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Chad Donovan

beans_and_franks_vm_tn.jpg Beans and Franks (DVD)
Four hours of chowin' down, way down Vivid Gay Style! Starring Dino Phillips, Todd Stevens, Chad Donovan, Dave Davidson, Chris McKenzie, Johnny Appleseed, Lucas James, Devyn Foster, Chris Knight, Alec Powers, Tommy Cruise, Tim Barnett. A Vivid Man 4 Hour DVD.
jt_sloan_fal_tn.jpg Best of JT Sloan, The (DVD)
$49.88 $14.88 On Sale!
See what makes JT Sloan a true Falcon Legend! Eight scorching hot full-length scenes from some of Falcon's greatest titles of all time make this collection a must-own!. Starring: Adam Rom, Aiden Shaw, Alec Powers, Casey Jordan, Chad Donovan, Christian Murphy, Eric Marx, Josh Held, Josh Powell, JT Sloan, Ken Ryker, Peter Bishop, Scott Baldwin, Steve Marks. A Falcon Anthology Series DVD.
bulk_male_tn.jpg Bulk Male (DVD)
Neither slate, nor snow will stop these boys from delivering hot action to you! Starring: Spencer Allan, David Cline, Wade Cole, Brent Cross, Dave Davidson, Marcus Day, Chad Donovan, Troy Halston, Blake Harper, Brian Hart, Ethan Marc, Hawk McAllister, Randy Mixer, Dino Phillips, Tanner Reeves, Dave Russell, BJ Slater, Danny Sommers, Brandon Wells and Casey Williams. With over 30 stars in all! A Vivid Man 4-Hour DVD.
By Invitation Only (DVD)
$49.88 $19.88 On Sale!
Falcon Video Pac 94. Come spend the weekend at a country resort, where the only rest you'll get will be the five minutes in between having your hole plowed by seven dudes at the same time. Guest towels not included. Superstar Hal Rockland stars along with Brad Hunt and all-American Cort Stevens, plus a "mystery host" who turns the night inside out! Starring Hunter Scott, Chad Donovan, David Logan, Brad Hunt, Vince Rockland, Scott Wilder, Scott Russell, Dino Phillips, Cort Stevens, Hal Rockland, Brandon West, Doug Perry and Matt Gunther. Directed by John Rutherford. A Falcon DVD.
chain_smoker_tn.jpg Chain Smoker (DVD)
4 hours of serial sucking! Balls on the chin swing low! Starring Jack Simmons, Chad Donovan, Matt Bradshaw, Dereck Bishop, Sam Dixon, Todd Stevens, Damian Ford, Alex Carrington, Rob Cryston, R. White and more. A Vivid Man 4-Hour DVD.
cheap_throat_tn.jpg Cheap Throat (DVD)
4 hours of bun boy blowers! Two for one BJ specials! Starring Gianfranco, Scott Bladwin, Tony Brocco, Paul Carrigan, Dave Davidson, Marcus Day, Chad Donovan, Matt Easton, Devyn Foster, KC Hart, Marc Leblanc, Dino Phillips, Tanner Reeves, Marco Rossi, Dave Russell, BJ Slater, Danny Sommers, Alex Thomas, Griff Thorson, Adam West, Peter Wilder, Casey Williams. With over 30 Stars. A Vivid Man 4 Hour DVD.
dax_dvd_tn.jpg Dax (DVD)
Porn has a new name. . . DAX. In Hollywood, it's no cash, no problem, when you're young, hung, hot and horny. Jim Steel presents this year's model, Dax Kelly, in a steamy look at hustling. . . . For rent, for food, or just to avoid the line at the right club. It's a trick his buddies Chad, Adam, Jordan and Randy know all to well. If you need a few bucks for this DVD, you know how to get it. Starring Dax Kelly, Aaron Austin, Adam Wilde, Chad Donovan, Jordan Young, Marcus Day, Paul Carrigan, and Randy White.
Deep End (DVD)
$49.88 $19.88 On Sale!
Mustang Video Pac 39. Hot and hung Drew Nolan stars as 10 big-dicked guys get together for some hot pulsating action! Available on DVD for the first time, this classic Mustang movie has been digitally remastered and features bonuses like original trailers and more. Starring Drew Nolan, Chad Donovan, Steve Marks, Domino, Jake Andrews, J. T. Sloan, Bo Summers, Ted Matthews, Christan Murphy and Greg Thomas. Directed by Chi Chi LaRue. A Falcon / Mustang DVD.
Desperate Size Queens (DVD)
When BIG just isn't big enough. . . There are said to be only 2 kinds of gay men - size queens and liars! 4 hours of giant cock lovers - check out all the drama over the big dicks. Starring Jason Ross, Chris Mckenzie, Casey Williams, Tanner Reeves, BJ Slater, Christian Fox, Tim Lowe, David Cline, Vic Hall, Devyn Foster, Coy Dekker, Mike Chavez, Chad Donovan, Cody James, Sean Peters, Jamie Hendrix and Scott Hogan. A Vivid Man 4-Hour DVD.
dilfs-vivid_tn.jpg DILFS: Dads I'd Like to Fuck (DVD) Vivid Man
Four hours of boys and their F&ck Daddies. If they're bad, just give them a spanking. Daddy knows best. Starring Ren Lickitt, Tad Garrett, Tony Vitale, Paul Carrigan, Chad Donovan, Hunter Scott, Randy White, Dave Russell, Gianfranco, Tony Brocco, Blake Harper, Ethan Marc, Peter Wilder, Will Clark, Dean Phoenix, Mac Reynolds, Kurt Young, Steve Cannon, Kurt Stefano, Justin Greer, Marc Hamilton, and Jacob Scott. With over 30 stars in all. A Vivid Man 4 Hour DVD.
face_fuckin_friends_tn.jpg Face Fuckin' Friends (DVD)
4 hours of takin' it on the face! Pal around, Vivid style! Starring: Aaron Austin, Andrew Clay, Chad Conners, David Davidson, Marcus Day, Chad Donovan, Devyn Foster, Blake Harper, Jamie Hendrix, Scott Hogan, Cody James, Grant Larson, Dennis Lincoln, Sean Peters, Dino Phillips, Tanner Reeves, Jason Ross and Dave Russell. With over 30 stars in all! A Vivid Man 4-Hour DVD.
face-riders-catalina_tn.jpg Face Riders (DVD) Catalina
One of the must hung superstars to ever grace the screen, Chad Donovan and his gigantic dick is glorified here in it's prime as he is seen sucking himself off to completion while fucking some of the hottest guys of his career. An all oral cum fest that leaves you begging for more, Chad and his friends don't disappoint. Starring: Bryan Douglas, Chad Donovan, Chance Caldwell, Chris Dano, Dino Phillips, Jackson , Johnathan Cristipher, Peter Horne, Shane Conolly, and Anthony Mengetti. A Catalina Video DVD.
feeding_frenzy_tn.jpg Feeding Frenzy (DVD)
4 hours of Vivid homos gone wild! Feast on these Fuckers! Starring: Spencer Allan, Paul Carrigan, David Cline, Chad Donovan, Lon Flexxe, Christian Fox, Tad Garrett, Doug Jeffries, Grant King, Ren Lickitt, Tim Lowe, Mark O'Neill, Tanner Reeves, BJ Slater, Joey Stefano, Bo Summers, Sky Thompson, Griff Thorson, Tony Vitale, Brandon Wells, Casey Williams, Brett Williams and Ryan Yeager. With over 30 stars in all! A Vivid Man 4-Hour DVD.
got_dick_tn.jpg Got Dick? (DVD)
4 hours of suckin' 'em dry, homo style! Get a dick and start to lick! Starring: Chris Stone, Troy Nielson, Lee Jennings, Carl Radford, Tanner Reeves, Grant Larson, Chaz Carlton, Danny Sommers, Chuck Barron, Drew Andrews, Bo Summers, Sky Thompson, Max Grand, Duncan Mills, Adam Rom, David Cline, Chad Donovan, Devyn Foster, Scott Baldwin, Steven Marks, and Brent Cross. With over 30 stars in all! A Vivid Man 4-Hour DVD.
hard_ballers_vm_tn.jpg Hard Ballers (DVD) Vivid Man
Here's four hours of boys and their balls! Do you have the gall to take on all this ball? Starring Brian Anger, Butch Taylor, Chad Donovan, Charles Warner, Craig Slater, David Grant, Devyn Foster, Doug Niles, Jason Ross, Marcus Day, Michael Brawn, Paul Carrigan, Peter Anderson, Randy Mixer, Randy Roberts, Scott Baldwin, Sean Cannon, Steve Cannon, Steven Marks, Wes Daniels. A Vivid Man 4 Hour DVD.
maximum_cock_na_tn.jpg Maximum Cock (DVD)
4 hours of the biggest dicks in hot gay porn! Maximum man on man action! Starring Brandon Wells, Spencer Allan, Alex Carrington, Todd Fuller, Craig Slater, Cody James, Sean Peters, Randy Mixer, Wade Cole, Gianfranco, Tony Brocco, Griff Thorson, Mark O'Neill, Michael Ashley, Joey Stefano, Rex Baldwin, Mike Lamas, Peter Wilder, KC Hart, Chad Donovan, Blake Harper, Ethan Marc, and David Cline. With over 30 stars in all. A Vivid Man 4 Hour DVD.
meet_me_at_the_white_swall_vm_tn.jpg Meet Me At The White Swallow (DVD)
Four gay hours of hot bar hookups! Get a drink... And some dick! Starring Tanner Reeves, Dino Phillips, Dave Russell, Chad Donovan, Dave Davidson, Hawk McAllister, Marcus Day, Chris Stone, Lee Jennings, BJ Slater, Casey Williams, Christian Fox, David Cline, JT Sloan, Alec Powers, Paul Carrigan, Rick Patriot, Brian Yates, Alex Thomas, Danny Sommers, Rex Baldwin, Mike Lamas. A Vivid Man 4 Hour DVD.
muscle_hunk_tn.jpg Muscle Hunk (DVD)
4 hours of Vivid heavy lifters of homo porn! Suck in all these six packs! Starring: Casey Williams, Tanner Reeves, BJ Slater, Christian Fox, David Cline, Brandon Wells, Spencer Allan, Danny Preston, Scott Hogan, Frank Strong, John Gardiner, Ron Chandler, Gianfranco, Tony Brocco, Tim Barnett, Bo Summers, Sky Thompson, Paul Carrigan, Brian Anger, Zach Richards, Max Grand, Duncan Mills, Todd Stevens, and Chad Donovan. With over 30 stars in all! A Vivid Man 4-Hour DVD.
no_way_out_vivid_tn.jpg No Way Out (DVD)
No escapin' the action! 4 hours of hot 'n heavy homo fun! Starring Tim Barnett, Dave Davison, Marcus Day, Sam Dixon, Chad Donovan, Devyn Foster, Troy Halston, Chris Knight, Kevin Kramer, Steven Marks, Lyle Parker, Dino Phillips, Tanner Reeves, Dave Russell, Craig Slater, Kurt Stefano, Brett Winters, Brian Yates. With over 30 stars in all. A Vivid Man 4 Hour DVD.
open_house_massive_tn.jpg Open House (DVD) Massive
"Recommended. . . .The doorbell-ringer turns out to be Cody Foster, a handsome man who brings a huge burst of beauty to the proceedings. Zach takes him first to the Jacuzzi, and the doorbell rings again! Cody strips down to a body with muscles glowing and a butt that doesn't quit. Window-washer Chad Donovan spies him through the soap on the glass, and Cody teases him by jacking off until Chad finally joins him. Chad is hard in seconds at the sight of Cody's butt . . . " . . .Brent Blue, Starring Cody Foster, Zach Richards, Cameron Sage, Chad Donovan, Logan Reed, Kirk Kelley, Hawk McAllistar and Nick Tyler.