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british-auditions-2-seal_tn1.jpg British Auditions 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $12.00 On Sale!
12 first timers stroking and rubbing until they shoot their loads! A Seal Productions DVD.
british_guys_live_1-redo.jpg British Guys Live #1 (DVD)
$49.88 $12.00 On Sale!
Cheers! Photographer Ben Block delivers horny...spunk filled British guys, straight in from London, England. Carter...Loves football, dildoes and to strip everything off. See what a week's worth of cum really amounts to... Starring Matthew, Carter, Chase, Lenny, Charles and Stuart.
british_guys_live_2_tn.jpg British Guys Live #2 (DVD)
$49.88 $12.00 On Sale!
Cheers! Photographer Ben Block delivers horny, spunk filled British guys, straight in from London, England. Starring Mikhail, Matthew, Jamison and Roger.
bromantic-nds_tn.jpg Bromantic (DVD)
$49.88 $29.88 On Sale!
“Dude, I love you, guy.” Who hasn’t longed to feel that special connection with a handsome hunk who’s both your best bud and your red-blooded lover? Witness masc-4-masc lovin’ at its finest with Bromantic , a collection of five passion-packed encounters between hung jock boyfriends who know how to pound it out in every sense of the word. These muscled studs aren’t afraid to show they care, with every bear-hug and bro-job acting as a prelude to the TLC they’re about to give… all 8+ inches of it! Starring: Alex Greene, Colt Rivers, Drake Tyler, Dylan Johnson, Garrett Cooper, James Jamesson, Johnny Torque, Markie More, Pierce Hartman, Ricky Decker. A Next Door Studios DVD.
broth3l-boys-hard-on-tn Broth3l Boys (DVD)
$49.88 $12.00 On Sale!
Everyone’s got to serve someone, and these rent boys are serving their fellow employees and their community. The Brothel Boys are more than just gay-for-pay...they really love their job servicing the hungry arses of their hunky male clients! Starring: Jackson Kay, Benjamin O' Neil, Jae Anderson, Zack Anderson, Calvin Cox, Matt Ritchie, Jason Willis, Matt Brooks. A Hard On TV/Pacific Sun DVD.
brothers-without-rubbers_tn.jpg Brothers Without Rubbers (DVD)
$49.88 $29.88 On Sale!
Derrick Dime's married life keeps getting more and more complicated, as it seems everyone wants a piece. As his brother-in-law, Quentin Gainz, approaches the house to pick up a box of things, he notices Derrick on the porch with the air conditioner repair guy. It's obvious to Quentin that Derrick is interested in guys. But Quentin also has his sister to look out for, and it is in his interest to keep her happy, so Quentin makes a proposal to Derrick: he'll take care of his needs from now on, if Derrick agrees to cut out the other guys. Starring: Addison Graham, Bridger Watts, Derrick Dime, Markie More, Quentin Gainz, Rod Peterson. A Next Door Studios DVD.
brutal_raging_stallion_tn Brutal Part 1 (DVD) 2-Disc Set
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
A man’s world is world of aggression. He wants to conquer and take what he wants, in life and in sex. That struggle makes a man decide who he’s going to be. Thrust in the face of total domination some men submit, some fight back, some champion, some get Brutal. Starring: Ricky Sinz, Angelo Marconi, Jason Adonis, Alexsander Freitas, Brenn Wyson, Draven Torres, Drew Cutler, Park Wiley, Race Cooper, Rusty Stevens, Spencer Reed, Trent Diesel. Directed by: Tony DiMarco. A Raging Stallion Studios DVD.
brutal_part_2_raging_stallion_tn Brutal Part 2 (DVD) 2-Disc Set
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
A man’s world is world of aggression. He wants to conquer and take what he wants, in life and in sex. That struggle makes a man decide who he’s going to be. Thrust in the face of total domination some men submit, some fight back, some champion, some get Brutal. Starring: Rusty Stevens, Trent Diesel, Tommy Defendi, Angelo Marconi, Brandon Bangs, Brenn Wyson, Gavin Sovet, Hugo Milano, Phenix Saint, Ricky Sinz, Race Cooper. Directed by: Tony DiMarco. A Raging Stallion DVD.
bubble-butts-mencom_tn.jpg Bubble Butts (DVD)
$39.88 $19.00 On Sale!
Cheeky boys take pleasure to new heights with serious ass reaming madness! They have plump asses they are willing to split and get filled by their hot friends! Starring: Connor Maguire, Jake Wilder, John Magnum, Luke Adams, Sebastian Young. A Men.com DVD.
buck-naked-falcon_tn.jpg Buck Naked (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
A secluded cabin in the woods is the perfect place to be Buck Naked, and when everyone else is naked too, there's bound to be plenty of sudden hard ons, impromptu blow jobs and all out, hardcore sex! The couplings award-winning director Steve Cruz has conjured up for your erotic pleasure are some of the best pairings in recent Falcon history. Starring: Angelo, Landon Conrad, Logan Vaughn, Marcus Ruhl, Ryan Rose, Shawn Wolfe, Tyler Wolf. A Falcon DVD.
bucks-county-1-into-the-wild_tn.jpg Bucks County 1: Into The Wild (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Bucks County is in the rural back roads of America and home of young, all-American guys. Athletic and virile, they work hard. They play hard, too, sharing energetic, intimate moments with each other. Their spontaneous, carefree sexual attitude is a testament to their simple surroundings and their need for release. Rural innocence and lusty desire create a brotherhood of sexually liberated studs who frolic naked in the sun, exchanging intense pleasures. In Bucks County 1 -- Into the Wild, the imaginations of award-winning directors Tony Dimarco and Bruno Bond brilliantly capture the relentless sexual appetites of these sexy men and serve up the perfect combination of muscle, sweat and cock. Starring: Connor Kline, Connor Maguire, Donnie Dean, Lance Luciano, Ryan Rose, Vance Crawford, Woody Fox. A Falcon DVD.
bucks-county-2_tn.jpg Bucks County 2: Road to Temptation (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
In Bucks County 2: Road to Temptation, award-winning directors Tony Dimarco and Bruno Bond film these stunning hometown men in playful, lusty and romantic action that will send your fantasies ablaze. Bucks County 2 includes five pairs of men who share each other and fulfill desires. Starring: Jack King, Jason Goodman, Joey Cooper, Kip Johnson, Liam Magnuson, Ryan Rose, Vance Crawford, Woody Fox. A Falcon DVD.
built_tough_rs_tn.jpg Built Tough (DVD) Raging Stallion
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
BUILT TOUGH is the Most Important Raging Stallion movie of 2012, featuring the Raging Stallion debuts of superstar Zeb Atlas and Falcons most popular Exclusive, Landon Conrad. These two mega-stars are joined by a cast of great Exclusives, including Tom Wolfe, Jason Michaels, and Micah Brandt and fan favorites Morgan Black and Billy Berlin. When you mix all these studs together with Award-Winning Director Chris Ward behind the camera, you have the formula for one of the best fuck flicks of the year. Starring: Billy Berlin, Jason Michaels, Landon Conrad, Micah Brandt, Morgan Black, Tom Wolfe, Zeb Atlas. Director: Chris Ward. A Raging Stallion DVD.
burning_desire_minotaur_tn.jpg Burning Desire (DVD)
$21.88 $12.00 On Sale!
How can you resist your primal urge to fuck every hot guy who crosses your path? In Burning Desire, all the guys give in! It's a cum-filled collection of 4 scenes featuring big-dicked guys who can't resist their burning desires! The desire within these bottoms and tops has just begun... They have the desire...do you? Starring Sweet Williams, Paul Morgan, Matthew Thomas, Adrian, Tony West, Trent West, Paolo Centori, J. D. DeMarco. A Minotaur DVD.
business-of-sex_tn.jpg Business of Sex, The (DVD)
$39.88 $29.88 On Sale!
Ruthless boss Leo confronts ambitious employee Allen as part of The Business of Sex. Lucky for Allen, Leo is fucking hot and has a big dick. Oral action is followed by hardcore fucking with an amazing finish that will leave you begging for more! Next we find Damien horny at work. He uses his position and power to get his dick off. Juan is perfect for the job, starting with a good blowjob. As the action intensifies, Juan opens his hole for Damien's hard dick to go deep inside. Starring: Dato Foland, Damien Crosse, Denis Vegas, Leo Domenico, Rogan Richards, Gabriel Vanderloo, Allen King, Juan Lopez. A Men.com DVD.
busted_bac_tn.JPEG Busted! You got me! (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Have you ever been naked and strokin' it thinking you're all alone — and then you're Busted! In this film that's what happens, except the intruders are hot, horny and all too ready to assist. As they say, boys will be boys! Starring:Danny Brooks, Trevor Laster, Aaron Summers, Tony Ducati, Parker Brookes, Colin Williams, Kyle Derring, Patrick Kennedy, Jake Woods, Chad Davis. Directed by Gio Caruso.   A Raging Stallion Studios DVD.  
Butch Alley (DVD)
$49.88 $29.88 On Sale!
"Highly, Highly Recommended. Every town has one-an out-of-the way place where men meet to tear off a quick one, on their way home to their wives, boyfriends, or just alone to a good book and a cup of hot cocoa. The hugely entertaining cruising ground here is a set that stands in for the SOMA district in San Francisco, which must be the hottest little trysting place in the whole wide world. The opener leaps into the action, with studly Antton Harri shoved face first against a chain-link fence by a muscular aggressor. . . " - Martin Cox, ManNet.com. Starring Alex Collack, Tony Mecelli, Jason Ridge, Nick Piston, Kirk Ziegler, Enzo Grimaldi, Antton Harri, Thom Barron, Christoph Scharff, Kyle Lewis, Braeden Casey and Dillon Brody. Directed by David Lamm. A Hot House Entertainment DVD.
butt-stuffers-club-inferno-new-tn.jpg Butt Stuffers (DVD) Club Inferno
$59.88 $29.88 On Sale!

WARNING: Contains extremely graphic and controversial footage including fisting. This film is not for everyone.

Every hot young fist-pig in town wants to join the Butt Stuffers, a team of twisted young athletes who take the sport of handball to a whole new level. These fit young studs shove giant dildos, butt-plugs and their teammates' fists up their asses in rigorous training sessions guaranteed to make them ready for the big leagues. Team captains Blue Bailey and Brian Bonds put rookies Dylan Strokes, Seamus O'Reilly, Steven Ponce and Trelino to the test. Do you think you've got what it takes? Join the Butt Stuffers today! Starring: Blue Bailey, Brian Bonds, Dylan Strokes, Seamus O'Reilly, Steven Ponce, Trelino, Drew Sebastian, and Joel Banks. A Club Inferno DVD.

cabin_fever_part_1_tn.jpg Cabin Fever Part 1 (DVD) Jocks
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
What to do when you're stuck inside with nothing else to do - shoot some pool or play dominoes or cards? That's not enough to keep these sexy, all-American jocks occupied. They're horned up and burning up with Cabin Fever. The sexual tension and excitement they're feeling cannot be contained, and they're thinking about much naughtier games to play with their hot friends. Eventually, their Cabin Fever pushes them over the edge into heated exchanges that end in explosive action that will have you jerking right along with them. Starring: Andrew Jakk, Boston Miles, Donny Wright, Dylan Roberts, Micah Brandt, Spencer Fox. Directed by: Steve Cruz. A Falcon / Jocks DVD.
cabin_fever_part_2_tn.jpg Cabin Fever Part 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
In Cabin Fever: Part 2, it's cold and snowy outside and another set of All-American jocks are stuck in their cabin. With nothing else to do, they have to find ways to keep themselves occupied. They're always horny, and they're burning up with Cabin Fever. The heat generated by their fever takes over, and they turn to each other to fulfill the passions that overwhelm them. Fiery exchanges between these hot young studs, turn up the temperature even higher. This fever can no longer be contained, and what follows is intense man-on-man action that will make you want to get holed up with these jocks. You'll want to help relieve them of their Cabin Fever. Starring: Donny Wright, Dylan Roberts, Lee Paine, Luke Milan, Mark Ford, Spencer Fox, Trace Kendall, Valentin Petrov. A Falcon / Jocks DVD.
caged-titan_tn.jpg Caged (DVD) Titan
$39.88 $25.00 On Sale!
Cornered. Captured. Caged. Get ready for the pleasure-filled punishment at the manly hands of your TitanMen tormentors. Starring: Billy Berlin, David Anthony, Gio Forte, Aymeric DeVille, Tibor Wolfe, Mark Bartos. A Titan Media DVD.
cain-unleashed-cf_tn.jpg Cain Unleashed (DVD)
$53.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Buff, handsome, uncut and hung -Cain is the ultimate straight stud fantasy. His fellow Corbin Fisher studs discover that a hot session with Cain means no limits, no mercy, and no doubt their ass is going to get fucked hard, deep, rough and raw. Cain looks like the ultimate alpha male-and fucks like it too. Colby, Taylor, Dawson and Russ discover all of that in this scorching hot Cain compilation! Starring: Cain, Colby, Taylor, Dawson, Russ. A Corbin Fisher DVD.
caliente_raging_stallion_tn.jpg Caliente (DVD) 2-Disc Set
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
This release from Raging Stallion offers another group of hot Argentinean men sucking and fucking in classic Raging Stallion style. Caliente brings new skin to the screen with a focus on sucking and fucking in the hot Argentine climate. Starring Alan Efron, Lucas Serra, Antonio Biaggi, Michael Amerika, Bruno Bordas, Rafael Zambelli, Paul. Directed by Ben Leon. A Raging Stallion Studios DVD.
california-dreamin-1_tn.jpg California Dreamin' 1 (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Steamy fantasies come to life when Tony Dimarco's vision of California Dreamin' 1 captures - in classic Falcon fashion - what happens when temperatures soar and stunning studs get rock hard, remove their clothing and turn their poolside sexual desires into reality. The eight visions in the sun of California Dreamin' 1 are tanned and toned; the packages are perfect. Starring: Adam Wirthmore, Angel Rock, Lance Luciano, Ray Diaz, Ray Han, Ryan Rose. A Falcon DVD.
california-dreamin-2_tn.jpg California Dreamin' 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Steamy fantasies come to life when Tony Dimarco’s vision of California Dreamin' 2 captures – in classic Falcon fashion - what happens when temperatures soar and stunning studs get rock hard, remove their clothing and turn their poolside sexual desires into reality. Mix equal parts sunshine, swim suits and sunscreen. Add a sparkling pool and eight hard and horny studs, to ratchet up the heat. Starring: Landon Conrad, Ryan Rose, Ray Han, Lance Luciano, Donnie Dean, Trenton Ducati, Angel Rock, and Liam Magnuson. A Falcon DVD.
campus-cravings-corbin_tn.jpg Campus Cravings (DVD)
$53.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Whether it be vanilla, chocolate, or caramel - when the icing's on a tight, ripped, well-hung jock, you know it's going to be delicious! Watch as some of our hot CF men get a taste of each other's flavor in this hot interracial compilation! Handsome, dark and green-eyed Carter not only pounds CF stud Dawson into submission but also gives up his gorgeously plump ass to his boyfriend! Tan and built Marc gives Landon the pounding of his life, and Quinn and Dixon both get a go at Meyer for a multi-colored, multi cum shooting sex fest that'll leave you craving another watch! Starring: Carter, Dawson, Marc, Landon, Quinn, Dixon. A Corbin Fisher DVD.
Campus Pizza (DVD)
$39.88 $25.00 On Sale!
"Highly Recommended. Frankly, I'm surprised to see Joe Gage return to one of the hoariest of all gay porn cliches, the pizza guy. However, in saying that, I'm dangerously underestimating Mr. Gage, whose ability to make even the banal soar to the sexiest heights possible is so unique and so dependable. Gay porn pizza movies usually make me hungry. This one made me horny!" - Brent Blue, ManNet.com. Starring Damien Crosse, Dean Flynn, Kai Grant, Andrew Justice, Tyler Kane, David Korben, Jason Reynolds, Justin Riddick and Mason Wyler. Directed by Joe Gage. A Titan Media DVD.

can_openers_tn.jpg Can Openers (DVD) Contains Controversial Footage
$59.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Fistpack 6. Can Openers is a shocking display of asshole exuberance that could only have been made at Raging Stallion Studios. No posturing and posing here, this is hot sex between hot men--filmed in real time as it happened. It is UNCENSORED, CONTROVERSIAL FILTH! These are the biggest and best assholes on earth, fisted furiously by tops who know what they want! Raging Stallion exclusives are the best fisters anywhere, and you get a full serving of the very best men in this two-plus hour film. Starring: Ian Jay, Jessie Balboa, Matthieu Paris, Rafael Alencar, Sean Harris and Taurus. A Raging Stallion DVD.
cant-get-enoug-of-dato-foland_tn.jpg Can't Get Enough Of Dato Foland (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
This collection contains 4 of the hottest scenes ever... Because we can't get enough of Dato Foland! Starring: Abraham Al Malek, Antonio Aguilera, Damien Crosse, Dato Foland, Wagner Vittoria. A Raging Stallion / Stag Homme DVD.
captain-america-gay-parody_tn.jpg Captain America: A Gay XXX Parody (DVD)
$39.88 $29.88 On Sale!
Starring: Alex Mecum, Jay Roberts, Paddy O'Brian, XL. A Men.com DVD.
casa_del_sol_tn.jpg Casa Del Sol (DVD) 2-Disc Set
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Out in the countryside, behind a big house, there is an expansive garden full of hot men playing in the water and among the plants. With top notch talent from Argentina and Brazil Casa del Sol looks into this garden and follows the men as they fuck and suck in the sun. With explosive cum shots and sweat dripping from every pore this film brings you into the world of South American action. Starring Pedro Andreas, Petter Fill, Erik Hassan, Andres de la Serna, Antony Squellary, Bahiano Fox, Tomas Griffin, Leandro Fernandez, Paul Gusto. Directed by Ben Leon. A Raging Stallion Studios DVD.
catch-22-titan-tn Catch 22 (DVD)
$39.88 $25.00 On Sale!
You're in a hard place if you don't... and a harder one if you do. Whatever move you make, trouble awaits. Get caught up in a Catch 22 you can't resist as TitanMen Eddy CeeTee and Eric Nero pose a sexy split decision. Starring: Adam Champ, Adam Herst, Donnie Dean, Eddy Ceetee, Eric Nero, Hugh Hunter. A Titan Media DVD.
caught_by_surprise_dvd_tn.jpg Caught By Surprise (DVD)
$21.88 $12.00 On Sale!
Open your mouth and close your eyes... Paul Morgan has a surprise for you! Starring Paul Morgan, Tony West, Michael Wood, Sweet William, Patrick Studds, Reed Parker and John Marcus.
caught-in-the-act-titan_tn.jpg Caught in the Act (DVD) Titan
$39.88 $25.00 On Sale!
You’re taken off guard and turned on at the same time—Caught in the Act by someone who suddenly has your attention. TitanMen exclusives Jessy Ares and Jesse Jackman grab control of the situation—and you—as the latest Joe Gage Chronicle unfolds with his signature sexual tension. Starring: Jessy Ares, Christopher Daniels, Jesse Jackman, Adam Russo, Conner Habib, Tyler Griz. A Titan Media DVD.
cauke-for-president_tn.jpg Cauke For President (DVD)
$39.88 $25.00 On Sale!
In these trying times, we need a real man with true family values to lead this nation. One that can make America gay, err, great again. Luckily there’s a new candidate that trumps all the others and has all the big poles rising…unless a torrid sex scandal makes him go down. Show America you want Cauke for President! Starring: Adam Ramzi, Dallas Steele, David Benjamin, Luke Adams, Matthew Bosch, Nick Prescott, Tex Davidson. A Titan Media DVD.
cell_1_confinement_tn.jpg Cell, The: Confinement (DVD)
$49.88 $12.00 On Sale!
"Highly Recommended. Getting arrested in Budapest, Hungary isn't a problem if this Csaba Borbely-directed production is any indication of the prisons there. In "The Cell: Part 1: Confinement," it's hard to decide who's prettier, the guards or the inmates. Luckily, there's no need to choose as they all get naked and have sex with equal fervor." . . . Martin Cox, ManNet.com. Starring Rick Perry, Tim Brensen, Ray Phillips, Dean Edwards, Carlos Baxter, Daniel Paxton, Fabrice Felder, Mark Vlady, Federico Johnson, Roberto Giorgio (a.k.a. Filip Oliver), Julian Vincenzo, Ricardo Neston, Carlos Shannon, Raul Mathews, Rick Bauer (a.k.a. Gabor Szeles) and Fernando Nielsen (a.k.a. Attila Kialt).
centurion_muscle_tn.jpg Centurion Muscle I (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
"Highly Recommended. 'Centurion Muscle' really took me by surprise. It is not only my favorite J.D. Slater-directed flick to date, it also introduced me to, thank goodness, Ken Braun and Erik Hunter, two ferocious baldheaded brutes. Not that I'm any less in love with Carlos Morales and Huessein (I'll forever burn a candle, fellas), but Ken and Erik really knocked my boots off (and they were laced up at the time). The set-up couldn't be simpler: a big room with hot lights (the guys sweat like pigs throughout) and horny motherfuckers." . . . Butch Harris, ManNet.com. Starring Bo Knight, Erik Hunter, Ken Braun, Huessein, Carlos Morales and Ruben D'Angelo. A Raging Stallion DVD.
alpha_centurion_muscle_2_tn.jpg Centurion Muscle II: Alpha (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
"Highly, Highly Recommended. Centurion Muscle II: Alpha is pure joy - from top to bottom, side to side, beginning to end. Director J.D. Slater has crafted a masterwork of muscle and sensuality, populated with the kind of men who would have made the Roman centurions green with envy (and horny as hell)." - Butch Harris, ManNet.com. Starring Blake Nolan, Danny Mann, Francois Sagat, Leo Rocca, Xerxes and Lucas Di Fubbiano. Directed by J. D. Slater. A Raging Stallion Studios / Centurion Pictures DVD.
Centurion Muscle III: Omega (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
"Highly, Highly Recommended. Director J.D. Slater has done it again with the trilogy's testosterone-drenched finale. "Centurion Muscle III: Omega" is scorching intense sex from the first suck to the last fuck. It is, like its predecessors, an embarrassment of riches. All of the men here are spectacularly macho and bursting with sexual energy. Set in a rumpus room made for horny he-men, Mr. Slater takes us, and his men, through five gigantic scenes." - Starring Jake Deckard, Erik Hunter, Blake Nolan, Mick Powers, Huessein, Trey Casteel, Ken Mack, Arron Action and Lee Mane. Directed by J.D. Slater.Starring Jake Deckard, Erik Hunter, Blake Nolan, Mick Powers, Huessein, Trey Casteel, Ken Mack, Arron Action and Lee Mane. Directed by J.D. Slater. A Raging Stallion / Centurion Pictures DVD.
Centurion Muscle IV: Erotikus
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
"Highly, Highly Recommended. The fourth in a series gets the job done with so much muscle and spunk that the Greek god Priapus would need more stamina to get through this fierce quartet of wall-to-wall fucking. The proceedings take place in a well-lighted room with colorful accent lights in the background that are reminiscent of a 1970s-era Parisian disco. Beyond stamina, though, these men have intense chemistry, the kind I believe can't be faked - it's unabridged, yet at the same time quite honest and genuine, and always unquestionably masculine and hot as hell." - Butch Harris, ManNet.com. Starring Brendan Davies, Brock Hatcher, Erik Hunter, Hank Dutch, Huessein, Jake Deckard, Shane Alexander, Trey Casteel and Xerxes. Directed by J.D. Slater. A Raging Stallion Studios DVD.