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Dark Alley Media

hairy-raw-pigs_tn.jpg - Hairy Raw Pigs (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Nick Moretti directs this group of nasty and furry guys in four hardcore breeding and seeding sessions! Starring: Alessio Romero, Brett Bradley, Cam Christou, Duncan Valentine, Gio Ryder, Kory Mitchell, Leo Vega, Matt Stevens, Nick Cross, Vincent Knight. A Raw Fuck Club / Dark Alley Media DVD.
wild-life-part-1_tn.jpg - Wild Life Part 1 (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Matthias Von Fistenberg gives us all a glimpse into the Wild Life filled with sexy Latin studs fucking hungry, eager bottoms. Starring: Antonio Miracle, Fabian, Felipe Ferro, Gaston Croupier, Jose Quevado, Letterio Amadeo, Mario Domenech. A Dark Alley Media DVD.
blues-balls-the-blue-bailey_tn.jpg - Blue's Balls: The Blue Bailey Collection (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Blue’s Balls is the best of Blue Bailey, featuring 5 of the star’s fan-favorite scenes. Starring: Blue Bailey, Owen Hawk, Max Cameron, Adam Russo, Dolf Dietrich, Luke Thomas. A Dark Alley Media DVD.
straight-4-sex_tn.jpg - Straight 4 Sex (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
In a Dark Alley exclusive, watch as Eider Lujan destroys Antonio Miracle’s on-screen cherry in one the most brutal fucks we’ve ever seen. We could have to started him off easy but that’s not the XT way, better to have his hole pulverized by Eider’s gigantic tool! Starring: Max Duran, Eider Lujan, Antonio Aguilera, Sergi Rodriguez, Felipe Ferro, Riccardo, Jose Quevado. A Dark Alley Media DVD.
thirsty-sluts-rfc_tn.jpg - Thirsty Sluts (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Get the hose -- these raw pigs have a THIRST and it's gonna take a lot to quench! Starring: Champ Robinson, Saxon West, Luke Harding, Rikk York, Romero Santos, Dolf Dietrich, Xaivier Arroyo, Tristan Mathews. A Raw Fuck Club / Dark Alley Media DVD.
butt-hurt-rfc_tn.jpg -Butt Hurt (DVD)
Come on and make it Butt Hurt so good! The sexy fuckers in this flick thrive on the pleasure with ass-poking pain. Starring: Adam Russo, Blue Bailey, Kevin Tyler, Dallas Parker, Romance, Austin Dallas, Troy Moreno, Cory Koons. A Raw Fuck Club / Dark Alley Media DVD.
daddy-issues_tn.jpg -Daddy Issues (DVD)
Like father, like son, these sex friends have issues. Daddy Issues is Dark Alley's contribution to hot daddies who love showing boys how men fuck. Daddy Issues features scenes including sexy grown men the likes of Nick Moretti, Adam Russo and Matt Sizemore and jam-packed with sexy young bottoms like Brandon Hawk and Armond Rizzo. Starring: Adam Russo, Lito Cruise, Matt Sizemore, Nick Moretti, Randy Harden, Saxon West, Brandon Hawk, Armond Rizzo, Nick Andrews, Dylan Hyde. A Dark Alley Media DVD.
danger-zone-2_tn.jpg -Danger Zone 2 (DVD)
Raw Fuck Club moves the Danger Zone to seedy, underground San Francisco, where around every corner raw, uninhibited sex runs rampant. Starring: Blue Bailey, Adam Russo, Dylan Hyde, Max Cameron, Sebastian Rios, Max Cameron, Jay Brix, Dylan Strokes, Derrick Hanson, Christian Matthews, Dean Brody. Directed by Nick Moretti. A Raw Fuck Club / Dark Alley Media DVD.
gang-fucked-3-rfc_tn.jpg -Gang Fucked 3 (DVD) Raw Fuck Club
Dark Alley offers up a new sizzling collection of fan favorite gang bang scenes, featuring lucky power bottoms Blue Bailey, Aaron Summers, Blake Daniels. Four hot group scenes are packed with 15 men and over 110 minutes of raw gang banging action. Starring: Jessy Karson, Chase Coxxx, Blake Daniels, Jerry Stearns, Ed Hunter, Blue Bailey, Morgan Black, Dominic Sol, Sebastian Rios, Cole Hudson, AJ Long, Aaron Summer, Derrick Hanson, Adam Gunner, Derek Parker. Directed by Nick Moretti & I. Que Grande. A Raw Fuck Club / Dark Alley Media DVD.
gang-fucked-4_tn.jpg -Gang Fucked 4 (DVD)
Dark Alley Media has done it again, bringing together our best gang fuck and group orgy scenes into one scorching hot compilation DVD with 2 hours of bottom feeding bliss. GANG FUCKED 4 features sexy studs Tate Ryder, Owen Hawk, Blue Bailey, and tons more in 4 chaotic, ass-slamming, deep-fucking action! Starring: Adam Russo, Blue Bailey, Caike, Dario, Dayton O'Connor, Leo, Marcelo, Mastro, Max Cameron, Owen Hawk, Randy Harden, Ryan Jamieson, Tate Ryder. A Raw Fuck Club / Dark Alley DVD.
inside-out-dar-alley_tn.jpg -Inside Out (DVD) Dark Alley
Matthias Von Fistenberg takes us to Spain and assembles a fresh gang of horned-up muscle pigs. These studs love to fuck, but they are not satisfied unless their asses are filled with FIST. Starring: Tommy Hawk, Geoff Paine, Jeff Stronger, John Rodriguez, Max Toro, Ansony, Thor Larson. A Dark Alley DVD.
load-em-up-da_tn.jpg -Load Em Up! (DVD)
From the title you can probably guess the ending to this down n dirty no frills classic from Raw Fuck Club. For those who desire more plot points, check these out: Horse-hung stud Rocco Steele gets a huge surprise when Sexy, Latin freak Alessio Romero lies waiting, horned up and ready to get fucked real nice and hard by Rocco's big cock and his asshole drenched with hot spunk. Luke is face-fucked, manhandled, shackled and hung up on a sling where Adam delivers a goodpounding and drops his load. Champ Robinson gets a taste of what sexy bottom Eli Lewis is serving up and it's tight, hot and dirty. Cutler X and Luke Harding walk into a room and find Eli Lewis and Kyle Ferris in chains, they do what comes naturally.. spank, whip, and take control. Starring: Adam Russo, Alessio Romero, Champ Robinson, Cutler X, Eli Lewis, Luke Harding, Rocco Steele. A Raw Fuck Club / Dark Alley DVD.
meat-dark-alley_tn.jpg -Meat (DVD) Dark Alley
When you’re turned on as fuck, watching porn, all you want is MEAT! Matthias Von Fistenberg’s gathered the horniest, sexiest pigs in town and stuffed MEAT from both ends with the dirtiest, rawest, downright carnal fucking. Starring: Logan Moore, John Rodriguez, Geoff Paine, Joe Gunn, Alejandro Alvarez, Toby Dutch, Raul Korso, Macanao Torres, Tommy Hawk, Raul Korso. A Dark Alley Media DVD.
pure-bred-rfc_tn.jpg -Pure Bred (DVD) Raw Fuck Club
Bad Boy Dayton O'Connor makes his directorial debut for Raw Fuck Club, taking us inside his monthy Puppy Play party "Pure Bred," where the hottest pups and owners meet up for a night of boozed up play. But what happens at the party is just the beginning -- after hours the masks come off and the real animals are let off the leash. Starring: Dayton O’ Connor, Adam Russo, Jeremy Stevens, Jeff Kendall, Dusty Williams, Cy Kohen, Leon Fox, Seth Fisher. A Raw Fuck Club / Dark Alley Media DVD.
rough-ride-da_tn.jpg -Rough Ride (DVD)
Grab your throbbing cock as the hottest, horniest hunks Viktor Rom, Adam Dacre, and Letterio Amadeo give their hungry bottom boys load after load in Rough Ride. Watch cumdumps Ciro, Gaston Croupier, Max Duran, Saxon West, and Sergi Rodriguez take more than they asked for! Starring: Adam Dacre, Ciro, Gaston Croupier, Letterio Amadeo, Martin Mazza, Max Duran, Saxon West, Sergi Rodriguez, Viktor Rom. A Dark Alley DVD.
twisted-dark-alley_tn.jpg -Twisted (DVD) Dark Alley
Straight from Matthias Von Fistenberg’s cum-filled sex dungeon comes the most TWISTED film to date. When jizz-dripping bare cocks aren’t enough, getting knuckle fucked to churn the load will really push you to the point of explosion. (Contains Fisting) Starring: Macanao Torres, John Rodriguez, Geoff Paine, Joe Gunn, Franks Valencia, Letterio Amadeo, Max Duran. A Dark Alley Media DVD.
white-boy-bottom-sluts-2_tn.jpg -White Boy Bottom Sluts 2 (DVD)
Dark Alley Media serves up another collection of slutty white boys and thick cuts of dark meat. Five ass-tearing scenes, including an infamous black cock brigade pillaging Patrick O’ Connor’s little white boy pussy. Latin stud Antonio Biaggi demolishes English lad Caleb Ramble’s ass, power fucking a load of goodness deep inside of him. Chase Coxx lays down the big dick pain-train on Blue Bailey who greedily worships his cock before taking every inch into his tight hole. Ian Jay gets not one but TWO monster pieces of black cock in every hole imaginable. Lito Cruz unleashes his 10 1/2 inch uncut monster for Joshua to suck on before he takes every inch of raw cock up his tight hole. White Boy Bottom Sluts 2 is jam-packed with minute after minute of raw, interracial love. Starring: Antonio Biaggi, Champ Robinson, Paris, Lito Cruz, Red, Romance, Buster Sly, Chase Coxx, Blue Bailey, Patrick O'Connor, Caleb West, Ian Jay, Joshua Chandler. A Dark Alley Media DVD.
after-shock-directors-cut_tn.jpg After Shock (DVD) Director's Cut
Porn star collector Chase Coxxx keeps his bottom bitch Adam Russo locked in his underground dungeon for his own sexual pleasure. Tonight hes going to feed Adam his huge black cock before stuffing his asshole with his meat and plowing the cum into him. Tied up, and waiting for an unknown fucker, hot bottom Jay Brix is fed Jessy Karsons enormous, uncut cock before hes deep inside Jays ass; no lube, no mercy; all pleasure. In a special bonus scene available only in this Director's Cut Edition, Matthias Von Fistenberg gives Sexy fucker Ashley Ryder a deep, dark treat when he opens wide and shows him what a fistmaster can take. The tables turn and the fistmaster shows Ashley what he can do. Starring: Matthias Von Fistenberg, Shane Frost, Antonio Biaggi, Saxon West, Chase Coxxx, Jessy Karson, Adam Russo, Ashley Ryder, Jay Brix, Dominic Sol. A Dark Alley Media DVD.
anal_abyss_dc_tn.jpg Anal Abyss (DVD) Hardcore Director's Cut
Contains Controversial Footage (Watersports). Somewhere in the city is a public toilet, run by an evil man who abducts other men through a hidden trap door into a basement labyrinth where hard and horny prisoners are left to fuck and stretch each others depraved holes in sleazy stalls. But be warned, if a stall is occupied, the next best guy is spontaneously degraded into a living pisser! From the dirty fuck alleys of this sexual abyss there is no escape - unless you survive the full cock-load! Starring Lupus, Jason Keller, Rod Painter, Chris Bee, Mats Riem, Alex, Stefan, Ardago, Leo Yankho. A Wurstfilm / Dark Alley Media DVD.
ass_fucked_wurstfilm_tn.jpg Ass Fucked (DVD)
When these horny men collide for their new feature Ass Fucked, nothing aside from their filthy sex drives and hard throbbing cocks is important. Prime meat lovers, welcome to heaven. Five fuck scenes, two orgies, huge cocks, dildos and a little cigar action to spice things up a bit. Watch these German studs fuck hard and shoot buckets of cum in their dungeon fuck fest! Starring Rod Painter, Fabian Brice, Joshua, Michael Beck, Max, Sid Code, Blau Beard, Cliff Inch, Dark Skin, Gnugo, Je Te, Marc Lowland. Directed by Horst Braun. A Wurstfilm / Dark Alley Media DVD.