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magnum-griffin-14_tn.jpg Magnum Griffin 14 (DVD-R)
$39.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Bijou is releasing 6 never before released Magnum Griffin films that make up Magnum Griffin 14. Magnum Griffin like Target Studio (Bulletvideo pacs) movies were originally sold as 8mm film and later transferred onto video. They were great films then and even greater hotter and sexier films today featuring strong virile men having manly hot sex. One of the films in this dvd features Jack Wrangler and another film features the Daddy of them all Richard Locke. Starring: Jack Wrangler, Richard Locke. A Bijou Classics DVD.
magnum_griffin_3_bijou_tn.JPG Magnum Griffin 3 (DVD-R)
$29.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Includes 4 classic scenes: Brian& Vaughn
The Naive Hitchhiker
Pumping Iron
The New Recruit Pts. 1&2 Starring: Dean Chassen, Michael Delfino, Mike Savage, Chuck Reddy. A Bijou DVD.

magnum_griffin_5_bijou_tn Magnum Griffin 5 (DVD-R) Precondom
$29.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Precondom. Back when there were only a few giants in the gay porn industry like Falcon Studios, Brentwood, Colt, and Target, Griffin International was a regular producer of some of the hottest gay porn in history. Starring: Steve Boyd, Dennis Johnson, Paul Strand, Jack Wrangler, Johnny Skipper, Greg Kolb, Biff. A Bijou Classics DVD.
magnum_griffin_6_tn.jpg Magnum Griffin 6 (DVD-R)
$39.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Number six in the Magnum Griffin series focuses on group scenes, sometimes involving bondage, but always involving cock worship. Meaty cocks are sucked, pulled, and stuffed into eager man-pussies. Appetizing loads are shot enthusiastically after much sucking and ball worship. There is a good mix between young, muscular blonds and brunettes and some hairier, older-looking models. Starring: Cole Taylor, Rydar Hanson, Jim Bentley, Tony Kennedy. A Bijou DVD.
magnum-griffin-9_tn.jpg Magnum Griffin 9 (DVD-R)
$39.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Magnum Griffin 9 consists of 3 vignettes. 1- A cowboy and a man wearing a tuxedo, 2- Construction workers having an orgy in a warehouse, 3- Two blondes having some very hot and heavy sex. Parts of this film were shot on film and video. Starring: Jack Wrangler, Richard Loche, Erick Ryan, Ryder Hanson, Eric Stryker and 8 other very attractive well hung men. A Bijou Classics DVD.
main_attraction_bijou_tn.jpg Main Attraction (DVD-R) Bijou (Precondom)
$29.88 $24.88 On Sale!
The title story begins with a fantasy sequence. Bartender Bo Richards performs a provocative striptease and masturbation fantasy session for blond boyhunk Jeff Richards that ends in a load all over Jeff’s face. Back in reality, daydreaming Jeff is sitting in a bar, pulling his pud on a barstool. Bo brings him down to earth by sticking his hard-on in his mouth, and then up his ass over the stool. Starring Jeff Richards, Giorgio Canali, Jon King, Brad Peters, Buddy Preston, Bo Richards. A Nova Films / Bijou DVD.
making-the-grade-pride_tn.jpg Making The Grade (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
These young straight studs have always wondered what sex would be like with another man. Well guess what? We make it happen for you and these guys love it! A Pride Studios DVD.
male_instinct_falcon_tn.jpg Male Instinct (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Mustang Video Pac 15. Bill Marlowe, Alex Carrington, Adam Archer and Eric Stone turn up the heat in a primal fuckfest! Starring Adam Archer, Danny Somers, Alex Carrington, Rod Garetto, Bill Marlowe, Mitch Rabadi, Gino Colbert, Eric Stone. A Falcon / Mustang DVD.
male_stampede_bijou_tn.jpg Male Stampede (DVD-R) Precondom
$34.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Master erotic photographer J Brian delivers a film in the tradition of the classic Hollywood Westerns - sort of. Except that all the gun play has been replaced with ass play. The framing sequence involves clean blond Brien Neves and swarthy, bearded Tony D'Angelo meeting in a bar and swapping stories about life on the range, where husky honchos take pleasure in one another in the great outdoors. The various outdoor settings effectively enhance the sex, and there's more than enough rowdy action here to satisfy even the most randy cowpokes. Starring Joe Markham, Dean Chasson, Bryen Neves, Tony D'Angelo and Ray Todd. Directed by J. Brian. A Bijou Classic DVD.
malibu_days_n_tn.jpg Malibu Days (DVD) Precondom
$39.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Precondom. Director William Higgins brings you the ultimate California experience Malibu Days (originally called "Malibu Days / Big Bear Nights" upon it's theatrical release). There are two interconnected storylines, the beach vs the mountains, and let me tell you they are both hopping! A huge cast headlined by J.W King and Girogio Canali made this fuck-fest an audience favorite. Starring Mark Scott, Adam Stewart, Giorgio Canali, Nick Rodgers, J. W. King, Brad Scott, Mickey O'Toole, Jamie Wingo, Davin McNeil, Corey James, Peter Geary, Joel Allen, Shawn Michaels, Kurt Franklin, Alan Howell and Kevin Carey. Directed by William Higgins. A Catalina DVD.
man_action_tn.jpg Man Action (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Mustang Video Pac 65. "Highly Recommended. With Falcon favorite Marcus Iron as the star of the video, Man Action automatically smacks of his puppy-dog charm. Even the leather-loving hunks imported into the stable here don't take away from his overwhelming presence, though experts like Robert Black and Bryce Pierce do have moments where they sizzle things up considerably. There's a very unique feel to this video, a mishmash of styles that is pulled together by the knowing Chris Ward into a very delightful sexy piece." - Brent Blue, Starring Marcus Iron, Bryce Pierce, Mark Evrett, Tuck Johnson, Sam Dixon, Buck Philips and Robert Black. Directed by Chris Ward. A Falcon / Mustang DVD.
man-made-falcon_tn.jpg Man Made (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
What makes Falcon Exclusive Gus Mattox tick? What makes his dick hard and turns him on the most? Find out the answers when he gets to design all of his own sex scenes and choose his own partners. Man Made takes you on a personalized tour of Gus' sexual psyche: from a sensual one-on-one romp to a raunchy gang bang in a sleazy backroom.
man_to_men_dvd_tn.jpg Man to Men (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Mustang Video Pac 36. Huge hung Mac Reynolds and Scott Baldwin star with a cast of sex-sational superstars in nonstop action that will leave you breathless! Starring Scott Baldwin, Mike Chavez, Rod Majors, Alec Powers, Tyler Regan, Mac Reynolds, Shane Slater, J. T. Sloan, Brandon Wells and Casey Williams. Directed by Chi Chi LaRue.
man_up_falcon_tn Man Up (DVD) Falcon
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
This ain't no place for pussies, so if you wanna play, then Man Up! Eight real men size one another up to produce four of the most incredible cockfights you'll ever see. Starring: Alessio Romero, Alexsander Freitas, Conner Habib, Heath Jordan, Logan Scott, Shane Frost, Spencer Reed, Trent Locke. Directed by: Erik Rhodes. A Falcon/Mustang DVD
man-whores-5-macho-man-tn Man Whores Volume 5 (DVD) Macho Man
$19.88 $4.00 On Sale!
These are true man whores that need dick after dick in them to satisfy their animal urges. Watch as they take you through countless sexual encounters that will have your mouth salivating and asking for more. A Macho Man DVD.
mandriven_dvd_tn.jpg Mandriven (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Falcon Video Pac 76. Brad Mitchell stars in this journey into the world of hot wild sex clubs. Starring Ted Matthews, Brad Mitchell, Steven Ryder, Danny Sommers, Karl Thomas, Matt Gunther, Mark Andrews and Skip Robinson. Directed by Steven Scarborough. A Falcon DVD.
manhandlers_dvd_tn.jpg Manhandlers (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Falcon Video Pac 109. Are you ready to be manhandled? Falcon Exclusives Mike Branson, Jeff Palmer, Jeremy Penn & Eric Stone want to know! Someone is plotting to get the hottest guys in town, and their crafty scheme pays off in the most incredible sex duos and orgies! Starring Mike Branson, Jeff Palmer, Derek Cameron, Jeremy Penn, Eric Stone, Tony Manchester, Ryan Williams, Jordan West and Brent Sawyer.
Manhole (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Mustang Video Pac 78. It all started three years ago when three guys, Mustang Exclusives Jake Dakota and Dak Ramsey along with Vin Nolan, were ending their shift at the factory. As they peeled out of their sweaty work clothes , they begin to eye the growing bulges in each other's underwear. Things quickly elevate from there. Starring Jake Dakota, Blake Nolan, Cliff Rhodes, Adam Faust, Tim Towers, Ken Mack, Vin Nolan, Doug Jeffries and Dak Ramsey. Directed by John Bruno. A Falcon / Mustang DVD.
manhole_2_mustang_tn.jpg Manhole 2 (DVD) Mustang
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Mustang Video Pac 100. Clandestine and secret ... down a back-alley, covert and subversive ... our band of eight know where to ferret the nasty manaction they’re starving for. Hidden in the shadows, they’ll discover a smorgasbord of manmeat to feast on. Starring Dak Ramsey, Andrew Justice, Damien Holt, Dean Tucker, Brock Armstrong, Shawn Hunter, Luke Cassidy, Tris Roberts. A Falcon / Mustang DVD.
Manhungry (DVD) Mustang
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Mustang Video Pac 56. How do you handle a hungry man? How about a dash of Trent Black, a pinch of Nick Ford and a hearty helping of Jackson King? These studs are three of the ingredients that make this video a hot and tasty recipe for load-shooting satisfaction! One of Mustang's production that gets to down to the point . . . it's all about HOT, STEAMY, SEXY men feeding and filling each other's sexual desires. Starring Nick Ford, Jackson King, Kristian Brooks, Drew Peters, Peter Wilder, Sky Thompson, Eric Wright and Trent Black. Directed by Jeff Russell. A Falcon / Mustang DVD.
manhunt_bijou_tn Manhunt (DVD-R) Precondom
$39.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Precondom. It's all in a days work. Starring: Myles Longue (aka Ed Wiley), Paul Lucas, Ray Frank, David King, Dick Darby, David Andreasen, Jay Buttons, Victor Houston, Paul Koutsos, Pepe Brazil, Fred Man. A Bijou Classics DVD.
manrammer_battle_dvd_tn.jpg Manrammer: A Battle of Size (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Precondom. Falcon Video Pac 64. The biggest dicks in the business are here... a size-connoisseur's dream come true! Starring Rex Chandler, Domino, Rick Coleman, Chad Douglas, Brad Mitchell, Jeff Hardy and Dick Masters.
mansized_tn.jpg Mansize (DVD-R)
$29.88 $24.88 On Sale!
This 1986 feature stars the irrepressible Chad Johnson (who is still going strong in the 21st century, making films for creme de la creme directors like Joe Gage and Chi Chi LaRue no less) as a writer who tap-taps out some very nasty fantasies on his typewriter. The action and technical work overall are pretty decent for a mid-80s vid, with lots of light and plenty of close-up camerawork on the suck and fuck. Starring Michael Cummings, Chad Johnson, Chaz Holderman, Justin Rhodes, Ricky Rhodes. A Bijou Classic on DVD.
Marine Furlough (DVD-R) Precondom
$29.88 $24.88 On Sale!
In one of the best-known Brentwood loops, THE PAPERBOY AND MR. EGAN hook up for what proves to be a fucker?s dream. Paperboy David goes to the home of 30ish, mustached Mr. Egan to collect his bill. Before long the lad is playing with his customer?s huge prick over the breakfast table. All hesitation soon gives way to pure lust. The paperboy gets his hole lapped, his butt plowed, and he takes a wild cock ride backwards on the table. Starring Mike Savage, Mark Stevens and Gary Boyd. Directed by Matt Sterling. A Brentwood Films / Bijou Classics DVD.
Mark (DVD-R) Precondom
$29.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Two young white men on a secluded park bench, thinking they're alone, begin to explore each other's smooth body and roaring, big, hard cock by dick-whipping and face-fucking. One of the men blows a huge load over the other's shoulder as we watch in superior slow-motion close-ups, adding to the squirting geyser's effect. But, they are soon discovered by a cop in the park, a solid, hung black man in full uniform who does his duty on these violators by fucking them with his ebony boner in doggie style and missionary as one rides his huge rod to eruption. Starring Mark, Brandon, Steve, Cliff, Todd and Jeff. Directed by Matt Sterling. A Brentwood Films / Bijou Classics DVD.
married-street-freak-bed_tn.jpg Married in the Street But a Freak in the Bed (DVD)
$49.88 $16.88 On Sale!
The men of My Husband is Gay are married men in the street, but between the sheets they want nothing but hot, gay sex. First, Danny Brooks and Patrick Kennedy squeeze in a quick fuck before they head out to meet their unsuspecting wives. Then, Trainee Jacob Marteny walks in on his instructor servicing Jake Steel, which turns into a sticky threeway between them. After Drake Mitchell’s wife leaves him with blue balls, her little brother Timo Garrett is happy to take her place and get him off. With five hot scenes full of ball-slapping, cum-guzzling action; this DVD is nothing more than pure porn gold. Starring: Danny Brooks, Patrick Kennedy, Julian Smiles, Trevor Bridge, Alex Andrews, Jacob Marteny, Jake Steel, Preston Steel, Drake Mitchell, Timo Garrett. A Phoenixxx DVD.
married_man_catalina_tn.jpg Married Man, A (DVD) Precondom
$39.88 $24.88 On Sale!
He was straight - to his wife. He was a married man who had them all - the chauffeur, the houseboy, the actor, and the gardener who saw it all. Scenes include Jack Wrangler and Joe Roberts in a greenhouse; Eddie and a blond in a limo; Eddie and a brunette in the living room joined by another brunette; Eddie and another brunette; and Jack and Joe in the bedroom. Starring Jack Wrangler, Danny Lee, Darla-Lee, Gary Canada, Serge Elliott and Joe Roberts. Produced by William Higgins; Directed by Steve Scott. A Catalina Classic on DVD.
massage_series_23_tn.jpg Massage Series 23: Young, Hard & Buffed (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
After a long workout at the gym, there's nothing quite like a good massage. Here are four young studs who clearly know their way around a gym, but are in for a little surprise when they get one of Jake's special massage treatments. Jake works the entire body from top to bottom... and doesn't leave out any body parts. Watch these hotties get oiled up and let the fun begin. Starring Zack Cook, Pat Bateman, Zane Reynolds, J.B. Downs, Jake Cruise. Directed by Jake Cruise. A Jake Cruise Original Movies DVD.
massage-series-25_tn.jpg Massage Series 25: Bareback Massages (DVD)
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
Sometimes Jake gives a hot erotic massage, and then other times he gives a smokin' hot massage with bareback action, no less. Instead of relaxing on the massage table, these four studs get inspired to up the ante and get into hard core, bareback sex. It's massage like you've never seen it before! Starring: Jake Cruise, Shawn Hunter, Mario Yanko, Marcus Blue, Jesse Dalton. A Jake Cruise DVD.
massive-cocksure-men_tn.jpg Massive (DVD) Cocksure Men
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Superstar Zeb Atlas flexes while Mike DeMarco worships Zeb's muscles and sucks his Massive pole. Zeb gives his thick dick to Mike hard and deep and Mike takes every inch like a champ. Professor Brock Avery teaches star pupil John Magnum the ins and outs of Nudity 101 by pounding his tight ass on the desk. Blake Daniels tries to take Beau Flexxx's huge tool, but his throat proves to be no match for Beau's extra long and wide piece. Blake's ass is more than willing to take Beau's beautiful big boy as hard and as fast as Beau can pump it in. The energy is off the charts between C.J. Parker and Drake Jaden. C.J. rides Drake wildly. Drake flips C.J. on his back so he can really pound him hard and deep. Bonus scene: Bad boy Clint Lawless is in a naughty mood! Starring: Blake Daniels, Brock Avery, CJ Parker, Drake Jaden, John Magnum, Mike De Marko, Zeb Atlas. A Cocksure Men DVD.
mates-mencom_tn.jpg Mates (DVD)
$39.88 $19.00 On Sale!
Sexual tension is in the air but fear causes their mutual desire go unspoken in Mates. This British porn-drama about the complicated relationship between Paddy O'Brian and his best mate Paul Walker. Paul meets Dean Monroe at a gay bar and eventually becomes the vehicle for Paul to expression the passion meant for Paddy. Repressed feelings abound and Paddy seeks jealous release in the arms and ass of power bottom Scott Hunter. Still not ready to admit their feelings for each other, the guys hire the world's luckiest escort (Darius Ferdynand) and take turns fucking his mouth and ass. When the chemistry between Paddy O'Brian and Paul Walker becomes too intense to ignore. Paul is fucked for the first time by real life best friend Paddy. Starring: Darius Ferdynand, Dean Monroe, Paddy O'Brian, Paul Walker, Scott Hunter. A DVD.
Maximum Cruise (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Jocks Video Pac 79. Hot, horny guys cruising for a good time. Falcon Exclusive Brian Cruise's dick acts as gaydar as he hones in on the hottest guys and hottest action. Cruisin' to the max is this young stud's mission. Starring Rod Barry, Jack Russell, Jeffrey White, Brian Cruise, Kristian Brooks, Michel Lucas, Seth Black and John Ross. Directed by Chi Chi LaRue. A Falcon / Jocks DVD.
meat_hungry_nds_tn.jpg Meat Hungry (DVD)
$39.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Starring: Adam Wirthmore, Blu Kennedy, Bo Dean, Conner Maguire, John Magnum, Kevin Crows, Paul Wagner, Phenix Saint, Rod Daily, Tyler Ford. A Next Door Studios DVD.
meat_my_buddies_tn.jpg Meat My Buddies (DVD)
$49.88 $16.88 On Sale!
No doubt about it, my buddies are the best. They are willing to bend over backwards for me, and I would definitely do the same for them! Starring: Anthony Romero, Brody Wilder, James Jamesson, John Magnum, Kevin Crows, Parker London, Rod Daily, Spencer Fox, Trent Locke, Vance Crawford. A Next Door Studios DVD.
members_only_dvd_tn.jpg Members Only (DVD) Catalina Precondom
$39.88 $24.88 On Sale!
William Higgins takes you where special "Members Only" go - no jacket required! Starring Jon King, Georgio Canali, Bill Curry, Derrick Stanton, Greg Hanson, Rick Vega, Danny Scott, Marc Silver, and Rick Peters. A Catalina/William Higgins Pre-Condom Classic on DVD!
men-at-work-bijou_tn.jpg Men At Work (DVD) Re-Release!
$39.88 $16.88 On Sale!
These sizzling vintage gay porn scenes from Nova will work your cock to a frenzy! "Is there any sight that captures and holds our roving eye more quickly than the sight of a big, muscular stud busily involved with doing a hard job? A construction worker astraddle a swinging steel girder; a lifeguard standing on his perch surveying his domain; a burly trucker wheeling his big machine into a tight space; a strong, determiend rancher pitting his will and muscle against a wild stallion; a dock hand unloading an unwieldy cargo; or a telephone lineman in midair hugging that big pole between his tense, muscular thighs stimulating our imaginations and fantasies and sensitizing our bodies toward special encounters. Starring: Lee Marlin, Clay Russell, Ron Stevens, Randy Lane, Dale Arnold (aka Greg Dale), Dean Goodman, Marc Fore, Ted Roberts, Cal Holt, Mike DeGangi, David Shaw, Paul Seton, Rex Brandon. A Nova / Bijou Classics DVD.
men-for-sale-mencom_tn.jpg Men For Sale (DVD)
$39.88 $19.00 On Sale!
"Men for Sale" explores the subject of human sex trafficking. Jimmy gets his ass fucked by Jarec. This is the first scene for Jarec, and he doesn't disappoint. Next, Jarec gets sold to the highest bidder Tom. Watch as Jarec can't help indulging his tongue into Tom's hot tight bubble butt. The two fuck in an amazing scene with a great climax. In the final part of "Men for Sale" versatile Dirk takes a dick as hard as he gives it. Tom and Jarec are hot as fuck getting off with Dirk in this amazing scene. Starring: Jarec Wentworth, Tom Faulk, Dirk Caber & Jimmy Fanz. A DVD.
men-in-budapest_tn.jpg Men In Budapest (DVD)
$39.88 $19.00 On Sale!
We sent two American models Andrew Stark and Marcus Ruhl to Budapest to film a little action as they discover the historic citys underground sex scene with their tour guide Jeffrey Branson. Starring: Andrew Stark, Claudio Antonelli, Jeffrey Branson, Marco Hell, Marcus Ruhl, Michael Troy. A DVD.
men-in-ibiza_tn.jpg Men in Ibiza (DVD)
$39.88 $19.00 On Sale!
Far lands and fat cocks come together in Ibiza! Witness raw fucking done the right way in the most premiere location! Starring: Abraham Malek, Damien Crosse, Denis Vega, Paddy O'Brian, Rogan Richards, Tony Gys. A DVD.
Men of the Midway (DVD) Re-Release!
$29.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Here is a story of youth abused in the gaudy world of carny folks. Chris Burns runs away from home after his father (Paul Baressi) tries to sell him for sex. Chris joins a carnival, where Tim Kramer similarly takes advantage of him, selling his body to black men who desire to fuck blond white boys. This lavish production sports realistically detailed interior settings and on-location carnival shots. Starring Chris Burns, Jack Strider, Tim Kramer, Beau Matthews, Toby, Donkey Dan, Jeff Powers, Shelly Williams, Bruce McDonald, Duane MacNuchula and Paul Baressi. Directed by Roger Earl. A Marathon Films / Le Salon / Bijou DVD.