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Deep Compassion, A (DVD) Re-Release!



A sad tale of relief through death, this remastered classic has one of the sexiest and raunchiest fuck scenes filmed. Duane Ferguson (Rocky) is on the run from the law, and hides out in the cabin of sexy brunet Robert Weaver's (Johnny) brother, the blond blind youth David Arlen (Carl).

At first trepidatious and wary of the unkind Rocky, blind Carl nonetheless tries vainly to make the best of it, and is grateful for the company in his lonely mountainside retreat. Carl makes lunch for the boorish duo, who play rude poker games and fuck with wild abandon on Carl's clean sheets.

Johnny sucks Rocky's blunt, uncut wiener before they engage in energetic 69ing, the sideburned convict licking and gulping Johnny's rock-hard member. Johnny upturns Rocky and drives his tongue home, lapping at his ass button before slamming his boner into the burning bad guy's chute. Rocky rolls with Johnny's cock planted deep in his ass, and straddles him to ride Johnny's pole. We are treated to nice shots of Johnny's cock sliding in and out of Rocky's beefy behind before the slight brunet sprays his load on his right cheek. Rocky, delirious with delight, laughs maniacally, and dismays the listening Carl (who takes voyeurism to a new level).

Carl goes for a cool-off hike, and upon entering his favorite grove, unburdens his fears and desires to a magically appearing fantasy stud, super-hung beefcake Jim Cassidy. Swept up into the brawny bodybuilder's massive arms, they tenderly and passionately kiss before Carl body worships the stud's perfect physique, eagerly engulfing the angelic vision's stiffie jutting proudly at attention.

With gentle petting and touching, Jim inserts his staff in Carl's proffered ass, plowing deep and long. Carl sucks the sex god as he shoots his thick, rope-like cum on his tongue, which he swirls and tastes before swallowing. Carl smiles gratefully, and begs his benefactor to take him away with him; Carl longs to be with him forever, away from his mundane, lonely existence. Jim whispers, "Someday we'll be together," and vanishes, leaving Carl hopeful but frustrated.

Sitting on the couch reading his braille book, Carl is interrupted by an edgy and frantic Rocky, who shreds Carl's book and grabs him by the hair for some fun. Rocky makes Carl suck his convict cock, and commands him to gobble his nefarious nuts. Carl is left spitting and gasping for breath, but the merciless meanie tears off Carl's pants and bends him over the sofa for a forced butt banging of tragic proportions! Rocky ruthlessly rips into Carl's tight hole, grinding and splitting him with ferocious intensity.

After the 'abusive' long-stroking, Rocky shoots on Carl's damaged backside and callously falls asleep on the couch. Carl stumbles about, both in anger and shock for the unwarranted anal invasion and betrayal. Finding his walking stick, he yowls and beats Rocky bloody, then runs nude into the darkened countryside to escape the terror that had been wrought by and upon him. Crawling on his hands and knees, traumatized, sickened Carl meets his untimely end by falling down a ravine and breaking his neck. Jim returns to take his still unmarred soul away, so that they can be together for always.

Starring Brad Kingston, Robert Weaver, Tom Ringo, Jim Cassidy, Duane Ferguson.

A Jaguar Films / Bijou Classics DVD.

Deep Compassion, A (DVD) Re-Release! Write a review | No reviews for this product.
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Write a review | No reviews for this product.