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Catalina Video

swallow-my-load_tn.jpg Swallow My Load (DVD)
Horny dick pigs brought to their knees and draining loads of cum! Cock whores, stiff dicks and eager holes! Starring: Alessio Romero, Alexander Greene, Aron Ridge, Brian Davilla, Christopher Daniels, Collin Stone, Damian Taylor, David Chase, Draven Torres, Jake Genesis, Paulo Thiago, Rock, Sean Duran, Sebastian Young, Shay Michaels. A Catalina Video DVD.
cover-me-in-cum-catalina_tn.jpg Cover Me In Cum (DVD)
63 horny dick sluts deliver cum-pumping, ass and throat poundings in this jizz soaked cum-fest! Starring: Blake Harper, Chad Hunt, Gus Mattox, Jackson Price, Jason Branch, Lance Gear, Logan Reed, Owen Hawk, Sam Carson, Sam Crockett. A Catalina Video DVD.
night-at-the-rawhide_tn.jpg Night at the Rawhide (DVD) Re-Release
"Highly Recommended. Night at the Rawhide is a bar glorification video, taking place entirely in a bar called, natch, Rawhide. It seems like a fun place, with a smallish dance floor and a real down-home country feeling to it. It looks as if some of the footage was shot during working hours, and it looks fun. But, the story more concerns the staff there, who seem to have more than enough time to spice up their work evenings with some sexing." - Brent Blue, Starring Cameron Sage, Zane West, Jake Marshall, Luke Bronson, Jessie Cooper, Trent Atkins, Steven Richards, Zach Falconer, Robert Black and Clint Taylor. Directed by Brad Austin. A Catalina Video DVD.
ace_in_the_hole_catalina_dvd_tn.jpg Ace in the Hole (DVD) Catalina
If you think you know what it's like to be pounded, you don't know squat until you've had ACE IN THE HOLE! Mega-Thick Man's man ACE HARDEN stars in this 1990's Chi Chi LaRue feature. Tony Brandon and Zak Spears are the power bottoms who are on the receiving end of Ace's wrath. Starring Ace Harden, Marco Rossi, Andrew Montana, Damien, Tony Brandon, Dexter Crews, Johnny Roma and Zak Spears. Directed by Chi Chi LaRue. A Catalina Video DVD.
ace_in_your_face_dvd_tn.jpg Ace in Your Face (DVD)
In the Chi Chi Larue follow-up to Ace in the Hole, we welcome the return of that Manly Slab of Oversized Mega-Meat, known as Ace Harden. Ace and his buddies are working the local sex club, and when Ace sets his radar on Kyle Brandon's tight hot bubble butt, you just know Kyle won't be walking right for days! Starring Ace Harden, Kyle Brandon, Drew Andrews, Mike Marino, Matt Adams, Tommy Strausser, Kyle McKenna, Rick Estephan and Steve Rambo. Directed by Chi Chi LaRue. A Catalina DVD.
all_about_sex_catalina_tn All About Sex (DVD) Catalina
Blake Harper stars in this Peter Romero feature, with a special appearence by screen legend CHAD JOHNSON and his huge uncut piece! Starring: Dr. Jeff , Phoenix , Jason Branch, Matt Douglas, Blake Harper, Chad Johnson, Duncan Mills, Shane Patrick, Josh Perez, Chase Rite. Directed by: Peter Romero. A Catalina Video DVD.
alley_boys_dvd_tn.jpg Alley Boys (DVD)
$39.88 $12.00 On Sale!
You'll find them in every city across the globe - ALLEY BOYS who come out once the sun goes down. Legendary Director CHI CHI LARUE takes us on a non stop joy ride from the opening frame right up until the last cock shoots it's wad! Starring Steve O'Donnell, Tony Cummings, Kurt Houston, Eric Marx, Jake Holloway, Eduardo, Matt Easton, Adam Rom and Sam Crockett. Directed by Chi Chi LaRue (as "Taylor Hudson"). A Catalina DVD.
asian_persuasion_catalina_tn.jpg Asian Persuasion (DVD)
Do you need some persuading to experience a Far East encounter? How about letting 8 luscious inches make up your mind? How about smooth, supple-chested men giving you their eager, Far East cocks standing firm in sweet-scented nests of jet black hair? Super-hung Brandon Lee (on the cover) has what it takes to persuade you, just in case you need it! Starring Brandon Lee, Brad Davis Mikado, Tishiro Ho, Hiro Sukowa, Broc Hiyashi, Sam Crockett, Tenji Mito and Mike Nichols. Directed by Josh Eliot. A Catalina Video DVD.
asian_persuasion_2_cat_tn.jpg Asian Persuasion 2 (DVD)
Smooth bodied, flexible and eager to please, these are the Asians you know and love. With bodies made to give sexual pleasure, they get down and dirty with each other in this second installment of the "Asian Persuasion" series. Amazing Asian Anal Action! Starring Jean Russo Chen, Dan Cortez, Tommy Cruise, Joey James, Brandon Lee, Rob Lee, Tommy Lin, Erik Tanaka. Directed by Brad Austin. A Catalina Video DVD.
Ass Pounders (DVD)
ASS POUNDERS is from Catalina's Working Man Series. The DVDs in this Series have six sex-packed scenes of fantasy action men. The man-packing, ass pounding pairings for your pleasure are: Buck Meadows with Carlos Campos, Rick Gonzales with Chad Thomas, Paul Dawson with Tony Acosta, Jessie Cooper with Ivan Andros, Andreas Stern with Drew Sumrok, and Cliff Andrews with Chip Noll. If big cocks and hard fucking gets you sex-packed, then you could be an ASS POUNDER! A Catalina Video DVD.
australian_for_leather_catalina_tn.jpg Australian for Leather (DVD)
It's the 20th International Mr. Leather Contest and Andrew Lennox is 1st runner up. He's hot, horny, hung and ready to show everyone a good time. This powerhouse stud from Down Under will grab you by the balls and show you what it means to be Australian for Leather. Starring: Andrew Lennox, Austin Masters, Mark Mason, Brad King, Hank Hightower, Eduardo, Gunnar Neilson, Eric Evans, Billy Sax. Directed by: Brad Austin. A Catalina DVD.
bad_boys_club_n_tn.jpg Bad Boys Club (DVD) Catalina Precondom
$39.88 $19.88 On Sale!
Guys will be guys, but these guys are all men, in this incredible pre-condom classic from Catalina! The cast is superb, with everyone's favorite John Davenport bringing buddies Mike Henson, Steve Ross and Kevin Williams to the point of sheer exposion! So for the the best tine, get your zipper ready for the men of the 'Bad Guys Club'! Starring John Davenport, Kevin Williams, Steve Ross, Mike Henson, Tony Marino, Bruce Weiler, John Tanner and Todd Cox. Directed by Cameron Light; Produced by William Higgins.
bear_boned_tn.jpg Bear Boned (DVD)
"Highly Recommended. Bear Boned is tailor made for those of us who like a little extra meat on our men, and who also actually enjoy picking hairs out of our teeth after sex, even if a few of them are gray. Make that especially if a few of them are gray. Big loads. Masculine hairy men. And hot sex. A winner from director Brad Austin." . . . Martin Cox, Starring Mario Ortiz, Riley Porter, Wylie Edwards, Clint Taylor, Steve Hurley, Damien, Dillon Press, Jacob Scott, Mario Cruz and Andy Dill.
bear_bust_dvd_tn.jpg Bear Bust (DVD)
There is a lot to like about BEAR BUST, including tall, dark and handsome Ivan Andros. Ivan has a big boner that's always bouncing around while he's getting butt banged. I've enjoyed bouncing along to every one of Ivan's performances. This is the first Feature where Ivan has his full chest of hair grown out along with his heavy beard. I was happy when he was tall, dark and handsome. But when you throw in hairy, Ivan really had me bouncing! Starring Ivan Andros, Paul Gator, Jessie Foxx, T.R. Driver, Jack Rigby, Mitch Ryder, Steve Rambo, Steve Hurley, Nathan York and Darren Stone. A Catalina Video Furry Features DVD.
best_little_ware_n_tn.jpg Best Little Warehouse in L.A. (DVD)
$39.88 $19.88 On Sale!
Precondom. Warehouse manager Michael Christopher has more than his job on his mind. He goes after everyone from the new guy on the job to his entire night shift crew. When he tells Dusty Sands that the boss is gone for the day, the action begins! Starring Michael Christopher, Mike Dean, Giorgio Canali, Dusty Sands, Rick Kennedy, Frank Johns, Ed Michaels, Morgan, Terry Craig, and Cliff Austin. Directed by William Higgins.
blake_harper_cat_tn Best of Blake Harper, The (DVD) Catalina
Whether he's taking it up the ass, or pounding his cock into his pal's ass, Blake Harper stands out as one of the industry's hottest performers. Here are the best scenes he's done for Catalina! Starring Blake Harper, Ray Harley, Andrew Lennox, Chase Rite, Steve Rambo, Mike Radcliffe and Jason Branch.
brandon_lee_best_of_tn.jpg Best of Brandon Lee (DVD)
Brandon Lee is Adult Gay Video's all-time favorite Asian leading man. Catalina has included 5 of his best scenes, complete & unedited, starring Brandon & his big Asian boner! Scenes from Throat Spankers, Dial "S" For Sex, Fortune Nookie, Asian Persuasion and Harley's Crew. Starring Brandon Lee, Paul Morgan, Drew Andrews, Sam Crockett, Jacob Scott, and Brad Davis.
caesar_cat_tn Best of Caesar, The (DVD)
A tribute to the outstanding achievements Caesar has made in the hard-pounding all-male action porn industry! His handsome face is matched only by his massive, muscular chisled chest. He's a pro at sucking cock and is equally adept at throwing his high-hard-one up his buddy's butt as he is at getting fucked himself. Starring Caesar, Ray Harley, Tuck Johnson, Andrew Lennox, Erik Mann and Thom Southern in complete scenes from "Hail Caesar" and "Voyager". A Catalina DVD.
best_of_chad_hunt_na_tn.jpg Best of Chad Hunt (DVD)
Enjoy Big-Dicked Chad Hunt in Complete Scenes from Cockpit 2, Boy Band, Monster Meat and Sex Sessions. Starring Chad Hunt, Brad McGuire, Kurt Wagner, Ray Harley, Marco Paris, Steve Rambo, Park Wiley and Tuck Johnson. A Catalina DVD.
jason_branch_cat_tn Best of Jason Branch, The (DVD)
Complete scenes starring Jason Branch from 5 Catalina Features! Starring Jason Branch, Ray Harley, Nick Young, Chad Johnson, Mark Mason, Perry James, Blake Harper and David Bronson.