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Casey (DVD-R)



This early all-male fuck flick starred Cal Culver, who subsequently adopted the name Casey Donovan.

This video highlights a strong story of Casey (in his first film appearance) as a man searching for resolution and release from the conflicting forces within himself: physical needs and the platonic relationship of another human being. Casey talks to his alter ego, the blatant transvestite Wanda Uptight (also played by Casey), and gets advice about his fantasy escapades.

Casey's first encounter is with a fantasy man, whom we see only waist-down. Casey sucks the man's uncut dick through his open pants and gets cum shot onto his face.

Next, a dark and sexy grocery delivery guy is convinced to strip in the kitchen. Heavy petting and frottage leads the two to fall onto the kitchen floor and suck cock 69-style amidst potatoes and cans of beer. Tongue kissing is emphasized as they both jack off.

A hippie-like artist with a beautiful face is chased into the woods by Casey in a playful fantasy segment. Foreplaying, 69ing and mutual j/o are shared on a sleeping bag as the action proceeds slowly and lovingly. Casey sucks the artist off to orgasm and himself strokes off a load.

Casey finds his monogamous love with the artist and they share more sex, which is mostly the same action, until having a three-way as experimentation. Superior anal photography captures Casey riding the Oscar Wilde-looking third party backwards. A black man (with a large afro and a beard) enters the scene, too, and all of the men fondle him.

Casey appears to "wake" at this point and the "dream" ends, with Casey glancing at a drawing by the artist beside his bed.

Humor, wit and good dialogue work and combine to make this film an entertaining gander at sexuality as freeing and fun.

Starring Casey Donovan (aka Cal Culver), Angelo Waine, Sparrow Guano and Nat Grey.

Directed by Donald Crane.

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A Hand in Hand Films/Bijou Classic on DVD.

Casey (DVD-R) Write a review | No reviews for this product.
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Write a review | No reviews for this product.