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cant-get-enoug-of-dato-foland_tn.jpg Can't Get Enough Of Dato Foland (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
This collection contains 4 of the hottest scenes ever... Because we can't get enough of Dato Foland! Starring: Abraham Al Malek, Antonio Aguilera, Damien Crosse, Dato Foland, Wagner Vittoria. A Raging Stallion / Stag Homme DVD.
stag-homme-collection-2_tn.jpg Stag Homme Collection Vol 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Watch Damien, Francesco and the guys of Stag Homme perform the hottest sex on earth! Starring: Adriano Toledo, Antonio Aguilera, Damien Crosse, David Dirdam, Francesco D'Macho, Goran, Johnny Hazzard, Logan McCree, Maikel Cash, Tomy Hawk. A Stag Homme / Raging Stallion DVD.
handsome-devils-rs_tn.jpg Handsome Devils (DVD) Stag Homme
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
These Handsome Devils are no angels, but the action wouldn’t be nearly as hot if they were. When Damien Crosse and Francesco D'Macho teamed up to create Stag Homme, they introduced a breed of sex pigs, hand-picked for the new millennium, and they threw their piggy selves in for good measure. For them, and for the Handsome Devils they find, sex is a native language. They will suck any cock, rim any ass, welcome any penetration and fuck any hole. You get all that, and loads of foreskin, which reigns supreme, from the first kiss to the last cum shot of Handsome Devils. Starring: Damien Crosse, Dato Foland, Diego Lauzen, Francesco D'Macho, Goran, Maikel Cash, Wagner Vittoria. A Stag Homme / Raging Stallion DVD.
abraham-al-malek_tn.jpg Abraham Al Malek (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Newcomer Abraham Al Malik is in three of the five scenes in the Stag Homme production bearing his name: Abraham Al Malek. Abraham is "brutally handsome," with a swarthy complexion, full beard, intriguing nose and a broad, hairy chest. His scenes parade not only his hot body and uncut cock, but his sexual versatility: one scene is all oral; in the others, he tops and he bottoms. Six horny Spaniards join him for 105 minutes of ball draining, ass stretching action. Starring: Abraham Al Malek, Damien Crosse, Dato Foland, Goran, Leo Domenico, Maikel Cash, Tomy Hawk. A Stag Homme / Raging Stallion DVD.
a_plus_tn.jpg A+ (DVD) Bel Ami
$53.88 $40.41 On Sale!
Personal Trainers 9. "Highly, Highly Recommended. The introductory credits leave the impression that "A+" is the final entry in the spectacular "Personal Trainers" series, a compendium of irresistible fuck films featuring neophyte sextoys and some of the more experienced, and delicious, of the Bel Ami cast of beauties. Well, I hope they'll reconsider, because we need this series to continue well into the next century at the very least. As long as impresario George Duroy and his talent scouts keep coming up with guys like these to be ravaged, and as long as the well-used dicks of series regulars Sebastian Bonnet and Dano Sulik don't fall off, this venue could make Viagra and Cialis obsolete! Starring Bolek Polanski, Casper Watts, Jimmy Larson, Todd Rosset, Luke Hamill, Tobias Hayek, Colin Reeves, Sebastian Bonnet, Dano Sulik and Brandon Manilow.
accidental_lovers_dvd_tn.jpg Accidental Lovers (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Falcon International Collection #01. Venture behind the Iron Curtain with Falcon Studios and Bel Ami director George Duroy. Starring Slavo Jarowski, Dano Sulik, Martin Valko, Andrej Sovinski, Tomas Meyer, Roman Gregor, Marek Smolik and Michal Tarkus.
all_about_bel_ami_dvd_tn.jpg All About Bel Ami (DVD)
$53.88 $40.41 On Sale!
The hardcore documentary everyone has been waiting for! A 2 1/2 hour intimate peek inside the company and its various enterprises. "All About Bel Ami" is a potpourri of behind-the-scenes looks at the making of the films, interviews, unseen footage,and much more! Starring Lukas Ridgeston, Johan Paulik, Ion Davidov, Julian Armanis, Dano Sulik, Sebastian Bonnet, Erik Kovac, Marcel Bouvier, Pierre Delon, Martin Lennox, Oliver Krist, Oleg Vronski, Nico Tiziani and Chance.
andels-story-1_tn.jpg Andel's Story 1 (DVD) Re-Release
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
Shot entirely in the beautiful countryside of the Czech Republic and the romantic city of Prague. Director Wim Hof follows Andel, a young service man from the Czech Republic Army, as he spends a weekend on leave and discovers the passions of his fellow countrymen in this extraordinary and breath-taking video. Starring: Andel, El Greco, Libor Taborsky, Pavel Dubcek, Pepa, Ivan Maly, Kristen Paulik, Martin Bolshoi, Petr Suk, and Velky Curak. Director: William Higgins. An All World's Video DVD.
arabesque_dvd_tn.jpg Arabesque (DVD) 2-Disc Set
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Just Nominated for Eleven GAYVN Awards, Including Best Picture! "Highly, Highly Recommended. Arabesque is director Chris Ward's masterpiece, a truly outstanding effort. The men, to a man, are exceptional masculine specimens, sexually voracious and overwhelmingly effective throughout a three-hour carnal tour of male sexuality in the desert." . . . Butch Harris, Starring Ivan Andros, Huessein, Francoios Sagat, Sarib, Colin West, Joey Milano, Joey Russo, Remy Delaine, Manueal Torres, Cory Koons, Dario Granada, JC, Michael Soldier, Brendan Austen, Marco Montana, Bryce Pierce, Simon Cox and Jeff Allen. A Raging Stallion Studios DVD.
backstage_tn.jpg Backstage (DVD)
$49.88 $16.88 On Sale!
"Highly, Highly Recommended. Deceptively simple, "Backstage" has all the care and attentiveness of one of Kazan's epics, with all of the sensuality and beauty packed into smaller scenes. With models perfectly chosen, attention to detail that is majestic (the score is particularly noteworthy), this tale of quiet obsession is as solid an effort as any Kazan has ever dispatched." . . . Brent Blue, Starring Sasha Byazrov (a.k.a. Alexander Byazrov), Giorgio Salieri, Matthias Vannelli, Eric Flower, Max Veneziano, Mario Perez (a.k.a. Marcos David), David Scott, David Havien, Ricky Martinez, Ettore Tosi (non-sexual) and Sergio Buccheri (non-sexual). Directed by Lucas Kazan.
banged_up_hard_uknakedmen_tn.jpg Banged Up Hard (DVD)
Banged Up Hard features five scenes, two hours with 10 big cocked, uncut studs, as prisoners, wardens and borstal inmates get it on, sucking, fucking and spraying each other down with hot jets of thick cum. From massive tooled Matt (11 inch) Hughes, in a rough prison three way to Fred Faurtin in a brutal, intimate police strip search, these hot guys are hungry for man on man fucking and sucking and will stop at nothing to get it. Starring: Matt Hughes, Dom De Marco, Fred Faurtin, Giovanne, Jacob, Jake Ryder, Ludovic Canot, Thierry Lamasse, Tony Thorn, Tyson Mac. Directed by: Jonno. A UK Naked Men DVD.
bareback_beginners_18_tn.jpg Bareback Beginners 18 (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
There's always a first time for everything, and these boys are ready to get fucked raw. Watch these virgin holes take dick without a rubber. Their hungry holes crave the sensation of a raw cock in their ass. Starring Matthew Shepard, Paolo Checareli, Dominik Trojan, George Basten, Martin Bennet, Nicolas Corry, Tommy Sem, Luck Claimy, Dean Calbot, Jack Taron, Dave Kline, Jerry Harris. Directed by Pat Stone. An Eagle Video / USM International DVD.
bareback_beginners_19_tn.jpg Bareback Beginners 19 (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Nothing is hotter than watching a couple of young, hung boys get it on with each other for the first time, and leave no hole untouched and full of cum. Watch as porn super star Nicolas Santos' desires and fantasies become reality in the raw! Starring Boris Zacharov, Nicolas Santos, Migel Placero, George Basten, Tibor Cernan, Kevin Brodey, Patrick Novy, Milos Mann, Rusty Smith and Garry Farr. Directed by Pat Stone. An Eagle Video / USM International DVD.
bareback_bisex_cream_pie_2_tn.jpg Bareback Bisex Cream Pie 02 (DVD)
Imagine getting fucked from behind by a huge dick in the raw as you fill a hot warm pussy with fresh cum. These hung studs sure don't let anything get in the way - watch as they tear through hot pies then cum all over the place! Starring Kristi Smile, San Tovar, Kube Adams, Danny Dark, Vim Baradek, Olivia Smile, Lucky Taylor, Mato Hons, Tommy Jacobson, Maria Gen, Laco Slova and Viviane Love. Directed by Jaroslav Hanus. An Eagle Video / USM International DVD.
bareback_bisex_tv_channel_tn.jpg Bareback Bisex TV Channel (DVD)
Starring Vallery Hilton, Natasha, Marry Key, Katte Moss, Micky Coolio, Drago Lembeck, Brodie Hawn, Cristiano Bellani, Lee Cooper, Jerry Bee and Landon Quinn. Directed by Alan Pelikan. An Eagle Video / USM International DVD.
basic_training_dvd_tn.jpg Basic Training (DVD) Falcon
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
In "Basic Training", Falcon International takes us back to Eastern Europe to once again capture the beauty of Hungarian men on DVD. Starring George Vidanov, Daniel Castnov, Jose Ganatti, Adam Gosett, Sergej Gulbicson, Peter Krisztia, Alex Lambert, Jason Lucian, Claudio Mensina, David Moretti, Stefan Racz, Wolf Remulus and Stefan Stano.
big_cadet_cocks_tn.jpg Big Cadet Cocks (DVD) Bareback
Watch as 19 of the hottest breath-taking and youthful extra-hung military cadets with hungry holes craving for hard duck get nasty and go all the way. Real hot dudes having real hot sex. These natural guys were shot outdoors in the wilderness having incredibly uninhibited sex. Directed by Pat Stone. An Eagle Video / USM International DVD.
Boys On Break (DVD) Bareback
At the construction site, these young men know that all work and no play only makes for very dull boys. And for that reason, these hot and horny worker boys make sure that when they work hard, they also take the time to play much harder. While on the job, they spend their day hauling, hammering and nailing. But when it's time for their break, they haul ass hammering and nailing each other with reckless abandon. Starring Billy Dexter, Clay Osborne, Clive Harper, Dominik Trojan, Enrico Cruiz, Georgio Garcia, Igor Rusk, Jay Renfro, Jerry Harris, Marcio Gonzales, Max Long, Paolo Sido, Peter Abbex and Ricky Valentino. Directed by Rolf Hammerschmidt. A RAD Video / EuroRad DVD.
breeding_party_tn.jpg Breeding Party (DVD) Bareback
Bareback. 8 hot muscled hunks in a non-stop amazing gangbang video. Each stud is noteworthy by himself. Put them together and the chemistry is action-packed bareback action at its best. The choreography of the gangbang will leave you covered in cum - just like the lucky bottom in the film's final scene. Starring Julian Veneziano, Joshua Rodgers, Enrico Belaggio, Sergio Soloi, Marc Dievo, Steve Hunt, Rick Bauer and Micky. Directed by Joe Budai. A White Water Productions DVD.
contatto_raging_stallion_tn Contatto (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
A series of sexual vignettes that are sure to leave you wanting more, Contatto takes the fantasies of Francesco D'Macho and Damien Crosse and brings them to life in this ultra-realistic series of encounters that can only be dreamed of. Starring: Goran, Adrian Toledo, Francesco D'Macho, Damien Crosse, Eliad Anastos, Adonis, Xavi, Valentino. Directed by: Francesco D'Macho. A Stag Homme Studios DVD.
cream_pie_stories_tn.jpg Cream Pie Stories (DVD) Bareback
Featuring some of the hottest, hung, muscled studs from Europe, this series of fantasy scenes explores everything from sex toys to group sex in a bareback, cream pie and facial cum shot filled movie. Starring Nicolas Santos, Eric Flower, Lazio Nagy, Dave Alis, Tomy Sem, Tibor Cernan, Rob Steel, Jack Frankovitch, Jerry Harris, Luke Hobbs and Miguel Placeno. Directed by Pat Stone. An Eagle Video / USM International DVD.
creampie_orgy_tn.jpg Creampie Orgy (DVD) Bareback
Watch these men fuck and suck each other like there's no tomorrow. Imagine yourself fucking a fully loaded cum hole, freshly filled by 7 men. Join the fun where there's no lube needed! Fuck after fuck - and load after load - the cum oozes and drips out of that well-drilled greedy hole. Sweaty, messy orgy fun. Starring Antonio Martinelli, Claudio Antonelli, Julian Veneziano, Mario McGabe, Chris Hacker, Ardiano Mickey and Tomi. Directed by Joe Budai. A White Water Productions DVD.
creampie_surprise_tn.jpg Creampie Surprise 1 (DVD) Bareback
Packed with hot, young, hung studs in two separate group scenes. Their hungry bottoms crave sucking cock, getting gang-banged, and seeded deep with lots of hot cum. Each scene climaxes with some extreme cum shots leaving the bottom sore and satiated. Starring Landon Quinn, Tommy Zecro, Broddi Hawn, Leo Bracket, John Cruise, Joe Chavier, Val Chavier, Lun Walace, Ted Parker and Kamul Fox. Directed by Alan Pelikan. An Eagle Video / USM International DVD.
dark_stag_stag_homme_tn.jpg Dark Stag, The (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
The Dark Stag, directed by Francesco D'Macho is the fourth movie from Stag Homme Studios, the hot company owned by Damien Crosse and Francesco D'Macho! This is a must own for all fans of incredible all male fucking and sucking. Starring Lucas Gabo, Alan Efron, Alex Deseo, Gaston Jimenez, Gerardo Bartok, Jonas Carvalho, Maikel Saravia, Rick Moreno, Sebastian Cole, Valentin Carrera. Directed by Francesco D'Macho. A Raging Stallion Studios / Stag Homme Studios DVD.
empire-of-caesar-aw_tn.jpg Empire of Caesar (DVD)
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
"Highly Recommended. You can't fault directly Csaba Borbely when it comes to the important stuff: Godlike studs having down and dirty mansex. It certainly seems as if no expense was spared to bring a little authenticity to Julius Caesar's palace. As Caesar, Gino Francesco, strolls through the marble halls, he's attended by a small cadre of humpy servants, all decked out in the same flowing garb. But none of Gino's footmen can quite hold a candle to Claudio Antonelli, a goateed stud who plays his scheming lover. From the outset, Caesar's hungry for cock . . . " - Rick Forrent, Starring Gino Francesco, Dean Michaels, Gerry Preston, Andreas Harris, Helmut Muller, Fredy Costa, Xavier Demarco, Claudio Antonelli, Austin Rogers, Kevin Cage, Mario McCabe, Alfredo Castaldo, Ettore Valentino, Eric Flower and Antonio Martinelli. A Diamond Pictures/All Worlds Video DVD.
Faster! Faster! Fuck Me Harder! (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Director Alberto Rey has done it again! Five extended scenes - nearly three full hours - of wham, bam, fuckin', suckin', beefy euro boys slidin' and ridin' into a frickin' fantastic frenzy. Gay, hard core, gonzo fuck crazy porn, just the way you like it. Starring Julian Vincenzo, James Jordan, Gregory, Jose Ganatti, Leo Strong and Peter Stream. Directed by Alberto Rey. A Raging Stallion Studios DVD.
flings_2_belami_front_tn.jpg Flings 2 (DVD)
$53.88 $40.41 On Sale!
Summer no school, no work, no worries. A time for a brief burst of romance. A perfect time for a fling. It can happen anywhere. On a beach, Giorgio Carrera and Marc Vidal pick up Andre Pagnol for a three-way. In a market, Tommy Hansen and Brandon Manilow meet a pair of fraternal twins and bring them home. Starring Renato Amoroso, Giorgio Carrera, Tommy Hansen, Brandon Manilow, Robbie Martin, Jean Morocco, Richie Tyler and Marc Vidal.
gangbangers_falcon_tn.jpg Gangbangers, The (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Falcon International Collection #08. Men all over Eastern Europe are celebrating--years of pent-up tension explodes now as hot young men explore new freedom. I'm so excited about the party I can't ignore the aching stiffness of my cock. Starring Dano Sulik, Kristoff Tripsla, Pieter Gierek, Alexander Strauss, Alan Greksa, Franz Karloff, Franc Sokol, Palo Cernak, Pavol Holik, Gregor Hanslik, Eberhardt Huhn, Mikulas Gost. Directed by George Duroy. A Falcon International DVD.
gods_of_porn_rs_tn.jpg Gods of Porn (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
The Gods of Porn have assembled and come to you in five scorching scenes from the hottest European studio around, Stag Homme. Madrid is home to this studio, helmed by co-directors and porn dieties Damien Crosse and Francesco D'Macho. Starring: Cigano Da Cruz, Damien Crosse, Diesel O'Green, Donato Reyes, Goran, Lucio Saints, Maikel Cash, Mike. A Stag Homme / Raging Stallion DVD.
Graffiti (DVD)
$53.88 $40.41 On Sale!
"Highly, Highly Recommended. Do you know how hard it is to get paint out of your clothing? Well, about as hard as cum, so you probably do know! Actually, you won't find the answer to that question in "Graffiti" because the Bel Ami models are so meticulous that they shed all clothing that might be tainted by paint. They are happy to get it on their toned lean bodies, but never on their clothes! The paint schtick is just an excuse to get the boys naked, because all of the true artwork happens with just their own body parts, no extra colors needed." - Brent Blue, Starring Justin Boyd, Trevor Yates, Paul Valery, Kurt Diesel, Josh Elliot, Kevin Elola, Henri Gaudin, Luke Hamill, Hans Klee, Elias Kudrow, Andreas Mouskouri, Davy Paxton and Jerome Reynolds. Directed by George Duroy. A Bel Ami DVD.
hungary_men_tn.jpg Hungary Men (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
When you're aching for big handsome men with thick uncut cocks, look no farther than here! Starring Falcon Exclusive George Vidanov, plus Stefan Stano, Stefan Racz, Peter Kristztia, Janos Volt, Alex Lambert, Adam Gosett, David Moretti, Daniel Castnov, Fabio Zoltan, Istavan Hogyes, Peter Tomanek, Miklos Soledad, and Kurt Schwartz.
jan_dvorak_and_his_friends_tn.jpg Jan Dvorak & His Friends (DVD)
Five sizzling scenes! Watch some of the hottest scenes that Jan has been in. Enjoy Jan and his friends while they experience some steamy action. Starring Jan Dvorak (a.k.a. Pavel Novotny, Max Orloff), Vilem Cage, Lukas Dvorak, Milan Loksan, Pavel Mikulas, Jan Rejfek and Pavel Vichera. Directed by Alex Schnegr.
jan_dvoraks_high_sticking_dvd_tn.jpg Jan Dvorak's High Sticking (DVD)
The guys were playing on the ice, but after the games, things were heating up! They're a team and looked out for each other in every way- and that includes sexually. Maybe they're skating on thin ice, but when you have the chance to score, you gotta take the shot! GOAL! Starring Jan Dvorak (aka Pavel Novotny, Max Orloff), Ivan Rohan, Robert Wild, Lukas Sedlacek, Vilem Cage, Lukas Dvorak, Pavel Vichera, Honza Rejfek and Michael Berky. Directed by Alex Schnegr.
jan_dvoraks_wretling_team_dvd_tn.jpg Jan Dvorak's Wrestling Team (DVD)
Step into the locker room at the gym where the Czech wrestling team is practicing unconventional and restricted holds on each other?s hard cocks and asses! Starring Jan Dvorak (Pavel Novotny, Max Orloff), Lukas Arthur, Vilem Cage, Roman Dvorak, Alan Csorba, Lucas Pehr, Lucas Roubicek, Radek Kucharik and Pavel Mikulik. Directed by Alex Schnegr.
madrid_bulls_stag_tn.jpg Madrid Bulls (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Stag Homme presents a new group of situational porn scenes that will get you horned up and jerking off. Superstar model/directors Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho take you on wild ride through their vibrant and cum-filled fantasies. From office sex to a celebratory fuck between gangster bank robbers and straight friend fucking to sex shop counter attendants who attend to each other, these artistic vignettes get you going because they’re realistic, gritty and creative. Starring: Adrian Toledo, Biktor Vossou, Damien Crosse, David Dirdam, Eliad Anastos, Francesco D'Macho, Goran, Jean Franko, Johnny Hazzard, Manuel Lopez. Directed by: Damien Crosse and Francesco D'Macho. A Raging Stallion / Stag Homme DVD.
magnum_griffin_1_bijou_dvd_tn.jpg Magnum Griffin 1 (DVD-R) Precondom
$29.88 $19.88 On Sale!
The Magnum Griffin series presents quality, all-action vignettes from the pre-condom 1970s. The men are all young, clean-cut (for the era, that is), and fit. Originally shot in French, the sex and dirty talk has been dubbed in English, occasionally to hilarious effect. A broken water pipe is all the excuse brunet hotties Michael & Phillip need to exercise their own plumbing. This muscled duo suck uncut dick and rim butt, ultimately shooting in one another's faces. The blatantly mismatched sex talk dubbing is hysterical or awful, depending on your taste. Picture and audio are in great shape, having been fully restored by Bijou's tech team. A Bijou Classics / Magnum Griffin DVD.
Mating Season (DVD) Bel Ami
"Highly, Highly Recommended. Mating Season delivers a triple knock out -- and that assessment is not only based on the overall movie, but also in particular on one ground-breaking, ball-busting scene which is so unlike Bel Ami in approach and execution while also quite simply giving us a new superstar, Joey Amis." - Bo Champion, Starring Troy Allen, Joey Amis, Renato Amoroso, Thierry Allen, Benjamin Bloom, Justin Boyd, Ruslan Brodovich, Josh Elliot, Henri Gaudin, Luke Hamill, Steve Jennings, Hans Kaas, Hans Klee, Davy Paxton, Bolek Polanski, Colin Reeves, Manuel Rios, Eli Rogers, Johnny Surabaya and Alexei Zagorin. Directed by Marty Stevens. A Bel Ami DVD.
meditrerranean_stag_tn.jpg Mediterranean Stag (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
On the Mediterranean coast, the guys are just stunning, and it's no wonder Stag Homme has found so many beautiful men for Mediterranean Stag. From the first scene, where tattooed wonder Damien Crosse fucks Mike Colucci's beautiful bubble-butt, straight through to the closing credits, the entire film is about as hot the summer sun beating down on the salty sea. With plenty of outdoor fucks and facial cumshots galore, Mediterranean Stag is one title that's not to be missed. Starring: Abel Pozsar, Adrian Toledo, Alex Marte, Carlos Gustavo, Damien Crosse, David Dirdam, Maikel Cash, Mike Colucci, Spencer Reed, Xavi. A Raging Stallion DVD.
oral_fixation_vol_1_tn.jpg Oral Fixation 1 (DVD)
Featuring 20 young studs in over 90 minutes of cock sucking, deep throating, cum-slurping action! Watch as these hungry cock-whores suck down monster cocks one after the other! These studs get serviced until they can't hold it in any longer and give their buddies a hot cum-filled facial! Oral Fixation Vol. 1 is perfect for those who worship a nice thick, hard piece of man-meat! A Tipo Sesso International DVD.
out_at_last_1_dvd_tn.jpg Out At Last 1: Souvenirs (DVD)
$53.88 $40.41 On Sale!
This 2 1/2 hour DVD was produced especially for Bel Ami connoisseurs and collectors who constantly clamor for more footage of their favorite stars. 'Out at Last 1: Souvenirs' preserves 10 episodes originally released in the VHS versions of 'Out at Last' and 'Souvenirs', starring many of Bel Ami?s most desirable hunks. Starring Johan Paulik, Ion Davidov, Mathias Ardini, Lucien Barre, Jakub Benda, Oliviero Dantes, Milos Janek, Kristian Jensen, Denis Jung, Gerard Kilian, Erik Kovac, Jiri Lubov, Tomas Meyer, Janos Nemeth, Marek Smolik, Michal Tarkus and Milos Voinar.
out_at_last_2_dvd_tn.jpg Out At Last 2: Bonbons (DVD)
$53.88 $40.41 On Sale!
10 never-before-seen episodes, as well as some rarities, shot between 1999 and 2001. George Duroy provides text commentary giving a short history of each scene. Starring Sebastian Bonnet, Dano Sulik, Filip Olivier, Max Orloff, Marek Antonov, Marcel Bouvier, Ivan Dudikoff, Paolo Estefan, Ales Hanak, Sasha Kasparov, Marek Kodes, Martin Lennox, Justin Marino, Ed Marlow, Tibor Miklos, Mikhail Palenki, Mirko Polakov, Ramon Valenti, Oleg Vronski and Pavol Zurek.
out_at_last_3_tn.jpg Out At Last 3: Cocktails (DVD)
$53.88 $40.41 On Sale!
Bel Ami's Personal Trainers extraordinaire give new guys hands-on experience in having mind-blowing sex in front of a camera. "Out at Last 3" has 10 scenes which for one reason or another were not used in a "Personal Traners" video. Starring Ion Davidov, Sergei Grigoriev, Vadim Hausman, Gerard Kilian, Erik Kovac, Jeff Markovich, Max Pellion, Mirko Polakov, Dano Sulik, Michal Tarkus, Karl Tenner and Oleg Vronski.
Pina Colada (DVD)
Come along with Mark Aubrey and and Brandon Manilow on their Brazilian holiday where they indulge their sexual desires in the land of sun and samba. Starring Mark Aubrey, Brandon Manilow, Troy Allen, Rustan Brodovich, Chris Cameron, Steve Jennings, Alex Orioli, Ryan Pawlowski, Matt Phillipe and Oleg Tartowski. Directed by George Duroy. A Bel Ami DVD.
Pipe Dreams (DVD)
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
Four sexy fantasies end up being the hot wet dreams of the stars in the latest film from Danny Ray. Starring Aaron Garrett, Carey Lexes, Casper Watts, Fernando Kruz, Lucky Taylor, Mike Gate, Nikandro Sideropulus, Thomas Lee and Tom Hawai. Directed by Danny Ray. An All Worlds DVD.
pretty_boy_tn.jpg Pretty Boy (DVD)
$53.88 $40.41 On Sale!
"Highly Recommended. Well, they certainly are ALL pretty guys. And, for the most part, they can fuck like the devil. Put those two factors together and Director George Duroy has another winner, a laid-back, let's get laid stroll through some quiet afternoons during which six of their models have nothing better to do than to come on to each other and spurt seed." . Bo Champion, Starring Matt Phillipe, Josh Elliot, Mark Aubrey, Sven Olafsson, Keifer Sullivan and Mark Vidal (a.k.a. Steeve Sanders). A Bel Ami DVD.
Rebel (DVD) Bel Ami
$53.88 $40.41 On Sale!
"Highly Recommended. Paul Valery seems like an ideal Bel Ami model, 20 years old, handsome, with enormous eyes and a nice tight body though with a sassy attitude many of their Euro pretty boys don't often display. In the end, he's a sexual dynamo, and there's nothing rebellious about that. It's damn attractive!" - Brent Blue, Starring Paul Vallery, Troy Allen, Keith Johansson, Ben Keaton, Hans Klee, Billy Neeson, Niall Phoenix, Colin Reeves and Danny Saradon. Directed by Marty Stevens; Produced by George Duroy. A Bel Ami DVD.
red_hot_dvd_tn.jpg Red Hot (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Falcon International #18. The guys in this video are just plain hot. Falcon has another wonderfully presented Hungarian video on its hands. *** Highly Recommended *** Brent Blue, Starring George Vidanov, Franco Corsini, Adam Gosett, Nikolas Kiss, Jozsef Kovacs, Alex Lambert, Remus Orza, Marko Pacyna a.k.a. Attila S. a.k.a. Csaba Zsiros, Miklos Soledad, John Valko and Janos Volt.
sex-klinik-cazzo_tn.jpg Sex Klinik (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Strapping young men get kidnapped and used as guinea pigs in the hospital's intensive sex unit - much to their own pleasure! Before you know it, a hetero- man has his ass in the air for his hospital roommate. The delinquent doctors shamelessly exploit their willing patients, while the Professor gets off watching Christophe ram his prize dick deep into Raphael. This group sex experiment gets out of hand and degenerates into a wild slut orgy where the patients milk their rods to the last drop. Starring Tim Vinzent, Marcel Schlutt, Raphael Leban, Akos Piros and Christopher Chemin. Directed by Jorg Andreas. A Cazzo Films DVD.
sex-pigs-dc-cazzo_tn.jpg Sex Pigs (DVD) Director's Cut
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
"Highly, Highly Recommended. German director Jorg Andreas consistently produces groundbreaking erotica. His flicks tend to be edgy and raunchy, and "Sex Pigs" has some of the most ingenious sex I've seen in a while, as well as some of the bounciest dicks. Jorg does a masterful job of setting up and executing the various sex scenes from start to finish almost flawlessly". - Max Southern, Starring Thom Barron, Andreas Stich, Mike French, Tim Vinzent, Alex Wegert, David Daniels, Eduardo Cortez, Leo Konig, Rick Speer, Uwe Wagner, Darius Marx, Franz DuBois and Marc Mason. Directed by Jorg Andreas. A Cazzo Films / Raging Stallion DVD.
Soccer Lads (DVD)
Jockstraps, muscular thighs, round bubble-butts, and loads of ball play is what the new release from Euroboy Sport "Soccer Lads" is all about! Hot on and off the pitch soccer-sex! Butt-fucking, cum-spurting, cock-sucking soccer lads! This is a must-have title for those who of you who get off on athletes fucking and sucking each other silly! Featuring an all-star cast of sexy English-speaking horse-hung jocks! Starring Tommy Lima, Santiago Masur, Alan Aimar, Iori Serrano, Christopher Gonzalez, Jony Araoz, Max Tube and Tiago Rios. Directed by Monaco. A Euroboy DVD.