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~Crossing The Line: Cop Shack 2 (DVD) Removed

"Crossing the Line: Cop Shack 2" continues to offer the sexual exploits of a small town police department. The men in blue cross that noted line, and rather than something in the plot, it's actually Joe Gage's quality bar. It's set so incredibly high by this master director, but the guys all make sure to clear it, and by a mile. Their deadpan serious faces try to hide their fiery sexual natures, but the latter wins out in the end.

Besides needing the sex that all cops in sleepy Santa Mira, California need as per this flick, there are other necessities. Officers Diesel Washington and Trey Casteel make a trip to Patrick O'Connor's uniform shop. Enormously tall and muscled Diesel has to be measured, and Trey wants to watch because he has a fitting coming up. Bespectacled adorable Patrick is awfully thorough with his tape measure, particularly the in-seam. Why are his pants so snug? Oh, it must be that gigantic cock poking around. What is Patrick to do when almost poked in the face with its full size? Suck it! After much thought (too much, if you ask me), he goes in for a galloping swallow. Watching this wonderful blowjob, Trey flips his cock out and watches patiently. With the foaming lather Patrick is working up on just Diesel's dick, he definitely has the spunk to handle another. He's greedy in the best way possible, keeping his hand on one while he sucks the other to the fullest. Trey soon joins Patrick on the floor, the two sharing towering Diesel. It's then super-hunky brunet Trey's chance to shine, easily sucking both dicks. The smaller hairy Patrick is no doubt destined for some heavy fucking, so Diesel and Trey prep his ass with full-tilt rimjobs. After all three guys cum (with Trey hitting his face with errant flies of his shot), Patrick indeed bottoms. He starts by riding on Diesel, slamming down all the way on Diesel's majestic cock and bouncing up to the top. With his own hard dick flapping around, he makes getting skewered by Diesel look not only absolutely pleasurable, but a breeze as well! Diesel beckons to Trey, who takes a ride next. Just as perfectly, Trey is able to bound the length of it, and with tons of power. Diesel and Trey take turns fucking Patrick, an accommodating bottom to these beefcake supremes. In the end, it's Trey getting fucked by Diesel and sucking Patrick who cums again first. Patrick needs another round with Diesel to finish himself off, especially after Diesel's big second load.

Pretty blond Leah Wilde finds her car stolen! Goateed detective Scott Wilde is there to question her and her boyfriend, muscular Logan Robbins, in just a towel. The latter is fascinated by Scott and then has to take off his towel to help tell the story of what happened. Sporting a Superman tattoo on one arm and a bit of hair on his torso, he's awfully hot for his girlfriend and doesn't mind getting hard in front of the cop. He refuses to stop this overt flirting, and once Scott is getting noticeably hard, Leah flashes her pussy in his direction. She is completely shaved and proud of it. Finally, Scott shows his tall long hardon. He and Logan can only beat off for so long, so Leah fetchingly assists by blowing Logan. Scott slowly makes his way over to the couple and nervously helps out with the blowjob. Leah and Scott work together quite well and Scott's stony demeanor begins to dissipate under her tutelage. Scott retires to the couch where Leah crawls over to suck him solo. Her devoted mouth and feisty hand have Logan all in a dither and he soon blasts clear across the carpet. Scott has a small thank-you cum-shot for Leah and then Logan orders Leah to pull out her strap-on dildo. Apparently she and Logan are quite well-versed in using it, as she confidently sends it smoothly into Scott's ass. Logan's dick occupies Scott's mouth as Leah fucks Scott's tight ass. She's even better dildo-fucking Logan briefly before Scott gets to hammer her pussy. Scott looks very comfortable sticking it to Leah's now wide-open hole, but it's Logan who is the firebrand. When he fucks her, it's instant chemistry and he can even suck Scott while doing it. In the ever-changing positions here, Scott buries his face in Leah's crotch as Logan fucks him. Real cock seems to work better for Scott than the fake one. Logan has a second mind-blowing creaming on Scott's back and then Scott rattles off an over-handed shot on Leah's stomach. Oh, and as for the car? In afterglow, Scott receives a call from the station. Apparently Logan's car had a slew of unpaid tickets and it wasn't stolen, but towed! That's what happens when you luxuriate in long sex sessions! You forget to feed the meter.

At the actual chow house cop shack, the new boy on the force, Jason Ridge, gets to meet some of his fellow officers, bald goateed Nick Horn, shaved-headed pale Steve Trevor and sexy-eyed dark Jon Matthews. Introductions here come in the form of hard cocks popped out of polyester pants. Always hungry for cock, Nick is first on his knees, giving Steve's fat dick an excellent deep-throat and managing Jon's just as easily. Nick challenges himself by going back and forth on the guys, always making sure they hit the back of his throat with every swallow. It's then Jason's turn to meet the fellas, so he hits the floor and starts sucking. Joining the quartet for an even five is Alex Brawley, one of the hottest players, a rugged guy with an incredibly physique and sex appeal enough for two men. Jason gives Trevor's cock a good deep-throat, and ably handles Jon's when they are joined by hairy prince Collin O'Neal and the ever-boyish Dean Tucker. Jason has his mouth full with Steve, Jon and Alex, so Dean works on Collin's impressive meat. Nick comes to join the parade at Jason's hardworking mouth, so Dean makes himself work doubly as hard with only Collin to gulp. Uniforms are halfway removed as condoms are slipped on hard cocks. Jason is put on the table and one by one, his new friends take turns. Jon is up first, slowly entering into Jason and starting things off with a well-placed moderate fuck. Expert Jason has no problem taking Jon all the way, even with a bit of fun speed that Jon adds. Big Steve takes over, starting with more power and roaring around with a nastier fuck. He lets go so Nick can have his turn, stylishly and aggressively. By this point, Dean has mounted Collin to ride that rock-hard pole, sitting only feet away from Jason's welcoming ass. As Dean continues to slither up and down Collin, more bottoms are added to the mix. Steve picks up where he left off on Jason, this time missionary, and Alex gets to take Nick. It's done in gorgeous fashion too, with Dean and Collin at the center, the other couples leaning into them with their own paces and sounds. Dean silently shoots with Collin thrusting up at him and that starts a chain reaction. Steve shoots on Jason's back and Collin has one of his super-amazing geysers near Jason's face. Nick tosses off on Alex's ass and then solitary Jon has a biggie. That leaves two guys not finished, so the increasingly beefy Jason fucks Alex. He was darn fine as a bottom, but he's just as good topping, especially with a pro like Alex on the receiving end. It doesn't take Alex long to finish at all, so newbie Jason gets the last shot.

DVD features: Chapters; cum-shots chapter; behind the scenes footage; gallery; photoshoot footage; trailers ("Cop Shack on the 101," "Back to Barstow" and "110� in Tucson"); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).

A DVD Review by Brent Blue ( )

*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***

Starring Alex Brawley, Diesel Washington, Trey Casteel, Nick Horn, Jon Matthews, Patrick O'Connor, Collin O'Neal, Jason Ridge, Logan Robbins, Steve Trevor, Dean Tucker, Scott Wilde and Leah Wilde.

Directed by Joe Gage.

A Titan Media DVD.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

~Crossing The Line: Cop Shack 2 (DVD) Removed Write a review | No reviews for this product.

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Write a review | No reviews for this product.