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top-to-bottom-3_tn.jpg Top to Bottom 3 (DVD)
$39.88 $19.00 On Sale!
The third entry in's popular grab-your-ankles-and-take-it series. The wait is finally over! Adorable Will Braun is about to have his tight virgin hole penetrated by Christian Wilde's gorgeous cock in Top to Bottom 3. Big and beefy Colby Jansen is about to slam it home to Jimmy Johnson. Super cute Diego Sans rims and rams Adam Bryant into the next week. Plus see a special bonus scene in which Joey Carter bottoms for the first time ever - with huge-dicked Christian Wilde. Not a bad way to go, right? Starring: Adam Bryant, Christian Wilde, Colby Jansen, Diego Sans, Jimmy Johnson, Joey Carter, Will Braun. A DVD.
total_impact_bijou_tn.jpg Total Impact (DVD-R) Precondom
$29.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Total Impact is a Robert Prion collection of slightly related sex scenes with lithe, spunky and well-hung men doing what comes naturally, mostly bareback. Featuring very good, passionate and raw sex, and decent production values. Starring Joey Stefano, Rick Pantera, Karl Thomas, Dane Thomas, Jay Richards, Keith Douglas, Rob Swayze, Eric Carter, Rick Thomas, Jeromy Rogers, Antonio Vegas, David Grant, Bryon Rogers, Vince Janos and Johnny Austin. Directed by Robert Prion. A Bijou Video / Galaxy Pictures DVD.
touch_me_dvd_tn.jpg Touch Me (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Precondom. Falcon Video Pac 60. AVN's Best Picture of the Year! Steve Hammond, after walking in on Troy and trick Eric Manchester, wanders the streets in search of answers. Starring Steve Hammond, Troy MacKenzie, Brad Phillips, Casey Jordan, Butch Taylor, Eric Manchester and Race Jensen. Directed by Steven Scarborough. A Falcon Studios DVD.
a_touch_of_class_bijou_tn Touch of Class, A (DVD) Re-Release!
$34.88 $16.88 On Sale!
This video revolves around Vince, who has been left in charge of running the family limo. Vince seized this opportunity to hire new young employees and to get to know existing staff better. The disclaimer for this video assures us that all these boys ... er ... men, are over eighteen. Starring: Vincent Cabretti, Kyle Bijou, Robert Larkins, Tim Long, Jerry. Directed by: Peter Hunter. A Bijou DVD.
tough_guys_do_dance_bijou_tn.jpg Tough Guys Do Dance (DVD-R) Precondom
$39.88 $24.88 On Sale!
This film is really four short subjects, each with a well-developed story. Strong on atmosphere, this unusually bold and imaginative movie contains suspense, seduction and horniness. In "Phone Call From a Stranger," a young man in a tuxedo (Lon Flexx) is seen cruising dark alleys when a nearby pay phone rings. He answers it and a mysterious voice instructs him to come to an apartment across the street. He arrives to find a nude man masturbating. Directed by Toby Ross. Starring Lon Flexx, Rod Garetto, Sharon Kane, David Bach, Paul Rappalo, Tom Rucker. A Bijou Classics DVD.
tough_terrain_falcon_tn.jpg Tough Terrain (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Jocks Video Pac 54. A beach-lovers treasure, the star of this nicely paced and filmed sensual fest from the Jocks series is definitely the slightly snarling Daemon Kelly, who appears in three of its five scenes. Daemon plans to go wind surfing at Big Redwood State Park, but instead cruises his way to body surfing on the beach. Starring Taylor Ray, Brad Erikson, Rob Lynn, Eric Evans, Jason Andrews, Kip Harting and Daemon Kelly. Directed by Bruce Cam. A Falcon / Jocks DVD.
tour-of-duty-mencom_tn.jpg Tour of Duty (DVD)
$39.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Bend over and assume the position. Don't worry, we know what we are doing. It's our "job". Starring: Colby Jansen, Zeb Atlas, Johnny Rapid, Tom Faulk, Topher Di Maggio & Jaxton Wheeler. A DVD.
track_meat_nart_tn.jpg Track Meet (DVD) Re-Release!
$39.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Precondom. Paralleling the story of The Idol, this Steve Scott feature film (theatrically released in 1976) presents a young track star's (lean, long-legged, saucer-eyed Gavin Geoffrey) tension in coming out and accepting himself. Starring Larry Paige, Michael Davis, Don Ranger, Duff Paxton, Gavin Geoffrey and Steve Scott. A Bijou Classic on DVD.
Trade (DVD) Mustang
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Mustang Video Pac 86. Hot Mansex: Mustang Style! This movie features the classic, rough mansex that Mustang is famous for. When some thugs try to shake down Dean Tucker and his bar for cash, the only thing he can offer them is ass: his own and his employees! Starring Marco Paris, Alex Eden, Dean Tucker, Scott Tanner, Steve Carlisle, Logan Steele, Duncan Stone, Dane Hyde and Brick Tyson. Directed by John Bruno. A Falcon / Mustang DVD.
trapped_1_tn.jpg Trapped 1 (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
A Power failure. A devious plan. A team of horny construction workers left to their own devices. Two workers in a sub-basement -- Michael Soldier and Mark Hansford -- find their boss, Nick Mazzaro, passed out after receiving a major jolt off a fuse board. He's out cold but sporting a massive hard on. Working diligently at his cock, the two take their boss for a ride that wakes him up right quick. But they're not the only men trapped and horny. . . Starring Brad Rock, Darren Phillips, Mark Hansford, Brad Star, Derrick Foster, Joey Milano, Kent Larson, Michael Soldier, Mike Grant and Nick Mazzaro. Directed by John Bruno. A Falcon/Mustang DVD.
trapped_2_tn.jpg Trapped 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Mustang Video Pac 75. More sexual hammering and drilling from our muscular construction team. Fuzzy stud cub Dan Rider, Kyle Lewis and Todd Maxwell round out the scenes with a real man's threeway that will leave you sweaty and panting for more! Starring Matt Cole, Brad Rock, Ben Campezi, Trey Casteel, Kyle Lewis, Parker Williams, Todd Maxwell, Dan Rider, Darren Phillips, Mark Hansford and Mick Powers. Directed by John Bruno. A Falcon/Mustang DVD.
tricking_bijou_tn Tricking (DVD-R)
$29.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Six vignettes. Never before released on videotape or DVD! Starring: Jack Burke, Jeff Hunter, David Shaw, Todd Russell, Guy Tait, Shaun Victor, Derrick Stanton, Doug Lansing, Chuck Burton, Rick Scott, Mike Trainor, Nick Vallano. A Nova Films / Bijou Classic on DVD.
Truck Stop (DVD-R) Precondom
$29.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Rod and Joe are two black truckers who stop at a TRUCK STOP for a drink. In the bathroom, Joe takes out Rod's hardening cock and feasts on it. Back at the bar the action continues, only this time the youthful white bartender gets involved. As Joe picks up where he left off on Rod's cock, Rod goes down on the bartender. Soon the bartender gets up on the bar and takes Joe up his ass and Rod down his throat. Starring Mike Savage, Gary Boyd and more. Directed by Matt Sterling. A Brentwood Films / Bijou Classics DVD.
tickling-fiend-bj-tn True Confessions Of A Tickling Fiend (DVD)
$29.88 $5.00 On Sale!
A Bob Jones tickling on DVD for the first time! Watch Ryan Farris, that nationally notorious tickling fiend as he subjects his victims to foot and fully body ticking. Ryan will confess to 4 of his twisted capture scenes in which a helpless victim is tickled mercilessly. Peek through the lens as a hidden camera shows you how Ryan tricks his victims into bondage and then tickles them mercilessly. A BJ Productions DVD.
try-me-on-for-size_tn.jpg Try Me On For Size (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Horny crew members catch each other red-handed, sniffing each other's jock straps and t-shirts at the Jocks Studio warehouse - all looking to find the best fit. The men sample a jockstrap for size, then continue with a fitting of another sort as they enjoy sizing up and settling in on their respective assets. Join these studs as they weave themselves into a complex string of sexual abandon and surrender to their combined needs.
Tub Tricks (DVD) Precondom Re-Release!
$29.88 $16.88 On Sale!
In the title segment Tub Tricks, superstar Lee Marlin takes his first trip to a bathhouse and ends up in a no-holds-barred orgy by the sauna. The orgy includes boyish, smooth types and super-hung Frank Evans, daisy-chains, cum-eating and butt-plugging galore. Starring Lee Marlin, Frank Evans, Tom Stout and David Lord. A Nova Productions / Bijou Classics DVD.
turbo-charge_tn.jpg Turbo Charge (DVD-R)
$39.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Turbo Charge is an excellent collection of Al Parker films featuring fetish's that include water hose's, rubber gloves, saran wrap, accu-pump and Parker's famous “pussy dick trick”. Great sex, great kinky sex. A very steamy sex film. There are scenes in this film with condoms and scenes without condoms. Starring: Al Parker, Justin Cade, J.D. Slater, James Williams, Daniel Holt and Dixon Hardy. A Surge Studio / Bijou Classics DVD.
turn-me-into-a-whore_tn.jpg Turn Me Into A Whore (DVD)
$39.88 $19.00 On Sale!
Johnny Rapid gets a crash course in taking a rough pounding from Charlie Harding in Turn Me Into a Whore. With the expert training under his belt, he feels ready to confess his crush to Liam Magnuson and take the ass slamming that anyone dating Liam would have to endure. When his dream of being whorish enough for Liam Magnuson came true, he wanted more. No authentic whore ever feels like he's enough of a whore - so he asks Liam to setup a group session with hot studs like Jack King, Jimmy Johnson, Charlie Harding and Riley Banks. Starring: Charlie Harding, Jack King, Jimmy Johnson, Johnny Rapid, Riley Banks. A DVD.
tutor-my-ass-nds_tn.jpg Tutor My Ass (DVD)
$49.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Tutor my ass has some of our best twinks. Watch them give rim jobs, suck dicks, do anal and cum all over each other. You like them young, fresh and hung? You will love this movie. Starring: Anderson Lovell, Christian Collins, Cotton Fox, Jacques LeCoque, Jake Jonas, Joey Hard, Luke Allen, Matthew Keading, Max Flint, Scott Emerald, Seabastian Conally. A Next Door Studios DVD.
twelve_at_noon_tn.jpg Twelve at Noon (DVD-R) Precondom
$39.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Twelve At Noon is the best kind of dirty movie�no plot, no condoms, and lots of hunky men with hairy bodies and big, big boners. Two scenes (of five) stand out in particular, a solo performance by Larry Paige in which he fucks a cantaloupe and raunchy public restroom romp with four guys that manages to combine hot sex, glory holes, cruising at urinals, and voyeurism. Starring Bob Brody, Clark Stevens, Tim O'Brien, Tom Sawyer, Randy Criss, Steve King, Kurt Williams, Larry Paige, Mike Mitchell, Doug Thompson, Duff Paxton, Frank Rappola. Directed by Steve Scott. A Bijou/Surge Studios DVD.
twink-train-nds_tn.jpg Twink Train (DVD)
$49.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Choo Choo! These boys are pulling up on the caboose! Starring: Ashton Rush, Jake Farren, Jay Cloud, Joey Hard, Johnny Torque, Kyler Benz, Matthew Keading, Morgan Shades, Noah Brooks, Rick McCoy, Trevor Knocks. A Next Door Studios DVD.
twinkle-twinkle-nds_tn.jpg Twinkle Twinkle (DVD)
$49.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Twinkle twinkle big fat dick, shove it in these boys so quick. Starring: Andrew Markus, Brent Brandt, Chase Harding, Cody Parker, Devin Thilo, George Miles, Kyle Lawrency, Max McQueen, Preston Burgess, Stephan Charles, Tyler Banks. A Next Door Studios DVD.
twinks-next-door-hbu_tn.jpg Twinks Next Door, The (DVD)
$49.88 $16.88 On Sale!
That unspoiled and somewhat innocent looking boy next door is always attractive. Who can resist the naive looking young guy that hasn't yet taken on the all too common party boy look? He's fresh meat, and everybody wants him. This collection features 10 young guys, stripping naked and jacking off, each with that touch of innocence everyone finds so appealing. All have a cock to be proud of and none are shy about showing off. Get up-close and personal with these guys, as they stroke until the cum starts pumping. Starring: Christian Chase, Danny, Diego Starr, Dustyn DeFeo, Gariel Diaz, James Lexington, Jesiel Alvarado, Prince Taylor, Ty Royal, Zack Knight. A Hot Boy USA DVD.
twinks-on-top_tn Twinks On Top (DVD)
$49.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Hot daddies are used to getting their pick of the litter when it comes to twink-ass, but in these five scenes, the roles are reversed… and it’s Twinks on Top! We’ve put together a pack of horned up twinks (Jason Valencia, Jordan Thomas, Stefan Nash, Skylar Blu, and Leo Rain) who are eager to prove themselves against older men. They’ve got youth on their side and we’ve served up some willing daddy-hole (Mitch Vaughn, Drew Sumrok, Marcus Ruhl, Dolan Wolf, and Bradley Bishop) for them to fuck until they cum! Starring: Mitch Vaughn, Jason Valencia, Drew Sumrok, Jordan Thomas, Marcus Ruhl, Stefan Nash, Skylar Blu, Dolan Wolf, Bradley Bishop, Leo Rain. A Phoenixxx DVD.
twins_bijou_tn.jpg Twins (DVD-R) Precondom
$39.88 $24.88 On Sale!
This BIJOU VIDEO release is intriguing and tender in its frank display of youth and unashamed brotherly love and sex. We learn of the high incidence of action among young identical twins, and the tapering off such sexplay as they grow older. There is a certain tender vulnerability to these sex scenes, as these twins assuredly enter worlds made for them alone. This compilation is a fascinating peek filled with documentary information into their intimate, narcissistic world. Starring The Christy Twins, The O'Brien Twins and The Karlstadt Twins. Directed by Toby Ross. A Bijou Classic DVD.
two_handfuls_bijou_tn.jpg Two Handfuls (DVD-R) Precondom
$39.88 $24.88 On Sale!
The considerable talents of John Summers, John Travis and Matt Sterling are combined to bring several stories to life from the pages of the FIRST HAND Digests, as a showcase for the then up-and-always-coming Brian Maxon. The final story delivers the goods we've been waiting for: the hot, horny, torrid and tender pairing of Maxon and Henson. The sight of these two writhing together as they wriggle out of their Calvins and Maxon slips into something more comfortable (like Henson's pliable ass), should bring the most jaded viewer to a gushing and exhaustively satisfying conclusion. Starring Brian Maxon, Mike Henson, Matt Ramsey, Doug Jenson, Clint Parker, Shane Michaels, Gary Hurt (Kevin Wiles), Steve Wright, Jerry Dunne, David Edwards, Tom Littlewolf, Michael Gere, Carl Walters, Bill Bix, Ron Taylor and Mike Stefano. Directed by John Summers, Matt Sterling and John Travis. A Bijou Classics DVD.
tyler-muscle-fantasy_tn.jpg Tyler St James Muscle Fantasy (DVD)
$39.88 $19.00 On Sale!
Tyler St.James: The Muscle Fantasy brings newcomers Johnny and Tyler sitting on the casting couch waiting for girl to show up so they can double team her on camera. The director eventually tells them both that the girl is a no-show and that they don't have a replacement. The director also tells Johnny and Tyler that if they'd be willing to fool around with each other the shoot will continue and they will be paid double. They have a hot fuck fest that leads to each one of them exploding with cum by the end of it! Starring: Chase Lyons, Dereck Fox, Jake Steel, Johnny Rapid, Ridge Michaels, Tyler Andrews, Tyler St. James, Tyr Alexander.


ultimate_desires_tn.jpg Ultimate Desires (DVD-R) Precondom
$29.88 $24.88 On Sale!
14 guys in 8 scenes makes this newly-released to DVD classic worth having in your collection. Like all of Robert Prion's movies, this one features skinny guys with big dicks and plenty of youthful energy. After a cum-drenched opening sequence, a very gay blond in bicycle pants is seen masturbating his very hard big cock in the park. The scene is shot with many angles and zooms, la William Higgins. Starring Jimmy Duggins, J.D. Corbins, Jay Richards, Dave Thompkins, Joey D'Angelo, Dane Thomas, Chris Collins, Antonio Vegas, Bryon Rogers, Dan Stephens, Ted Newman, Tim Andrews and J.P. Monroe. Directed by Robert Prion. A Bijou Video / Galaxy Pictures DVD.
ultimate_trust_nds_tn.jpg Ultimate Trust (DVD)
$49.88 $16.88 On Sale!
How far are these boys willing to let their partners go with them. I guess they will have to trust them and see where it goes. Starring: Alex Waters, Jack King, Julian Smiles, Kevin Crows, Ty Roderick. A Next Door Studios DVD.
uncensored_bijou_tn.jpg Uncensored (DVD-R) Precondom
$29.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Director Robert Prion dug through his video closet to present this never-before-seen group of all-action sex. Featuring better-than-ever editing and music, he offers up his usual blast of solos, duos and trios in uninhibited, free-for-all lust! A redheaded man in biker's clothing strips in a sparsely furnished room to jack off his hefty cock (at least 8 inches!). Autofellatio is performed well and he later explodes a tremendous orgasm, shooting across the room at least six feet! Starring Jay Richards, Erick Johansen, Matt Rowe, Sal DeVito, Shane Ford, Karl Thomas, Brian Batt, Brandon Kelly and Vince Stiletto. Directed by Robert Prion. A Bijou Video / Galaxy Pictures DVD.
uncut_club_of_la_tn.jpg Uncut Club of L.A., The (DVD-R) Precondom
$39.88 $24.88 On Sale!
The Uncut Club of L.A. is a private club for men with foreskin and men who love men with foreskin. Uncut is all about the pleasures of foreskin, sex and orgasm. The cast is a mixture of various ages and color, combining J/O and sexy sex. Starring Terry Long, Al Copeland, Dane, Chris Allen, Sven Larrin, Ken Rogers, Billy Riff, Richard Ford, Court Michaels, Benji, Lucien Garnier, Buck Brannan, Tonie Shapiro, Jon Hall, Al Hudson, Shybox. Directed by Kennith Hollaway. A Bijou Classic on DVD.
Under Construction (DVD-R) Precondom
$29.88 $24.88 On Sale!
The title episode Under Construction gives us a young, aggressive, blond supervisor who forces his attentions on two of his employees. But they get their revenge as they follow him into the garage, where they fuck both his face and his ass after forcing him to the ground. A Nova Films / Bijou Classic on DVD.
under_fire_dvd_tn.jpg Under Fire (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Falcon International Collection #12. An International Military Boot Camp. Muscled soldiers, hungry mouths, and huge, uncut dicks! Starring Janos Volt, Colby Tavers, Peter Krisztia, Antal Posza, Martin Sandor, Patrik Zsolt, Johan Reves, Serge Istavan, Andras Brandl and Jakob Kormos. Directed by Steve Kiraly.
Undressed Rehearsals 1 (DVD)
$53.88 $19.88 On Sale!
Private affairs of BelAmi models. Where ever we go throughout the world the boys always find time for some extracurricular sex. Thank heavens that Marty Stevens was there to catch it all on film and share it with us in Undressed Rehearsals 1. Starring Sebastian Bonnet, Joel D'amici, Josh Elliot, Pascal Etty, Luke Hamill, Tim Hamilton, Roman Chaykin, Davy Paxton, Bolek Polanski, Oleg Tarkowski and Marc Vidal. Directed by Marty Stevens; Produced by George Duroy. A Bel Ami DVD.
Undressed Rehearsals 2 (DVD)
$53.88 $19.88 On Sale!
"Highly Recommended. Difficult though it may be to conceive, apparently the Bel Ami boys have private sexual affairs that have nothing to do with their onscreen ones. How, one wonders, do they have the energy? Inspiration, at least, is never an issue. With this kind of gorgeousness around all the time, who couldn't fuck 24 hours a day?" - Martin Cox, Starring Steve Jennings, Troy Allen, Joel D'amici, Joey Amis, Josh Elliot, Stefan Keller, Jean Morocco, Alex Orioli, Matt Phillipe, Bolek Polanski and Roman Chaykin. Directed by George Duroy and Marty Stevens. A Bel Ami DVD.
uniform_fantasies_bijou_tn Uniform Fantasies (DVD-R) Bijou
$29.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Muscular, masculine and cigar-chompin' studs strut their stuff and pump their meat in this uniform lover's video. Starring: C.H.P. Erik, C.H.P. Jason, Trucker Harry, Construction Worker Ron, U.S. Marine Jake, Leatherman Mike, Leatherman Jim. Directed by: M. Smyser. A Bijou Classics DVD.
un_pro_behavior_cocksure_men_tn Unprofessional Behavior (DVD)
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
Hard workers need to take a break now and then, and these workers find some pretty hot ways to do that in Unprofessional Behavior. Yard worker Leo Giamani plows Ari Sylvio's fertile field, while cable guy Bo Dean and customer Tristan Phoenix create their own hard core porn in a steaming flip scene. Car mechanic Tristan Jaxx gives Brady Jensen an unforgettable lube job up the ass, while photographer Devin Draz takes hot shots of Nick Moretti, and then gets to know his model up close and personal. Special bonus scene: studly Chad Manning in a solo with toys. Starring: Ari Sylvio, Bo Dean, Brady Jensen, Chad Manning, Devin Draz, Leo Giamani, Nick Moretti, Tristan Jaxx. A Cocksure Men DVD.
untamed_seductions_tn.jpg Untamed Seductions (DVD-R) Precondom
$29.88 $24.88 On Sale!
This video is Robert Prion's best-to-date due to impressive special effects, much-improved and impressive photography and close-ups, good editing, and a surprising total of 27 actors on screen. Starring Erick Johansen, Jay Richards, Ken Matthews, Keith Douglas, Karl Thomas, David Grant, Dane Thomas, Brandon Foxworth, Jeff Patten, Marc Tyler, Eric Carter, Don Truxis, Anthony Matthews and more. Directed by Robert Prion. A Bijou Video / Galaxy Pictures DVD.
up_all_night_tn.jpg Up All Night (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Falcon Video Pac 163. It's a night in the lives of 10 San Francisco men that you'll never forget. These ten gorgeous men - and their intertwined sexual exploits - are sure to keep you Up All Night. A jaw-dropping webcam show starring Dean Monroe with some major toys gets everyone tuning in and all riled up. What follows: fives unforgettable scenes of mansex featuring all gorgeous, classic Falcon Men. Starring Matthew Rush, Dean Monroe, Derrick Vinyard, Tyler Hill, Ethan Kage, Trevor Knight, Maxx Diesel, Kyle Lewis, Nino Bacci and Jed Wilcox. A Falcon DVD.
up_close_dvd_tn.jpg Up Close (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Falcon Video Pac 133. "Highly Recommended. Utilizes the interview format with Latin hottie Emilio Santos and an off-camera interviewer. Between scenes, he bashfully talks about his life and career so far. He comes off as charming and adorable, and most of all shy, but when he's in a scene, he's on fire! We don't have to wait long to see Emilio in action - he's in the first beautifully-shot outdoor scene with fellow Latin heartthrobs Carlos Morales and Alec Martinez, as well as favorites Scott Austin and Travis Wade. The scene starts with the rest of guys hovering somewhere around Travis' big prick . . ." - Brent Blue, Starring Emilio Santos, Travis Wade, Brett Michaels, Erik Hanlan, Matt Spencer, Matt Skyler, Jason Law, Scott Austin, Shane Rockford, Brian Daniels, Carlos Morales, Alec Martinez and Corey Summers. Directed by John Rutherford. A Falcon DVD.