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Cirque Noir (DVD) Retail Edit


(Note: This is the retail version, which omits fisting and watersports.)

It's nice to know that even a veteran porn reviewer like me can still be shocked. TITAN has certainly pushed the envelope before when it comes to gay porn (quite successfully), but, trust me, nothing you have ever seen can prepare you for the twisted and aptly named "Cirque Noir." It's not just that the onscreen action is completely erotic and, at times, eye-popping, it's that so much professionalism, expert technique, and an obviously lavish budget have all come together by director Brian Mills to create such an original vision.

The set, for example, is a gorgeous piece of art direction (designed by Carlos Sanchez), created from the ground up just for "Cirque Noir." The money and talents of the crew were essential, as the arena is used throughout, just as if you were at a real circus performance. But that's where the similarity between any other circus and this one ends. Comparisons will likely be made to that other "Cirque" (you know, Cirque du "So Gay"), but even that company's sexy Las Vegas installment can't hold a candle to this one-ring extravaganza.

Things begin innocently enough: Joey Russo and boyfriend enter, carrying popcorn, but then Joey actually becomes part of the show, drawn in to the performance by a couple of manic, horny clowns, Ouchy and Rimjob, who get things started with a short but effective whipping scene. This scene isn't likely to help you get over your coulrophobia, if you have it (and if you don't know who John Wayne Gacy is, I suggest you don't Google him if you're planning on watching this release). As Joey's boyfriend gapes on, Joey is roped into the antics of the two, who strip him nude and then attach him to a St. Andrew's Cross. Joey's tight ass takes a lot of hits from Ouchy's lash, while Rimjob gets in front and sucks Joey's cock in a foreplay scene that is mesmerizing. Then, the kink factor goes through the Big Top.

Joey hard fucks Rimjob's ass while Ouchy looks on and spills his load and grinning maniacally (yes, in full clown make-up and costume), this scene may evoke as many sexual fantasies as nightmares.

Next act: going the skimpy costumes of circus performers one better, and with smooth muscles taut as a drum, Cobalt does his acrobatic act totally naked -- and that's saying something considering how much the thick piece of uncut meat he carries must throw off his balance. Cobalt's co-stars are Spencer Quest and Stretch, who at least match him inch for inch in the endowment department, if not actually outdoing him. All three studs give masterful performances, and all three are sexually versatile in the kind of way that makes three-way positions seem endless. Cobalt is frequently the focus of the sexual attentions of Spencer and Stretch, and his body must taste as good as it looks, because they lick him up and down like a Fudgsicle. Even though Cobalt has the gymnastic cred to back up many athletically-inclined sucking and fucking positions, his co-stars manage to keep up with him, particularly Spencer, who pulls off a trick that is truly center-ring worthy. Stretch and Cobalt go balls-to-balls and press their dicks together, and Spencer lowers himself onto both cocks using a trapeze. Spencer has little difficulty taking on both dicks and holding the apparatus at the same time, and the final effect is extraordinary onscreen.

Daddy Logan Steele leads the way in the next scene, a three-way with his younger co-stars Ivan Grey and Richie Rentt. Logan may have more sexual experience, but Richie and Ivan have the kind of voracity that adds vivacity to any scene, and their performances are excellent. The raging fucks that both Ivan and Logan throw at Richie make up the bulk and the best part of the scene, and the way that Richie adeptly handles both of his fuckers is impressive.

No circus is complete with a strong man, and a power-lifting act by Buck Angel serves as the prelude to the unbelievable finale of "Cirque Noir." As one of the roustabouts who has seen it all (literally -- he's viewed offstage throughout this production), slurpy redheaded muscle stud Tober Brandt gets into the action with tattooed hunk Logan and Buck, Tober is the center of attention for the other two, who play power games with him. Logan grabs Tober's head and face-fucks him while Buck holds him in place, then Tober's ass gets plundered by Buck's tongue. Both Logan and Buck fuck Tober one at a time -- and it's about this time that it becomes apparent that something is distinctly off-kilter.

For one thing, Buck's dick is perfect -- too perfect, in fact, because it's a dildo. It's not long after this is revealed that the camera gets a full-on view of Buck's crotch, and it is undeniable that despite his pecs, tattoos and totally macho manner, Buck has a pussy -- not a dick. This mind- and gender-bending twist of events isn't even the big conclusion of the scene. After Buck gets his gear completely off, the action continues, with Buck getting head and getting fucked.

This production is unpredictable, expertly produced and completely original, and once again TITAN scores big with "Cirque Noir."

A DVD Review by Martin Cox ( )

*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***

Starring Spencer Quest, Buck Angel, Tober Brandt, Cobalt, David Garcia, Ivan Grey, Ouchy The Clown, Richie Rennt, Rimjob the Klown, Joey Russo, Logan Steel and Stretch.

Directed by Brian Mills.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

A Titan Media DVD.

Cirque Noir (DVD) Retail Edit Write a review | No reviews for this product.
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Write a review | No reviews for this product.