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Bobby Blake

harlem-knights-gang-bang_tn.jpg Harlem Knights Gang Bang (DVD) Re-Release
Two white guys, an all black gang...Harlem Knights. Hot wax and double dildos with loads of ass play and one huge climax you won't forget! Starring: Andre Bolla, Austin Black, Bobby Blake, Corey Cox, Richard Reyes, Steve Pierce, Winston Love, Stan Mallone, Montay, Tony Lexus, Shaka, and Xavier. An All Worlds Video DVD.
bam_2_thug_jetset_tn Bam 2: Thug (DVD)
0058600652 Bam 2: Thug (DVD)
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13" of black power returns! Starring: Bam, Mocha, Ty Lattimore, Dennis Lincoln, Craig Stevens, Ken Taylor, Bobby Blake A Jet Set DVD.
black_brigade_dvd_tn.jpg Black Brigade (DVD)
With state of the art videography, stunning production design and a riveting, often inspirational plot, the Black Brigade's magnificent marathon of super-hot XXX sex, runs the gamut from romantic to raunchy, faster than you can whistle "Dixie". Starring Blake Tyson, Winston Love, Corey Cox, Dennis Lincoln, Andre Bolla, Gene Lamar, Bobby Blake, Troy Steele, Jason Kelly, Charles Cameron, Paul Morgan, and in a non-sexual role Paul Barresi.
black_in_the_saddle_catalina_tn.jpg Black in the Saddle (DVD)
A riviting sexy comedy with a delicious all black cast. Two ripe young bandits head into a small town to marry up the husbandfolk and run off with their money. But they didn't count on a sly sexy sherrif to figure they were up to no good and there's no tellin' what trouble comes with being on the wrong side of the law. Starring Winston, Bobby Blake, Seth Flannigan, Todd Lawrence, Tony Monroe, Richard Reyes, Jack Simmons, Tony Vaughn. Directed by Mitchell Dunne. A Catalina Video DVD.
black_market_tn.jpg Black Market (DVD)
J.C. Carter has just made it rich. The only problem is that the money belongs to Bobby Blake. J.C. tries to elude Bobby's guys but they finally track him down and "take it out on his ass". Starring Duke Johnson, Richard Reyes, Bobby Blake, JC Carter, Doc Holliday and Nic Nawes.
black_muscle_machine_1_2_dvd_tn.jpg Black Muscle Machine 1 & 2 (DVD) Double Feature!
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
A DVD double feature featuring well muscled and endowed black men in solo performances! Starring Flex Gamble, Cole Youngblood, Bobby Blake, Bam, Kevin Kemp, Michael Smith, Chako Monroe, Buck Stradlin, Tommy Banner (aka Dennis Lincoln), Cameron, T-Spoon and Zack/Z-Man.
black-secret-aw_tn.jpg Black Secret (DVD)
The incredible 13 inch Bam is at it again, and no one can slow down ths huge dicked piece of work. The secret's out about this steaming all-black production. Starring Bam, Bobby Blake, Kevin Kemp, Richard Reyes, Panama, T-Spoon, Gene Lamar and Shean Black. Directed by Peter Goesinya. An All Worlds DVD.
black-tie-affair-cat_tn.jpg Black Tie Affair (DVD)
While waiting at the groom's house before the wedding, Flex-Deon is helping Rod get dressed. Soon dicks come out and Rod is sucking on Flex-Deon. Then Flex-Deon gets all up in Rod's butt, fucking him good. Simon and Dennis are busy on the weight bench when Keith shows up and a threeway begins. Keith is hungry for cock. Simon and Dennis have no problem feeding it to him, both shooting their loads all over Keith's face. Starring Bobby Blake, Flex-Deon Blake, Reese Coleman, Simon Cox, Ty Lattimore, Dennis Lee, Keith Michaels, Rod Steel. Directed by Mark Jensen. A Catalina Video DVD.
black-wishes-catalina_tn.jpg Black Wishes (DVD)
One of the reasons Catalina's Black Gold Series of movies has been enjoyed by man-fans for the last 20 years is that Catalina has always attracted the best looking Black men. For example, Flex Gamble, the star of our new Premium Feature DVD: BLACK WISHES is gorgeous. Flex has a classic V-shaped torso with strong, muscular shoulders that give way to perfectly defined pecs that tower above abs of steel. Wow! Starring Flex Gamble, Christopher Fleur De Lis, Andre Bolla, Bobby Blake, Flex-Deon Blake, Daniel West, Kamrun and Tony Monroe. A Catalina DVD.
hot-chocolate-aw_tn.jpg Hot Chocolate (DVD)
Peter Goesinya takes us on a trip to Club Deep, where sexual desires and secrets are revealed. An all-black, all-hung cast featuring Bobby Blake, Bo Stallion and Gene LaMar. This steamy video has something to cure anybody's sweet tooth cravings. Starring T-Spoon, Bobby Blake, Randy Cochran, Carl Hall, Duke Johnson, Gene LaMar, Richard Reyes, Bo Stallion. Directed by Peter Goesinya. An All Worlds Video DVD.