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Boot Boy (DVD)


Benjamin Bradley loves his work. He's been pressed into service as Chi Chi LaRue's "Boot Boy," and nothing about the way he polishes a gentleman's spats resembles your run-of-the-mill shoeshine. He's one Chatty Cathy, making small-talk while rubbing down the black boots of a mysterious stranger in his chair.

The first tale he tells takes place poolside. While Marcos David skims pool scum, Fredrick Ford, looking incredibly buff here, and Troy Moore make no attempt to conceal their ogling. There's zero art in this seduction -- Troy and Fredrick whip out the stiffies just hoping that Marcos will take notice. He does, tossing aside his skimmer and making a beeline for Fredrick and Troy. All three men are packing some major meat, but it's Fredrick and Marcos who seem to get the most attention. It's a pity because blonde Troy has a fat mushroom head that almost seems to go to waste. He busies himself rimming the other two men while they share some intimate kisses. Fredrick and Marcos' relaxed pink assholes are mouthwatering in the midday sun. We never get to fully appreciate Troy's soft spot before Marcos aggressively tops him. This trio is well matched, and they fully hit their stride when Troy climbs atop Fredrick's greasy pole and bounces up and down. Finally, they gather round Fredrick to dump their loads.

Talking about a club where anything and everything goes seems to energize Benjamin. Eager to please, he cradles his patron's foot in his palms and uses his tongue as a cleaning tool. Benjamin's getting downright flirty, batting his brown eyes as the scene dissolves to the very club he fantasizes about. In his reverie, Tyler Riggz and Theo Blake are moseying closer and closer, neither one willing to make the first move. Tyler is nothing less than a powerhouse. With his sleeveless flannel shirt completely open, Theo finds Tyler's meaty pecs irresistible, sauntering over to try his luck. Watching these two ranch hands lean in for their first kiss when neither one is willing to take off his cowboy hat was adorable. It takes but a split second of maneuvering, but after that first kiss, the rest seems to come off without a hitch. Theo does the lion's share of the cocksucking, slobbering over Tyler's prick with aplomb. For his part, Tyler seems much more interested in Theo's asshole than anything else, his pre-cum making the head of his cock sticky while he roughly finger-fucks Theo's butt. He's a no-frills top, seesawing in and out of Theo. He ends up spraying quite a bit of cream all over one of Theo's brown suede boots. The camera grabs a nasty snapshot of Tyler's cooling cream. It's a hot visual, but when a buddy ruins your boots with cum, who picks up the drycleaner's tab?

Benjamin decides to regale the guy in the chair with a kinky tale, describing, in vivid detail, a buddy's playroom. Trevor Knight keeps his quarry, Tommy Ritter, in the basement, locked up tight in a steel cage suspended from the rafters with chains. Tommy doesn't look thrilled to be held captive. But that changes when Trevor gives him a taste of his beautiful hog. It's an easy price to pay for freedom. Once the cage door opens, the balance of power shifts enough for Tommy to enjoy a blowjob. There are a lot of hot cocks here, but I've become especially enamored of Trevor's. He makes the most of showing it off, flopping it about while Tommy hovers his ass above Trevor's face. Once he's worked himself into a palpable frenzy, he fucks Tommy inside the cage, then out. He has a furious orgasm. And when this stud jacks off, I'm always amazed and how far his hand has to travel back and forth for each successive pump on his prick.

And who is the stranger getting his boots polished? It's the sensational Matt Cole. Put another rhinestone in Chi Chi's tiara for this sensational match-up of talent. These two seemed like frats getting down and dirty after too many beers: Benjamin's got the pretty eyes and mouth; Matt's got the sculpted armpits and sexed-up attitude. They are well matched. After slobbering over Matt's prick through his jeans, Benjamin makes his way closer to Matt's mouth. Along the way, he fusses over Matt's armpits, chewing the silky hair, using his nose, lips, chin and tongue to worship. The camerawork fills the frame with nothing but Matt's pit and Benjamin's wiggling tongue. Glorious! Matt grabs more control, putting Benjamin in the chair and diving between his legs. The black waistband of Matt's jock is riding high while he sucks on Benjamin, whose white jock is in perfect contrast to Matt's. Matt serves up more pit pleasure than I could take. He grabs Benjamin's steel-stiff prick and "introduces" it to his armpit, putting the tender flesh of the underside in direct contact with his patch of hair. When Benjamin's cock is completely scented, Matt pops it back into his mouth, then repeats. Matt just may have the perfect bubble-butt and Benjamin looks like he's having a ball rimming Matt's slightly hairy hole. This is some of the most intense foreplay I've seen in some time, and by the time Benjamin climbs aboard Matt's dick, everyone seems ready for an explosive finish. Benjamin is very much an active participant in the fuck he's receiving, doing quite a bit of posing and stretching. Not to be outdone, Matt bends over the shoe shine chair and invites Benjamin to dive deep. Matt's an intense, masculine fuckee, and he commanded my undivided attention throughout this sequence. But Benjamin easily snatches back the spotlight the minute he licks up his own load from Matt's black boot.

DVD features: Chapters; cum-shots chapter; trailers ("Wrong Side of the Tracks: Parts 1 and 2," "HardWare" and "Master of the House"); safer sex public service announcement ("Wrap It Up"); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).

A DVD Review by Rick Forrent ( )

*** Highly Recommended ***

Starring Benjamin Bradley, Tyler Riggz, Theo Blake, Tommy Ritter, Matt Cole, Trevor Knight, Marcos David (a.k.a. Mario Perez), Fredrick Ford and Troy Moore.

Directed by Chi Chi LaRue.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

A Rascal Video / Channel 1 Releasing DVD.

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Write a review | No reviews for this product.