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kyle_kravins_amateur_studs_john_youngcock_tn Kyle Kravin's Amateur Studs: John Youngcock (DVD)
$29.88 $14.94 On Sale!
My fans always email me to let me know which models they like the best and an overwhelming majority told me they want more John Youngcock! Who am I to argue with what you want? So sit back and enjoy this whole DVD devoted to the sexual exploits of hot amateur stud, John Youngcock! - Kyle Kravin. Starring: John Youngcock. Director: Kyle Kravin. A Kyle Kravin/Magnus Releasing DVD.
kyle_kravins_amateur_studs_niel_sams_tn Kyle Kravin's Amateur Studs: Niel Sams (DVD)
$29.88 $14.94 On Sale!
If its 3 things you can rely on in this world its death, taxes, and Niel Sams' hard cock! Really the only one we're interested in is the third one though. Young and fit, our guys just can't wait to feel Niel Sams' big dick inside them so we made a whole DVD showing Niel in all the hottest sexual positions! Starring: Niel Sams. Director: Kyle Kravin. A Kyle Kravin/Magnus Releasing DVD.
Kyle Kravin's Amateur Three-Way Videos 01 (DVD)
$39.88 $19.94 On Sale!
Two's company, but three is a party! Cum one, cum all to the newest installment of my amateur series! In today's videos I study what happens when our horny test subject is presented with 2 dicks instead of one. Will he run? Will he hide? I'll bet my money he takes one in the ass and one in the mouth instead! Starring Gerald Tremor, Bobby Valino, Victor Nichols, Bruno Style, Aaron Carpenter, Niel Sams, Charles Hardy, Vince Rock and Jeff Star. Directed by Kyle Kravin. A Magnus Productions DVD.
kyle_kravins_amateur_three_way_videos_03_tn Kyle Kravin's Amateur Three-Way Videos 03 (DVD)
$29.88 $14.94 On Sale!
Two may be company, but in my eyes THREE is where the party's at! Enjoy as I get three of my hot amateur studs in each scene as they try to handle double the hard c*cks and double the f*cking! - Kyle Kravin. Starring: Aaron Carpenter, Mason Brickman, Mark Urban, Charles Hardy. Director: Kyle Kravin. A Kyle Kravin/Magnus Releasing DVD.
kyle_kravins_amateur_three_way_videos_04_tn Kyle Kravin's Amateur Three-Way Videos 04 (DVD)
$29.88 $14.94 On Sale!
My hot amateur studs just can't get enough with one cock so I'm giving them two to play with today! Starring: Andrew Towers, Jeff Star, Kelly Breeze, Kevin Roberts, Shane Harmon, Tony, Walter Domingo. Director: Kyle Kravin. A Kyle Kravin/Magnus Releasing DVD.
kyle_kravins_amateur_uncut_dicks_02_tn Kyle Kravin's Amateur Uncut Dicks 02 (DVD)
$29.88 $14.94 On Sale!
If you're like me, you just can't see enough of that beautiful uncut dick! So to all the people who requested that I make the sequel to my original hit, here it is! I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it! - Kyle Kravin. Starring: Mason Rivers, Steven Jinko, Marty Richards, John Youngcock. Director: Kyle Kravin. A Kyle Kravin/Magnus Releasing DVD.
kyle_kravins_amateur_uncut_dicks_03_tn Kyle Kravin's Amateur Uncut Dicks 03 (DVD)
$29.88 $14.94 On Sale!
Nothing turns me on more than teasing that extra bit of flesh around another man's dick before he fucks me! That's why I made the Amateur Uncut Dicks series. Now you can enjoy loads of hot uncut men in the best hardcore amateur sex! - Kyle Kravin. Starring: AAron Carpenter, Bruno Styles, Mark Urban, Marty Richards, Paul Fierce. Director: Kyle Kravin. A Kyle Kravin/Magnus Releasing DVD.
kyle_kravins_amateur_uncut_dicks_04_tn Kyle Kravin's Amateur Uncut Dicks 04 (DVD)
$29.88 $14.94 On Sale!
Hot amateur studs tease each other's foreskins in a session of hot foreplay before they get each other's dicks hard and fuck like rabbits! Enjoy the best in uncut cocks as that extra skin's pleasure is fully maximized! - Kyle Kravin. Starring: John Youngcock, Kelly Breeze, Mark Urban, Marty Richards, Mike Torus, Niel Sams, Steven Jinko. Director: Kyle Kravin. A Kyle Kravin/Magnus Releasing DVD.
kyle_kravins_amateur_uncut_dicks_05_tn Kyle Kravin's Amateur Uncut Dicks 05 (DVD)
$29.88 $14.94 On Sale!
Hot amateur studs with uncut dicks tease each other's extra skin before some intense hardcore action! Starring: Bruno Style, Jeff Star, John Youngcock, Kelly Breeze, Shane Harmon, Tony. Director: Kyle Kravin. A Kyle Kravin/Magnus Releasing DVD.
la_lust_dvd_tn.jpg L.A. Lust (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
". . .the cock on this kid (Jason Sizemore) is so powerfully massive that it warrants a whole line of its own videos. I'm hoping "L.A. Lust" is just an early effort and that there are many more to come from this exciting knowing talent. Highly Recommended." Brent Blue, ManNet.com. Starring Jason Sizemore, Markus, Alex Mendoza, Neo Turner, Dobie Rivera, Chris Baldwin, Sky Preston, Jesse Martin, Marco Paris and Jack Sanders.
large-deposit-required_tn.jpg Large Deposit Required (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Estate agents of manchester in tight formal trousers with business like manners! These alpha male studs don't mind sweetening the pot if the client is cute and they've got a sale to make. Starring: Alexis Belfort, Andro Maas, Cormac, Gabriel Fisk, Issac Jones, JP Dubols, Lee David, Logan Moore. A UK Naked Men DVD.
late_night_cock_show_dvd_tn.jpg Late Night Cock Show (DVD)
$39.88 $20.00 On Sale!
In LATE NIGHT COCK SHOW , a group of horny Czech men explain how they lured the gas man, the electrician, the plumber and the VCR repairman to their homes for a little SEX! Starring Rene Bahr, Robert Toth, Jan Svatos, Pavel Proskovsky, Petr Grzegorz, Jan Durkech, Juraj Egl and Martin Polak. A Heart Of Europe IFS DVD.
late_night_hit_raging_stallion_tn Late Night Hit (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Night falls; color illuminates the sky before all goes black. That's when the city comes alive. Reflected in headlights, streetlights and neon signs; everyone's a stranger. Men become nocturnal animals seeking release. Starring: Colby Keller, Ben Stone, Trey Turner, Logan Scott, Valentin Petrov, Tony Douglas, A.J. Monroe, Shay Michaels. Directed by: Steve Cruz, Bruno Bond. A Raging Stallion Studios DVD.
latin_attraction_ps_dvd_tn.jpg Latin Attraction (DVD) Pacific Sun
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
These bodacious, well endowed, juicy uncut & cut latin guys are sizzling performers. Their perfect lean bodies... hot asses...and extra long ramrods are all walking wet dreams! Starring Lucas Foz, Washington, Tony, Vincent Daimler, Carlos Andres, Alejandro Belline and Marcos Paulo.
latin_balls_huevos_4_tn.jpg Latin Balls Huevos 4 (DVD)
$39.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Latin and Hung Dudes Do Each Other! Starring Stonie, Danny Bayona, Vinicio Beltran, Star guy and Ricky Sanchez.
latin-boys-and-white-toys-bacchus-tn Latin Boys And White Toys (DVD) 5 Hrs
$19.88 $11.88 On Sale!
These boys love a little chocolate sauce all over their spicy burrito! A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
latin-gay-play_tn.jpg Latin Gay Play (DVD) 5 Hrs
$19.88 $11.88 On Sale!
It's time to put that pinga to good use. Let the hot sauce flow! A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
latin_gay_studs_02_epic_tn.jpg Latin Gay Studs 2 (DVD)
$29.88 $9.88 On Sale!
Hot latin men prove once again why their sex is always the hottest and horniest! Starring: Alex Victor, Andrey Androde, Erick Leony, Juan Squira, Julian, Luiggi, Lukas, Talles Welles. An Epic Male DVD.
latin_gay_stud_3_tn.jpg Latin Gay Studs 3 (DVD)
$29.88 $9.88 On Sale!
Hot latin men have a fiery passion for sex! Shocking penetrations! Starring: Alexander Senna, Apollo Max, Arthur Maia, Daniel, Eric Johnson, Fernando Pepi, Fernando St. Claire, Michel Bittencourt, Tony Lee. An Epic Male DVD.
latin-hunters-ap_tn.jpg Latin Hunters (DVD)
$49.88 $13.88 On Sale!
These hot papis are in need of some tight culos! An Alexander Pictures DVD.
latin-lovers-amateurs-2_tn Latin Lovers Amateurs 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $13.00 On Sale!
There's something very attractive about amateurs : that innocence straightforward awkwardness in front of the camera. Add that on to the inhibition of latino men. . .but once they start doing something naturally gay for them, they go all the way out and fuck with all their heart. Starring Bruno, Rod, Juan Pablo, Mauro, Emanuel, Valentin and Robin. An Adonis Pictures DVD.
latino_fuck_buddies_cb_tn.jpg Latino Fuck Buddies (DVD)
$43.88 $21.94 On Sale!
Citiboyz adds some spice to the all-American boy next door with Latino Fuck Buddies. That's right, we've been cruising the beaches, the neighborhoods and the clubs to bring you a selection of hot young Latino-American boyz who know how to have fun with their big dicks and tight asses. Starring Damian Cruz, Gabriel Diaz, Jesiel Alvarado, L.T. Mkay, Remy LeBeau, Ricky Flores, Sabastian Nohart. A Citi Boyz DVD.
laying_pipe_bp_tn.jpg Laying Pipe (DVD) Blue Pictures
$19.88 $9.88 On Sale!
Tight, young black guys lay down their huge cocks into Brazilian buttholes! Starring Wesley, Renam, Alex, Andre, Ricardo, Carlos, Tatau and Wil. Directed by M. Max. A Blue Pictures DVD.
leather_masters_tn.jpg Leather Masters (DVD)
$49.88 $24.94 On Sale!
Getting down and dirty in the dungeons and playrooms of London. Starring Ben Manson, Ben Taylor, Fernando Nielsen, Kurt Rogers, Marc Summers, Rick Bauer, Trojan Rock, Uncle John. Directed by Guy Hunter. A Stripes Media / Guy Hunter Video DVD.
leather_story_tn.jpg Leather Story (DVD)
$39.88 $20.00 On Sale!
In LEATHER STORY, San Franciscan Victorian homes get leather men into a lather! Doug Forbes explores Joshua Scott's nooks and crannies in the vestibule. Brett Winters teaches Dallas Taylor how to slide down a banister. Bill Marlowe comes home from south of Market Street and gets Brett Winters south of his border, and finally, the chaps are down for Bill Marlowe and Dallas Taylor Starring Dallas Taylor, Joshua Scott, Bill Marlowe, Brett Winters, Doug Forbes. Directed By Brian Allen. A Tenderloin Productions / Video 10 DVD.
let_me_suck_your_cock_02_epic_tn.jpg Let Me Suck Your Cock 02 (DVD)
$29.88 $9.88 On Sale!
These studs are so horny they're ready to get down on their knees and suck some cock! But that's just the beginning they want you to use that cock on their tight ass too! Starring: Alex Senna, Apollo Max, David Maya, Fernando St. Claire, Higor Black, Luke Riley, Max Sanchez, Renzo Mazime, Rocky C, Shane Celtic. An Epic Male DVD.
let_me_suck_your_cock_03_epic_tn.jpg Let Me Suck Your Cock 03 (DVD)
$29.88 $9.88 On Sale!
Horny studs so ready for sex they can't wait to get on their knees and pleasure your cock! Starring: Alex Senna, Billy Dewitt, Chris Perez, Derrick Paul, Giovanni, Junior Colaco, Nico Blade, Ryan Starr, Skyler Bleu. An Epic Male DVD.
lets_do_it_here_dvd_tn.jpg Let's Do It Here! Best of Heart of Europe 2 (DVD)
$29.88 $14.94 On Sale!
A compilation of five scenes from IFS Heart of Europe videos featuring especially handsome Czech models. Starring Venda Dinner, Zdeno Donny, Roman Benes, Vladislav Juracka, Michal Kutra, David Anderovsky, Jiri Panocha, Petr Majer, Alan Csorba and Zoltan Kiraly.
lettin-it-ride-video-10-tn Lettin' It Ride (DVD)
$39.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Guys get lucky in another way when they pay off their gambling debts. First, downtown Prague casino owner Pavel Ondek is also the club's card dealer. After a few rounds of black jack and poker with a group of horny customers, first the tension mounts, then the debts mount, then the men mount - each other. Starring: Pavel Ondek, Alan Csorba, Zoltan Kiraly, Michal Gola, Vit Pokorny, Michal Lukes, Vojtech Dlansk, Frantisek Kucera. Director: Alex Schnegr. A Video 10 DVD.
lickem-suckem-fuckem-bacchus-tn Lick'em, Suck'em, Fuck'em (DVD) 5 Hrs
$19.88 $13.00 On Sale!
These boys have three easy steps to a great fuck fest! A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
life-with-levi_tn.jpg Life With Levi (DVD)
$49.88 $14.88 On Sale!
In the spring of 2014, Huffington Post published an interview with CockyBoy Levi Michaels about his YouTube channel aptly titled Life With Levi. In it, Levi sets the record straight about what it means to be a sex worker in today’s world. In this volume, we gladly showcase some of Levi’s best work… including his dynamic scenes with Ricky Roman and Tommy Defendi. A Jake Jaxson DVD.
like-it-raw-tn Like It Raw (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
A Dominik Trojan Project DVD.
lip-service-2_tn.jpg Lip Service 2 (DVD) 5 Hrs
$19.88 $13.00 On Sale!
Pucker up those manly lips and put them right on my dick. A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
load-my-ass_tn.jpg Load My Ass (DVD)
$39.88 $19.94 On Sale!
You cannot imagine what those hot boys are up to! As sex addicts, they destroy asses with huge dicks, leaving jizz inside and swapping cum like dirty pigs. They are the hottest depraved boys with no limits in bareback sex. They are simply perverts and love it really dirty! An Eboys DVD.
loadingzonehh_tn Loading Zone (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Jump in your truck and back it up into the Loading Zone. We've got a crew of burly men who are ready to help you with your load any time of the day or night. These rugged heavy lifters spend most of the day hard at work and they need to blow off some steam. When you're ready to help a buddy get some relief haul ass to the Loading Zone. Starring Kyle King, Andreas Cavalli, Arpad Miklos, Craig Reynolds, Drew Cutler, Johnny Gunn, Rick Van Sant, Vince Ferelli. Directed by Steven Scarborough. A Hot House Video DVD.
laods-of-brazilians-2-video-10-tn Loads Of Brazilians 2: Balling All Brazilians (DVD)
$39.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Every day another gay! Uncut, meaty, and hard! Starring: Wellington Maia, Igor Andre, Marcio Nunes, Armando Hoku, Gabriel Layd, Reginaldo Boi. Director: Jon Katzman. A Video 10 DVD.
laods-of-brazilians-3-video-10-tn Loads Of Brazilians 3: Ballsy Brazilians (DVD)
$39.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Dude, remember when you ate my ass out and then fucked me like wild man? Let`s get together and hang out again, I Want some more of that huge uncut cock of yours! I am so hard right now... let`s do it now! Starring: Fabio Cesar, Wellington Maia, Reginaldo Boi, Armando Hoku, Gabriel Layd, Everton Cruz. A Video 10 DVD.
lock_down_nos_tn.jpg Lock Down (DVD) XTC Studios
$21.88 $13.00 On Sale!
Calvin Sabitini stars in the hot hit thriller LOCK DOWN. These men behind bars have to serve their time and they serve it well. Watch as they do more than just HARD time! Hey...it's a boner-fied form of recreation...right? Starring Scott Wilder, Mark Anthony, Rick Thomas, Tyler Ford, Chris Miller, Calvin Sabatini, Rick Smith. An XTC Studios DVD.
locker-toom-workouts-5hrs_tn.jpg Locker Room Workouts (DVD) 5 Hrs
$19.88 $13.00 On Sale!
What better way to end a sweaty workout at the gym than with a sweaty workout on a hot guy! A Bacchus Releasing DVD.
logans_cum_tn.jpg Logan's Cum (DVD)
$49.88 $15.00 On Sale!
Logan Scott may be the perfect porn star - big, hard muscles, big, hard cock, smoldering good looks - and he knows his way around a man's body. Whether it's workout partner Riley Price, sexy Dominic Sol, massage pal Rick McCoy or latin stud Dominic Pacifico, Logan always gives as good as he gets. And the results are guaranteed hot! Starring: Dominic Pacifico, Dominic Sol, Logan Scott, Rick McCoy, Riley Price. A Cocksure Men DVD.
lord-of-the-cock-ring-blue-tn Lord Of The Cock Ring (DVD)
$19.88 $9.88 On Sale!
A Blue Pictures DVD.
lovers_eyes_re_tn.jpg Lover's Eyes (DVD)
$49.88 $9.88 On Sale!
You lock eyes with a sexy stud in Lover's Eyes and your heart begins to race. Pheromones fill the air and your cock begins to harden. Take your love of porn one step further. Starring: Mario Luna, Ricco Luna, Jeremy Stoor, John Hill, Miro Polsky, Miro Polsky, Pete Smith, Ricardo Luna, Rob Tadeus. A Raw Eyes Productions DVD.
loving-jizz-vimpex-tn Loving Jizz (DVD)
$49.88 $9.88 On Sale!
If you wanna watch young sperm junkies on their knees doing what they do best, this is the wildest fantasy of sperm addicts come true! These receptables for jism take on gangs of cum-dripping cocks ready to make deep deposits! A Vimpex DVD.
lucky-for-me-tn Lucky For Me (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
A Dominik Trojan Project DVD.
lunch-break-mans-art_tn.jpg Lunch Break (DVD) Man's Art
$49.88 $17.88 On Sale!
Nine hot guys and five hardcore scenes! Bareback sex with deep throating, sperm eating, dildo play, rimming, big dicks and ten cumshots! A Man's Art DVD.
lust_in_the_hay_dvd_tn.jpg Lust in the Hay (DVD)
$21.88 $13.00 On Sale!
Hot man-to-man sex on the ranch! Starring Lucas James, Patrick Studds, Chris Dano, Colin Jennings, Troy Allen, Drew Andrews and K.C. Hart. Directed by Casey and Peter O'Brian.
mad-sex-orgy_tn.jpg Mad Sex Orgy (DVD)
$49.88 $13.88 On Sale!
Hot men ruthlessly take each others assholes and get their boy toys to suck the loads out of their cocks! An Alexander Pictures DVD.
men-of-montreal-video-10-tn Made In Montreal (DVD)
$39.88 $20.00 On Sale!
In Made In Montreal, sex is a commodity when jobs are an oddity, so if you need to pay the bills, make sure your hone your sexual skills! Starring: Toby Flemming, Maxime St. Louis, Guy Laroche, James Girard, Tomy O'me, Jacques LaMer, Steeve Thifault, Kevin Richard. A Video 10 DVD.
madrid_sexy_tn.jpg Madrid Sexy (DVD)
$49.88 $19.88 On Sale!
Take a sex filled, lusty European trip with Falcon in Madrid Sexy. This time Falcon lets you cum along for the ride to Madrid, Spain's capital and largest city, and they show you some of the hottest European and Latin men. Madrid lies at the same longitude as New York City, it's not always warm and sunny, but it's always hot. It's the kind of heat generated by young Latino men on the street whose cocks twitch and prostates buzz in anticipation of their next orgasm. Starring: Alessandro Masterio, Alex Marte, David Circus, Esteban Del Toro, Jessy Ares, Mike Colucci, TJ Lowell, Valentino Porto. A Falcon DVD.
magic-tricks-video-10-tn Magic Tricks (DVD)
$39.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Presenting Magic Tricks for your viewing pleasure. Starring: Kevin Richards, Lucas DuSolei, Jeremie DuNord, Matieu Taillon, David DuPrix, Alain Dupont, Mischa Viaeu and introducting Mathias Bouvier. Director: David Collins. A Video 10 DVD.
magnetism_dvd_tn.jpg Magnetism (DVD)
$49.88 $13.00 On Sale!
From the first scene to the last, Magnetism provided great variety, a true amateur feeling, and a sense of spontaneous unflinching raw guy sex.Cum shots on the face in nearly every scene! I have all the Defiant vids and they are all great, but this one literally has the juices flowing, spurting, shooting - everywhere!
major_hardon_boy_batter_tn.jpg Major Hardon (DVD) Boy Batter
$43.88 $21.94 On Sale!
Three young marines are determined to find a way to release their tensions and end up helping each other achieve their mission! Boy Batter new cummer Jason hooks up with hairy military stud Trent for a no-holds-barred session of sucking and fucking! Hottie Justin gets fucked for the first time. Who better to do it than hairy military stud Trent? Starring Joseph Kerekes, Justin, Jason and Seth. Directed by Harlow R. Cuadra. A Boy Batter Productions DVD.
mall_cruisin_xl_tn.jpg Mall Cruisin' XL (DVD)
$39.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Exclusive model Cody Reeves catches the big one when he attracts X-L superstar Drew Andrews at a very cruisy shopping mall. Paul Morgan plays a horny tailor who fishes around Mike Cesar's inseam for trouser trout. Dany Brown joins Paul in the employee locker room to subject new-hire Hawk McAllister to a 3-way sandwich! Starring Drew Andrews, Hawk McAllister, Paul Morgan, Dean Maxwell, Mike Cesar, Dany Brown, Duncan Miller, Cody Reeves. Directed By Brian Boxer. A Rodeo Productions / Video 10 DVD.
man_hungry_olympus_tn.jpg Man Hungry (DVD) Olympus
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Get ready for a taste of Budapest, Hungary. Get a taste of the culture, get a taste of the sights, and most importantly, get a hearty a taste of the Men. Olympus Director Roland Dane takes you there on a journey of erotic discovery. Get a sense of everyday life among the locals as a bevy of young, uncut, muscled and horny men prowl the city, hooking up with each other and finding secluded getaways to indulge in their MAN HUNGRY desires. Starring: Win Soldier, Gabe Russell, Freddy Costa, Antonio Russo, Sebastian Bronco, Jeffrey Branson, Max Summers, Jack Dragon and Michael Troy. An Olympus DVD.
manhunt20_tn.jpg Manhunt 2.0 (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
"Highly, Highly Recommended. I am an unabashed admirer of Steven Scarborough's work as a director. His glossy, richly colored vision of sex shows off his cast in the best possible way, and he builds every scene he directs to a perfect climax, a rare talent. In this follow-up to his original take on the cyber hook-up scene, Steven gives us a cast that is quite honestly stunning, and he delivers hot action throughout. I didn't think it was possible for me to like Steven Scarborough more, but this sequel to 'Manhunt.The Movie' did the trick." - Martin Cox, ManNet.com. Starring Robert Van Damme, Tony Mecelli, Alex Fuerte, Marco Paris, Matt Cole, Raphael Alencar, Antton Harri, Nick Marino, Trey Casteel, Brad Rock, Damon Phoenix and Collin O'Neal. Directed by Steven Scarborough. A Hot House Entertainment DVD.
manhunt_hh_tn.jpg Manhunt The Movie (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
The hunt is on! Director Steven Scarborough and Manhunt.net join forces to bring you Manhunt.TheMovie. Hot House Exclusive Dick Wolf and Arpad Miklos lead this cast of eleven Internet-savvy hunks who re-enact actual encounters as told by the members of Manhunt.net. The bar scene is officially dead; these days, thousands of guys are online now and this is what they're looking for! Starring: Dick Wolf, Arpad Miklos, Alex LeMonde, Andrew Rubio, Andy Hunter, Collin O'Neal, Corbin Michaels, Felipe Carson, Jon Galt, Owen Hawk, Troy Punk. Directed by: Steven Scarborough. A Hot House Video DVD.
Manly Heat: Scorched (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
"Highly, Highly Recommended. A starkly beautiful desert panorama sets the tone for the opening, with the lifeless aridity of the desert brought to vivid life by Josh Weston and Antton Harri, whose buff, perfect bodies are warmed by blazing sun. Josh and Antton make things even hotter with their sexual versatility. Both dudes are eager, expert cocksuckers, and even though Josh drops to his knees first to gobble down Antton's juicy, uncut meat, Antton matches him lick for lick when he gets a chance at Josh's raging hardon." - Martin Cox, ManNet.com. Starring Josh Weston, Antton Harri, Simon Angel, Niko, Jesse Balboa, Jeremy Jordan, Jason Hawke and Niko Reeves. Directed by Kristofer Weston. A Colt Studios / Buckshot Productions DVD.

Manual Labor (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Starring Jamie, Jon, Tony, Andy, Kyle, Sean, Will and Dave. A YMAC DVD.
manwhores_arena_tn.jpg Manwhores (DVD)
$49.88 $24.94 On Sale!
Whatever your fantasy... Whatever your desire... These men are more than ready to deliver. Want a 3some? Want that tropical vacation to become something extra special? Or are you a straight guy looking for some cock on the side? These men are the men you want to "Talk" to! Starring Leo Walls, Eros Paiva, Victor Manzini, Eduardo, Junior Steley, Brouno Menguel, Kaua CAnalta, Jackson. An Arena Entertainment DVD.
marines_on_leave_dvd_tn.jpg Marines On Leave (DVD)
$19.88 $9.88 On Sale!
These marines have a weekend pass to military manlove! Starring: Yuri, Bruno, Eric, Ken, Pablo, Henriquo, Jones, Romano, Sandro, Hugo Ferrari, Vitor Hugo, Bruno Rio. A Blue Pictures DVD.