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alpine-wood-part-1_tn.jpg Alpine Wood Part 1 (DVD)
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
These boys aren't going to let their hard ons go to waste. Stiff and ready for action, they are looking for willing partners! Starring: Angel Rock, Chris Bines, Jimmy Durano, Kayden Fleming, Landon Conrad, Luke Milan, Nick Sterling, Ryan Rose. A Falcon Studios DVD.
alpine-wood-2_tn.jpg Alpine Wood Part 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
Watch what happens in Falcon’s Spring Blockbuster when nine hot studs share a house in the mountains for a weekend of horny fun. A rugged good time gets better when these scruffy-faced Falcon men hook up all over the house in five scenes of spontaneous manly action. Starring: Brandon Jones, Landon Conrad, Luke Milan, Chris Bines, Kaleb Klark, Kayden Fleming, Alex Graham, Nick Sterling, Andrew Justice, Leo Sweetwood. A Falcon DVD.
alumni-falcon_tn.jpg Alumni (DVD)
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
At their reunion, these Alumni serve up themselves in the hottest sexual situations when they reunite and take action on sex postponed, sex remembered, serendipitous sex and sex between lovers. These Alumni are erect with possibilities! Andrew Rosen continues to raise the directors' bar, corralling a cast of Falcon's best to show what every reunion oughta be. Starring: Brandon Jones, Cooper Reed, Doug Acre, Justin Chase, Ray Diaz, Ryan Rose, Vance Crawford. A Falcon DVD.
best-budies-falcon_tn.jpg Best Buddies (DVD)
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
They are some things only best friends share, and these boys know exactly what those things are! Starring: Logan Vaughn, Billy Santoro, Ryan Rose, Brandon Jones, Bobby Clark, Nick Sterling. A Falcon DVD.
body_shop_falcon_tn.jpg Body Shop (DVD) Falcon
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
At the Body Shop workers aren't only servicing cars and trucks. After putting in long sweaty hours working on hot rods all day, our revved up mechanics get down and dirty and the pistons start pumping. With Landon Conrad, Charlie Harding and Erik Rhodes heading the eight man cast, the after work hours are filled with grease monkey sex like you have never seen before. Come on down to the Body Shop to get primed up and watch the hottest crew finish each other-and you-off. Starring: Chris Tyler, Brian Bonds, Charlie Harding, Erik Rhodes, Jessie Colter, Landon Conrad, Marc Dylan, Trenton Ducati. A Falcon DVD.
buck-naked-falcon_tn.jpg Buck Naked (DVD)
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
A secluded cabin in the woods is the perfect place to be Buck Naked, and when everyone else is naked too, there's bound to be plenty of sudden hard ons, impromptu blow jobs and all out, hardcore sex! The couplings award-winning director Steve Cruz has conjured up for your erotic pleasure are some of the best pairings in recent Falcon history. Starring: Angelo, Landon Conrad, Logan Vaughn, Marcus Ruhl, Ryan Rose, Shawn Wolfe, Tyler Wolf. A Falcon DVD.
california-dreamin-1_tn.jpg California Dreamin' 1 (DVD)
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
Steamy fantasies come to life when Tony Dimarco's vision of California Dreamin' 1 captures - in classic Falcon fashion - what happens when temperatures soar and stunning studs get rock hard, remove their clothing and turn their poolside sexual desires into reality. The eight visions in the sun of California Dreamin' 1 are tanned and toned; the packages are perfect. Starring: Adam Wirthmore, Angel Rock, Lance Luciano, Ray Diaz, Ray Han, Ryan Rose. A Falcon DVD.
couples_falcon_tn.jpg Couples (DVD) Falcon
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
These 'Couples' know how to keep their sex lives interesting. They have the hottest, spontaneous sex at home, and you get a chance to watch their passionate love-making unfold. Exclusive Landon Conrad and Trey Turner know the importance of dealing with morning wood in the bedroom. Exclusive Angelo Marconi and Topher DiMaggio keep it spicy by turning up the heat in the kitchen. Before an evening out on the town, Bryce Star and Boston Miles like steaming up the bathroom with a heated exchange. Exclusive Micah Brandt and Dylan Roberts take a moment out of their relaxing afternoon to have an energized, hard core session in the living room. Whatever the situation, the connection they share and the attraction they have for each other shows when these 'Couples' let their impulses take over and fuck like they just hooked up for the first time. Starring: Angelo Marconi, Boston Miles, Bryce Star, Dylan Roberts, Landon Conrad, Micah Brandt, Topher Dimaggio, Trey Turner. A Falcon DVD.
dripping_wet_4_tn.jpg Dripping Wet 4 (DVD)
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
As the hot sun beats down, the eight guys with beach-ready bods in Dripping Wet 4 get heated up and horned up. The cooling water of the swimming pool can't keep their desires at bay. They want to be dripping wet with other forms of liquid: saliva, sweat, and semen. Director Bruno Bond combines these studs and all these fluids into a perfect mixture for getting off. As he ushers in the latest installment of this favorite Falcon poolside series, Bond excels at capturing facial expressions that portray the intensity of every sex act as he shoots this quartet of hook-ups guaranteed to make you drip and squirt. Starring: Bobby Hart, Christopher Daniels, Dean Monroe, Johnny Ryder, Paddy O'Brian, Ray Diaz, Woody Fox. A Falcon DVD.
fahrenheit_falcon_tn.jpg Fahrenheit (DVD)
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
The temperature is rising and this group of studs sends the mercury even higher with scorching action. Every scene gets hotter than the previous, as each heated sexual exchange builds to a fiery frenzy. With exclusives D.O. and Micah Brandt, as well as fan favorite Adam Killian headlining the cast, nothing's gonna cool down until all the guys reach their boiling point and shatter their thermometers. This DVD will get you fired up. Starring: Adam Killian, D.O., Kyle Quinn, Lucas Young, Micah Brandt, Trent Atkins, Trey Turner. A Falcon DVD.
intensity-part-one_tn.jpg Intensity Part One (DVD)
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
You have never seen fucking quite like this. These dudes don't mess around, it's some intense pounding you don't want to miss! Starring: Adrian Hart, Andrew Stark, Chris Bines, Connor Maguire, Darius Ferdynand, Jack King, Landon Conrad, Rylan Knox. A Falcon DVD.
intensity-part-2_tn.jpg Intensity Part Two (DVD)
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
'Intensity' builds. It swells, it overcomes, it makes hot studs surrender to relentless compulsions, seeking out passionate, manly sex. Can you feel the 'Intensity'? These eight studs lay it all on the line and take sex to a whole new level. Starring: Adam Ramzi, Adrian Hart, Andrew Stark, Chris Bines, Connor Maguire, Darius Ferdynand, Landon Conrad, Ludo Sander. A Falcon DVD.
madrid_sexy_tn.jpg Madrid Sexy (DVD)
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
Take a sex filled, lusty European trip with Falcon in Madrid Sexy. This time Falcon lets you cum along for the ride to Madrid, Spain's capital and largest city, and they show you some of the hottest European and Latin men. Madrid lies at the same longitude as New York City, it's not always warm and sunny, but it's always hot. It's the kind of heat generated by young Latino men on the street whose cocks twitch and prostates buzz in anticipation of their next orgasm. Starring: Alessandro Masterio, Alex Marte, David Circus, Esteban Del Toro, Jessy Ares, Mike Colucci, TJ Lowell, Valentino Porto. A Falcon DVD.
naughty-pines-part-2_tn.jpg Naughty Pines 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
'Naughty Pines 2' is the second satisfying part of Falcon's Fall Blockbuster, and it's filled with non-stop, man on man action. Boyfriends Colt Rivers and Owen Michaels haven't had much excitement in their love life lately, so it comes as a total surprise to Colt when Owen whisks him away on a surprise weekend trip. Their destination: Naughty Pines, a private men's retreat nestled deep in the northern California mountains, where steamy hookups are as plentiful as trees in the forest. Starring: Brian Bonds, Chris Bines, Colt Rivers, Jeremy Walker, Johnny V., Owen Michaels, Ryan Rose, Sean Zevran, Topher Dimaggio. A Falcon DVD.
picture_perfect_falcon_tn.jpg Picture Perfect (DVD)
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
Erotic photographer, Dylan Roberts, mischievously directs his studly models, including Exclusives Angelo Marconi and Charlie Harding, in blazing scenarios. He wants scorching action and exchanges in his final shots, and his models deliver beyond his expectations. His subjects may not be ready for the dirty directions they receive, but once they get going, they're unstoppable. The excitement builds and the hormones and raw sexuality take over, giving frame after frame of Picture Perfect man sex. Finally, after seeing all of this action from behind the camera, our rascally photographer emerges to play out his own fantasy with a hot model. Starring: Angelo Marconi, Jimmy Durano, Dylan Roberts, Topher DiMaggio, Marc Dylan, Charlie Harding, Rafael Carreras, Johnny Ryder. A Falcon DVD.
point_and_shoot_fal_tn.jpg Point & Shoot (DVD)
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
When Landon Conrad, Dean Monroe and three of their sex-hungry buddies spend a long weekend in San Francisco with cameras in hand, expect a sexy, picture-perfect chronicle of all their adventures! Dean and Landon go through cameras to see the photos and videos their friends have been taking and reveal their hot escapades. In the super-sexed finale, Dean and Landon are so turned on by what they've seen that they decide to make their own video...they Point & Shoot a spectacular scene to rival all their buddies'. Starring: Alexander Garrett, Cameron Foster, Dean Monroe, Dylan Roberts, Landon Conrad, Marc Dylan, Trevor Knigh. A Falcon DVD.
retreat_falcon_tn Retreat (DVD)
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
Everyone needs a retreat away from their everyday lives once in a while. A few days off in the countryside escaping from the stress and demands of everyday life can do anyone some good. The retreat is even better when you're with the hottest men around, and they want to help you make the most of your R&R. On this retreat, it's the nonstop intense action between these stunning men that leads to the most fulfilling rest and relaxation. These hot encounters make this retreat all the more satisfying and reinvigorating. Starring: Andrew Jakk, Conny Wright, Jesse Santana, Landon Conrad, Roman Heart, Trent Locke, Will Helm. Directed by: Steve Cruz. A Falcon DVD.
rock_star_falcon_tn.jpg Rock Star (DVD)
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
Paddy O'Brian is a Rock Star! and Falcon exposes a side of him you've never seen, and does something hes never done before on film. Director Andrew Rosen lets you vicariously experience life on the road when you're hot, horny, irresistible and sexually insatiable. Paddy's manager, muscle-stud Alex Graham, and promoter Colby Chambers have their hands full trying to control the hunky star. Well, maybe their hands are full of each other. Alex is the instigator and wiry Colby is too willing to put his ass on the line. Starring: Alex Graham, Cal Skye, Colby Chambers, Jimmy Durano, Joey Cooper, Paddy O'Brian, Ray Diaz, Sebastian Rossi. A Falcon DVD.
roughin_it_2_falcon_tn Roughin' It 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
Getting close to nature sexually inspires these smokin' campers to commit the hottest acts in the woods and out in the open, for the whole world to see. They're Roughin' It and their primal sexual nature rises to the surface, boiling over with an intensity hot enough to start a forest fire. Pitch a tent and check out what these campers do when they think nobody else is around. Starring: Andrew Jakk, Casey Monroe, D.O., Donny Wright, Erik Rhodes, Parker London, Roman Heart, Trent Locke. Directed by: Tony Dimarco. A Falcon DVD.
seduced_falcon_tn.jpg Seduced (DVD) Falcon
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
Whether it's fuck buddies who constantly tempt each other, a photographer pushing his model to the hottest shot, lovers who get each other hot and bothered or a dad who lures his son's friend for a fuck; these eight studs are all Seduced. They are all willing players in the game of seduction, where desires and fantasies turn into lustful and passionate hard core encounters. Starring: Aaron Blake, Calvin Koons, Charlie Harding, D.O., Dylan Roberts, Johnny Ryder, Spencer Fox, Tanner Wayne. A Falcon DVD.
summer_lust_falcon_tn.jpg Summer Lust (DVD) Falcon
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
The famed Falcon style scores a peak in the blazing 'Summer Lust.' Languid summer days flare up when the star-studded cast transfer their lusty desires and hard bodies from the pool to the bedroom. Four sun-drenched scenes, directed by Tony Dimarco, are all sex, all sweaty, all steamy and filled with the fiery passion that long-hot days with sexy housemates stirs in each of their groins. Starring: Bryce Star, D.o., Dean Monroe, Jimmy Fanz, Landon Conrad, Marc Dylan, Paddy O'Brian. A Falcon DVD.
sun_kissed_falcon_tn.jpg Sun Kissed (DVD)
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
The sun is shining on Exclusive Paddy O'Brian, who has risen to gay porn super stardom in record time. Sun Kissed showcases Paddy with his British charm, stunning looks, magnificent body and epic cock in three of his best scenes ever. Directors Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond offer Paddy a selection of hot welcoming bottoms, and he fucks them every which way with deep probing, intense slamming and unrelenting pounding that has become Paddys signature Starring: Edin Sol, Paddy O'Brian, Ray Diaz, Shane Frost, Tate Ryder, Trenton Ducati. A Falcon DVD.
tahoe-snow-packed-tn.jpg Tahoe: Snow Packed (DVD)
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
Lake Tahoe is a winter playground filled with natural beauty, and it's a favorite spot where handsome, horny studs go for intense skiing and snowboarding. They also go for passionate recreation with other attractive men. As these eight men are about to discover, Tahoe is a sexual frontier worth exploring. Falcon Stuios' exploration of this sexual Winter Wonderland begins with Tahoe: Snow Packed. Watch as directors Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond set primal forces in motion in Tahoe: Snow Packed. Starring: Angel Rock, Jackson Taylor, Jimmy Durano, Landon Conrad, Ray Diaz, Shawn Wolfe, Trystan Bull, Tyler Wolf. Directed by: Steven Cruz, Bruno Bond. A Falcon DVD.
tahoe-snow-plowed_tn.jpg Tahoe: Snow Plowed (DVD)
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
Lake Tahoe is a winter playground filled with natural beauty, and it's a favorite spot where handsome, horny studs go for intense skiing and snowboarding. They also go for passionate recreation with other attractive men. As these eight men are about to discover, Tahoe is a sexual frontier worth exploring. Falcon's exploration of this sexual Winter Wonderland continues with Tahoe: Snow Plowed. Starring: Angel Rock, Brandon Jones, Brody Wilder, Connor Maguire, Jack King, JD Phoenix, Johnny Ryder, Trystan Bull. A Falcon DVD.