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Colt Studios DVD

armour_colt_tn.jpg Armour (DVD)
ARMOUR - Invokes feelings of attraction and strength! This all-new COLT Feature depicts a man's lustful desire through the chiseled armor of a Man's hard, muscled exterior. It's a place where hot and steamy fantasies are as unlimited as the lustful imaginations of the COLT Men who embody them. Starring: Adam Champ, Bob Hager, Dirk Caber, Dolan Wolf, Jake Genesis, Jessy Ares, Wilfried Knight. A Colt DVD.
beg_for_it_buckshot_tn.jpg Beg For It (DVD) Colt
Hey boy! Yeah I’m talking to you! I’ve seen you giving me the eye. Turn around and show me your sweet tight butt. Yeah boy! I like that and I’ve got just the tool for you. You know you want it. You better show me how bad you want it... show me how bad you need it. Get down on your knees, boy! Look me in the eye... now Beg for It! Starring Ryan Raz, Derek Nicks, Hayden Stephens, Lucky Daniels, Nash Lawler, Phillipe Delvaux, Romario Faria, Vince Ferelli. Directed by Kristofer Weston. A Buckshot Productions / Colt Studio DVD.

boy_country_buckshot_tn.jpg Boy Country (DVD)
A lakeside summer barbecue, and hot young boys all packing some major meat - it's the perfect recipe for hot and sizzling summer fun. The mountain air is intoxicating as these young men lose themselves in what can only be described as Boy Country. Starring: Bobby Clark, Andrew Blue, Arthur Gordon, Colton Steele, David West, Guy Parker, Matthias Vannelli, Trystian Sweet. Directed By: Kristofer Weston. A Buckshot Productions / Colt Studio DVD.
dual-colt_tn.jpg Dual: Taking It Like a Man (DVD)
"Highly, Highly Recommended. An astonishing effort and gets my vote for one of the best COLT flicks ever. It has everything I've come to expect from COLT: No chitchat. No skinny guys. No bullshit. Just muscle. And sex. The concept here is simple, two spectacular muscle guys going for broke sexually in each scene." - Butch Harris, Starring Carlo Masi, Skye Woods, Jake Andrews, Karim, Chris Wide, Gage Weston and Luke Garrett. Directed by John Rutherford. A Colt Studios DVD.

hard_studies_tn.jpg Hard Studies (DVD)
"Highly, Highly Recommended. Campus life is rife with distractions, but as interruptions go, there's probably nothing more discombobulating that watching your roommate stomp rampantly erect through your apartment on a condom hunt. So, it isn't attention-deficit disorder that our hero here suffers from, it's being surrounded by a bevy of hot men and not managing to hook up with any of them. Even so, he does manage to rub one out on his own in pretty short order. Since all of that happens in the first few minutes of this thrill ride, it's a good idea to pace yourself while watching -- because frankly, your heart may not be able to take it. A large portion of the credit belongs to its star, Brian Hansen. Brian's tight, diminutive frame packs a huge wallop, and the opener is only a small taste of what's to come in the amazing finale!" - Martin Cox, Starring Brian Hansen, Park Wiley, Josh Weston, Hank Dutch, Diego De La Hoya, Brock Hatcher, Ken Browning, Adam Dexter, Alex Cobel, Danny Roddick and Alex Chandler. Directed by Kristofer Weston (a.k.a. Steve Landess). A Buckshot Productions / Colt Studios DVD.

hard_wood_colt_tn Hard Wood (DVD) Colt
Award-winning director John Rutherford guides you deep into the back woods, to a hidden cabin get-away where manly lust awaits. It's a place where a man can strip away his clothes and be at one with nature, a place to get in-touch with his deepest primal urges! Starring: Mike Matters, Brenden Cage, Dominic Valentine, Ethan Hudson, Gabriel Lenfant, John Sebastian, Marc Vallint, Marko Lebeau. Directed by: John Rutherford. A Colt DVD.
heavy-lifting-colt_tn.jpg Heavy Lifting (DVD)
The Men of Olympus are hard working studs who are not afraid to get a little down-n-dirty on the job. With firm muscle-bound bodies and packing large uncut tools between their legs, these men get the job done right the first time. Manual labor never looked so good. Starring: Arny Donan, Emilio Guardi, Gregory Luck, Jimmy Slavich, Lance Seawell, Paul Fresh, Scott Dermitt, Theo Ford. An Olympus / Colt Studios DVD.
hot_bods_colt_tn.jpg Hot Bods (DVD)
Is it hot enough for ya? What's that? You like it hot? Well, so do we! Here at Colt Studio Group we like all things hot. We like fiery hot intensity... blazing hot action... and of course, smokin' Hot Bods! Starring Nate Karlton, Danny Drake, Carlo Masi, Arthur Gordon, Berke Banks, Mitch Branson, Adam Champ. Directed by John Rutherford. A Colt Studio DVD.

impulsive-buckshot_tn.jpg Impulsive (DVD) Buckshot
They say that idle hands are the devil's playthings. Bored and with nothing to do, sexy young Buckshot studs Drake Wild and Ryan Lynch suddenly receive a tantalizing text message from a friend saying "We're having sex… lots and lots of sex". With mischief on their minds they decide to check it out. When they arrive on the scene they find exactly what they were promised. A house full of hot young guys in every room having lots and lots of hot and wild sex. Drake and Ryan realize they've SCORED big and join in on the fun. Have you SCORED today? Starring: Dylan Roberts, Alex Summers, Nick Ford, Cameron Marshall, Alex Andrews, Dante Sabel, Christopher Daniels, Valentin Petrov. A Buckshot DVD.
leather_bound_colt_tn.jpg LeatherBound (DVD) Colt Studios
What happens when a curious guy who's never been inside a leather shop finally gets the nerve to go inside? That's the premise behind Dean Phoenix's visit to Mr. S Leather, one of the world's best known leather shops, as shown in Buckshot Productions' LeatherBound. Dean has the experience of a lifetime, with nine other leather men, and it's an experience that'll moisten crotches and stiffen cocks on more than just dedicated leather fans! Starring Dean Phoenix, Arpad Miklos, Joey Milano, Pierro Sias, Gus Mattox, Sam Shadon, Troy Punk, Matthew Green and Jason Crew.
lucky_dreams_buckshot_tn Lucky Dreams (DVD)
When you close your eyes, do you always dream of hot naked guys? Always hard, always hung and always horny for each other? Do you see yourself getting in on the action? Do you imagine yourself getting lucky with these hot young studs? Well then open your eyes to all your dreams come true - Lucky Dreams! Starring: Lucky Daniels, A.J. Irons, Alex Eden, Devin Moss, Dominik Rider, Jacob Marteny, Tyler Andrews, Zac Blake. Directed by: Max Phillips. A Buck Shot DVD.
man_tricks_colt_tn Man Tricks (DVD)
Come for the men... stay for the Man Tricks. Confident and secure and brimming with sexuality, a Colt man is the untamed essence of male desire. Just below that handsome and rugged demeanor are an urge so strong and a desire that runs deep. A Colt man knows what he needs, and he knows he needs to get it from another Colt man. Award-winning director John Rutherford brings you the hot and heavy hook ups... the passionate man-on-man encounters... and the hedonistic pleasures of men. Starring: Nate Karlton, Aaron Cage, Andreas Cavalli, Brenden Cage, Kristian Alvarez, Marko Lebeau, Mitch Branson, Vince Lambert. Directed by: John Rutherford. A Colt DVD.
Manly Heat: Quenched (DVD)
"Highly, Highly Recommended. All the hot, dry desert scenes of Scorched have their antidote with the first scene of Quenched, which shows an expanse of beautiful blue water upon which a big pleasure craft is happily chugging along. If the men in Scorched seemed to be working to bring life to their desert milieu, the men of Quenched are reveling in it - well, in life and in each other." - Martin Cox, Starring Brian Hansen, Brad Patton, Corbin Michaels, Matt Cole, Joey Jordan, Colby Taylor and Jherrad Lopez. Directed by Kristofer Weston (a.k.a. Steve Landess). A Buckshot Productions / Colt Studios DVD.

Manly Heat: Scorched (DVD)
"Highly, Highly Recommended. A starkly beautiful desert panorama sets the tone for the opening, with the lifeless aridity of the desert brought to vivid life by Josh Weston and Antton Harri, whose buff, perfect bodies are warmed by blazing sun. Josh and Antton make things even hotter with their sexual versatility. Both dudes are eager, expert cocksuckers, and even though Josh drops to his knees first to gobble down Antton's juicy, uncut meat, Antton matches him lick for lick when he gets a chance at Josh's raging hardon." - Martin Cox, Starring Josh Weston, Antton Harri, Simon Angel, Niko, Jesse Balboa, Jeremy Jordan, Jason Hawke and Niko Reeves. Directed by Kristofer Weston. A Colt Studios / Buckshot Productions DVD.

massive_colt_tn.jpg Massive (DVD) Colt
"Highly, Highly Recommended. Director John Rutherford gets right to the good stuff in the all-sex 'Massive' which has some familiar COLT beefcake mixing it up with some very hot new talent. In the opener, hunky office worker Darin Hawk is lucky enough to be graced with the presence of hot delivery stud Ricky Parks. The pen and clipboard Ricky holds are forgotten when he and Darin start to kiss, and can these two dudes lock lips - the kissing is almost the best part of the scene (almost)." - Martin Cox, Starring Adam Champ, Darin Hawk, Mickey Gunz, Mitch Branson, Ricky Parks and Skye Woods. Directed by John Rutherford. A Colt Studios DVD.

masterstrokes_dvd_tn.jpg Master Strokes (DVD)
A Colt DVD. Give yourself a Quartet of Lust! Film 4: an innocent-faced but very willing young man becomes the fantasy plaything of a gang of the brawniest, raunchiest leatherstuds ever assembled. By the time it?s over, ?cum-drenched? takes on a whole new meaning! Starring Vicent Kulinsky, Caio Garcia, Alex Villaboas, Allan Worth, Carlos Nucci, Gustavo Franco, Walter Soares, Dan Scarpa, Clovis Arnaud, Jaime Ayres, Henry Baynes and Lucas Canigia.

muscle_ranch_dvd_tn.jpg Muscle Ranch (DVD)
When superstud rancher Ed Dinakos sees an intriguing photo contained in a farmhand job application - well, you'd better stand back and get ready for some explosive, all-male sexual fireworks! Incredible Jake Tanner is the man who ignites the fuse in Muscle Ranch - and buddy, it don't get hotter'n this.

muscle-ridge_tn.jpg Muscle Ridge (DVD)
Deep in the woods under the dense canopy of the trees, our COLT Men know how to have a good time. Stripped down and free to indulge in their primal urges, the COLT Men of MUSCLE RIDGE enjoy the great outdoors as only real men can. Starring: Tate Ryder, Trenton Ducati, Adam Champ, Dolan Wolf, JR Bronson, Tom Wolfe, Liam Magunson, Brayden Forrester. A Colt Studios DVD.
muscle_up_colt_tn.jpg Muscle Up! (DVD) Colt Studios
"Highly, Highly Recommended. No one does muscle better than COLT, as far as I'm concerned, and "Muscle Up!" greatly enhances their already stellar reputation. The cast is, to a man, superb. Led by brawny stud Carlo Masi, and the diversity of the rest of the cast is also welcome, with men like Lee Young and Adam Dexter featured in spotlight-stealing roles. The setting, a beautiful resort in Palm Springs, should be considered the tenth cast member, as it's intrinsic to the overall success of the scenes." . . . Martin Cox, Starring Dave Angelo (a.k.a. Kevin Kirby), Edu Boxer, Mike Dasher, Adam Dexter, Carlo Masi, Chris Wide, Roger Danik (a.k.a. Nick Lord, Big Roger), Pierro Sias and Lee Young. Directed by John Rutherford.

paradise_found_tn.jpg Paradise Found (DVD) Colt
"Highly, Highly Recommended. This is one of those packages that brings out the 'be still my heart' mode in your reviewer: While the front cover features the adorable up-and-coming preppy Zack Randall, it's the back cover that made me little heart go pitter-patter! There in his extraordinarily masculine glory, in Speedos that promise all that he is later to deliver to Mr. Randall, is the exquisite Dean Phoenix, back again for another sexual romp, this time with a bunch of other guys at a resort that may want to try to get you to relax - if it will only leave your dick alone." - Bo Champion, Starring Dean Phoenix, Zack Randall, Antton Harri, Kane O'Farrell, Tory Mason, Jason Ridge, Toby O'Connor, Alex Chandler. Directed by Kristofer Weston. A Colt Studios / Buckshot Productions DVD.