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Daddy Gay Videos & Older Men

cocked-and-loaded-hdk-tn Cocked and Loaded (DVD) Bareback
A DADDY DUNGEON GANG BANG FUCK of historic orgy proportions! Michael McKey, the legendary director of hardcore porn and the father of modern day barebacking films, has returned after a 3 year absence with perhaps the greatest barebacking film of his career. A true, all RAW, DADDY BEAR, GANG BANG FUCK FEST! COCKED AND LOADED features 7 hot Daddies fucking 1 lucky bottom boy . . . A total cast of 8 ass plowing, cum eating studs, fucking non-stop for 80 minutes all for your pleasure. Starring Bo Wrangler, R.J. Giorgio, Buck Shafter, Leatherbear, Leather Cub, Dick Pierce and Jean Luc. Directed by Michael McKey. A Hot Desert Knights DVD.
cocksucking-dads-bacchus-tn Cocksucking Dads (DVD) 5 Hrs
After Dad takes out the garbage and fixes cars, he relaxes by sucking a nice hard cock! A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
confessions_dvd_tn.jpg Confessions (DVD)
Frightened of losing his reputation in the village because of his son's debaucheries, Mr. Torrez marches Luc to the school of St. Anselm. With a cast of 17 all male students and a hunky priest, Luc will get much more than religious education. From the Director of "Legionnaires", Jean-Marc Prouver. Filmed Entirely in the United Kingdom. Starring Batian Eade, Alex Jackson, Antonio Lanini, Chip, Antony Romero, Igor, Dan Castillo, Tim Vinzent, Tony Vella, Scott Mann, Cedric Martinez, Ed Miller, Fernando Cinelli, Cicero Romano, Louis French, Simon Brit, Gavin Keen and Billy.
cop_shaft_tn.jpg Cop Shaft (DVD)
Cops hit the bars after work looking for sex! Later, police officer Gustavo Diaz enters a construction site to find construction worker Dain Titus to ask him to move his illegally parked truck. Officer Diaz shoves his hard cop shaft into Titus's hungry mouth, and vice versa. Then Dain tops Diaz, and both uniformed men finish with splooges of hot loads for the camera! Starring Lance Trent, Ray Mercury, Dino Antonelli, Steve Glacier, Jon Cherry, Joshua Sterling, Franco Ostia, Marcus Taylor, Gustavo Diaz and Dain Titus. Directed by Jimmy Z. A Uniform Studios / Video 10 DVD.
cruise_collection_4_tn.jpg Cruise Collection 04 (DVD)
I almost had a heart attack when I opened my front door and saw Kyle standing there. He is such a gorgeous All-American hunk. He knows what he's got and he loves to show it off for the camera. This straight hunk turned out to be a bit curious and ended up sucking me off. I guess he liked it because he went on to do many more gay porn movies under the name Danny Rhymes. Starring Jake Cruise, Danny Rhymes, Caesar Cruise and Steven Richards.
cruise_collection_15_whos_my_tn.jpg Cruise Collection 15: Who's My Daddy? (DVD)
Tommy is a twenty-three year old from Northern California. When he sent me pictures and said he was interested in being on my site, I had him on a flight down to L. A. immediately. This All-American sweetheart is not only one of the hottest men I've ever been with, he is also one of the nicest. Until recently Tommy had never had sex with a man. But to his surprise he found he really liked it. You can see his passion, especially when his raging hormones take over and he rips my shirt off my body. Buttons flew everywhere! A Jake Cruise Original Movies DVD.
Cruise Collection 35: Daddy Fucks Best (DVD)
Watch Jake play with three yound dudes. Three scenes: Kyler and Jake, Ian and Jake and Marc and Jake. A cute stripper, "Watch him give me a lap dance that gets me all horny". A versatile daddy's boy,"It turns out both Ian and I are versatile, so we took turns fucking each other". and a white hot Swede! A Jake Cruise Original Movie. 90 min.
cum_hungry_1_nasty_daddy_tn.jpg Cum Hungry Vol. 1 (DVD)
Nasty Daddy brings you 5 scenes of the sexiest daddies in VERY compromising positions. From the legendary hardcore director Peter Romero cums this piping hot fuck fest "Cum Hungry Volume 1"! Starring Lance Hancock, Ken Mack, Dan Rhodes, Randy Storm, Trevor Belfast, Park Wiley, Tit Pig, Ryan Evans, Geoffrey Paine. Directed by Peter Romero. A Nasty Daddy DVD.
dad-gets-into-trouble_tn.jpg Dad Gets Into Trouble (DVD)
There never was a man like dad! Starring: Allen Silver, Cam Kurtz, Devin Moss, John West, Michael Anthony, Mitch Vaughn, Ross Bailey, Seth Roberts, Spike. A Dragon Media DVD.
dad_takes_a_fishing_trip_tn.jpg Dad Takes a Fishing Trip (DVD)
Intergenerational was never so sensational! In this Ray Dragon/Joe Gage Media feature, acclaimed director Joe Gage takes to the road to explore the lives of a group of men from all walks of life and of all ages as they each experience their own intergenerational date with destiny. Starring Allen Silver, Andrew Justice, Chad Brock, Colton Steele, Dane Hyde, Felix Andrews, Josh West, Justin Taylor, Kain Warn, Ken Mack, Richie Sabatini, Sean Preston. Directed by Joe Gage. A D/G Mutual Media DVD.
dads-a-crackman-2_tn.jpg Dad's A Crackman 2 (DVD)
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These guys don't let being older stop them from being bolder! Daddy is a man with a plan - get all of the hot crack that you can! Starring: Danny, Tanner, Kyle, Luke, Marshall, Chance, Riley, Jesus. A Bacchus DVD.
dads_brief_encounters_2_tn.jpg Dad's Brief Encounters 2 (DVD)
Nothing's sexier than a hot dad in a pair of butt-huggin' tight briefs. These mature hunks will show you what they're made of as they strip down and fuck the younger ones! Full of hot buff men and cute toned twinks, you get a mixture of the very best cause a smokin' hot dad in briefs is the best fuck in town! Starring Joey, Patrick Ives, Steven Richards, Chris Dano, Gino Rotelli, Marshall O'Boy, Tripp Castro, Jacob Slader. A Bacchus DVD.
dads_college_buddies_tn.jpg Dad's College Buddies (DVD)
Mature men sure know how to please each other. Experience the pure sexual heat that only a mature, grown-up man can! Starring Neil Evans, Kent Burke, Patrick Ives, Adrien Hart, Polo, Jay Ross, Steven Richards, Marshall O'Boy. A Bacchus DVD.
dads_doing_dads_4_tn.jpg Dad's Doing Dads 04 (DVD)
Forget the kid stuff.... go for experience...a red-hot daddy! Red-hot daddies have all the fun! Real men get it up and get it on in all mature action that shows just why dads doing dads are so damn fine! Truly, life doesn't begin at 40 like some people say, but it damn sure continues full throttle! Starring Paul Carrigan, Scott Mann, Ethan Cooper, Eric York, Steven Richards, Adrian Hart, Tom Colt, Nick Everwood, Dominic Sondan, Mark Richards. A Bacchus DVD.
daddies_and_pigs_2_tn.jpg Daddies & Pigs 2 (DVD)
Wolfgang Bang has done it again. For part 2 of Daddies & Pigs he has compiled 15 hot fisting studs in the biggest video yet from this first-class director. The result is 2 hours of the hottest hard-core ass-pounding action we have seen in a very long time. Starring: Lyle James, Shawn Islander, Ruben D'Angelo, Rex Armswell, Adam Faust, John Steele, Craig Stowe, Fred Harry, Brad Wilder, Bruce Stanton, Greg Rodgers, Ted Lin. A Spunk Video DVD.
daddies_and_sons_gay_adventures_twink_hunter_tn Daddies & Sons Gay Adventures (DVD)
It's a father and son adventure as dad is robbing the cradle and getting himself some tender, young meat in this all May/December fuck-a-thon that lets daddy be a baddie while horny son goes along for the ride. Starring: Tucker Deep, Dewey Bender, Antonio York, Rico Suave, Ryan Scott. A Twink Hunter / Bacchus DVD.
gay_daddies_sons_adventures_2_bacchus_tn.JPG Daddies & Sons Gay Adventures 2 (DVD)
It's a father and son adventure as dad is robbing the cradle and getting himself some tender, young meat in this all May/December fuck-a-thon that lets daddy be a baddie while horny son goes along for the ride. Starring: Sean Hawk, Andrew Jamerson, Caleb Stone, Mitch Ray, Michael Dick, Ken Burke, Marshall O'Boy, Orion Cross. A Bacchus DVD.
daddies_gone_wild_11_tn Daddies Gone Wild 11 (DVD)
Eight Horny Hunks ready for Action! Starring: Andrea, Anthony, Carl, Clint, Hunter, Peter Moorr, Rambonni, Scott Gable, Tawny. An Older 4 Me DVD.
daddy-dearest-pride_tn.jpg Daddy Dearest (DVD)
When you need in-shape, handsome, masculine 30 and 40 something models, our exclusive daddy collection contains the real studs you crave! A Pride Studios DVD.
daddy_dick_tn Daddy Dick (DVD)
11" Hotrod, 11" LD, 19" exclusive star Enigma, and 9" Kannon lay it down on 4 willing bottoms. Over 40" of thick heavy thug dick also includes crazy facials and pissing. Starring: LD, Twister, Hotrod, Angyl Valentino, Enigma, Obie, Kannon, Isaiah. A Thugoverload DVD.