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huge-2-falcon_tn.jpg Huge 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
The incredible Lee Ryder once again demonstrates why two film series were named for that gigantic weapon he brandishes between his legs! Peter Hanson is the blond gymnast who greets his longtime f*ck-buddy Andy Fuller, wearing nothing but a jock-strap, a tan, and a big grin.
huge-2-bijou_tn.jpg Huge 2 (DVD-R) Bijou
$39.88 $24.88 On Sale!
This vintage gay sex video directed by Matt Sterling and Bill Clayton incorporates the following short raunchy segments: Powerplay, with Lee Ryder and Mike Stoker. The Biker and the Gymnast, with Peter Hanson and Andy Fuller. Muscle and Sweat, with Doug Miller and Chuck Powell. Also known as FalconPac 29. Originally released in 1984; digitally remastered by Bijou Video in 2014. Starring: Lee Ryder, Peter Hanson, Andy Fuller, Steve Sprague, Chris Randall, Doug Miller, Chuck Powell. A Bijou Classics / Falcon DVD.
humping-husbands-phoenixxx_tn.jpg Humping Husbands (DVD)
$49.88 $16.88 On Sale!
The men on My Husband is Gay may be leading the married life, but behind closed doors they're finding each other for some hot gay sex. Adam Russo and Jake Steel are swingers, so while their wives hook up in the other room, they're fucking each other! And if it's ladies' night out, that means it's boys' night in as Bryan Slater makes Kirk Cummings scream as he fucks the cum out of him. Patrick Kennedy surprises his man Tristan Jaxx on their anniversary before he gets some of Tristan's big uncut cock. When Alexsander Freitas and Danny Brooks are surprised by a male stripper, Wade Westin, instead of a female one, they make do and end up fucking him him together! No one shows up for Preston Ettinger's bachelor party so his best man Jacob Marteny offers him a lap dance and a hot fuck, too. Starring: Adam Russo, Alexsander Freitas, Bryan Slater, Danny Brooks, Jacob Marteny, Jake Steel, Kirk Cummings, Patrick Kennedy, Preston Ettinger, Tristan Jaxx, Wade West. A Phoenixxx DVD.
humungous-1_tn.jpg Humungous 1 (DVD) Re-Release!
$39.88 $16.88 On Sale!
The mostly black cast in this vintage gay porn film is well-endowed. Five segments are presented; most significantly, the famous Taurus showing off his monster 13-inch cock, 10 inches round! Taurus, in his police uniform, gets his mammoth cock sucked and played with while jazz and reggae plays in the background. Two black men are joined by a Caucasian man in a round robin suckfest. A black robber experiences a white blonde lad on his knees gnawing at his jeans. Highlights include Taurus sucking himself while spreading his ass cheeks. Starring: Taurus. A Satellite Video / Bijou Classics DVD.
humongous-2-bijou_tn.jpg Humungous 2 (DVD-R)
$39.88 $24.88 On Sale!
This vintage gay porn film consists primarily of a series of unrelated short subjects starring several well-hung black men. “Police officer” Taurus catches a youthful burglar and has him fondle his 13-inch monster cock, cumming one after he's pounded the burglar's ass. He cums a second time by way of his own hands while sucking himself with a smile. Starring: Taurus, Tom, Kyle Hazard, Glenn Dime. A Satellite Video / Bijou Classics DVD.
Hung Bunch (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Falcon International Collection #20. "Highly Recommended. Beautiful cinematography, good editing, and spectacular, cum-inducing performances from both George Vidanov and especially Daniel Kriley, it's one to get, and watch with a wine glass in your hand -- after all, you shouldn't have to use a towel all the time!" - Bo Champion, Starring Mihaly Tombor (a.k.a. Ivan Mrozek), George Vidanov (a.k.a. Mihaly H., Thor Brunov), Nikolas Kiss (a.k.a. Ken Russel), Daniel Kriley (a.k.a. Otto, Yuri Lucaj), Joe Calderon (a.k.a. Petre Provost), Thomas Williams (a.k.a. Alexei Gromoff, Gabor, Tito), Tomas Dombai, Peter Krisztia (a.k.a. Viktor Selvey, Milos), Jose Ganatti (a.k.a. Attila J.) and Stefan Toth (a.k.a. Zsolt K., Lorice Jackman). Directed by Steve Kiraly. A Falcon International DVD.
hungarian_graffiti_tn.jpg Hungarian Graffiti (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Graffiti artists make a run for it when they're discovered adding the finishing touches to their latest graffiti work. Starring George Vidanov (a.k.a. Mihaly Hurok), Isidore Nadas (Renato Bellagio, Zoltan Sapka), Jonathan Collins (a.k.a. Dalton Labda), Martin Sandor (a.k.a. Mike Rizolli), Adam Gosett (a.k.a. Attila Acel, Chris Omar), Daniel Halasz (a.k.a. Luke Jarkal, Ted Lauter), Andras Molnar (a.k.a. Lajos Czene, Gyorgy, Akos Schiff, Garrett Felado), Eric Hanner, Jacob Matthias and Beni Laczko.
hungarian_heat_tn.jpg Hungarian Heat (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Falcon International Collection #11. Martin Sandor, Patrik Zsolt and Serge Istavan lead a cast of handsome, uncut and natural young men ready and eager to storm the East European countryside! Indoors, outdoors...all day, all night...these guys generate the heat! Starring Miklos Zsolt, Martin Sandor, Patrik Zsolt, Serge Istavan, Peter Vegh, Gaspar Urge, Milos Csaba, Thomas Laszlo, Korath Fereng, Serge Timar. A Falcon International DVD.
Hungarian Hook-Up (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Falcon International Collection #31. "Highly Recommended Hungary must be full of those burned-out buildings, abandoned warehouses, and remote, stark locations that directors use to make great gay porn. All the better to show off the contrast with the toothsome models, or so one supposes. Here, Rick Bauer, certainly some of the best eye candy to ever emerge from Eastern Europe, leads a buddy into one of those factories where sexy stuff happens." - Martin Cox, Starring Jose Ganatti, Andrew Moretti, Peter Shadow, Julian Vincenzo, Alexander O'Connell, Leslie Blue, Claudio Antonelli, Flavio Valentino and Rick Bauer. Directed by Tom Bradford. A Falcon International DVD.
hungary_men_tn.jpg Hungary Men (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
When you're aching for big handsome men with thick uncut cocks, look no farther than here! Starring Falcon Exclusive George Vidanov, plus Stefan Stano, Stefan Racz, Peter Kristztia, Janos Volt, Alex Lambert, Adam Gosett, David Moretti, Daniel Castnov, Fabio Zoltan, Istavan Hogyes, Peter Tomanek, Miklos Soledad, and Kurt Schwartz.
hungry_hole_na_tn.jpg Hungry Hole (DVD-R) Precondom
$29.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Intense sex encompasses this series of four vignettes by director John Travis, with big cocks, glory hole action and blonds emphasized throughout. DESERT LINEMAN presents one of the better segments due to natural lighting, obvious voyeuristic quality and inhibitionistic sex, and studly manhood. Here, a construction worker (Mark Branson) spies a big-bonered youth (Craig Jordan) jacking off in the middle of a large pavilion-like building. He works, but can't resist his arousal any longer, he swallows the huge cock whole, straddles his face for a 'mustache ride' (excellent rim footage here), and humps his little butt. Starring Mark Branson, Craig Jordan and more. Directed by John Travis. A Brentwood Films / Bijou Classics DVD.
hunk_bijou_tn.jpg Hunk (DVD-R) Precondom
$29.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Rex Morgan, the title character who lives up to his reputation, and Marc Bennett are reunited college roommates. Hollywood's newest resident, "naive" Rex is going to have to get used to things and some of the "weirdos" that Marc says are all around them. Starring Kent Douglas, Jesse Koehler, Jeff Hunter, Jimmy Jagger, Guy Tait, Melchor Agular (Diaz), Marc Bennett, Daniel Holt, Dane Ford, Cody Rogers, Chris Allen, Cliff Ryder, Vince Thomas, Wes Vanway, Rex Morgan, Tracy Cole, Rich Thompson, Tony Kenndy. A Nova Films / Bijou DVD.
hunted_tn.jpg Hunted, The (DVD
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Mustang Video Pac 73. Imagine a club where you can become the sexual prey of anyone with a steady hand and a keen eye. Imagine a club where men size up their catch from around corners, concealed from your line of view. It's the ultimate game of cat and mouse, and the stakes go beyond domination and control. Will the hunted fall victim to the hunter, or will the hunter get caught up in his own game? Starring Josh Weston, Brad Rock, Jason Ridge, Troy Punk, Marco Paris, Robert Van Damme, Marcos David, Rob Ramos, Parker Williams and Trey Casteel. Directed by John Bruno.
Hurts So Good/Out of Control (DVD) Precondom
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Precondom. Falcon Video Pacs 25 & 27. A Falcon Double Feature; 2 Precondom Classics on 1 DVD! A total of 8 short features from the Falcon Classic Film Library, all directed by Matt Sterling. GOLD COAST MARINE; COUNTRY BOY; INCH BY INCH; HURTS SO GOOD; WINTER'S COME; OUT OF CONTROL; ON LEAVE; and A WINTER PLACE. Starring Duke, Nick, Michael, Philip, Bill, Peter, Bob, Davy, Bert Edwards, Joel, Dean Chasson, Steve. Skip, Keith and Don. Directed by Matt Sterling. A Falcon DVD.
hustle_and_cruise_tn.jpg Hustle and Cruise (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Falcon Video Pac 177. Hustle and Cruise introduces a new 'Falcon Exclusive' Ryan Wade, whose tight body and 8" cock will keep you drooling. Featuring Johnny Castle in a hot solo scene and hot fuck scene between Roman and Chad Hunt. Starring Roman Heart, Antonio Madiera, Chad Hunt, Jason Adonis, Albert Long, Eddie Stone, Tristan Mathews, Johnny Castle and Ryan Wade. Directed by Chad Donovan. A Falcon DVD.
i-am-the-sex_tn.jpg I am the Sex (DVD)
$49.88 $5.00 On Sale!
Twelve boys, with the endless sex appeal of fuck buddies, rushing unconsciously into an ocean of wild sex, freely flowing in the mesmerizing power of their bodies... Deliciously given in abused asses, dominant cocks that lustfully attack... Again and again, sperm with its joys. Starring: Berna Tabacia, Daniel Badavid, Diego Gale, Dionisio Hemer, Emanuel Ibagon, Felipe Masso, Fercho Sorrento, Francisco Esquivel, Gustavo Abisaad, Nereo Lacour, Pablo Freydel, Richardo Urquijo. A LatBocon Entertainment DVD.
i-do-love-cock_tn.jpg I Do Love Cock (DVD)
$49.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Straight guys on the down-low know they can get uncomplicated cock fun with each other when the little lady isn't around. They might not call themselves bisexual, or even curious, but these guys are certainly experienced when it comes to sharing their cocks, mouths and tight jock holes with each other! Starring: Preston Ettinger, Timo Garrett, Austin Lucas, Ryan Conners, Dustin Fitch, Harrisonn Ellis, Shane Frost, Alex Andrews, Patrick Kennedy, Wesley Marks. A Phoenixxx DVD.
idol_bijou_tn.jpg Idol, The (DVD) Re-Release!
$39.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Precondom. Well-paced, well-edited, well-crafted and beautifully photographed, this film manages to appeal both to the crotch and the mind, thus establishing itself as a timeless classic. Directed by Tom DeSimone and starring the unforgettable Kevin Redding in his one-and-only screen appearance, if a person were to see only one sexually explicit gay film in his lifetime, is should be this one! Starring Derrick Stanton, Greg Dale, Jerry Foxe, Jim Battaglia, Tom DeSimone, Nick Rodgers, Peter Borchard, Kevin Redding, Mark Bitler and Darla-Lee. A Hand in Hand Films/Bijou Classic on DVD.
im-fucking-macho_tn.jpg Im Fucking Macho (DVD)
$49.88 $16.88 On Sale!
The focus of this collection is a young Brazilian boy named Urbano. He is an aspiring rap artist who has already established himself as a star in bed. It remains to be seen if he will make it into the music charts, but any guy he's bareback fucked will tell you Urbano has an award winning rhythm. This is your opportunity to see him in action. You'll have a front row seat to some of his best cock sucking, ass rimming, bareback fucking performances, with an encore solo that is sure to bring the house down. Starring: Urbano, Angel, Manny, Ulises, Valerio. An IO Macho DVD.
impulse_tm_tn.jpg Impulse (DVD)
$39.88 $16.88 On Sale!
It's that instant attraction that sends the signal, blood coursing from your brain to your bulge as you eye his imposing image. The twitch hits like lightening, imploring you to act on Impulse. Come closer - this cast of throbbing bods are ready to help with your urge. Starring: Dario Beck, Hunter Marx, Adam Killian, Jessy Ares, Lawson Kane, Philippe Ferro, Shay Michaels. Directed by: Brian Mills. A TitanMen DVD.
in_heat_bijou_tn.JPG In Heat (DVD-R)
$39.88 $24.88 On Sale!
New York-a city of throbbing sex. All you need is a mere 24 hours to experience a lifetime of sexual heat. Five short subjects of Hand-in-Hand director Jack Deveau, Peter Rome, and Bob Alvarez. Directed by: Jack Deveau, Peter Rome, Bob Alvarez. A Bijou Classics DVD.
in_hot_pursuit_na_tn.jpg In Hot Pursuit (DVD) Precondom
$39.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Precondom. Jeff Stryker is having fantasies about his drawings. Sitting at a drafting table, Jeff draws his fantasy men, who then come to life! Starring Jeff Stryker, Mike Henson, Jeff Boote, Jim Pulver, Mike Ryan, John Davenport, Robert Harris, Adam Grant, Mike Gray (aka Chris Gray) and Doug McCall (aka Steve Wright). Directed by John Travis; Produced by William Higgins. DVD includes a Bonus Scene from Score, with Ray Harley and Blake Harper.
inches__bijou_tn.jpg Inches (DVD) Re-Release!
$39.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Precondom. Al Parker (starring as Doug, an up and coming photographer) decides to learn more about the swinging life and unknown sexual practices after his lover (Steve Taylor, his real-life lover) walks out on him. Highlights include Parker fucking a man with his cock and balls at the same time. This film is very strong on plot and sentiment, and successfully recreates the glittering world of the male model: the photo sessions, the gallery openings, the cruisy bars, the artistic friends, and the glittery crowd. Starring Starring Al Parker, Steve Taylor, Bob Blount, Buck Stevens, Max O'Sinsky, Carl Royce, David Sexton, Joe Roberts, Joe Shaunessy, Dan Noble and Greg Shaw. Directed by Steve Scott. A Bijou Classic on DVD.
Inches Away (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Mustang Video Pac 44. See newcomer Adam Wilde fuck himself with superstar Mike Nichols' rock-hard dick. An ass-stretchin', finger-pokin' feast for butt munchers! Starring Troy Masters, Jordan Young, Jesse Skyler, Joey Carr, Chris Dano, Brian Maxx, Tony Bracco, Adam Wilde and Mike Nichols. Directed by Chi Chi LaRue. A Falcon / Mustang DVD.
indecent_bodies_tn.jpg Indecent Bodies (DVD)
$49.88 $5.00 On Sale!
You won't want to miss these indecent hot guys in action! All filmed in Costa Rica! Starring: Juan Melo, Emanuel Ibagon, Hernan Galarzo, Alvaro Bonilla, Juan Balboa, Pepe Molina, Leny Juan, Arturo Mendez, Zulu Rosero. A LatBocon Entertainment DVD.
indecent_proposals_tn.jpg Indecent Proposals (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Falcon International Collection #36. A collaborative production from Falcon Studios, Bel Ami Studios And Hammer Entertainment: featuring both Bel Ami and Hammer models! The street is dark; the night promises excitement; and the hungry young men are out prowling for fun - a perfect setting for the choreography to begin. Slyly and confidently they perform their ritual mating dance looking for the right partners, the right chemistry - just to get laid. What a thrill to catch someone's eye, someone's fancy; someone receptive to indecent proposals. Starring Jerry Harris, Boris Sacharov, Dario Dolce, Enzo Bloom, Paul Valery, Phil Sardou, Kevin Elola, Jacques Briere, Mark Vernon, Sascha Chaykin, Marlon Moreno, Tommy Adon, Kurt Diesel and Jason Knightley. Directed by Rolf Hammerschmidt. A Falcon International DVD.
inkless_titan_tn.jpg Inkless (DVD)
$39.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Inkless presents the very best of tattoo-free TitanMen. Acres and acres of man-flesh just as God made them, unmarred by the needle of a tattoo gun. Six hardcore scenes of the very best in muscular, hairy TitanMen fill up this best-of series disc. Over 2 hours of the hottest hairy and natural TitanMen fucking, sucking, and rimming their way right into your hearts. A true collector's item for the connoisseur of masculine, muscular and tattoo-free men. Starring Victor Racek, Dario Beck, David Anthony, Leo Alarcon, Ivan Andros, Viktor Jones, Michael Vincenzo, David Dakota, Dean Flynn, Chris Steele. A Titan Media DVD.
inmates-titan_tn.jpg Inmates (DVD)
$39.88 $16.88 On Sale!
From the showers to the warden’s office, no place is safe. Are you tough enough to handle the corruption that bursts behind the walls of a state detention center? A new resident learns that life behind bars may be harder than he ever imagined as his fellow Inmates force him to toe the line -- or pay the price. Join legendary director Joe Gage and TitanMen exclusive Hunter Marx as they lead a cast of cocky criminals ready to help you bust out. Starring: Hunter Marx, Devin Adams, Troy Daniels, Leo Forte, Jayden Grey, Allen Silver, Draven Torres. A Titan Media DVD.
inner_circle_falcon_tn.jpg Inner Circle, The (DVD) Mustang
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Mustang Video Pac 08. Experience a fraternity hazing that you will never forget as pledges are put through their paces by the brothers. They work them over with wild abandon as they surrender to the frat's unusual and uniquely secret special rites. You'll wish this frat had been around back when you were in college! Starring Damien, Wes Daniels, Adam Archer, Alex Thomas, Dan Hooper, Danny Sommers and Steven Hill. Directed by Chi Chi LaRue. A Falcon / Mustang DVD.
into_the_wilde_nds_tn.jpg Into the Wilde (DVD)
$49.88 $16.88 On Sale!
No one can take care of their boy toys quite like Austin Can! Starring: Anthony Romero, Austin Wilde, Connor Mcguire, Jay Cloud, Joey Baltimore, Johnny Torque. A Next Door Studios DVD.
irish_pipeline_nds_tn.jpg Irish Pipeline (DVD)
$49.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Follow your way from the Blarney Stone all the way to these boys Irish happy trails! Starring: Blake Carnage, Brody Wilder, James Jamesson, Parker London, Samuel O'Toole, Trent Diesel. A Next Door Studios DVD.
iron-will-mustang_tn.jpg Iron Will (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Starring Super Star Marcus Iron... Mustang delivers another young, hot, and hung f*ck fest of horny tight guys. These guys are as hot as they get!!!
iron_works_dvd_tn.jpg Iron Works (DVD)
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Mustang Video Pac 70. "Highly Recommended. Dependably as ever, Marcus is a dream, bookending "Iron Works" with two excellent performances. And, in between, director Weston allows a bunch of hunks to steal a bit of thunder -- the Johnson-Filippo pairing is off the charts." . . . Brent Blue, Starring Marcus Iron, Jason Tyler, Filippo Romano, Paul Johnson, Joshua Adams, Ken Houser, Jake Gianelli (a.k.a. Big Jake), Dick James and Zackary Pierce. A Falcon/Mustang DVD.
ivy_blues_catalina_tn.jpg Ivy Blues (DVD) Precondom
$39.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Coming home after an exhausting year of studies at Harvard, Andrew finds himself fantasizing about his Dad's gorgeous chauffeur in a steamy sex encounter inside a limousine. Adding to the excitement is when Andrew's brother catches them doing it in the bedroom, to which he gladly joins in, leading to a sex packed 3 way action. Starring Ricky Turner, Shane Michaels, Jamie Bleu, Erich Lange, Brett Hughes, Jeff Bentley, Michael Ram and Dave Martin. Directed by Mark Steele; Produced by William Higgins. A Catalina Video DVD.
Ivy League (DVD) Falcon
$49.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Falcon Video Pac 178. Scene 3: Collegiate Zackary Ryan is summoned before handsome Eddie Stone and sent to soap up his young hairless body behind a glass shower. Stone enjoys the show so much he rises from his soaking bath water and strokes his manly cock returning Ryan a show of his own. Once joined in the tub the men go at each other from lather, rinse to repeat each with their mouths on the other's meat. It's not until they move to the bed that we see Ryan's fat fuck stick at work long and deep inside Stone's ass in various mountings. Starring Erik Rhodes, Roman Heart, Ryan Wade, Zackary Ryan, Eddie Stone, Martin Mazza, Tony Martin and Jason Adonis. Directed by John Bruno. A Falcon DVD.
ivy_league_bijou_tn.jpg Ivy League (DVD-R) Precondom
$39.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Precondom. Good picture, good sound, good-looking boys and nice hard cocks make this well-directed film from director Toby Ross a winner! Starring Rick Donovan, Leo Ford, Ken Colbert, Brandon Wilde, Michael Thomas, Rance Edwards, Randy Davidson, Danie Connors. Directed by Toby Ross. A Bijou Classics DVD.
j_brians_flashbacks_na_tn.jpg J. Brian's Flashbacks (DVD-R)
$39.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Precondom. Not to be confused with Al Parker's Flashback, this film explores the sexual confessions of seven contestants in a jockstrap contest at San Francisco's End-Up Bar. The large cast of 15, in six separate scenes, includes many soon-to-be stars in their first film who were discovered by director J. Brian. Definitely one of J. Brian's best videos, this film continues to be a best-seller and offers incredible photography of ass-sucking, j/o, exhibitionistic play, and true man-lust that does not end until each man gets off hard and wet! Starring Leo Ford (as "Leo Hidgeford"), Mickey Squires, Ron Pearson, Jamie Wingo, Will Seagers, Art Williams, Jeff Porter, Miles Mitchell, Rick Adams, Randy Johnson, Ray Peters, Douglas Boggs, Frank Sears, Gary Coon and Jim Mallet. A Bijou Classic on DVD.
j-brians-golden-boys_tn.jpg J. Brian's Golden Boys (DVD-R)
$39.88 $24.88 On Sale!
Oh, those California golden boys. So young and hot looking especially when so many of them get together by a pool. What happens when these golden boys get together is all captured in this not only classic gay porn video of the 1970's. This historic J. Brian's Golden Boys video is brought to you from the Bijou Classic Collection. A Bijou Classics DVD.
jack_bijou_tn.JPG Jack (DVD-R)
$29.88 $24.88 On Sale!
The seduction of a straight, handsome neighbor and fabulous hot sex at the now defunct Continental in New York where Bette Midler and Barry Manilow first performed makes this classic a must have! A Bijou Classics DVD.
Jack and Roger (DVD-R) Precondom
$29.88 $24.88 On Sale!
This is how porn should be: muscular, handsome, versatile studs who perform with unbridled lust and athletic grace. Jack Wrangler and Roger are two such superstars who more than outclass the competition with the free-wheeling, macho sex excerpted in this six vignette compilation. An incomparable feat of filmmaking from the era when gay film meant gay theater, and a treasure of lust-drenched frolics! A must for any Jack or Roger fan, this compilation is also a great introduction to the superstars. Starring Jack Wrangler and Roger. A Hand in Hand Films / Bijou DVD.