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Brazilian/South American Men-DVD

its-carnival-lb_tn.jpg It's Carnival (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
For our sexy brazilian guys its time for carnival and orgy sucking and fucking. Enjoy the brazilian flair of music hot rhythms, sexy bodies and huge uncut dicks. Starring: . A Latino Boys DVD.
bareaback_brazilians_tonycam_tn Bareback Brazilians (DVD)
These muscle studs can show us a thing or two about barebacking! Starring: Jumior Forte, Guilhermo Gonzales, Alex Trinidad, Guy dePaula, Michel Mariano, Renzzo daSilva, Arnold Barreto, Henrique Da Silva. A Tony & Cam DVD.
best_of_brazil_2_dvd_tn.jpg Best of Brazil #2: Three Ways & More (DVD)
$29.88 $6.88 On Sale!
Shot entirely in Brazil, this video features five scenes with 15 of Frenesi Filme's most exciting UNCUT Brazilian stars. Scenes from Some Like It Brazilian, Playing With The Coach's Balls, Brazen Brazilian and Stand At Attention. Starring Jade Pontes, Niklas Lopez, Wagner Motta, Pablo Picaco, Marcio Rosa, Guilherme Schuck, Marcelo Souza, Denon Miller, Pedro Aguilar, Julio Vidal, Eduardo Galisteu, Marcio Smith, Gabriel Trepador, Junior and Marcello Brasil.
best_of_brazil_3_dvd_tn.jpg Best of Brazil #3: Sex in Different Places (DVD)
$19.88 $6.88 On Sale!
Features six scenes with 13 of Frenesi Filmes' most exciting uncut Brazilian models! Each scene proves that these Brazilian men know how to satisfy each other's cravings for hot, throbbing man-to-man action! Starring Pablo Picaco, Marcio Smith, Junior Bahiano, Ricardo Flat, Leonardo Santos, Denon Miller, Reylando Costa, Marcio Rosa, Gilson Cury, Franco de Castro, Eduardo Galisteu, Marcello Cabral and Alexandre Senna. A Frenesi Filmes DVD.
boy_from_riodejaniero_dvd_tn.jpg Boy from Rio De Janiero, The (DVD)
It was a poor dirt village when the handsome guy came to town. Soon he would carve a raging pit of passion like these simple villagers had never seen. Erections would rise and fall, semen would spill and every man in the would cum to know the probing tongue of the guy from Rio De Janiero!
brazilian_cowboy_tn.jpg Brazilian Cowboy (DVD)
$39.88 $29.88 On Sale!
"Recommended. I can admit it. I have a crush on the Marlboro Man. A cut-out advertisement of this rough-hewn stud stood nearly three-stories tall outside my office building. While my slight infatuation over a billboard never blossomed into a full-blown cowboy fetish, films like "Brazilian Cowboy", suggesting unbridled man lovin' out on the open range, can still lasso my full attention. From the first moment Marcio Pittbull struts his hot ass onto the screen, my old Marlboro Man didn't stand a chance. Too pretty to survive more than an hour herding cattle, Marcio might easily earn his keep stretched out nude by the campfire blowing horny ranch hands. Having him do menial chores would surely be a waste of his tremendous assets, even though I would gladly watch this stud shovel horseshit." . . . Rick Forrent, Starring Marcello Cabrall, Claudio Atilla, Igor Ximenes, Marcio Pittbull (a.k.a. Artur Mell), Victor Cowboy, Alysson Pantera, Hugo Ferrari and Renato Furacao. Directed by Julio Kadetti. A Frenesi Filmes/All Worlds DVD.
brazilian_hot_asses_tn.jpg Brazilian Hot Asses (DVD)
$49.88 $6.88 On Sale!
Originally titled "Fogo No Rabo: Fire in the Ass". In Brazilian Hot Asses, handsome super-hung stud Rocco Brazill plays a fireman who shows how to put out the fire for four willing bottoms with some very hot asses! Starring Rocco Brazil, Ricardo Caffes, Paulo Juca, Matheus Resende and Andre Brizzos. Directed by Julio Kadetti. A Frenesi Filmes/Video 10 DVD.
brazilian_moves_tn.jpg Brazilian Moves (DVD)
In Brazilian Moves, horny Brazilian men suck and screw each other every day of the week that ends in the letter "y"! First, Marcio Pittbull and Claudio Meneses enjoy a swim in the Brazilian sunshine, a sure sign of sex coming soon to a pool near you! Then, Julio Vidal meets Walter Bresser who goes to the pool to check on Marcio and Claudio. Starring Julio Vidal, Marcos Axel, Beto Ribeiro, Claudio Meneses, Marcello Boni, Marcio Pittbull, Gabriel Coelho and Walter Bresser. Directed by Julio Kadetti. A Frenesi Filmes/Video 10 DVD.
brazilian_personal_trainer_tn.jpg Brazilian Personal Trainer 1 (DVD)
$39.88 $29.88 On Sale!
A group of hot and hung Brazilian guys spend their day working out at the gym. In between their routine, they wander off to various part of the gym and have hot, sweaty sex. They not only work on their body, they work each other off! Starring Ricardo Montenegro, Ricardo Zambrini, Alyson Pantera, Marcelo Caetano, Claudio Atilla, Joel Gutemberg, Hugo Ferrari and Adriel Santana. A Frenesi Filmes/All Worlds DVD.
brazilian-personal-trainer-2_tn.jpg Brazilian Personal Trainer 2 (DVD)
$39.88 $29.88 On Sale!
"Recommended. The theme is sex in the gym, and that old warhorse looks very tasty with the buff excited studs of 'Personal Trainer: Part 2.' Ask them to stretch a clothed muscle and these guys will stretch them all! Director Julio Kadetti must have combed Brazil earnestly in order to find what appear to be some of the biggest dicks around, and luckily when he found them, the owners knew just what to do with them." . . . Brent Blue, Starring Hugo Ferrari, Rafael Torloni, Adriel Santana, Ricardo Zambrini, Marcelo Barros, Ricardo Montenegro, Claudio Viana, Alyson Panetra and Bruno Meneguel. An All Worlds Video/Frenesi Filmes DVD.
brazilian_personal_trainer_3_tn.jpg Brazilian Personal Trainer 3 (DVD)
$39.88 $9.88 On Sale!
"Recommended. Thankfully not tired out from their lusty workouts in Part 2, most of the guys return for more in the next installment. Like the previous entry, this is a dick flick, a celebration of the hugeness that apparently abounds in Brazil, and the wonderful guys showing it off." . . . Brent Blue, Starring Tony Storazzo, Ricardo Zambrini, Rafael Torloni, Hugo Ferrari, Ricardo Montenegro, Bruno Meneguel and Lucas Rocha. Directed by Julio Kadetti. An All Worlds/Frenesi Filmes DVD.
brazilian_sizzle_tn.jpg Brazilian Sizzle (DVD)
$49.88 $6.88 On Sale!
The heat of the Brazilian carnival season in the heart of the lush and steamy Amazon rain forest causes juices to get flowing and guys to get going after each other for hot, sizzling sex! Starring Julio Vidal, Hector Henrique, Igor Dos Santos, Wagner Touro, Pedro Paulo, Luka Martins, Gustavo Ferreira, Diego Marques and Aleixo Araujo. Directed by Pietro. A Pau Brazil Production/Video 10 DVD.
brazilian_students_dvd_tn.jpg Brazilian Students (DVD)
$39.88 $9.88 On Sale!
Frenesi Filmes of Brazil and All Worlds Video bring young, horny and uncut Brazilian men who have a different definition of ?higher education.? With five steamy and sexy segments. The Brazilian Broad of Education is way ahead of the US when it comes to letting their young men explore their curious, sexual side. Starring Paulo Guina, Wander Martins, Rafael Toloni, Alex Junior, Andre Dumont, Henrique Valladares and Rafael Frota.
bulls_of_guadalajara_2_tn.jpg Bulls of Guadalajara 2 (DVD)
Guadalajara, the second largest city in Mexico with more than ten million people, has some of the finest men south of the border. We keep discovering an incredible supply of horny and curious men who are willing to show off, so go ahead and enjoy! Starring Yael Morantes, Ivan Sandoval Hdez, Alejandro Millan, Ricardo Arroyo, Javier Moreno and Arturo Nava. Directed by Ginetto Di Masolo. A Toro Studio DVD.
drs_orders_2_dvd_tn.jpg Dr.'s Orders 2: Dilation (DVD) Contains Controversial Footage
The second part of the duo will complete your treatment: you'll be expanded by various instruments, techniques and unauthorized hands-on (and hands-in) therapies! Starring Will Clark, Josh Perez, Jeff Baron, Mike Fuller, Anthony Gallo, Rob Evens, Johnny Rider, Mark Baxter, Rob Knox and Nick Nicaste.
fucking_crazy_tn.jpg Fucking Crazy (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Bareback. Hot and muscular Max Holden gave us a call and said that he was going to be the cum-hole bottom for a SanFran bareback fuck-party. He wanted to know if we'd like to tape it so he could show off to the Treasure Island men his slutty and talented sperm-hole. FUCKING CRAZY is pure, unadulterated, non-stop men-in-rut assfucking. Watching this video you'll swear you can smell the testosterone-laden sweat and taste the dripping spooge. Starring Max Holden, Erich Lange, Tom Shannon, Jeremy and many more.

gladiators-latino-boys_tn.jpg Gladiators (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Our olympic Gladiators are ready for hot sex action. Paulo G brings you 8 brazilian guys with outdoor fuck and suck. These nice boys are horny for big dicks and good sex. Have a look and enjoy our this brazilian gladiators. Starring: Jhunior, Ricco, Jonathan, Leo Sebastian, Diesel, Mendes, Alan, Apollo. A Latino Boys DVD.
he-cummed-from-brazil_tn.jpg He Cummed From Brazil (DVD)
There’s nothing like hot young international students to make a man go wild. And Brazillian newcomer Joao definitely fits the bill with his 9” meatbat of a cock – even if he fits very little else! Starring: Erick, Rafael, Joao, Plaulo, Josue, Doug, Ryan T. A Bent Boys DVD.
Hot Men (DVD) Dviant
Ten studs in a blast of steamy all-male action! Starring Alex, Alexander, Alvaro, Caio, Felipe, Juan, Kawan, Leny, Manu and Poaz. A Dviant Gay / Webcoast Productions DVD.
hot_throb_tn.jpg Hot Throb (DVD)
$49.88 $29.88 On Sale!
"Highly Recommended." The ado in 'Hot Throb,' directed by Peter Romero, is who will be the cover model of a nudie magazine. Rob Romoni is the cover model, deservedly so after the hot engaging performance he gives. But, any one of the other models would be worthy of a month's salivation on the night stand. Cover models are one thing, but these guys back up their good looks with bundles of talent! " . . .Brent Blue, Starring Rob Romoni, Cal Jackson, Mario Ortiz, Steve Rambo, Jesse Cooper, Ollie Kicks, Nick Young, Ulizes Carpelli, Gino Rottolli, Mike Gibson, John Von Crouch and Sparky Aimes.
house_of_the_rising_cum_tn.jpg House of the Rising Cum (DVD)
$49.88 $6.88 On Sale!
A group of handsome and horny Brazilian men (are there any other types?) enjoy sex all over the grounds of a swank and secluded hillside mansion! Starring Samuel Rodrigues, Paulo Guina, Ricardo Montenegro, Joel Gutemberg, Rafael Torloni, Henrique Peron and Victor Palhares. Directed by Julio Kadetti. A Frenesi Filmes DVD.
hunting_for_sex_123_tn.jpg Hunting for Sex (DVD)
"Recommended. Apparently parks in Brazil are no less cruisy than parks anywhere else (why should they be?), because all of the men who meet for sex in "Hunting for Sex" find each other there, exercise a bit to show off their toned bodies and then head home for sex. It's a timeless way of meeting men and it works effortlessly for the nine guys here." . . . Starring Claudio Angel, Alan Marcelo, Caua, Alex Leite, Gabriel Samyer, Alex Bad Boy, Sandro, Yuri and Leo Sebastian. A Carnaval Films DVD.
inches__bijou_tn.jpg Inches (DVD) Re-Release!
$39.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Precondom. Al Parker (starring as Doug, an up and coming photographer) decides to learn more about the swinging life and unknown sexual practices after his lover (Steve Taylor, his real-life lover) walks out on him. Highlights include Parker fucking a man with his cock and balls at the same time. This film is very strong on plot and sentiment, and successfully recreates the glittering world of the male model: the photo sessions, the gallery openings, the cruisy bars, the artistic friends, and the glittery crowd. Starring Starring Al Parker, Steve Taylor, Bob Blount, Buck Stevens, Max O'Sinsky, Carl Royce, David Sexton, Joe Roberts, Joe Shaunessy, Dan Noble and Greg Shaw. Directed by Steve Scott. A Bijou Classic on DVD.
late_night_cock_show_dvd_tn.jpg Late Night Cock Show (DVD)
$39.88 $6.88 On Sale!
In LATE NIGHT COCK SHOW , a group of horny Czech men explain how they lured the gas man, the electrician, the plumber and the VCR repairman to their homes for a little SEX! Starring Rene Bahr, Robert Toth, Jan Svatos, Pavel Proskovsky, Petr Grzegorz, Jan Durkech, Juraj Egl and Martin Polak. A Heart Of Europe IFS DVD.
lay_it_on_thick_tn.jpg Lay It On Thick (DVD)
$19.88 $6.88 On Sale!
Professional strip teasers find hard men easy and get easy men hard! First, two dancers team up when Rodrigo Lemos tops Wander Martins in one of the rooms of the sex club. Next, Marcello Cabrall does his dance, then takes a break on the rooftop of the club where Samuel Rodrigues delivers him a drink, then Marcello tops him mercilessly. Starring Rodrigo Limos, Marcello Cabral, Samuel Rodrigues, Diogo Silva, Marcos Axel, Roger Andrade, Wander Martins. Directed by Julio Kadetti. A Frenesi Filmes/Video 10 DVD.
legion_of_muscle_2_tn.jpg Legion of Muscle 2: The Diamond Mine (DVD)
"Highly Recommended. Set on the same desolate, arid isle that was the setting for its predecessor, "Legion of Muscle: Part 2: The Diamond Mine" has a plot that couldn't be more different. This time, the hunks in the cast are searching for diamonds (but not in an actual mine) with mystical properties that make them do things they wouldn't normally do -- sexual things." . . . Martin Cox, Starring Rogerio Mateo, Miguel Sabroso, Kevin Cage, Lucio Maverick, Julio Carillo, Rod Stevens, Julian Vincenzo and Randy Jones. Directed by Csaba Borbely.
men_of_brazil_4_tn.jpg Men of Brazil 4 (DVD)
In this journey of lust, you must choose you partner. No matter your decision, the result will be pure Latin passion! In Men of Brazil 4 these hunks are hot and their cocks are huge! Full of hot man-on-man sweaty sex that will leave you wanting more, these studs know how to use their massive uncut tools! Directed by Leo Botelho Starring: Marcelo Lagoas, Rodrigo, Fabio Cesar, Bruno Meneguel, Alex Phausner, Edison, Mack Edison. A US MALE DVD.
out_at_last_2_dvd_tn.jpg Out At Last 2: Bonbons (DVD)
$53.88 $40.41 On Sale!
10 never-before-seen episodes, as well as some rarities, shot between 1999 and 2001. George Duroy provides text commentary giving a short history of each scene. Starring Sebastian Bonnet, Dano Sulik, Filip Olivier, Max Orloff, Marek Antonov, Marcel Bouvier, Ivan Dudikoff, Paolo Estefan, Ales Hanak, Sasha Kasparov, Marek Kodes, Martin Lennox, Justin Marino, Ed Marlow, Tibor Miklos, Mikhail Palenki, Mirko Polakov, Ramon Valenti, Oleg Vronski and Pavol Zurek.
Pina Colada (DVD)
Come along with Mark Aubrey and and Brandon Manilow on their Brazilian holiday where they indulge their sexual desires in the land of sun and samba. Starring Mark Aubrey, Brandon Manilow, Troy Allen, Rustan Brodovich, Chris Cameron, Steve Jennings, Alex Orioli, Ryan Pawlowski, Matt Phillipe and Oleg Tartowski. Directed by George Duroy. A Bel Ami DVD.
rangers_nart_tn.jpg Rangers (DVD) Re-Release!
$34.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Precondom. A superb, all-action film, Rangers is an outdoor epic (shot in the Sierras) that focuses on the exploits of the ever-vigilant, ever-patrolling park rangers (beefy, tattooed Chris West and lean Nick Rodgers) and the campers they come across. Big thick cocks abound as the rangers show what "roughing it" is all about. Starring Al Parker, Brad Peters, Chris Allen, Chris West, Daniel Holt, Nick Rodgers, Shawn Easton, Kevin Hunt, Mark Edwards, Gregory Girrard and Jesse Koehler. Directed by Al Parker. A Surge Studios/Bijou Classic on DVD.
mermaids_with_dicks_recruits_in_training_tn.jpg Recruits In Training: Mermaids with Dicks (DVD) Shemale
$39.88 $29.88 On Sale!
Brazilian chicks with dicks give the orders in this tranny sex filled video. Starring Alex, Alexandre, Carlos, Celina, Duda, Elizangela, Izabela, Jessica, Moniquinha, Pablo, Rocco, Wesley and Willy. An All Words / Rio Guys Transexual DVD.
sex_trek_in_brazil_all_worlds_tn.jpg Sex Trek in Brazil (DVD)
$39.88 $29.88 On Sale!
The action begins with Alex Jr. and Denis Boy going on a tour of a train museum. The two cruise each other and go off to a secluded part of the museum and go at it. The two sexy men kiss deeply and take off their shirts, exposing their smooth, brown muscular bodies. Denis Boy works his way down to Alex Jr's nipple and soon finds himself gulping down the big, uncut cock. He sucks his balls and gently strokes the cock before placing it back in his mouth. In no time, Denis sits on Alex's stiffy and takes a ride, milking the cock with his love canal! Starring Denis Boy, Wesley Cabral, Victor Henrique, Alex Jr., Frank Lemos, Robson Moreno, Pedro Paulo, Luis Rodrigues, Alex Santos. Directed by Pietro. An All Worlds DVD.
star_search_1_dvd_tn.jpg Star Search: Canadian Amateur Auditions 1 (DVD)
Take the Voyeur's Seat & Enjoy the auditions! These Fifty (50!) Canadian amateur guys try to stroke their cocks to fame! An International Amateur Adult Video DVD.
stud_finder_tn.jpg Stud Finder (DVD)
$49.88 $29.88 On Sale!
These guys are always ready to do their best work. Cheat in a pool game? Maybe you can imagine what the punishment will be. Pay the fortune teller in a very special way. The men of your dreams are even better when the dreams come true in your face. Muscular men! Starring Gustavo Boulevard, Hiago Matra, Marcelo Furacao, Nicolas Rodriguez, Allan Peres, Fabio Ribeiro, Victor Cowboy and Lukas Luky. A Tribal Pulse DVD.
Swordsmen (DVD) Dviant
Ten super studs wield their manly weapons! Starring Alex, Billy, Bruno, Felix, Estrelando, Taygo, Henrique, Joao, Rick and Alexandre. A Dviant Gay / Webcoast Productions DVD.
therapy_bijou_tn.jpg Therapy (DVD-R) Precondom
$39.88 $16.88 On Sale!
With a plot similar to other Al Parker videos, this video has a central character serving as a springboard for the performers to launch into tales about sexual exploits. Bearded psychiatrist Daniel Holt treats patients with sexual problems and gets off by listening to their fantasies and escapades. Despite the threat of arrest, Shawn Roberts can't stop having sex in public washrooms when he sees blond and cute Drake Cass's beautifully uncut and long cock poking through a glory hole. Shawn licks the shiny . . . Starring Alex Lago, Daniel Holt, Tico Patterson, Pierce Daniels, Rex, Rich Parsons, Shawn Roberts, David Ashfield, Drake Cass and Eric Ross. Directed by Al Parker. A Bijou/Surge Studios DVD.
top_to_bottom_defiant_tn.jpg Top to Bottom 1 (DVD)
See what happens when tops flip! Starring Derek Hanson, Justin Christopher, Alex McDaniels, Enzio, Jonny Rapid, Kent Stryker and Billy Bowers. Directed by Joe Serna. A Defiant Productions DVD.