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Cocksure Men

raw-of-ages-csm_tn Raw of Ages (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Men of all ages love hot, raw, sex. From a young Martin Polnak to a mature Stan Simons, these 8 studs fuck raw for us. Starring: Brick Morewood, Diego Canales, Dom Ully, Geoffrey Lloyd, Martin Dajnar, Martin Polnak, Max Bourne, Stan Simons. A Cocksure Men DVD.
pumped-raw-csm_tn Pumped Raw (DVD)
Men go to the gym and get pumped up. With bulging biceps and hard cocks, these eight hunks are eager to pump and be pumped — RAW. Starring: Erik Spector, Marek Tanker, Martin Polnak, Omar Radek, Oscar Kovak, Paul Fresh, Stan Simons, Thomas Ride. A Cocksure Men DVD.
raw-in-the-bushes-csm_tn -Raw in the Bushes (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
It’s a warm sunny day. Guys are horny as hell and they need hot bareback action. These studs know what to do and head to the park. They find each other, raw and ready for a good bareback fuck — in the bushes. Starring: Arnold Veransk, James Elster, Petr Oteo, Ryan Mondo, Tomas Decastro, Will Simon. A Cocksure Men DVD.
abs-fab-csm_tn Abs Fab (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Who has the better abs - Mitch Vaughn or Riley Price? Who cares when cocks, mouths, fingers and asses are used to stimulate total hotness by both guys. JR Matthews and Jay Roberts have astounding bodies that look chiseled from stone, plus big, thick cocks. Thank heavens we got to see these two passionately kiss, suck, rim and fuck, resulting in awesome cum shots by both. For his debut on Cocksure Men Mike Anders requested Bo Dean, and when we say this one should be called Fuck of the Titans, we're not kidding. Shay Michaels is a BEAST and John magnum is hiss latest prey. An Aggressive battle for dominance begins, and suffice to say, both sides are plenty happy with the white, sticky results. Plus a special bonus scene - the legendary Seth Sweet (aka Hayden Stephens) gives a guided tour of one of the hottest bods in the biz, and then works his enormous hoard-on in an amazing solo scene. Starring: Bo Dean, John Magnum, JR Matthews, Mike Anders, Mitch Vaughn, Riley Price, Seth Sweet, Shay Michaels. A Cocksure Men DVD.
barebacking_fuck_buddies_4_tn.jpg Barebacking Fuck Buddies 04 (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
It's been a while since Tristan and his buddy DJ have gotten together and they are ready to make up for lost time. Both take notice of each other's incredible physiques since they've last seen each other; Tristan with a gym body and DJ lean and cut. It's each other's cocks they anxiously want to get reacquainted with the most. The men unleash their swords and swallow them down. Rock hard, Tristan eats DJ's ass, priming it for the drilling, which he then provides. Starring Tristan Baldwin, DJ Mann, Shawn Hunter, Park Wiley, Pat Bateman, Blake Carson, Zane Reynolds, Rusty Stevens. Directed by Jake Cruise. A Cocksure Men DVD.
barebacking_fuck_buddies_5_tn.jpg Barebacking Fuck Buddies 05 (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Eleven well-built, muscular, masculine, and very horny young hunks in over 2 hours of intense dick sucking and butt fucking action...bareback. Starring Zack Cook, Blake Carson, Shawn Hunter, Rusty Stevens, Ryan Buckley, Duke Lewis, Brock Armstrong, Jonny Magnum, Enrique Currero, Collin, Hurley. Directed by Jake Cruise. A Cocksure Men DVD.
barebackfuck_buddies_6_csm_6_tn.jpg Barebacking Fuck Buddies 06 (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
4 couples in 2 hours of HOT BAREBACK ACTION. Starring: Tex Gemmell, Tristan Baldwin, Shawn Hunter, Giovanni Summers, Brent Biscayne. A Cocksure Men DVD.
barebacking_fuck_buddies_8_tn.jpg Barebacking Fuck Buddies 08 (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Cocksure Men brings us some new bareback sex in Barebacking Fuck Buddies 8. You won't want to miss Bo Dean, Seth Sweet, DJ Mann, Tyler Ford, Park Wiley, Hayden Russo, and Vance Crawford all fucking each other raw. Starring: Bo Dean, D.J. Mann, Hayden Russo, Park Wiley, Seth Sweet, Tyler Ford, Vance Crawford. Directed by: Jake Cruise. A Cocksure Men DVD.
barebacking_fuck_buddies_10_tn.jpg Barebacking Fuck Buddies 10 (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
The four scenes featured here were all shot within a 17-day period at the height of summer - certainly one of the steamiest summers on record. Starring: Ali, Jackson Klein, Jake Andrews, Jason Phoenix, Rick McCoy, Shane Wright. Directed by: Jake Cruise. A Cocksure Men DVD.
barebacking-fuck-buddies-14_tn.jpg Barebacking Fuck Buddies 14 (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
All-American muscle stud Dustin Tyler and hugely hung Lucas Knight are co-workers taking a break, and like most working men, they lose the clothes and Dustin starts fucking Lucas bareback, doggy style. Dustin then bends Lucas over a container and continues mercilessly ramming the stud's ass. Later, Lucas slowly sits on Dustin's raw cock, and rides it as he strokes his own tool. Starring: Adam Sins, Devan Bryant, Dustin Tyler, Heath Anthony, Lucas Knight, Luke, Marty Loket, Patrick O'Connor. A Cocksure Men DVD.
barebacking-fuck-buddies-16_tn.jpg Barebacking Fuck Buddies 16 (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Fuck buddies get to the bareback action in many ways. For Antonio Miracle watching handsome Mario Domenech reading, wearing nothing but a sexy pair of black briefs, sparks Antonio's interest, and instinctively he moves his hand inside his own identical black briefs. It doesn't take long before Mario's books and both pairs of briefs are history, and the tattooed love studs embark on an ultra-hot fuckfest! Starring: Antonio Miracle, David Lambert, Ivan Jizera, Karel Jozef, Mario Domenech, Patrick Tyson, Scotty Rage, Sean Robson. A Cocksure Men DVD.
barebacking-fuck-buddies-20_tn.jpg Barebacking Fuck Buddies 20 (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Starring: Cody Donal, Erik Spector, Ivo Kerk, Marek Tanker, Martin Dajnar, Petr Oteo, Thomas Ride, Tom Paris. A Cocksure Men DVD.
barebacking_fuck_buddies_3_tn.jpg Barebacking Fuck Buddies 03 (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
What a pairing we've got this week. Our latest sensation, Lance Bennett, gets to fuck one of our most popular models ever, Seth Sweet. Don't worry, it's ok to be jealous - we are too. Lance is an absolute cutie and has a beautiful ripped and lean body. Seth is quite the hunk himself and sports a huge tool. It's easily one of the thickest we've ever had the honor of bringing you. They kiss, frott, suck, and fuck their way to a nice sticky facial. Starring Seth Sweet, Jeremy Bilding, Brenden Cage, Dexter, Lance Bennett, Mario Yanko, Brock Armstrong, Enrique Currero. Directed by Jake Cruise. A Cocksure Men DVD.
big_cocks_rock_cocksure_tn.jpg Big Cocks Rock (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Got a big cock but not sure what to do with it? Starring: Ari Sylvio, Drew Cutler, Guy Jones, Kevin Crows, Matt Kasey, Matthew Singer, Mike Martinez, Mitch Vaughn, Spencer Reed. Director: Jake Cruise. A Cocksure Men DVD.
big_cocks_rock_2_tn.jpg Big Cocks Rock 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
If you like your men big below the waist, you've come to the right place. Trevor Knight uses his ginormous cock of steel to probe deep inside Ty Roderick. And there are 3 cum shots for the price of 2! Now that's value! Starring: Boston Miles, Criss Strokes, Jeremy Stevens, Mike DeMarko, Trenton Ducati, Trevor Knight, Ty Roderick, Valentin Petrov. A Cocksure Men DVD.
big-cocks-rock-3_tn.jpg Big Cocks Rock 3 (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
After waiting a year, Mike De Marko finally gets fucked by Derek Parker, and the wait was well worth it. Mike blows his load while still getting slammed in the ass! John Magnum and Valentine Petrov compare their giant sized dicks, then John takes Valentin up the ass until they both pop big, sticky loads. Tommy Defendi and Leo Domenico kiss passionately then get down to business, with Leo pounding his huge tool inside Tommy’s tight, welcoming ass. Leo does such a great job Tommy shoots two creamy loads. Starring: Angelo, Derek Parker, John Magnum, Leo Domenico, Mike De Marko, Samuel O' Toole, Tommy Defendi, Trenton Ducati, Valentin Petrov. A Cocksure Men DVD.
blond_fuckers_cocksure_men_tn Blond Fuckers (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
You don't need to look any further for proof that, sometimes, blonds DO have more fun. Cocksure super-star Brady Jensen gives Gavin Waters a world-class rimming before fucking him every which way, then gives young Riley Price a rough thrill ride. Conner Maguire fantasizes about gym stub Chris Daniels, and these fantasies get awfully hot and real. Finally, Riley shows he's leaned from Brady by giving Cocksure Exclusive Rick McCoy a pounding to remember. Bonus solo: Denis Reed gives a 360° tour of his hot body in a steaming solo. Starring: Brady Jensen, Chris Daniels,Conner Maguire, Denis Reed, Gavin Waters, Rick McCoy, Riley Price. A CocksureMen DVD.
brady_jensen_on_top_cocksure_tn.jpg Brady Jensen on Top (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Brady Jensen became a bona fide porn superstar on Cocksure Men, and his collection shows shy. First, he pops the cherry of Jimmy Coxxx's bubble butt, in a scene that left both participants wanting more. He proceeds to demonstrate his star power, fuck power and suck power with the studly Morgan Black, Guy Jones and Dean Monroe. As an extra bonus, check out the behind the scenes footage of "The Making of Jimmy's First Time," an inside look at the making of one of porn's hottest-ever scenes! Starring: Brady Jensen, Dean Monroe, Guy Jones, Jimmy Coxxx, Morgan Black. A Cocksure Men DVD.
brady_loves_kevin_cocksure_men_tn Brady Loves Kevin (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Brady Jensen and Kevin Crows are engaged! What better way to celebrate than a full-on orgy with their fellow Cocksure Men exclusives Robert Axel, Guy Jones, Morgan Black, Mitch Vaughn. True love knows no bounds as these guys pair off (and three off) in every possible combination, position and location, including the shower and congratulations from their friends cums in the form of a massive cum hot honeymoon at the beach. Here's to "Happily Ever After!" Starring: Brady Jensen, Guy Jones, Kevin Crows, Mitch Vaughn, Morgan Black, Robert Axel. A Cocksure Men DVD.
breed-his-hole-csm_tn Breed His Hole (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
These 8 hot studs love to fuck bareback. After shooting their loads the tops leave the bottoms a little of themselves by breeding their holes. Starring: Andrew Lewix, Austin Andrews, Chris Viktor, Dom Ully, Jack King, Martin Dajnar, Martin Mazza, Peter Comely. A Cocksure Men DVD.
chemistry_cocksure_tn.jpg Chemistry (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Landon Conrad brings Leo Domenico some paperwork to sign on a porn shoot, and before you can say "Leo drops the pen", The two of them are going at it as if it were a real porn shoot. Go figure! Yes, it's true, every day at our office is exactly like this! Starring: Hans Berlin, Jeremy Stevens, Jessy Ares, Landon Conrad, Leo Domenico, Topher Dimaggio, Tyler Torro. A Cocksure Men DVD.
consumed-csm_tn Consumed (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
At first you’re attracted. Then you’re passionate. If the chemistry is right, as it is with these 8 hunks, you are soon consumed by the passion. Starring: Andrew Lewix, Dom Ully, Hans Berlin, Klaus Tomas, Martin Dajnar, Ryan Monda, Ryan Volta, Sean Duran. A Cocksure Men DVD.
coxxx_on_top_tn.jpg Coxxx on Top (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Why is Jimmy Coxxx so horny? Maybe it's destiny when your last name is spelled with a 'xxx.' Or maybe it's the company he keeps in Coxxx on Top - the legendary redhead Bo Dean, studly ex-football player Aaron Rivers, the remarkable redhead Rick McCoy, blond horndog Shane Wright and Kris Jamieson, always up for anything, whether it's a massage or a full-on fuckfest. Whatever the reason, Jimmy's rock hard body and huge cock are on display to satisfy your own horny moments. Starring: Jimmy Coxxx, Rick McCoy, Aaron Rivers, Bo Dean, Kris Jamieson, Shane Wright. A Cocksure Men DVD.
deans_list_cocksure_tn Dean's List (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
To make the Dean's List at Bo Dean U you need a hot body, a big dick and the ability to handle Bo's fierce pounding. Four studs made the list: French exchange students Slade and Ludovic Canot, all American Dakota Rivers, plus super star Leo Giamani in a scene that won the 2010 Trendy Award for Best Chemistry. Starring: Bo Dean, Dakota Rivers, Leo Giamani, Ludovic Canot, Slade. Directed by: Jake Cruise. A Cocksure Men DVD.
embedded-csm_tn Embedded (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
You want to feel connected with him in every way. Your mouths kiss and your hands touch. You taste his dick and ass. Fulfillment comes when the raw cock is embedded deep in the ass. Complete connection! Starring: Adan Stefan, Geoffrey Lloyd, Ivan Invictus, Jason Smith, John Cruz, Martin Muse, Petr Skala, Ryan Cage. A Cocksure Men DVD.
fuck-him-raw-csm_tn Fuck Him Raw! (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
You walk into your living room and find your hot man waiting for you. You’re horny as hell and both of you know what you’re going to do. You’re going to FUCK HIM RAW! Starring: Alan Muniz, Cody Donal, Diego Canales, Hugo Marista, Miky Bolton, Oscar Kovak, Peter Comely, Shon Kostka. A Cocksure Men DVD.
fuck_your_friends_1_tn.jpg Fuck Your Friends (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Got a load and need a place to shoot it? Grab your best friend and let him have it! Just be ready for him to get you back. Being there for a quick "no-strings" attached fuck session is what friends are for. Starring Bo Dean, Marcus Hogel, Dakota Rivers, Colby Keller, Jeremy Bilding, Kelly Taylor, Riley Owens, Jeremy Hunt. Directed by Jake Cruise. A Cocksure Men DVD.
fuck_your_friends_2_tn.jpg Fuck Your Friends 02 (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Got a load and need a place to shoot it? Grab your best friend and let him have it! Just be ready for him to get you back. Being there for a quick "no-strings" attached fuck session is what friends are for. Starring Zohan Lopez, Rod Daily, Ashland Reker, Beaux Banner, Slade, David Dakota, Nick Capra, Colby Keller. Directed by Jake Cruise. A Cocksure Men DVD.
fuck_your_friends_3_cocksure_men_tn Fuck Your Friends 03 (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Got a load and need a place to shoot it? Grab your best friend and let him have it! Just be ready for him to get you back. Being there for a quick "no-strings" attached fuck session is what friends are for. Starring: Derrek Diamond, Eli Hunter, Jeremy Bilding, Jessie Zane, Lance Bennett, Pat Bateman, Tory Mason, Tucker Scott. Directed by: Jake Cruise. A Cocksure Men/Jake Cruise DVD.
fuck_your_friends_4_cocksure_men_tn Fuck Your Friends 04 (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Got a load and need a place to shoot it? Take a lesson from Fuck Your Friends 4 and grab your best friend and let him have it! Just be ready for him to get you back. Being there for a quick "no-strings" attached fuck session is what friends are for. Starring: Baxter James, Coby Mitchell, Damian Rios, Jeremy Bilding, Kelly Taylor, Lance Bennett, Luke Marcum, Tory Mason. Directed by: Jake Cruise. A Cocksure Men DVD.
fuck_your_friends_5_cocksure_tn Fuck Your Friends 05 (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Got a load and need a place to shoot it? Take a lesson from Fuck Your Friends 5 and grab your best friend and let him have it! Just be ready for him to get you back. Being there for a quick "no-strings" attached fuck session is what friends are for. Starring: Steven Daigle, Brady Jensen, Bo Dean, Leo Alacron, Jimmy Coxxx, Zac Blake, Lance Bennett, Jeremy Hunt. Directed by: Jake Cruise. A Cocksure Men/ Jake Cruise DVD.
fuck_your_friends_6_cocksure_tn Fuck Your Friends 06 (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Got a load and need a place to shoot it? Take a lesson from Fuck Your Friends 6 and grab your best friend and let him have it! Just be ready for him to get you back. Being there for a quick "no-strings" attached fuck session is what friends are for. Starring: Alex James, Ari Sylvio, Guy Jones, Lance Bennett, Morgan Black, Park Wiley, Shawn Hunter, Vance Crawford. Directed by: Jake Cruise. A Cocksure Men DVD.
fuck_your_friends_7_cocksure_tn.jpg Fuck Your Friends 07 (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Got a load and need a place to shoot it? Take a lesson from Fuck Your Friends 7 and grab your best friend and let him have it! Just be ready for him to get you back. Being there for a quick "no-strings" attached fuck session is what friends are for. Starring: James Jamesson, Robert Axel, Darius Soli, Guy Jones, Johnny Torque, Lance Bennett, Tucker Scott, Zac Blake. Director: Jake Cruise. A Cocksure Men DVD.
fuck_your_friends_8_cocksure_men_tn Fuck Your Friends 08 (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
When friends get together, fun happens in Fuck Your Friends 8. Tyler Ford and Rick McCoy love passionate kissing, which leads to volcanic cumshots. Trent Locke and Alex James get so inspired watching a porno, they make one of their own. Riley Owen tries to pop Lance Bennett's cherry after Lance fucks him, but while he doesn't quite hit the target Lance still cums twice. Cliff Jensen takes control and uses all 9 thick inches to get Shane Frost off. Plus AJ Irons solos with his best friend, his right hand! Starring: Cliff Jensen, Rick McCoy, Shane Frost, Trent Locke. A Cocksure Men DVD.
fuck_your_friends_9_tn Fuck Your Friends 09 (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Some guys are friends because they enjoy the same sports or same hobbies. Here are four pairs of friends who favorite sport and hobby is hot, sweaty sex! Starring: Drew Cutler, Guy Jones, Jason Denver, Joshua Ballman, Mike Martinez, Mitch Vaughn, Morgan Black, Park Wiley, Spencer Reedf. A Cocksure Men DVD.
fuck_your_friends_10_tn Fuck Your Friends 10 (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Friends don't let friends go without sex. John Magnum discovers that truth when he wakes up from a nap and finds Ari Sylvio deep throating his cock. John returns the favor by slamming his huge tool deep into Ari's butthole. Steven Daigle finds horny boyfriend Trent Locke waiting for him to return from a porn shoot, and before long, Steven is letting life imitate art, with a performance so intense that a piece of the bed breaks. Buddies Lance Bennett and Luke Riley have fun with Fleshjacks and each other's cocks, while Dylan Roberts and Trent Diesel are so versatile, they'll do anything for each other. Special bonus extra! Duke Lewis, with no friend around, sucks his own cock in a remarkable solo! Starring: Ari Sylvio, Duke Lewis, Dylan Roberts, John Magnum, Lance Bennett, Luke Riley, Steven Daigle, Trent Diesel, Trent Locke. A Cocksure Men DVD.
fuck_your_friends_11_tn.jpg Fuck Your Friends 11 (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Friend don't let friends go un-fucked. Brady Jensen and Tyler Ford prove to be perfect matches for each other, as do Guy Jones and Logan Scott. Cameron Foster can't remember how he ended up in bed with Riley Price, so Riley reminds him with an extended fuck session. Darius Soli and Dylan Roberts start the action even before the cameras are rolling, while Ethan Rock delivers a high-flying cumload in a bonus extra solo scene. Starring: Brady Jensen, Cameron Foster, Darius Soli, Dylan Roberts, Ethan Rock, Guy Jones, Logan Scott, Riley Price, Tyler Ford. A Cocksure Men DVD.
fuck_your_friends_12_tn.jpg Fuck Your Friends 12 (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Bo Dean and Niko Reeves are killing a little time before their upcoming shoots in Fuck Your Friends 12. Of course, that means fucking. Parker London is a hot, sexy bottom to Steve Vex's thick, long cock. Steve loves shoving his big prick down Parker's throat and into Parker's tight hole as deep as he can thrust. Starring: Ari Sylvio, Bo Dean, Brandon Jones, Dominic Pacifico, Jake Wolfe, Jeremy Bilding, Niko Reeves, Parker London, Steve Vex. A Cocksure Men DVD.
fuck-your-friends-13_tn.jpg Fuck Your Friends 13 (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Collegiate jock Jed Athens and his hot friend Byron Saint are making out on a bed when Jed lubes Byron's hole with his spit and slowly inserts a finger in, then two, and finally three. Byron's greedy ass takes all three fingers and still asks for Jed's thick cock. Jed teases Byron's hole with his with his cock and then slams it in. Jed sits up and throws Byron's legs back then fucks him hard in the missionary position, then he reverse pile-drives Byron. Starring: Angel Rock, Brock Avery, Byron Saint, Cody King, Jed Athens, Lance Bennett, Liam Harkmoore, Logan Vaughn. A Cocksure Men DVD.
fucking_around_cocksure_tn.jpg Fuckin Around (DVD) Cocksure Men
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Dustin & Carson always meet up in the shower for fun and today they've got another hot recruit (Zander) in tow. Next is a hot oral scene between Dustin & Tatum. It's a big dick for Dustin to master, but he gives it a good try! Starring: Aaron Rivers, Adam Herst, Boston Miles, Brady Jensen, Jessy Ares, Jimmy Coxxx, Justin Chase, Travis Irons, Ty Roderick. A Cocksure Men DVD.