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Bullet Videopac 7 (DVD-R) Bijou


In “Young Man with a Horn,” Todd Brocke makes love to himself and the camera (solo). “Good Neighbors” features Bruno and Roger. They go down on each other; then Bruno fucks Roger with big and powerful jabs. “Pier Pals” shows us Adam Adams meeting Ed Wiley for a quick pick-up.

Starring: Todd Brocke, Bruno, Roger, Ed Wiley, Adam Adams, Nick Rodgers, Bull Dozier.

Bijou DVDs are produced to order by Bijou Films themselves on DVD-R's. Most all players made today are able to play these discs. All Bijou tiles are available in this format and will take approximately 3-5 business days to ship from our warehouse.

A Bijou / Bullet Productions DVD.

Bullet Videopac 7 (DVD-R) Bijou Write a review | No reviews for this product.
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Write a review | No reviews for this product.