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Chase Hunter

basic_plumbing_dvd_tn.jpg Basic Plumbing (DVD)
$49.88 $24.94 On Sale!
Falcon Video Pac 86. Two big-dicked men--"Dick of the Decade" Chase Hunter and "Long Dong" Sean Davis--star in this story about men who can plug any pipe, fill any hole and make any fountain spurt! Starring Sean Davis, Chase Hunter, Cody Foster, Aaron Austin, Allen Stephenson, Tony DiAngelo, York Powers, Barry Howard and Erik Houston. Directed by Steven Scarborough. A Falcon DVD.
basic-plumbing-2_tn.jpg Basic Plumbing 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $24.94 On Sale!
Falcon Studios. CHASE HUNTER returns to action greasing those pipes, snaking his way into everyone's hole and leaving them flushed with excitement! Starring Chase Hunter, Mike Branson, Michel Lucas, Brennan Foster, Christopher Scott, Logan Cox, Randy Foreman and Tony Dancer.
Basic Plumbing 3 (DVD)
$49.88 $24.94 On Sale!
Falcon Video Pac 174. "Highly Recommended. Is there a gay porn fantasy that goes back further? Maybe the cop, maybe the best friend, maybe the teacher, maybe Liza Minnelli. But, the plumber fantasy has been around longer than Drano and Falcon has been tending to it seemingly as long. Striking gold for the third time with Basic Plumbing 3, director Chad Donovan not only has the redoubtable Chase Hunter back for another go with his tool belt, but a sterling crop of the hottest guys possible to play along to the most dependable of fantasies." - Brent Blue, Starring Roman Heart, Erik Rhodes, Cort Donovan, Chase Hunter, Trent Atkins, Trevor Knight, Ari Bond, Christian Owen and Derek Brodie. Directed by Chad Donovan. A Falcon Video DVD.
break_away_dvd_tn.jpg Breakaway (DVD)
$49.88 $24.94 On Sale!
Jocks Video Pac 60. Superstars Chase Hunter, Aiden Shaw, Vince Rockland, Jake Andrews, and all-American Cort Jensen team up for wild sex in the wilderness! Starring Chase Hunter, Aiden Shaw, Alex Kincaid, Vince Rockland, Joey Morgan, Max Grand, Cort Jensen, Dave Logan and Jake Andrews. Directed by John Rutherford. A Falcon/Jocks DVD.
chase-is-on-cat_tn.jpg Chase Is On, The (DVD)
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
Hunky CHASE HUNTER plays a 1970's porn star who literally jumps right out of the movie screen into the modern day world. Starring Chase Hunter, Greg Ross, Tony Styles, Mark West, Tyler Scott, Steve Maverick and Donnie Russo. Directed by Chi Chi LaRue. A Catalina Video DVD.
download_dvd_tn.jpg Download (DVD)
$49.88 $24.94 On Sale!
Falcon Video Pac 103. Falcon Superstars Johnny Hanson and Chase Hunter star in this hot cybersex adventure sure to burn up your circuits! Starring Johnny Hanson, Chase Hunter, Glenn McAllister, Cole Youngblood, Chad Conners, Kevin Dean, Todd Stevens, Steve O'Donnell, Adriano Marquez, Rob Stone, Marco Calles and Danny Sommers.
drenched_part_1_tn.jpg Drenched 1: Soaking It In (DVD)
$49.88 $24.94 On Sale!
Falcon Video Pac 149. "Highly, Highly Recommended. A big-budget extravaganza directed with great skill and creativity by the inestimable Chi Chi LaRue and crew, with a spectacular cast that toiled away many days and nights in Hawaii. And, as far as I'm concerned, it's an instant Falcon classic right up there with the 'Aspen' and 'Absolute' franchises. 'Drenched' is a grand achievement." . . . Butch Harris, Starring Chase Hunter, Lane Fuller, Brad Patton, Matthew Rush, Tommy Brandt, Filippo Romano, Joe Foster, Jack Ryan, Renato Leon, Viktor Perseo, Chet Roberts and Andrew Phillips.
drenched_part_2_tn.jpg Drenched 2: Soaked to the Bone (DVD)
$49.88 $24.94 On Sale!
Falcon Video Pac 150. "Highly, Highly Recommended. The wet and wild hedonism continues - Alo-aaaahhhh! " . . . Butch Harris, Starring Tyler Gunn, Matthew Rush, Chase Hunter, Josh Weston, Vince Ditonno, Bobby Williams,Trent Atkins, Filippo Romano, Alex LeMonde, Carlos Morales, Fernando Montana, Zackary Pierce and Cade Devlin.
falcon_collections_fucking_the_boss_tn.jpg Falcon Collections: Fucking the Boss (DVD) 2-Disc Set
Fucking The Boss! Over Three Hours of hot and raunchy fucking on Two Discs. Have you ever fantasized about having eating your boss' ass for lunch? Take out your aggressions on your subordinates by filling their holes and fulfilling their fantasies in this new box set from Falcon Studios. Featuring scenes from ten of the hottest Falcon and Mustang productions in our history, this collective spans over three hours and two decades of the hottest rimming, sucking, fucking and cumming action you've ever seen. From dirty construction workers to men in splendid suits, this is one collection you won't wanna miss. Starring Matthew Cassel, Michael Soldier, Dominic Pacifico, Chase Hunter, Robert Black, Brandon Wells, Erik Rhodes, Tyler Saint, Cal Skye, Dick Masters, Justin Dragon, Mark Hansford, Josh Taylor, Kyle Reardon, Rick Coleman, Clay Maverick, Nick Mazzaro, Rick Donovon, Jack Ryan, Marc Williams, Marco Paris. A Falcon DVD Collection.
hold_me_again_dvd_tn.jpg Hold Me Again (DVD)
$49.88 $24.94 On Sale!
Jocks Video Pac 57. Chase Hunter's wandering eye sparks a surge of jealousy in lover Tony DiAngelo, who will do anything to rekindle the magic in their relationship. Starring Chase Hunter, Jason Andrews, Sal Antonio, Scott Baldwin, Scott Davis, Tony Di Angelo, Scott Free and Brent Stevens. Directed by Steven Scarborough. A Falcon/Jocks DVD.
house_rules_dvd_tn.jpg House Rules (DVD)
$49.88 $24.94 On Sale!
Falcon Video Pac 90. "Long Dong" Sean Davis, "Dick of the Decade" Chase Hunter, Superstar Zak Spears, and sex-dynamo Christian Fox team up with a dynamite cast for some good ol'-fashioned fuckin' and suckin' like you've never seen it! Starring Zak Spears, Marco Rossi, Christian Fox, Sean Davis, Chase Hunter, Clint Benedict, John Wood, Jesse Tyler and Scott Baldwin.
lumber_yard_falcon_4hrs_tn.jpg Lumber Yard, The (DVD) 4hrs 2-Disc Set
Two Discs. Thirteen Scenes. Forty-Two Men. Settle back and watch the Men of Falcon get down and dirty in the great outdoors...working their wood amongst fields of trees and vast stretches of lumber. Tent poles, big trees and thick saplings all taut tense and ready for release. Starring: Joe Savage, Jon King, Chase Hunter, Trey Rexx, Steven Ponce, Jeff Converse, Josh Weston, Jeff Austin, Robert Harris, Manuel Torres, Blu Kennedy, Jordan Jaric, Cole Ryan, Justin Dragon, Rob Lynn, Daemon Kelly, Ed Wiley, Leo Bramm, Jamie Donovan, Scott Hogan, Josh Stone, Spike, Casey Jordan, Ross Stuart, Dylan Reece, Leigh Erickson, Aiden Shaw, Clay Maverick, Steve Wright, Alec Campbell, Brad Benton, Dean Monroe, Aden Jaric, Clint Williamson, Joe Foster, Jack Ryan, Joey Morgan, Logan Steele, Paul Johnson, Tom Chase, Scott Hardman, Tom Rucker. A Falcon Four Hours DVD.
more_than_a_mouthful_awv_tn More Than A Mouthful (DVD) 4 Hrs
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
Big thick cocks pound, stuff and fill tight hungry holes. 36 cum-loaded sex-pigs in all. 4 hours of eager man-holes stuffed with meat! Starring: Caesar, Damien , Rick Allen, Tony Angelo, Lex Baldwin, Scott Baldwin, Kyle Brandon, Daryl Brock, Will Clark, Tony Erickson, Peter Garrett, Ace Harden, Chase Hunter, Tom Katt, Dolph Knight, Andrew Lennox, Alec Powers, Matt Powers, Johnny Rey, Joe Romero, Marco Rossi, Donnie Russo, Josh Ryder, Kevin Sharpe, Aiden Shaw, Zak Spears, Joshua Sterling, Max Stone, Tony Styles, Josh Taylor, Karl Thomas, Arik Travis, Steve Vaughn, Mark West, Kurt Wolfe, Ryan Yeager. An All Worlds 4 hour DVD.
reload_tn.jpg Reload (DVD)
"Highly, Highly Recommended. In 'Reload' director John Rutherford clearly brings back into focus what it means to be a COLT Man with one of the best productions of his career. Throughout, he juxtaposes the wonderful imagery of classic COLT men with present-day performers, a clever way of bridging the classic and modern eras." . . . Butch Harris, Starring Tod Parker, Ray Dragon, Lane Fuller, Jake Gianelli, Chase Hunter, Marcus Iron, Alex LeMonde, Trey Rexx, Rob Romoni, Dave Angelo, Matt Colmar and Adam Dexter.
seaside_sex_falcon_tn Seaside Sex (DVD) 4hrs 2-Disc Set
Seaside Sex: Falcon Four Hours features four hours of men touching, tasting, licking, sucking, fucking and cumming - all within earshot of pounding waves and the salty mist of the sea! Starring: Anthony Lafont, Bill Adams, Brad Patton, Brendan Austin, Carlos Morales, Chase Hunter, Clint Ely, Daemon Kelly, David Coleman, Dean Phoenix, Dick Fisk, Eric Evans, Eric Leneau, Erik Rhodes, Fernando Montana, Franco Corsini, Hal Drake, Jason Andrews, Johnny Brosnan, Josh Kane, Kip Harting, Lane Fuller, Matt Hollis, Matt Spencer, Matthew Anders, Matthew Rush, Sky Dawson, Spike, Stephen Owens, Steve Hogan, Taylor Ray, Tom Chase, Trent Atkins, Tyler Gunn. A Falcon Four Hours DVD.
tommys_tale_tn.jpg Tommy's Tale (DVD)
$49.88 $24.94 On Sale!
Falcon Video Pac 151. "Highly Recommended. The titular star and the tie that binds it all together in director Chi Chi LaRue's "Tommy's Tale" is none other than Tommy Brandt, a buxom blond if there ever was one with spectacular pectoral muscles accentuated by perky nipples with large areolas. Those attributes, as mouthwatering as they may be, are just the beginning of what this bombshell has to offer." . . . Butch Harris, Starring Chase Hunter, Tommy Brandt, Talvin DeMachio, Brad Patton, Chet Roberts Aka Tag Adams, Tyler Gunn, Maxx Diesel, Bobby Williams, Jacob Hall, Clay Foxe and Erik Campbell.
Top to Bottom 3 (DVD)
This third edition of Top to Bottom brings you some hot young studs who normally assume the top position when they fuck, but get bumped to the bottom position. Enjoy as they bend the rules to get some real pleasure! Starring: Chase Hunter, Lance Steele, Matthew Matters, Nick Needs, Rock Lee, Wes Garrett. Directed By: Joe Serna A Defiant Productions DVD.