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Daddy Gay Videos & Older Men

blacks_on_daddies_5_tn.jpg Blacks on Daddies 5 (DVD)
5 hot scenes of older men with chocolate hunks! Starring The General, Daddy Lamar, Coach Daddy, Coach Nick, Rambonni, Mateo, Derek, Hunter, Gary, Carlos, J.C.. A Blacks on Daddies DVD.
bone_mountain_tn.jpg Bone Mountain (DVD)
Don't miss a single minute of the hot,raunchy action when these 7 horny studs spend a weekend together on the side of Bone Mountain. This ass pounding adventure includes plenty of oral, anal and 3-way action to get you going! Starring Luke Cummings, Erik Masters, Brad Ryder, Lucas Ford, Peter Wood, Mario Danza and Sean Bronson. A Tribal Pulse Productions DVD.
boy_from_riodejaniero_dvd_tn.jpg Boy from Rio De Janiero, The (DVD)
It was a poor dirt village when the handsome guy came to town. Soon he would carve a raging pit of passion like these simple villagers had never seen. Erections would rise and fall, semen would spill and every man in the would cum to know the probing tongue of the guy from Rio De Janiero!
brazil_nuts_4_dvd_tn.jpg Brazil Nuts 4 (DVD)
More sexual exploits among those sexy Brazilian hunks! Starring Daniel, Cesar, Wilson and Beto. An Iron Horse DVD.
breaking_em_in_alphamale_tn.jpg Breaking 'Em In (DVD) Dads Fuck Lads
Daddy's home and he's horny! With a fresh batch of young, innocent twinks comes the opportunity to break them in and teach them how to take a real man's cock! Featuring four scenes of filthy older fuckers deflowering young virgin boys, splitting them open and stretching their untouched assholes until the spurt their hot salty loads over the boys' wide-eyed and eager faces! It's a non-stop cherry pop fuckfest, where the men are in control and the boys just have to spread their legs and take it! Starring Eric Angeletti, Freddy Wolf, Ivan Rueda, J.P. Dubois, Nathan Price, Thierry Lamasse, Thierry Schaffauser. Directed by Dan Vee. An Alphamale Media / Dads Fuck Lads DVD.
bringing_up_daddy_dvd_tn.jpg Bringing Up Daddy (DVD)
When Daddy Comes Home-The Fun Begins! Come one? come all? Daddies and guys near and far will certainly appreciate this collection of daddies-in-charge and the eager, young studs ready to please. Starring Mike Anthony, Adam Sheridan, Clint Benedict, Marco Antonelli, Kirk Reed and Rob Cryston.
broke-str8boys-bacchus-tn Broke Str8boys (DVD)
$24.88 $21.88 On Sale!
Even if you're straight, you gotta pay the freight.If you got no money,find yourself an older honey who is willing to foot the bills for a broke ass straight boy who can swing both ways. Letting dad suck your rocket puts money in your pocket! Starring: Andrew Jamerson, Antonio York, Brandon Paradise, Brett Anderson, Daniel St. James, Josh Dean, Kyle Foxxx, Micah Lawrence, Rico Suave, Sean Hawk. A Bacchus DVD.
capoeira_5_tn.jpg Capoeira 05 (DVD)
Perfecting the manly art of . . . Perfect sex! Starring Roberto, Gabriel, Marcio, Paulo, Renato, Flavio, Gabriel, Paulo and George. Directed by Luis Prieta. A Black & Tan/French Connection DVD.
capoeira_11_tn.jpg Capoeira 11 (DVD)
No thugs, no gangstas, just the hottest, most beautiful black men in the Southern Hemisphere. Experience the perfecting of man's primitive sexuality! Starring Daniel, Paulo, Jackson, Andre, Carlos, Fabiano and Josuiel. A French Connection/Black & Tan DVD.
casey_at_bat_tn.jpg Casey At Bat (DVD)
4 hours of Casey O'Brien's ball-handling! Balls on the chin swing low! Starring Casey O'Brien, Chris Parker, Ra Richards, Ricky Paz, Frank Sterling, Karl Radford, KC West, Eric Di Giorgio, Daniel Corona and more. A Vivid Man 4-Hour DVD.
cock_hungry_dads_tn.jpg Cock Hungry Dads (DVD)
Five scenes featuring daddy-type men! Starring Parker Williams, Mick Powers, Damian Ford, Adam Faust, Jarrod Steel, Dillon Press, Andrew Addams, Tom Moore, Caesar Mancinni and more. A U.S. Male DVD.
cocked-and-loaded-hdk-tn Cocked and Loaded (DVD) Bareback
$39.88 $12.88 On Sale!
A DADDY DUNGEON GANG BANG FUCK of historic orgy proportions! Michael McKey, the legendary director of hardcore porn and the father of modern day barebacking films, has returned after a 3 year absence with perhaps the greatest barebacking film of his career. A true, all RAW, DADDY BEAR, GANG BANG FUCK FEST! COCKED AND LOADED features 7 hot Daddies fucking 1 lucky bottom boy . . . A total cast of 8 ass plowing, cum eating studs, fucking non-stop for 80 minutes all for your pleasure. Starring Bo Wrangler, R.J. Giorgio, Buck Shafter, Leatherbear, Leather Cub, Dick Pierce and Jean Luc. Directed by Michael McKey. A Hot Desert Knights DVD.
cocksucking-dads-bacchus-tn Cocksucking Dads (DVD) 5 Hrs
After Dad takes out the garbage and fixes cars, he relaxes by sucking a nice hard cock! A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
confessions_dvd_tn.jpg Confessions (DVD)
$49.88 $15.00 On Sale!
Frightened of losing his reputation in the village because of his son's debaucheries, Mr. Torrez marches Luc to the school of St. Anselm. With a cast of 17 all male students and a hunky priest, Luc will get much more than religious education. From the Director of "Legionnaires", Jean-Marc Prouver. Filmed Entirely in the United Kingdom. Starring Batian Eade, Alex Jackson, Antonio Lanini, Chip, Antony Romero, Igor, Dan Castillo, Tim Vinzent, Tony Vella, Scott Mann, Cedric Martinez, Ed Miller, Fernando Cinelli, Cicero Romano, Louis French, Simon Brit, Gavin Keen and Billy.
cop_daddies_playtime_dvd_tn.jpg Cop Daddies Playtime (DVD)
Cops who want cock meat. . . Anal, oral, whatever. Masculine men: hard meat, sweaty chests, tight asses. See how real cops enjoy sex after work. . . The real way! Starring Clay Russell, Eric York, Zack, Rob Jones, Derk Walker and Anthony DiMarco. A Jet Set DVD.
cop_shaft_tn.jpg Cop Shaft (DVD)
Cops hit the bars after work looking for sex! Later, police officer Gustavo Diaz enters a construction site to find construction worker Dain Titus to ask him to move his illegally parked truck. Officer Diaz shoves his hard cop shaft into Titus's hungry mouth, and vice versa. Then Dain tops Diaz, and both uniformed men finish with splooges of hot loads for the camera! Starring Lance Trent, Ray Mercury, Dino Antonelli, Steve Glacier, Jon Cherry, Joshua Sterling, Franco Ostia, Marcus Taylor, Gustavo Diaz and Dain Titus. Directed by Jimmy Z. A Uniform Studios / Video 10 DVD.
cops_and_throbbers_dvd_tn.jpg Cops and Throbbers (DVD)
You can't avoid the long arm of the law in a town where hot, prowling cops get their man and get him good! Starring Scott Hardman, Todd Griffin, Kirk Reed, Rich Callin, Cesar Cruz, Tucker, Mike Thicke, Craig Masters, Duke and Erik Ludwig.
cruise_collection_4_tn.jpg Cruise Collection 04 (DVD)
I almost had a heart attack when I opened my front door and saw Kyle standing there. He is such a gorgeous All-American hunk. He knows what he's got and he loves to show it off for the camera. This straight hunk turned out to be a bit curious and ended up sucking me off. I guess he liked it because he went on to do many more gay porn movies under the name Danny Rhymes. Starring Jake Cruise, Danny Rhymes, Caesar Cruise and Steven Richards.
cruise_collection_15_whos_my_tn.jpg Cruise Collection 15: Who's My Daddy? (DVD)
Tommy is a twenty-three year old from Northern California. When he sent me pictures and said he was interested in being on my site, I had him on a flight down to L. A. immediately. This All-American sweetheart is not only one of the hottest men I've ever been with, he is also one of the nicest. Until recently Tommy had never had sex with a man. But to his surprise he found he really liked it. You can see his passion, especially when his raging hormones take over and he rips my shirt off my body. Buttons flew everywhere! A Jake Cruise Original Movies DVD.
Cruise Collection 35: Daddy Fucks Best (DVD)
Watch Jake play with three yound dudes. Three scenes: Kyler and Jake, Ian and Jake and Marc and Jake. A cute stripper, "Watch him give me a lap dance that gets me all horny". A versatile daddy's boy,"It turns out both Ian and I are versatile, so we took turns fucking each other". and a white hot Swede! A Jake Cruise Original Movie. 90 min.