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Foot Fetish Features

barefoot-tf_tn Barefoot (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Starring: Nishi, Rico, Alex, Arjo, Alex, Clark, Freddy, Marcon, Rizal. A Twinky Feet DVD.
cum-addict-ss_tn Cum Addict (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Some are addicted to alcohol, some are addicted chocolate, but for these virile roughnecks it's cum that they crave and they'll do anything to get it! They'll offer to suck your knob dry, they'll plow your tight ass if you want them to, they'll even lick your feet and smell your dirty sneakers, just as long as you promise to give them what they want – your creamy spunk! Watch as Fabien Crunch gives it at both ends with a cock spewing threeway and Bryan Tiva and Maxman get to try out a sneaky glory hole before gratifying each other's urges with a heavy fuck session. A fuckfest of nearly two hours that sees these Cum Addicts getting their more than just their daily fix! Starring: Akim Ibrahim, Bryan Tiva, Cagoule Boy, Dysan, Fab Kiffeur, Fabien Crunch, Fabrizzio Nice, Kokas, Lyam Dylan, Maxman. A Sneaker Stories DVD.
dildo_boot_pigs_tn.jpg Dildo Boot Pigs (DVD)
DILDO BOOT PIGS features high-quality boot-licking, dildo-worshiping, cock-sucking, ass-fucking action, plus a brand new STROKE mini-movie featuring Honcho model Derek Maxx! Starring Brick, Derek Maxx, Dan Brewer and Rik. Directed by Bob Jones. A Hothouse Video/Rough House DVD.
feet-and-jockstraps_tn.jpg Feet and Jockstraps (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Starring: Adrien Adlx, Alex Kiffeur, Fabien, Jean Pau, John Scott, Malik XXL, Pete Bull, Piquik. A Sneaker Stories DVD.
feet-loving-bastards_tn.jpg Feet Loving Bastards (DVD)
$49.88 $29.88 On Sale!
Extra men, extra cock, extra FOOTPLAY! If you need some raunchy boys who love the kink, the guys here are foot freaks and they gotta show it! Starring: Aitor Crash, Andy Davidson, Angel Hierro, Edu Marin, Giuliano Giusepino, Jean, Lucio, Nicos Casanovas, Ricky Ramos. A Men 1st DVD.
feet-me-hunger-must-be-fed_tn.jpg Feet Me! Hunger Must Be Fed (DVD)
For those who enjoy watching cute smooth twinks stripping naked and jacking off, this collection of 10 young guys beating off is the perfect addition to your library. And if foot fetish is also your thing, you'll be in heaven, as each one of these adorable twinks gives plenty of attention to their feet, while they get themselves off. In fact, many end up shooting their cum loads onto their naked feet. Don't wait another minute to get your hands on this twink foot fetish bonanza of skinny boys jerking off. Starring: Jasper James, Corey Law, Jason Ward, Erik Franke, Jack Flynn, Phillipe Coulsen, Will Simon, Pedro Donatello, Ariel Black, Logan Lech. A Twinky Feet DVD.
hard-on-sneaker-stories_tn.jpg Hard On (DVD) Sneaker Stories
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Starring: Alex Kiffeur, Dog Ryan, Fab TN Kiff, Fabien, Jess Royan, John Scott, Pitt Pain, Ted TN, Tibo Whites. A Sneaker Stories DVD.
scott-xxx-2_tn.jpg Scott XXX Volume 2 (DVD)
It's time for another edition of Scott Sniff Socks, with more of his hung and horny buddies and even more of the ripe and tantalizing aroma of their sweaty, nostril-curdling, jock socks. Starring: Scott Sniff Socks. A Citebeur DVD.
toe-jobs-tf_tn Toe Jobs (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
This is a must for all you twink foot fetish fans out there, and if silky smooth Asian boys hit your hot button, these toe sucking, foot fucking young guys are sure to take your breath away. While the focus is on soles and toes, the collection is also packed with hardcore bareback fucking action, and every scene delivers the cum, with three spilling it on the feet. This is the next great addition to your foot loving library, so grab it now and treat yourself to all the male feet action you can shake a dick at. Starring: Andrew, Rizal, Freddy, Josh, Marcon, Nishi. A Twinky Feet DVD.
toegasms_2_tn.jpg ToeGasms 2 (DVD)
We're back with three new boys! TogGasms Vol. 2 kicks the jackoff video up another notch, tailor made for our faithful tood fetishists. Watch our boys as they slowly remofe their shoes and socks, then get naked and shoot hot loads all over their bare chests. Featuring Todd, Tommy & Ian. A TeenFeet Usa DVD.
twinky-feet_tn.jpg Twinky Feet (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Young and horny guys, with a foot fetish is the theme of this collection. When these gay boys get together, the first thing to strip off is their socks and the first thing to get sucked is their toes. Naked feet turns to naked twinks, as the boys exchange blowjobs and fuck. By the time they are done, at least one has cum dripping off his feet, and both are still trying to catch their breath. Starring: Mickey Rush, Andrew Kitt, Chase Anderson, Oscar Hart, Martin Muse, James Hulk, Tommy Hunter, Thomas Fiaty, Troy Vara, Andy Fisher. A Twinky Feet DVD.