, edges rounded and buffed up. The clean cut guys from the Chizzeled workshop are well trained, highly skilled and crazily over sexed! It’s a small crew and the workshop is often empty, the smell of fresh cut wood lingers in the air, soft sawdust underfoot and dealing with solid materials all day does something to the very hard workers making them insatiable. Fucking on the workbench, shagged over the bandsaw and pumped up against the heavy press, no area or piece of equipment is safe! Starring: James Lain, Nick North, Kayden Gray, Alexis Belfort, Andro Maas, Dave Circus, Liam Lomax. A UK Hot Jocks DVD.
choke-on-that-cock-ggh_tn Choke on that Cock (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Open your mouth and swallow that big uncut dick, boy—CHOKE ON THAT COCK! In this Guys Go Hard titles, fit lads slurp and gag their way through rough and sloppy blowjobs. These sexed up young men love to fuck ass, too, but the raw throat and sore jaw after a good face-fucking is what really gets them hard! Starring: Adam Jamieson, Andro Maas, Brez Wild, Fraser Jacs, Jordan Jacobs, Josh Charters, Leo Andrews, Riley Tess, Ryan Days, Tony Parker. A Guys Go Hard DVD.
chris-jansen-collection_tn Chris Jansen Collection (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Danish bred twink, Chris Jansen, has made a notorious name for himself in the UK porn scene. He’s well known for being an insatiable bottom who can take relentless punishment. Now his fans can enjoy some of his raunchiest scenes all on one DVD! The Chris Jansen Collection features the blond twink proving he’s kinky and well up for it in some sleazy sex scenes, along with foot worship and edging! Starring: Chris Jansen. A Twisted XXX Media DVD.
chris-jansen-driven-to-serve_tn Chris Jansen: Driven to Serve (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Everyone's favourite kinky twink Chris Jansen is in demand! The guys are gathering to enjoy his hungry mouth, his tight little arse and his long and pink cock in scene after scene of incredible action. Roped down or tied up, Chris can do nothing as his horny captors stretch his hole, fuck his mouth and make use of him in some of the most intense play. Hot wax, hard cocks, fisting and gut-punches, the boy can endure anything and still cum for his master! Starring: Ashton Bradley, Charley Cole, Chris Jansen, Mickey Taylor, Sean Taylor, Sebastian Kane. A Boynapped DVD.
christian-matthews-bareback-give_tn Christian Matthews: Bareback Give & Take (DVD)
$39.88 $29.88 On Sale!
Whether he's giving or taking it, there's no doubt Christian Matthews is at the top of his game when it comes to bareback fucking. And if you have any doubt, just ask Ray Diesel, who slides that big black cock balls deep inside a practically screaming Christian. Or maybe you want to ask Geoff Gregorio who gets the cum fucked out of him after an intense pounding? And if you need more proof, feel free to touch base with Dusty Williams, fucked nice and rough, or perhaps Steve Sommers, who flip fucks bareback with Christian for this collection of... Christian Matthews: Bareback Give & Take! Starring: Christian Matthews, Ray Diesel, Geoff Gregorio, Dusty Williams, Steve Sommers. A Bareback Cum Pigs DVD.
christians-accidental-lovers_tn Christian's Accidental Lovers (DVD)
$53.88 $44.88 On Sale!
Christian shares his bed with Andre, Hoyt, Jason and Jon. Four gorgeous lovers, too many temptations. Starring: Andrei Karenin, Christian Lundgren, Hoy Kogan, Ian Roebuck, Jason Bacall, Jon Kael. A Bel Ami DVD.
clothing-optional-rag_tn Clothing Optional (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Come on down to the club where it’s always ‘Clothing Optional’ every day of the week. Take the tour with 8 hung and horny hunks that will do anything they can to get some cock or a tight piece of ass. Starring: Tegan Zayne, Hector Del Silva, Arad Winwin, Fernando Del Rio, Kurtis Wolfe, Rikk York, Pierce Paris, Adam Ramzi. A Raging Stallion DVD.
cock-addict-ev_tn Cock Addict (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Cock Addict: Awho is addicted to sucking cock and relentlessly getting fucked. Starring: Rikk York, Malik XXL, Teddy Torres, Kevin, Vincent, Jeffrey, Noam, Dario. An Eric Videos DVD.
cock-alarm-ma_tn Cock Alarm (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
It's cock alarm. Big huge uncut cocks fuck tight bubble butts. See our nice guys in hard sex action. Interracial black on white fuck games, great bodies and many inches of hard dicks. Starring: . A Man's Art DVD.
cock-hounds-tim_tn Cock Hounds (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
What’s a “cock hound”? It’s a man who loves sucking cock so much that his tongue is always hanging just a little outside of his mouth. His nose is always sniffing around, hoping to smell the rich musky funk of a man’s crotch. A “cock hound” is always on the hunt, always ready to drop to his knees and service cock no matter where or when. Starring: Ameer, Atticus, Marnez, Max Cameron, Cliff, Daddy Cream, Jay Davis, Nick Forte, Iggy, Javin, Talon Miller, Rob, Shane, Marcus Stone, Dylan Strokes, Ted. A Treasure Island Media DVD.
cock-snatchers-bei_tn Cock Snatchers (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Don't know about Cock Snatchers, but these guys definitely know a thing or two about cock worship! They adore everything cock – he smell, the taste and definitely the feel of a thick shaft slipping between their buns and inching its way up their tight lover tunnels – especially when it's bare and raw! Pairing up for some intense one on one, man on man action or spicing it up with a double dose of dick, where everyone gets to smoke a hot one before spit-lubed asses are slammed and spunked on. Over two hours of barebacking decadence that sees twelve uber-sexy guys getting down and dirty – and loving it! Starring: Aaron Young, Alejandro Alvarez, Andrew Bozek, Chris Tee, Damian Cross, Fostter Rivera, Jason Moon, Joe Bexter, Max Alonso, Ruben Levi, Sam Porter, Svetlin. A Bareback Enterprises Inc DVD.
cocked-n-loaded-pantheon_tn Cocked 'N Loaded (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Real Men Vol 41. In Cocked ‘N Loaded, eight hot and hung daddies get together in rough, industrial spaces and get their fat cocks rock hard and their juicy, daddy holes fucked and bred deep! Starring: Dalton Hawg, Damon Andros, Dek Reckless, Draven Torres, Max Stark, Owen Powers, Ray Dalton, Santi Vidal. A Pantheon Productions DVD.
cocked-and-loaded-bd_tn Cocked and Loaded (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Hairy, hungry and insatiably horny, these big dick, uncut studs just can’t get enough pole and hole. Sit back, unzip and watch them RAW! A Butch Dixon DVD.
cocks-in-jocks-blm_tn Cocks In Jocks (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Lube them up, stretch their holes, and stuff some big COCKS IN JOCKS to watch them cum! BlakeMason's lads are fit and always well up for it and they're keen to prove it. Watch them work up a sweat as they work each other over! Cocks will be sucked and butts will be fucked!! Starring: Adam Everhart, Danny Montero, Hans Berlin, Jack Green, Nickie Smiles, Sam Wallis, Tommy Skylar, Yoshi Kawasaki. A Blake Mason DVD.
cocktail-party-vd_tn Cocktail Party (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
When Victor Cody invites a bunch of men over to the house for a cocktail party you know there's going to be more going on than just the tipping of glasses. This action packed bareback and breeding sex orgy has enough men sucking, rimming and fucking to fill a living room and pool-side patio. There's so much sex happening at one time you won't be able to take it all in on one pass. So, add Victor Cody's Cocktail Party to your library and watch it again and again. Starring: Cesar Xes, Diego Monso, Jeremy Fuentes, Kirby Kennedy, Michael J, Mike Black, Scott Alan, Sean Hunter, Shaun Minor, Victor Cody. A Victor Cody XXX DVD.
code-of-silence-falcon_tn Code Of Silence (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
The brotherhood of Marines has a code…a ‘Code of Silence’. What happens between Marines stays between Marines, and for this hot, horned-up platoon stationed deep in the desert there’s plenty to keep quiet: that no one dare speak of all the intense fucking and sucking they do. Starring: Ryan Rose, Tommy Regan, Fane Roberts, Brandon Evans, Sean Zevran, Kyle McMillan, and Pierce Paris. A Falcon DVD.
college-fuck-buddies-cf_tn College Fuck Buddies (DVD)
$53.88 $34.88 On Sale!
These hot jocks might be all about the ladies and sports in public, but when they're alone they have something else completely in mind! Letting their clothes fall away to reveal their smooth, toned bodies - the beautiful men fully admire and enjoy each other. These fuck buddies savor the taste of the other's cock and get completely lost in lust as they take things further and deeper. Each of these guys has an impressive dick, and more importantly - knows how to use it! Once these guys get started, they don't stop until they're pulling out to spray their loads! Starring: Brayden, Quinn, Tanner, Kaleb, Ryder, Reagan, Zack, Easton. A Corbin Fisher DVD.
coming-of-age-in-tampa_tn Coming of Age in Tampa (DVD)
$53.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Tampa was home to CF longer than anywhere else, and while we got our start in Kansas City and found our way to Vegas it’s really in Tampa that we made a name for ourselves and became the site and brand we are today. As part of our 10th anniversary celebrations, we took a bunch of CF studs back to our old Florida home to see how the city’s changed, hang out, visit some old friends, and film some insanely hot action! Connor, Quinn, Rowan, Zeb, Brayden, and Kenny join us on this journey back to Tampa to get it on with one another, relive some old memories, and make some incredible new ones! Starring: Kenny, Quinn, Brayden, Connor, Rowan, Zeb. A Corbin Fisher DVD.
coming-out-icon_tn Coming Out (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
He could tell his best friend anything... Except who he really was. Baby faced bottom Brandon Wilde came out of the closet while his hot, straight best friend was away in the army. Upon Vadim's return, Brandon confesses his true sexuality, and homophobic Vadim doesn't take it well. Meanwhile, Brandon's mom's boyfriend is secretly hooking up with his assistant. When Nick takes a liking to Brandon, the complicated web of secrets and lies spins out of control. Starring: Billie Ramos, Brandon Wilde, Nick Sterling, Vadim Black. An Icon Male DVD.
confederate-bros-pm_tn Confederate Bro's (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
These Confederate Bro's are more than just brothers in arms who want to fight for their proud nation, they want to fight for the right to fuck each other first! These horny dudes want to spend some quality time together and take the opportunity to explore their curiosity – and each other’s toned bodies. These friends are dedicated to each other, fulfilling fantasies and giving each other the pleasure they can't really get anywhere else. Watch as these hot lil' twinks serve their country and each other in some hot Southern teen-on-teen butt sex! Starring: Genesis, Jackson, Dylan, Leon, Haigan, Austin, Genesis, Clark, JordanR. A Perfect Match DVD.
consumed-csm_tn Consumed (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
At first you’re attracted. Then you’re passionate. If the chemistry is right, as it is with these 8 hunks, you are soon consumed by the passion. Starring: Andrew Lewix, Dom Ully, Hans Berlin, Klaus Tomas, Martin Dajnar, Ryan Monda, Ryan Volta, Sean Duran. A Cocksure Men DVD.
corn-fed-studs-pm_tn Corn Fed Studs (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
They say that opposites attract, but there's nothing hotter than a Strange Attraction that has a heady chemistry that sees smoking hot, muscled studs linking up to create sexual magic together. Could the attraction be that these boys are bi-curious and wanna taste and take cock for the first time? Maybe, but there is some serious kissing and body worshipping kicking off the action before these guys ramp up the heat to the next level. Your voyeuristic side will be piqued as hard dicks are squeezed, pulled, sucked and swallowed before irresistible asses are playfully presented and these new lovers dive right in to dole out a rigorous rimming, a teasing tonguing and of course a hole stretching hammering! Starring: Ean, Cameron, Assplay, Joey, Cole, Austin, Logan, Austin, Perry, Milo, Trevor. A Perfect Match DVD.
cream-of-the-cock-7-cb_tn Cream Of The Cock 7 (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
More Classic CockyBoys all in one volume! A Cocky Boys DVD.
cream-of-the-cock-8_tn Cream Of The Cock 8 (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
More Classic CockyBoys on one volume! A Cocky Boys DVD.
creaming-twinks-rf_tn Creaming Twinks (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Bare Fucking Til All Holes Are Filled Young twinks shoot their loads in every way you can imagine. Hot ball juice splatters on eager faces and in hungry asses. Creaming is the name of the game here! Starring: Cris Ruiz, Jack Bloom, Nick Daniels, Thien Lan, Thomas Fiaty. A Raw Fuck DVD.
cum-addict-ss_tn Cum Addict (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Some are addicted to alcohol, some are addicted chocolate, but for these virile roughnecks it's cum that they crave and they'll do anything to get it! They'll offer to suck your knob dry, they'll plow your tight ass if you want them to, they'll even lick your feet and smell your dirty sneakers, just as long as you promise to give them what they want – your creamy spunk! Watch as Fabien Crunch gives it at both ends with a cock spewing threeway and Bryan Tiva and Maxman get to try out a sneaky glory hole before gratifying each other's urges with a heavy fuck session. A fuckfest of nearly two hours that sees these Cum Addicts getting their more than just their daily fix! Starring: Akim Ibrahim, Bryan Tiva, Cagoule Boy, Dysan, Fab Kiffeur, Fabien Crunch, Fabrizzio Nice, Kokas, Lyam Dylan, Maxman. A Sneaker Stories DVD.
cum-addict-br_tn Cum Addict (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Addicts need help with their obsession and that's exactly what these twinks get – and lots of it! These sad souls are addicted to cum and crave the salty cream morning, noon and night. They can't wait to suck up and lap up as much ejaculation as possible, but they also want the pleasure of some heady foreplay beforehand. Sending out the right signals – a knowing look, a sly smile and a saucy wink, it's not long before they're servicing the dick of a tasty bloke who is only too willing to give up their spunk to help the addict! If you want to see some incredible twink action, this is one film that will have you covered – in spunk that is! Starring: Ariel Glutton, Carlo Ross, Erik Franke, Florian Mraz, Harry Vakker, Pyotr Tomek, Sam Williams, Sven Larson, Yuri Adamov, Zoltan Goral. A Bareback Rookies DVD.