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Fratmen DVDs

fratmen_kevin_up_close_tn.jpg Fratmen: Kevin Up-Close (DVD)
Being a catcher is a tough job. You get balls thrown at you’re a hundred-something miles an hour and there’s a guy from the other team swinging a bat as hard as he can about a foot from your head. Fortunately, catchers get to wear the coolest uniforms. Off comes the uniform and then so does Kevin. Later, in the shower, he starts at it again, but there’s just enough time to do it again on the bed before dinner. Starring Kevin. A Fratmen DVD.
pledge_class_4_tn.jpg Pledge Class 4 (DVD)
Even more fun than before. Join Alan as he shows four new recruits how to be Fratmen. Seb, Connor, Max and Payne take over the town in Pledge Class 4 with scenes from their own Up-Close movies and an exclusive new scene with Alan and lots of behind-the-scenes fun. Starring Alan, Seb, Connor, Max, Payne. A Fratmen DVD.