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Eurocreme Collections

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horse_hung_and_horny_tn.jpg Horse Hung & Horny (DVD)
Matt Hughes is back for more action, showing off his famed 11" dick for everyone to see and feel! Slamming into twink ass, making them scream out as it pushes deeper than they've ever been taken before spunking all over their faces, soaking them in fresh jizz. Group orgies and threesome fucking throughout, Matt Hughes gives us another pure indulgence into the best of the biggest dick in the business! Starring Matt Hughes, Andy O'Neill, Brett Carter, Christian Herzog, Danny Fox, Jak Williams, Kyle O'Shea, Nathan Cox, Shane Stone, Stuart Hung, Tommy Haine, Will Jamieson. Directed by Simon Booth. A Eurocreme Collection DVD.
alex_stevens_tn.jpg Alex Stevens Collection (DVD)
Eurocreme's superstar Alex Stevens gets his Collection out on the shelves at long last! Showcasing this stunningly sexy young Czech boy, this DVD has his 5 greatest scenes all together for an unprecedented fuckfest which will leave your balls drained and heart racing. Making everyone rock solid within seconds, Alex shows off his skills just for you. Starring Alex Stevens, Dominik Eastley, Simon Clay, Sebastian de Long, Rick Fontana and Tony Pike. Directed by Vlado Iresch. A Eurocreme Collection DVD.
anthony_thomas_tn.jpg Anthony Thomas Collection (DVD)
Slim blonde haired twink Anthony has become a huge star in the UK and abroad due to his gorgeously angelic look, sweet smile, fit body and amazing ability to push back on huge dicks, taking cock that some fellow stars couldn't dream of taking. Starring Anthony Thomas, George Basten, Korben David, Jon Elliot, Rio Francisco, Lee Jaguar, Will Jamieson, Titch Jones, Steven Prior and Max Taylor. Directed by Simon Booth. A Staxus Model Collection DVD.
ashley_ryder_tn.jpg Ashley Ryder Collection (DVD)
Power bottom Ashley gives us his favourite five scenes all under one title, showing how far his butt can be stretched and abused. Squeezing as much into his butt as possible, we have double penetration, dildo fun and even food sex! Taken from a vast selection of films from Eurocreme, Ashley has proven he has unique abilities and a hunger for cock like no-one else! Starring Ashley Ryder, Elixir, Sam, Leonardo, Jenson Lomax, Ben Stark, Luc Bonay Darren Robbins, Titch Jones and Steven Prior. A Eurocreme Model Collection DVD.
bareback_blonds_tn.jpg Bareback Blonds (DVD)
Toned young blond boys all rounded up and put into one DVD for your viewing pleasure! Showing off their handsome faces and delicious bodies, these horny lads are ready and waiting to show you just how hard the blonds can fuck! Covering their mates in fresh jizz as they are rammed full of raw cock. Starring Martin Glance, Peter Caddy, Ron Manner, Cameron Jackson, Robert Driveman, Tony Jordan, Steve Rives, Patrik Dorsy, Johny Hunter and Gevin Favre. Directed by Vlado Iresch. A Eurocreme Collection DVD.
bareback_spit_roasting_tn.jpg Bareback Spit Roasting (DVD)
Forced to take cock two at a time, these twinks are fed cock in every available orifice, their cute smooth butts getting stretched open by thick dicks as their handsome young faces are fucked hard by long shafts, sliding down their throats. They love every inch getting deeper into them feeling the shafts pulsate inside them, ready to unleash jets of spunk as they fuck hard and fast and totally raw. Starring Neel Jenson, Johan Volny, Kamil Fox, Ernest Blue, Joe Page, Joseph Bali and Rony Dack. Directed by Vlado Iresch. A Eurocreme Collection DVD.
cum_gushers_2_hungry_whores_tn.jpg Cum Gushers 2: Hungry Whores (DVD) Bareback
This follow up to the bestselling Bareback Cum Gushers is sure to be a bestseller in its own right! Non-stop spunking and cum covered boys from start to finish, the pulsating dicks explode relentlessly over smooth bodies and sweet lips as the hungry boys lap up every drop they can in a ceaseless show off every cumshot from 8 titles only from Eurocreme!! We know exactly what horny cumshots can do to a man, and here you have hundreds one after the other of exploding dicks, covering cute Czech stars! Directed by Vlado Iresch. A Eurocreme Collection DVD.
dominik_trojan_tn.jpg Dominik Trojan Collection (DVD)
Dominik's very own model collection is here, and shows his cute butt and delicious dick off to perfection. Thrusting in hot threesomes and getting his butt and cock well and truly used in horny duos, this barebacking young boy does everything right, and will make sure your balls are empty of every last drop of spunk. Four scenes of his best movements makes this one of the best collections to date. Starring Dominik Trojan, George Basten, Jose Manuel, Leo Cooper and Nikandro Sideropulos. Directed by Vlado Iresch. A Eurocreme Model Collection DVD.
fuck_patrol_tn.jpg Fuck Patrol (DVD)
Eurocreme's Filthy Uniform Boys. Indulging in everyone's fantasy about being fucked hard by a man in uniform, this DVD gives you everything you could ever dream of! Our horny Eurocreme British division has collated 5 of the best uniformed scenes, and put them all together for a fuckfest like no other! Contains sizzling uniformed scenes from "DreamBoy," DreamBoy USA", "Legion Boy," "SkaterBoy" and "Soldier Boy"! Directed by Max Lincoln. A Eurocreme Collection DVD.
George Basten Collection (DVD)
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Young, smooth, blond-haired George Basten thrills us with scene after scene of his very best bits. We see him give and take cock like a boy possessed! Bareback fucking and threesome action will make sure your cock remains super hard and ready to shoot in over an hour and a half of George's best bits! Starring George Basten, Eugen Procci, Andre Young, Raymond Montly, Johny Bravo, Mason Wyler, Alex Stevens, Phill Berger, Cameron Jackson and Tomi Sem. A Eurocreme DVD.
jay_renefro_tn.jpg Jay Renfro Collection (DVD)
$49.88 $12.00 On Sale!
Everyones favourite blonde power bottom, Jay Renfro has made a name for himself across Europe and beyond for the eagerness to swallow hot dick and bounce off stiff meat day in and day out. Starring Jay Renfro, Chris Cloony, Jason Hill, Rico Suro, Patrik Maxwell, Veno Gould, Cameron Jackson, Denis Simons, Karel Gross, Michael Kraus, John Cruise, Alex Clifford. A Eurocreme Collection DVD.
johan_volny_tn.jpg Johan Volny Collection (DVD)
$49.88 $12.00 On Sale!
Proving just how popular he is, Johan Volny shows us what it's like to be Eurocreme's longest running exclusive. The mountains of stunning Eastern European boys he's worked with, using his world famous cock to tease and please every mouth and butt hole it comes into contact with. Sliding deep into tight holes, the groans coming from the horny bottom boys show just why Johan has become a star across the globe! Starring Johan Volny, Richard Said, Cameron Jackson, Phill Sardou, David Owen, Roger Venturi, Patrick Veselsky, Bryan McCain, Jakub Anderson and Lucky Marco. Directed by Vlado Iresch. A Staxus Collection DVD.
jose_manuel_tn.jpg Jose Manuel Collection (DVD)
$49.88 $12.00 On Sale!
Cute young blonde Jose Manuel gives us his top five performances all in one DVD, from ass ripping double penetration to delicious cum on the face; this smooth big dicked boy shows all his fans just why he's so popular!! Ramming his thick cock into tight butt holes and working everyone he meets into orgasm, this young fucker know just how to turn pretty young Czech models on, ready to squirt spunk everywhere! Starring Jose Manuel, A Sebastian Grant, Tom Smith, Johny Hunter, Jay Renfro, Thomas Dyk, Tony Gump and John Magiaty. Directed by Vlado Iresch. A Staxus Model Collection DVD.
just_18_eurocreme_tn.jpg Just 18: Eurocreme's Youngest Twinks (DVD)
A compilation of scenes from five of Eurocreme's titles. Includes scenes from Rudeboiz 1, Bareback Fly Boys, Bareback Twink Street 2, Indie Boyz and Dreamboy USA. Directed by Max Lincoln. A Eurocreme Collection DVD.
Kamil Fox Collection (DVD)
$49.88 $12.00 On Sale!
Tall dark and damn hot, Kamil will get rock solid within seconds, and keep you that way! A model who is responsible for some of the best cum shots and double penetration scenes eurocreme has to offer, Kamil Fox shows us all his best bits in this collection of five scenes taken from full feature length productions available here. Starring Kamil Fox, Petr, Alan Capier, Thomas Dyk, Andrew Shut, Tom Nowy, Eric Flover, Eric Tell, Robert Driveman, Leon Ramon and Alex Stevens. Directed by Vlado Iresch. A Eurocreme Model Collection DVD.
swimwear_sluts_tn.jpg Swimwear Sluts (DVD)
Over an hour and a half of looking at stunning young models in sexy speedos will cause your cock to stiffen and balls to ache with the sheer amount of cum crying to explode out of them! Eurocreme's finest models from East and West gets put together in an overindulgence of bronzed bodies and bubble butts getting rammed by huge dicks, indoors and out. Starring Cameron Jackson, Dominik Eastley, George Michael, Simon Pronger, Milan Brezze, Alex Friezer, George Basten, Alex Haylewood, Connor Axon, Alistair Hill, Jamie Summers, Dion Phillips, Gerry O'Connel and Andrew Fisher. A Eurocreme Collection DVD.
thomas_dyk_tn.jpg Thomas Dyk Collection (DVD)
$49.88 $12.00 On Sale!
With the most perfect abs, and a perfect bubble butt, designed just to make his fans spunk instantaneously, Thomas Dyk shows us all his favourite positions and fuck buddies he's had fun with in front of the camera. Five scenes of pure Thomas indulgence, this collection proves a sure winner, stuffed full of completely bare action, this young fucker gives and takes cock time and again for your viewing pleasure! Starring Thomas Dyk, Grenady Prokov, George Simon, Jose Manuel, Jack Cool, Carey Lexes, Luky Marco, George Plozen, Martin Terk and Rick Lucas. Directed by Vlado Iresch. A Eurocreme Model Collection DVD.
will_jamieson_tn.jpg Will Jamieson Collection (DVD)
$49.88 $12.00 On Sale!
Stunningly sexy Will Jamieson is shown in his full glory, using this perfectly formed dick to fuck sweet ass, sliding his shaft as deep as he can while we see his smooth abs flex and shine with sweat as he works himself to huge orgasm, coating the boys in delicious spunk. We give you 5 scenes of his best adventures all here to get you rock hard and pumping as hard as Will. Starring Will Jamieson, Jak Williams, Max Fonda, Rio Francisco, Tim Taillor, Thomas Dyk, Collin Richardson, Johan Volny, Alan Capier, Patrik Dorsy and Aaron Burns. Directed by Max Lincoln. A Staxus Collection DVD.