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Butch Dixon DVDs

hole-belongs-to-daddy_tn Butch Dixon's Hole Belongs to Daddy (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Whether he’s an authoritative leather stud or a rough and masculine builder, the fact remains that BUTCH DIXON’S HOLE BELONGS TO DADDY! True to Butch Dixon form, this DVD is a showcase of wall to wall beefy men with big uncut meat. These daddies grunt, moan, and curse as they put their bodies to good use—no doubt soaked in sweat and cum by the end! Go on and take a whiff. Starring: Axel Ryder, Carlo Cox, Cristian Torrent, Drake, Jorge Ballantinos, Ray Stone, Toby Greco, Uncle John. A Butch Dixon DVD.
big-guns-4_tn Big Guns 4, The (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Butch Dixon is pulling out all the stops as this hot and heavy DVD series continues in THE BIG GUNS 4! This time, Butch DIxon has gone around the world to cherry pick the hottest, horniest men for your viewing pleasure. British, Lebanese, French Canadian, these studs are from all over and they’re boned up and ready to fuck! Watch as they show of their sexual tenacity, ravaging each other with wet sloppy blowjobs and rough raunchy butt-fucking! Starring: . A Butch Dixon DVD.
cocked-and-loaded-bd_tn Cocked and Loaded (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Hairy, hungry and insatiably horny, these big dick, uncut studs just can’t get enough pole and hole. Sit back, unzip and watch them RAW! A Butch Dixon DVD.
cum-inside-my-hairy-hole-bd_tn -Cum Inside My Hairy Hole (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Big, burly, bareback fuckers, theses gents are a little older, a little beefier and lot more masculine, Fucking rimming and sucking - the way the devil intended – BAREBACK! Starring: Abraham Motenegro, Dean Summers, Fabian, Josh Meza, Kristofer Weston, Mario Domenech, Paolo, Sergio Moreno, Toro Tyrk. A Butch Dixon DVD.
lick-it-and-stick-it-raw_tn.jpg Lick It & Stick It Raw (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
All natural here… Hairy men, unplucked, unshaven and of course, uncut, fucking raw. No condoms, no lube just spit and skin on skin! Starring: . A Butch Dixon DVD.
man-hole-lover_tn.jpg Man Hole Lover (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Hairy, sweaty, musky holes and ripe arm pits, the smell of real men. These guys want there men unplucked, unshaved, completely au naturel. Alex Marte, beefier than ever give up his puckered hole to Antonio Garcia's 8 inches of solid uncut meat, whilst, Mickey Eddie go for some alfresco rimming, sucking and fucking. Insatiable cock hound Ulysses and extra hairy Michel Rudin, get acrobatic before Ulysees sinks to his knees to worship Michel's fat, uncut meat. First timer Kris Irons is in the capable hands and tight, HAIRY hole of Dolan Wolff. Then its time to finish off with another donkey-dicked newbie Sandro Sanchez. That's a hell of a lot of beef for your buck! Starring: Alex Marte, Antonio Garcia, Dolan Wolf, Eddie Cordoba, Kris Irons, Michel Rudin, Mickey Collins, Sandro Sanchez, Ulysses. A Butch Dixon DVD.