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drill_my_hole_6_tn.jpg Drill My Hole 06 (DVD)
$39.88 $19.00 On Sale!
These hot guys are getting punished in every hole! Starring: Gavin Waters, Jessie Colter, Jimmy Johnson, Johnny Rapid, Phenix Saint, Race Cooper, Rafael Alencar, Spencer Fox, Trenton Ducati.

A Men.com DVD.

drill_my_hole_7_tn.jpg Drill My Hole 07 (DVD)
$39.88 $19.00 On Sale!
Drill My Hole 7 features some of the hottest guys all getting what they deserve - punished in every hole. Tyler Sweet is left to pay the price when the school janitor, Alexsander Freitas decides to fight back against disrespectful students. Starring: Alexsander Freitas, Bobby Clark, Bryce Star, Colby Jansen, Colby Keller, Jake Steel, Parker London, Topher Dimaggio, Tyler Sweet. A Men.com DVD.
drill-my-hole-8_tn.jpg Drill My Hole 08 (DVD)
$39.88 $19.00 On Sale!
Hot guys getting punished in every hole! Starring: Andrew Stark, Jack King, Jimmy Johnson, Johnny Rapid, Logan Vaughn, Tommy Defendi, Topher Dimaggio, Tyler Sweet, Zeb Atlas. A Men.com DVD.
dripping_wet_4_tn.jpg Dripping Wet 4 (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
As the hot sun beats down, the eight guys with beach-ready bods in Dripping Wet 4 get heated up and horned up. The cooling water of the swimming pool can't keep their desires at bay. They want to be dripping wet with other forms of liquid: saliva, sweat, and semen. Director Bruno Bond combines these studs and all these fluids into a perfect mixture for getting off. As he ushers in the latest installment of this favorite Falcon poolside series, Bond excels at capturing facial expressions that portray the intensity of every sex act as he shoots this quartet of hook-ups guaranteed to make you drip and squirt. Starring: Bobby Hart, Christopher Daniels, Dean Monroe, Johnny Ryder, Paddy O'Brian, Ray Diaz, Woody Fox. A Falcon DVD.
drive-shaft-rs_tn.jpg Drive Shaft (DVD) Raging Stallion
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
High-octane, full-speed, muscled man sex in the gritty auto shop is what's in store in 'Drive Shaft'. You're in for a hell of a ride with these stud mechanics, who will have you inspecting your undercarriage and holding onto your 'Drive Shaft'. This full-throttle joy ride directed by Award-winner Tony Dimarco will get anyone revved up with Stallion-powered fucking. Starring: Boomer Banks, Bruno Bernal, Jimmy Durano, Johnny V, Logan Moore, Ricky Decker, Sean Zevran, Tegan Zayne. A Raging Stallion DVD.
the_dude_show_hothouse_tn Dude Show: Reality Sucks! Part 1 (DVD)
$49.88 $29.88 On Sale!
What happens when you move a group of young, horny California studs into a loft and turn on the cameras 24/7? You get The Dude Show: Reality Sucks! Tune into this season's hottest reality TV series where the cast confides their innermost secrets before fucking everyone in sight! Starring: Brandon Bangs, Brandon Lewis, Gavin Waters, Kennedy Carter, Mark Talon, Phenix Saint, Phillip Aubrey, Trent Locke, Tucker Vaughn. Directed by: Steven Scarborough. A Hot House DVD.
the_dude_show_2_hot_house_tn.jpg Dude Show: Reality Sucks! Part 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $29.88 On Sale!
What happens when you move a group of young, horny California studs into a loft and turn on the cameras 24/7? You get The Dude Show: Reality Sucks! Tune into this season's hottest reality TV series where the cast confides their innermost secrets before fucking everyone in sight! Starring: Brandon Bangs, Brandon Lewis, Gavin Waters, Kennedy Carter, Kyle King, Mark Talon, Mick Gibson, Phenix Saint, Phillip Aubrey, Rod Daily, Shane Frost, Tyler Andrews. Directed by: Steven Scarborough. A Hot House Entertainment DVD.
dust-devils-titan-tn Dust Devils (DVD)
$39.88 $25.00 On Sale!
Can you feel the temperature rising? The dry desert heat brings out the best from some horny hikers, led by Dust Devils David Anthony, Dario Beck, Dean Flynn, J.R. Matthews and Christopher Saint. Who knew the desert could be so wet? You won't believe your eyes when the dust settles. Surrender to the scorching sun as unforgettable action unfolds against breathtaking backdrops. Starring: Christopher Saint, Dario Beck, David Anthony, Dean Flynn, Jock Hudson, Jr. Matthews, Spencer Reed. A Titan Media DVD.
easy-inn-falcon_tn.jpg Easy Inn (DVD) Falcon
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
'Easy Inn': normally it's a quiet getaway, but this weekend it's overrun by horny guys with big dicks, willing asses and fucking on their minds. Director Tony Dimarco shows you what happens when six studs have nothing to do... except each other. Starring: Adam Wirthmore, Chris Bines, Colt Rivers, Nikko Russo, Ryan Rose, Topher Dimaggio. A Falcon DVD.
eat-prey-fuck_tn.jpg Eat, Prey, Fuck (DVD)
$39.88 $29.88 On Sale!
Rocco Steele needs some time to himself, so he embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Shortly after settling in he gets a call from Josh Milk saying that he has found his bag. Before long Rocco discovers how great it feels to have his fat cock balls deep in Josh's tight hole. Starring: Josh Milk, JP Dubois, Luke Tyler, Robbie Rojo, Rocco Steele. A Men.com DVD.
hard_edge_raging_stallion_tn Edger 9: Hard Edge (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
A scorching hot film with 4 intense scenes! Starring: Marc Williams, Mike Mohammed, Race Cooper, Treshawn Valentino, Wilfried Knight. Directed by: Tony Taylor. A Raging Stallion DVD.
Elbow Room (DVD) Contains Controversial Footage
$59.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Fistpack 8. "Highly Recommended. It's nice to see some newer faces in the Raging Stallion fisting stable, joining a cast of expert veterans for the latest glorious black-gloved opus from Chris Ward." - Brent Blue, ManNet.com. Starring Francois Sagat, Taurus, Mathieu Paris, Chris Neal, Cristiano, Chad Thomas and Rodd Ryder. Directed by Chris Ward. A Raging Stallion Studios DVD.
the-end_tn.jpg End, The (DVD)
$39.88 $19.00 On Sale!
The boys sure know how to work up a sweat, but I can guarantee everyone will be happy with the end result! Starring: Axel Brooks, Dato Foland, Paddy O'Brian, Rogan Richards, Tony Gys. A Men.com DVD.
enlist-your-fist-club-inferno-new-tn.jpg Enlist Your Fist (DVD)
$59.88 $29.88 On Sale!

WARNING: Contains extremely graphic and controversial footage including fisting. This film is not for everyone.

Enlist Your Fist and join our battalion of special ops trained in the art of butthole destruction. You'll be sent to our special secret boot camp in the desert, stripped, then forced to submit your hole to giant toys and big thick meaty hands. Not that these guys mind: this cast of able-bodied men have the biggest, hungriest holes that pass inspection with flying colors. Become a man today and Enlist Your Fist! Starring: Alessandro Del Toro, Armond Rizzo, Dolan Wolf, Matt Hart, Rogue Status, and Sean Duran. A Club Inferno DVD.

ereccion_tn.jpg Ereccion (DVD) 2-Disc Set
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Nine hot men. Five scorching scenes. One hot movie. Raging Stallion Studios is excited to deliver Ereccion to the world. From the first second to the last, Ereccion is full of big uncut dicks and lots of eager bottoms getting fucked left and right. Starring Daniel Marvin, Diego Dasilva, Fernando, Juan Blas, Lucas Ronda, Max Schutler, Nick Gurovich, Nico Aragon, Pedro Andreas. A Raging Stallion Studios DVD.
erect-this-rs_tn.jpg Erect This! (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
'Erect This!' is the shout heard by all the horny studs of this construction crew. They're not just talking about the building they're working on: these sweaty, hard-working tradesmen know how to work their tools and raise each other's wood. Director Steve Cruz is the architect behind this fast-paced project, full of powerful tools and all the nailing, drilling, and hammering you could ask for. Starring: Adam Ramzi, Bennett Anthony, Gabriel Taurus, Jacob Taylor, Spencer Whitman, Tegan Zayne, Wesley Woods. A Raging Stallion DVD.
erector-hh_tn.jpg Erector (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
The cock-hungry men in 'Erector' are dead-set on raising the hardest wood, blowing the biggest loads and getting the ultimate sexual satisfaction! Seth Santoro and Donnie Dean have an ass-to-ass encounter with a double headed dildo before a flip fuck that moves through an epic progression of creative positions! Adam Bryant slams his wrecking balls into Johnny Ryder’s willing hole, ending in a pool of sweat and cum. Marko Carbo pistons Donnie Dean’s ass so hard, Donnie unloads with Marko still inside him. Derek Atlas and Juan Lopez have a high-impact sexual connection has their thick poles standing at full attention! Erections like skyscrapers and muscles like mountains dominate the screen in 'Erector,' and the action will be sure to get a rise out of you! Starring: Donnie Dean, Seth Santoro, Johnny Ryder, Adam Bryant, Marko Carbo, Derek Atlas, and Juan Lopez. A Hot House Video DVD.
escape_falcon_tn Escape (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Escape into the new world of hot All-American studs, as this cast of eight young bucks goes at it with the intensity and passion! Starring: Brandon Lewis, Tommy Defendi, Marcus Mojo, Andrew Jakk, Jesse Santana, Paul Wagner, Mike Martin, Brandon Jones. Directed by: Bruno Bonds, Andrew Rosen. A Falcon Jocks DVD.
escape_from_san_francisco_tn.jpg Escape from San Francisco (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
"Highly Recommended. Okay, so my first thought upon seeing the title here, is why on earth would anyone want to LEAVE San Francisco? I've been there many times and loved it. Why escape? Then I actually watched the flick to find out that the men here escape only temporarily, and only to find quieter spots where they can fuck the stuffing out of each other. If that's the case, I'm all for the escape. As long as they go back so we know where to find them." - Brent Blue, ManNet.com. Starring Brandon Irons, Derrick Hanson, Francois Sagat, Huessein, JD Kollin, Joey Milano, Joey Russo and Tony Bishop. Directed by Chris Ward and Michael Brandon. A Raging Stallion / Pistol Media DVD.
escape_from_sydney_tn.jpg Escape from Sydney (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
"Highly Recommended. I want to escape from America and head straight to the hallowed grounds where the hunky men of 'Escape from Sydney' mate like horny koalas. I'm a proud American, I am, but Remy and Kurt made me fall arse over tit in love with their good looks, ferocious sexual chemistry and homeland. They turn up last, and the preceding three scenes are just as intense. But the blokes, the most interesting aspect, natch, have to compete with the gorgeous Australian countryside, replete with steamy lagoons, sun-dappled forests and rocky hillsides." . . . Butch Harris, ManNet.com. Starring Remy DeLaine, Kurt Johnson, Marc Amon, Kristian Winter, OzDick, Trent Andrews and Jake Meyers. A Pistol Media/Raging Stallion Studios DVD.
escort-diaries-hard-on-tn Escort Diaries (DVD)
$49.88 $12.00 On Sale!
Professional male prostitutes spill the beans on their horniest clients in Escort Diaries. Escort Diaries is a punters dream. Starring: Warren Rodgers, James Allen, Paul Shayne, Matt Lowe, Nathan Douglas, Craig Harding, Jeremy Williams. A Hard On TV/Pacific Sun DVD.
european-stimulus_tn.jpg European Stimulus (DVD) 2-Disc Set
$53.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Join Trey, Harper, Josh, Kent, and Quinn on a fun-filled sex-fueled journey through some of Europe’s most beautiful cities in this special, 2-disc DVD set! Five of Corbin Fisher’s most popular models see the sights of London, Prague, and Paris – and then get wild and raunchy back in their hotel rooms. Something about visiting Europe got these all-American studs eager for some of the most intense, sweatiest, most cum-soaked sex we’ve ever filmed! Combining parts 1 and 2 of the European Stimulus Collections, this DVD set includes 8 full-length action episodes, dozens of minutes of b-roll footage of the guys venturing through Europe, and an exclusive photo slideshow from the trip. Starring: Harper, Quinn, Kent, Trey, Josh. A Corbin Fisher DVD.
executive-brothel_tn.jpg Executive Brothel (DVD)
$39.88 $19.00 On Sale!
Part 1: Jessy Ares needs to find a way to bring escorts into his company's building late at night to help relieve the stress of some top executives. Jessy enlists the help of trustworthy building maintenance worker, Damien Crosse. Damien agrees to help, but not before he sits on some executive cock. Jessy goes to town railing Damien's ass, making Damien's stiff cock bounce with every thrust. Starring: Abraham Al Malek, Connor Maguire, Damien Crosse, Jessy Ares, Logan Moore, Paul Walker. A Men.com DVD.
explosive_rs_tn.jpg Explosive (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Raging Stallion's Explosive blazes with brute sexuality thats bold and rugged. Its an all-sex scorcher with action that flares up into eruptions of hot cum. Four of the hottest power bottoms you've ever seen ignite three master tops who trigger everything they want from their guys. Starring: Adam Champ, Alexander Garrett, Angelo Marconi, Derek Parker, Fabio Stallone, Jessie Colter, Marc Dylan. A Raging Stallion DVD.
extra_credit_dvd_tn.jpg Extra Credit (DVD)
$21.88 $12.00 On Sale!
I Will Do Whatever the Teacher Says... Starring Reed Parker, David Pierre, Kent Austin, Jacob Scott, Scott Mann, Rob Steel, Dirk Adams and Duncan Miller. Directed by Casey and Peter O'Brian.
extra_firm_titan_tn.jpg Extra Firm (DVD)
$39.88 $25.00 On Sale!
Hard and strong, never soft. Ripe and ready for a firm hand or a hungry mouth. If you like them Extra Firm, join the studs who get a taste of juicy TitanMen exclusives Dario Beck, Jesse Jackman and Hunter Marxwho show why they are always in season. Starring: Colby White, Dario Beck, Dirk Caber, Hunter Marx, Jesse Jackman, Mike Tanner. A Titan Media DVD.
fabrice_felder_collection_1_tn.jpg Fabrice Felder Collection 1 (DVD)
$49.88 $12.00 On Sale!
This collection of Fabrice Felder's work in XXX videos combines a models great looks with a body to die for. Check out his amazing erections as he fucks and sucks his way through highlights of XXX action from eight of his fantastic sexually stimulating hard core videos. You will want to join him as he delivers volcanic cum shot after cum shot in one explosion after another. Don't miss this one! Directed by Csaba Borbely. A Pacific Sun Entertainment DVD.
fahrenheit_falcon_tn.jpg Fahrenheit (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
The temperature is rising and this group of studs sends the mercury even higher with scorching action. Every scene gets hotter than the previous, as each heated sexual exchange builds to a fiery frenzy. With exclusives D.O. and Micah Brandt, as well as fan favorite Adam Killian headlining the cast, nothing's gonna cool down until all the guys reach their boiling point and shatter their thermometers. This DVD will get you fired up. Starring: Adam Killian, D.O., Kyle Quinn, Lucas Young, Micah Brandt, Trent Atkins, Trey Turner. A Falcon DVD.
falcon_40_tn.jpg Falcon 40th Anniversary Box Set (DVD) 6-Disc Set
$79.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Since 1971, Falcon Studios has set the standard for gay adult male entertainment by presenting the hottest men on earth in films of the absolute highest quality. Falcon launched the careers of many gay icons and established the modern male sexual aesthetic. To celebrate The 40th Anniversary of the most celebrated studio in gay porn, we have gathered 50 scenes featuring the work of the most popular gay superstars of all time. This six-disc collector's set is a limited edition. A Falcon DVD.
falcon-bareback-32-raw-release_tn.jpg Falcon Bareback V32: Raw Release (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Seven sizzling bareback scenes with poolside and locker room themes from the Falcon Vault. Hot, hung and horny studs fucking and sucking raw with complete abandon. Don't miss a single moment of the sizzling action featuring gay porn's hottest stars. A series of scintillating classic bareback adventures from Falcon, the Brand That Delivers The Action! Starring: Scott O'Hara, Justin Cade, Bosch Wagner, Jim Hughes, Bo, Pat, Phillip, Bill Adams, Dean Chasson, Joe Markum, Rod, Donny, and Bert Edwards. A Falcon DVD.
fame-game_tn.jpg Fame Game (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Running from his past and living on the streets of San Francisco, Mickey Taylor has the looks and the voice to be an international recording star, he just needs someone to believe in him. When talent producer Boomer Banks hears him singing in an alley it looks like Mickey's going to get his big break but will he be able to overcome the obstacles in his way? Battling a vindictive ex-boyfriend (Bray Love), a salacious club owner (Adam Ramzi), and his own insecurities, Mickey has to decide if he has what it takes to play the Fame Game. Starring: Adam Ramzi, Boomer Banks, Bray Love, Killian James, Kyle Kash, Leon Fox, Mickey Taylor, Topher Dimaggio. A Naked Sword DVD.
fan_base_tn.jpg Fan Base (DVD)
$49.88 $12.00 On Sale!
Shot in New York, and NEVER released. A handful of copies were burned and given to the cast of sexually talented unknowns. One copy found its way to GAYVN magazine, which gave it a 4-star rating ... and then it VANISHED! Director and Producer Joe Gallant recently discovered his lost work! Set against the backdrop of New York's seedy music and club scene, director Joe Gallant shows us man-on-man sex through the jaded, artsy, edgy eye of an urban auteur. This is sex in the bars, backrooms and lofts of the urban jungle. Mr. Joe (cover) is only the beginning of the fun ... Starring Joe Gallant, Danny, Ivan Grey, Greg Jackson. Directed by Joe Gallant. A Pacific Sun DVD.
fast_friends_titan_tn.jpg Fast Friends (DVD)
$39.88 $25.00 On Sale!
Everyone could use a little help from the kindness of strangers. And who can resist a handsome man in need? You know where it's headed from the moment you lock eyes, a twinge of excitement pulsing through your body. TitanMen exclusives Jessy Ares and Jesse Jackman show you how it's done, lending a helping hardon to some studs who become Fast Friends. Horned construction worker Will Swagger eyes stranger Jessy Ares, the two soon lip-locked as an aggressive apartment encounter leaves their sweaty bodies satisfied. Dirty drifter Mack Manus distracts office worker Jesse Jackman, who offers a shower and two warm holes to help out. Lost in his new city, Stany Falcone needs help finding his way. Tristan Jaxx is happy to help with an accommodating mouth and cock leading the way. Starring: Allen Silver, Brad Kalvo, David Anthony, Jessy Ares, Johnny Hazzard, Will Swagger. A Titan Media DVD.
fast-paced-titan-tn Fast Paced (DVD)
$39.88 $25.00 On Sale!
Grab it quick, grab it tight and don’t let go…things are about to get out of control. Can you keep up with Fast Paced TitanMen George Ce and Nick Prescott? Brace yourself as they lead a pack of pros that drive it so hard your head will spin. After their eyes pierce into each other, Trenton Ducati and Jake Genesis pierce each other’s mouths and asses with their throbbers—an all-star pairing with combustible chemistry. Starring: George Ce, Jake Genesis, JR. Bronson, Marcus Ruhl, Nick Prescott, Trenton Ducati. A Titan Media DVD.
Faster! Faster! Fuck Me Harder! (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Director Alberto Rey has done it again! Five extended scenes - nearly three full hours - of wham, bam, fuckin', suckin', beefy euro boys slidin' and ridin' into a frickin' fantastic frenzy. Gay, hard core, gonzo fuck crazy porn, just the way you like it. Starring Julian Vincenzo, James Jordan, Gregory, Jose Ganatti, Leo Strong and Peter Stream. Directed by Alberto Rey. A Raging Stallion Studios DVD.
father-figure-titan_tn.jpg Father Figure (DVD) Titan
$39.88 $25.00 On Sale!
A strong older man that younger guys can look up to is what Father Figure is all about. Hot, hung and hairy older guys teach younger guys how to take it like a man! From a super hung future father-in-law giving wedding night advice to a ripped and hairy Coach showing a younger player how to handle the balls! Father Figure gives you the very best of older and younger TitanMen getting it on. Starring: Brett Matthews, Chris Brady, Cliff Rhodes, Colby Keller, Dirk Jager, Drew Peters, Hans Ebson, Jace Hunter, Jake Deckard, Kyle Quinn, Marc West, Michael Ray, Owen Hawk, Sean Paris, Thomas Bond. A Titan Media DVD.
fernando_neilsen_collect_vol_1_tn Fernando Nielsen Collection 1 (DVD)
$49.88 $12.00 On Sale!
In this sizzling collection featuring Fernando Nielson, you will experience 8 of the best XXX Hard-core scenes ever!! In Volume 1, Fernando Nielson, one of the hottest bottoms out there, sucks and gets fucked by some of the best looking studs in the industry! This IS NOT a solo movie by any means! 8 FULL ACTION scenes!
filthy-fucks-monster-bang_tn.jpg Filthy Fucks (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Enjoy the latest release part of the Monster Bang line of films from Raging Stallion Studios. Since the first Monster Bang release, this line has been a fan favorite for it's emphasis on big dicks and the holes they fill! With a stellar cast headed by Shawn Wolfe, directed by superstar performer/director Steve Cruz, and featuring a cast of hot and horny sex pigs, this is sure to be another mega-hit in the Monster Bang line. Filthy Fucks is a non-stop fuck fest not to be missed! Starring: Abraham Al Malek, Austin Chandler, David Benjamin, Johnny V., Mike De Marko, Sean Zevran, Shawn Wolfe. A Monster Bang / Raging Stallion DVD.
fine-tuned-ass_tn.jpg Fine Tuned Ass (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
The 'Fine Tuned Ass' at this motorcycle shop gets revved up by the hot mechanics and sexy customers. All of them want something powerful between their legs,and in 'Fine Tuned Ass' director Nick Foxx directs eight amazing studs who deliver on all cylinders. These horny,sweaty men with big boy toys go all-out at the chop shop and fulfill their desires with hot sopping blowjobs,supercharged rim jobs and ride after ride on rock hard hot rods. Starring: Aaron Reese, Armando De Armas, Austin Wolf, Chris Bines, Chris Harder, Colt Rivers, Ryan Rose. A Hot House Video DVD.
fire-and-ice-hh_tn.jpg Fire and Ice (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
From the scorching heat of sweaty, intense sex to the cool down after blowing a huge load, 'Fire and Ice' takes you on a feverish ride to the ultimate climax. Nick Foxx directs eight cock-and-hole-hungry studs in dynamic heated exchanges that send the temperature soaring. Brazilian Jimmy Durano plows deep into fellow hunky countryman Bruno Bernal with his thick, uncut cock. Dorian Ferro's gag reflex is tested when Austin Wolf crams his meat down his throat before Dorian rides him to orgasm. Ripped Alex Mecum wreaks anal havoc on smooth bottom Josh Connors with a probe and then with his massive dick. Hairy chested Chris Bines and Sean Zevran serve a scorching fuck with Sean plowing Chris in multiple positions before leaving him covered in cum. Grab your cock and heat things up with the sexy, cum-hungry men of 'Fire and Ice'! Starring: Alex Mecum, Austin Wolf, Bruno Bernal, Chris Bines, Dorian Ferro, Jimmy Durano, Josh Conners, Sean Zevran. A Hot House Video DVD.