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Campus Pizza (DVD)

Frankly, I'm surprised to see Joe Gage return to one of the hoariest of all gay porn cliches, the pizza guy. However, in saying that, I'm dangerously underestimating Mr. Gage, whose ability to make even the banal soar to the sexiest heights possible is so unique and so dependable. Gay porn pizza movies usually make me hungry. This one made me horny!

"Ohio is the pizza capital of the world," the narration says right off. I did not know that. Education through porn, who knew? Furthermore, mostly provolone cheese is used because mozzarella is scarce. Interesting! Anyway, this is all chatter as pizza guy Dean Flynn drives over to campus big shot Andrew Justice's house to make a delivery. Wisely, we don't even see the pizza delivery, and my underestimation of Mr. Gage is completely clear. This isn't about the pizza, it's about the sex!

Andrew, a rugged guy's guy stud who looks ideal doing a bench press with a cigar, goes through a workout with the pizza on the counter, shedding his clothing as he goes along, until it's only his hardening cock he's sporting. In comes boyish Jason Reynolds, a handsome serious-looking brunet, who is Andrew's nephew. Jason can only focus on Andrew's cock and Andrew knows it, twitching it for him. Some standard-issue conversation about dick size gets Jason naked too. Jason suggests they jack off together, since they aren't blood relations and since he can't think of anything but Andrew's thick stiffy. "When your fuckin' cock gets hard, you don't give a shit how you get it off," Andrew says. Jason hesitates for a few more twitches before they grab each other's dicks and Jason knows it's definitely okay. Andrew has a long graciously curving cock, but Jason starts by opening way wide for it, giving it a slow impassioned blowjob totally in line with the scared tension of the moment. Uncle Andrew's cock is catnip for Jason, who so lovingly gulps at huge sections of it. Eventually, Jason sheds character and just goes for expert cocksucker, which is when he unleashes a gnarly deep-throat on Andrew. Andrew aggressively works on Jason's more manageable dick, crouched on the floor and moaning softly as he blows. Jason has a good cum-shot and then Andrew spews a winner that dots the camera lens. Andrew orders Jason to bend over the weight bench so he can fuck him. Jason's perky ass looks wonderful with Andrew slipping into him so easily. Those meaty thighs of Andrew's help him to send a tough fuck into Jason, though because he's so strong, he makes it look easy. Jason is calm as can be with every inch of Andrew inside his butt, going at him with increasing speed. Since the fit is so perfect, Jason does a bouncing, retaining the speed as he sprints up and down the dick, his own flapping hotly as he goes. Both guys work particularly hard in this section and then Andrew blasts at Jason with a missionary pound. As the whole weight bench rattles to Andrew's furious slamming, Jason cums again. Andrew is right behind him with a second pops as well.

Dean's next delivery is to an architecture professor. Owlish Tyler Kane, who does kind of a look like a professor in clothes and glasses, accepts the pizza to share with his grad student assistant, Kai Grant, a balding intense hottie in a wheelchair. Unshaven Tyler is starting to look more like a porn star with the loss of his spectacles, and tension mounts as he starts to stare at Kai. He summons up the courage to ask Kai "if it works," as Kai puts it. Luckily, it does. It takes a while for the sheepish pair to admit they want each other, acted especially well by Kai and his big innocent eyes. Kai pulls out his uncut cock and Tyler is fascinated, at first, by just touching it. Kai offers him a taste, the music starts and the scene is on. Tyler gives Kai a very loving blowjob. It's sensual and wanting, with lots of hot slurping sounds. The sounds become increasingly sloppier as Tyler gets more heated. Tyler, still in his clothes, offers his dick to Kai, who grabs onto the balls and gobbles the hardening piece down whole. His deep-throat is excellent as he whips his head around, also indulging in those sounds that made Tyler's blowjob so good. Having undressed Kai, Tyler places the hairy guy back into a comfortable chair so he can blow him again, unimpeded by any annoying clothes. Tyler really goes wild with this sucking round, finally pumping Kai into cumming. After feeding Kai's cum back to him, Tyler then has a dazzling spray all over Kai. Tyler produces a butt-plug and snuggly jams it into Kai's hole. Kai looks rather frightened as Tyler pins his legs back and starts to use the dildo and finger him, but Kai's face is registering total pleasure. His ass, meanwhile, sucks in the butt-plug with graceful ease. With Kai's cock ramrod straight, Tyler inserts his inside Kai's ass, scooping his way into a sexy hip-grinding fuck. Tyler fits in very nicely and Kai's purring is encouragement. There's a rather calming sadistic streak to Tyler's fuck and his entreaties to Kai to call him by his first name, but it really works in this situation, since Kai's naive routine is so honed. The fuck is big and merciless and Tyler's rhythmic consistency has Kai cumming again. Tyler then finishes himself off as their scene ends.

The final delivery of the movie goes to a quarter of poker players. Long and lean hairy-chested Dean makes his last stop of the evening to Damien Crosse, David Korben, Justin Riddick and Mason Wyler. The first three are insanely masculine, just butch heartthrobs to the core, with Mason doing duty as the younger cutie. Dean joins the game, unaware of the actual rules and quickly loses his shirt ... literally. Seeing that buff torso is actually a gain to the other players. Then go his pants, without anyone else having even made a move -- the hands Dean gets are just losers. One more bad hand and it's off with his undies. The rest continue to play and more clothes are shed so that Mason ends up naked. It's then David's turn to lose and so goes the game until everyone is thankfully naked. From the pale creamy skin on Mason to the strapping pecs of Justin and the chiseled tattooed Damien and humpy goateed David, these guys are all winners to look at! They eat their pizza, but it's clear they want more, with hard cocks springing up all over the room. Mason starts the action by sucking Dean and David goes to Damien's dark imposing cock with a thrilling immediate deep-throat. David is an awfully intense sucker, not wasting any time in trying to steal the scene. Dean face-fucks Mason and then they switch places, Dean handling Mason's massive member very gracefully, and all the way to the base. Indeed, David does steal the oral section, unrelenting on Damien, though Dean's blowjob on Mason is special as well. Justin, who doesn't participate, shoots a big load just watching and then Dean and Damien follow. Next up is rimming. Damien has Mason's beautiful ass, and he exploits it. He's feverishly good, getting in as far as possible, pushing Mason all over the place, even when he has Justin's dick to suck. Dean turns in a quieter but also effective rimjob on David's butt. As David goes back to sucking Damien with such excitement, Mason fucks Dean with some sort of tool and then submits to having it inserted into his ass by Damien. Damien and Mason keep together for the first fuck, which finds Mason braying as Damien's entire thick piece is stuffed into him. Damien is a world-class top, and he forges ahead, unaware of any tightness, crushing through it so that his balls slap up against Mason. Justin finally gets something to do when he fucks Dean on the same bed, his thick ass and thighs helping make slashing through beefy Dean such a delicious task. Damien gets even more zealous when he fucks David with imposing power, Mason now resting as a dick for Dean to suck. If David owned the oral work, Damien is far ahead of anyone else in the anal contest, despite grand work from all. Dean flips to topping David while Justin gets a chance at Mason's butt. David's mouth stays where it's been so comfortable: Damien's cock. Cum then drenches the drab room, particularly from Dean, who has a great one that lands on Damien's cock as well.

DVD features: Chapters; cum-shots chapter; galleries; interviews (Andrew and Jason; and then Kai and Tyler); behind-the-scenes footage; trailers ("The Road to Redneck Hollow" and "Arcade on Rout); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).

A DVD Review by Brent Blue ( )

*** Highly Recommended ***

Starring Damien Crosse, Dean Flynn, Kai Grant, Andrew Justice, Tyler Kane, David Korben, Jason Reynolds, Justin Riddick and Mason Wyler.

Directed by Joe Gage.

A Titan Media DVD.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

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Write a review | No reviews for this product.