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Blatino Men

Hooked on Hispanics 1 (DVD-R) Precondom
$34.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Foreskin abounds in this two-hour Latino thugfest set in a rehab center called L.I.C.K.I.T. - "Latinos In Crisis Keeping It Together." Admittedly, as that acronym suggests, director Brian Brennan isn�t much for busting stereotypes. He does however have an excellent eye for gorgeous, low-rent, long-dicked Latins. Starring Jose Pelos, Kino, Gino Colbert, Chino Ayalla, Pablo Flores, Orlando Vargas and Jorg Vega. Directed by Brian Brennan. A Latino Fan Club / Bijou Classics DVD.
Hooked on Hispanics 2: The Bronx Crew (DVD-R)
$34.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Director Brian Brennan and the Latino Fan Club continue their story about a rehabilitation center (L.I.C.K.I.T.) where an aphrodisiac drug is being passed around by it's workers and clientele. First, a kitchen worker slips the drug into four rehabbers' meal. These four take turns sucking cock under the dining room table and break into duos, later forming a three-way and a full foursome. Cock-sucking predominates (lucky for the viewer, as the uncut cocks on this bunch are fat and long!), as does butt licking and kissing. Starring Edwardo Lopez, Alicides Vicente, Jason Robles, Jose Pelos, Gino Colbert, Freddy Martin, Jaye Reyes, Ricky Reynaldo, T.Jay Colon, 'Lil Conan and Robles. Directed by Brian Brennan. A Latino Fan Club / Bijou Classics DVD.
meat_wackers_2_tn.jpg Meat Wackers 2 (DVD)
Our succulent Meat Wackers series will have you with dicks greased up and rarin' to go! This film features all of the cum flinging, jizz jostling dildo doodling high jinks we're known for with a little extra for the true connoisseurs of Thug porn. Talk about a thug love dream come true! Sexy guys playing with dildos, watching each other beat their dicks and jacking off in turn. This is enough action for you to blow your load a dozen times and stiff crave more! Starring Caramel, Chino, Magic, Seven and Black Tiger. A Pitbull Productions/Thugporn DVD.
meat_wackers_3_tn.jpg Meat Wackers 3 (DVD)
Camron is the next Tiger Tyson in his very own exclusive movie. He headlines along with his sidekicks as a bonus, who give you nothing but thug appeal to the fullest. Meat Wackers #3 serves up uncut footage that will delight you to the fullest extent. An exclusive from San Juan, Puerto Rico, the newly found star Camron dangles his ten-inch in a magnificent, macho style. Starring: Bobby Malone. A Pitbull Productions DVD.
menace_to_str8_thugz_tn.jpg Menace to Str8 Thugz (DVD)
Some guys are straight, some are gay and some are just waiting for the right guy to come along to show them how to play! Starring Mr. Sauki, Hyna, Shooter, Vaughn, Blasian Asian, City Mike, Sebastian Blue and Ty Boi. Directed by Jalin Fuentes. A Pitt Bull Productions / Thug Porn DVD.
straight_shooter_thugporn_tn.jpg Straight Shooter (DVD) 2-Disc Set
Here are six steamy scenes, eleven horny dudes, yards of hard dick and hot azz for days. Watch these straight shooters explore their darker sides, and scratch an itch so deep that it takes a buddy to reach it. Ah, now that feels good! Starring Sexy Veteran, Titan, Trey, Sho-Nuff, Enrique, Mr. Thrill, Love, Skool Boi, Jezzy, Mendoza and Vokalz. Directed by Jalin Fuentes. A Pitt Bull Productions / Thug Porn DVD.
thief_in_the_night_3_tn.jpg Thief in the Night 3 (DVD)
Some thieves don't understand that what goes around, cums around. Check out how one thief thinks he can go around taking all the ass and dick he wants. But after he gets dicked down for what he's done, he might learn his lesson, or he'll rob forever. Starring Peanut, Rock, Dollar, Eyce and Venom. Directed by Marvin Jones. A Blatino Connection/B.C. Productions/Latino Fan Club DVD.