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Club Mandom 1: Blue Collar Cheese Factory (DVD-R) Precondom


100% action! Hotter than Hell! The biggest and thickest cocks around and a pig cock sucker that knows how to service dick!" . . . Dimensions Magazine

Glory hole hog Tom Caserta produced, directed, edited, and stars in Club Mandom 1, an intense anonymous blowjob video that focuses on uncut cocks.

Club Mandom is subtitled Blue Collar Cheese Factory because Caserta doesn't merely suck dicks with foreskin he relishes and savors the cheesy schlongs of working men. This ain't no pristine suck flick; everything that comes along with the extra flop of skin that covers a penis head is highlighted here and it's explicit. Each and every one of the scenes features lots and lots of smegma gooey, creamy flecks of cock junk that cling to each penis like wet popcorn. Caserta ceremonially sniffs, licks, and eats the cheese before swallowing bone, which is no mean feat considering how large each of these men are.

The anonymity of a dirty back room is sustained throughout the video, as we never see any of the faces of Caserta's men; we are only given swatches of dirty denim, a bit of flannel, or a cropped view of leather through the glory hole. The little we see indicates that these are some rough, hard working guys. Some must do seriously physical work because the amount of smegma on their cocks is astounding.

The first man wears green overalls; the echo-laden voiceover (in which Caserta plays both sucker and suckee throughout) tells us that this guy's an auto mechanic. Mechanic man tweaks his nipples and pulls on his girthy pud. Caserta, with a trim beard and a baseball cap, appears in the frame and drops to his knees. Mechanic man slides his enormous dong through the glory hole for Caserta to worship. He pushes the cock to his nostrils and inhales. He then pulls back the foreskin and smears the dozens of globs of smegma across the shaft. He swallows mechanic man's meat, cheese slides along the length of his cock and Caserta works to gobble up every morsel. Eventually, after some pseudo-trippy kaleidoscope effects and lots and lots of voiceover babble, mechanic man dumps his jizz on Caserta's chest.

Next, Caserta services a man in tight jeans who has an entire city of smegma living under his hood. Like dozens of maggots in a dumpster this guy's cheese obscures his shiny stick; that is until Caserta gulps it down his throat, teeth to shaved pubes, licking up every bit. Amazingly, this scene has much more cheese play than the others, though all have plenty.

Caserta drinks down the curds of at least four more cocks before Club Mandom 1 comes to an end. If this sounds a little severe for you, there's always Club Mandom 2, an oral celebration of funk-free, circumcised packages.

Directed by Tom Caserta.

Bijou DVDs are produced to order by Bijou Films themselves on DVD-R's. Most all players made today are able to play these discs. All Bijou tiles are available in this format and will take approximately 3-5 business days to ship from our warehouse.

A Bijou Films/Surge Studios DVD.

Club Mandom 1: Blue Collar Cheese Factory (DVD-R) Precondom Write a review | No reviews for this product.
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Write a review | No reviews for this product.