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Black Men-DVD

raw-jungle-fever-rhino-tn - Raw Jungle Fever (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
More monster black dick crushing ass! The second release from rhino! Starring: Uncredited. A Rhino DVD.
black-men-in-both-ends_tn.jpg - Black Men In Both Ends (DVD)
$49.88 $46.88 On Sale!
Why settle for just one dick up your ass when you could have black men in both ends? It's a BBC lover's dream-come-true as black sluts and black stallions come together for 5 threeway scenes stuffed with more hard, hung monster-cock than you can count on both hands! These muscled studs' bodies are tightly packed and come in threes, as they find out that the best way to maximize their partner's pleasure is to times in by two. Starring: Andre Donovan, Astengo, Damian Brooks, JP Richards, Kiern Duecan, Krave Moore, Nubius, PD Fox, Red, Rex Cobra, Zane West. A Next Door Studios DVD.
bare-black-80-gays_tn.jpg -Bare Black (DVD)
$49.88 $29.88 On Sale!
With a hunger for big black cocks and bareback sex, Dubaku, Jabari, Nadir, Rayshon, Lamont, Kalem, Sage, Amare, and Gabriel get naked and bare it all in this combination of 4 bareback fucking and 4 solo scenes. This DVD should keep you busy all day long! Starring: Dubaku, Jabari, Rayshon, Dubak, Lamont, Kalem, Sage, Nadir, Amar, Gabriel. An 80 Gays DVD.
black-on-black-80g_tn.jpg -Black On Black (DVD) 80 Gays
$49.88 $29.88 On Sale!
Filmed on location, in the heart of Africa, these 5 hardcore bareback scenes feature 10 young black males enjoying gay sex, which is strictly forbidden by their government and society. Partaking in this taboo makes each encounter that much more intriguing, and the intensity of their sex shows it. Enter a world that few outsiders get to see, as these horny boys secretly suck big black cock and fuck raw until their pearl white cum spills onto their smooth ebony skin. Unlike the typical black thugs fucking in an inner city ghetto, these encounters are filled with passion and curiosity, as African youth refuse to play by the rules of society and surrender to their pent up desires for the touch of another man. Starring: Dulani, Manu, Addae, Fynn, Morgan, Oscar, Daquan, Tremain, Dubaku, Rayshon. An 80 Gays DVD.
brown-sugar-nds_tn.jpg -Brown Sugar (DVD)
When Marc goes in the back to straighten up, Brandon takes advantage of the situation and sticks his face right in Jay's crotch. The smell is heavenly and the hard cock inside the underwear feels nice against Brandon's face. Brandon takes out Jay's fat dick without asking and sucks it deep. Jay can't believe it. One thing leads to another and you know what that means.... + much more. Enjoy! Starring: Brandon Jones, Damian Brooks, Hunter Sky, Jay Black, JP Richards, Mark Williams, Ramsees, Sam Swift, Tyson Tyler. A Next Door Studios DVD.
hookup-hustlas_tn.jpg -Hookup Hustlas (DVD)
Hookin' up isn't just a hobby, it's a way of life. Those late nights of Last Call at the bar, cruisin' the men's room for dick, hopped up on lust and adrenaline and who knows what else. The sex is savage and filthy... the morning after it's just a blur. And then you get up, go back out, and do it all over again on the daily. To some it's second nature, their eyes meet a stranger's and that's all it takes to know it's on. It's a skill like any other, and these hustlas are just doin' what (or who) they do best. Starring: Astengo, Jin Powers, Jordano Santoro, JP Richards, King B, Nubius, Sam Swift, Tyson Tyler. A Next Door Studios DVD.
men-noir-4_tn.jpg -Men Noir Four (DVD)
$49.88 $34.92 On Sale!
Celebrating men of color, "Men Noir" is a collection of the hottest video ever produced by Falcon Studios group featuring black men, big cocks and insatiable sexual appetites. < Starring: Colin Black, D.O, Damien Holt, Derek Reynolds, Hunter Vance, Jesse Santana, Lawson Kane, Marcus Ruhl, Micah Brandt, Race Cooper, Shawn Hunter, Spencer Reed, Tris Roberts, Troy Haydon. A Falcon DVD.
men-noir-one_tn.jpg -Men Noir One (DVD)
$49.88 $34.92 On Sale!
Celebrating men of color, Men Noir is a collection of the hottest videos ever produced by Falcon Studios Group, featuring black men, big cocks, and insatiable sexual appetites! Starring: Diesel Washington, Race Cooper, Dominic Pacifico, Zeb Atlas, Micah Brandt, Rod Daily, Robert Axel, Vin Nolan, Marc Williams, Derrick Hanson, Derek Reynolds, Landon Conrad, Adrian Hart. A Falcon DVD.
men-noir-3_tn.jpg -Men Noir Three (DVD)
$49.88 $34.92 On Sale!
Celebrating men of color, 'Men Noir' is a collection of the hottest video ever produced by Falcon Studios group featuring black men, big cocks, and insatiable sexual appetites! Starring: Adrian Hart, Antonio Biaggi, Damien Holt, Darius Ferdynand, Derek Reynolds, Derrek Diamond, Dominic Sol, Erik Rhodes, Jay Black, Kennedy Carter, Marc Lasalle, Mason Garet, Race Cooper, Rambo, Ricky Sinz, Roman Raggazzi, TJ Young, Tommy Blade. A Falcon Studios DVD.
phat-dick-fitness_tn.jpg -Phat Dick Fitness (DVD)
There's nothing like a workout to get the blood pumping straight to your shaft! That's exactly what happens when these stud trainers just cant keep their hands off their sex-crazed clients. Sweat, muscle, and bulging gym shorts await you in five stories starring black beefcakes Tyson Tyler, Marc Williams, Krave Moore, Nubius, and newcomer Derek Maxum training bottoms how to exercise the Ebony way! These black studs pack some seriously phat dicks, so don't forget the number one rule about exercising your ass Be sure to stretch first! Starring: Brock Avery, Damian Brooks, Darian, Derek Maxum, Draven Torres, JP Richards, Krave Moore, Marc Williams, Max Chevalier, Nubius, Tyson Tyler. A Next Door Studios DVD.
african-barebackers_tn.jpg African Barebackers (DVD)
$49.88 $29.88 On Sale!
Wild Barebacking with Jungle Men. Starring: Patrick, Alex, Max, Marvin, Rony, Andrew, Ront, Pear, Kam, Pala. An 80 Gays DVD.
african-cum-pigs_tn.jpg African Cum Pigs (DVD)
$49.88 $29.88 On Sale!
Feed me more and let it pour! Starring: Richard, James, Paul, Peter, Mike, Bernard, Eric, Chui, Kevin, Afpha. An 80 Gays DVD.
as_black_as_it_gets_11_tn.jpg As Black As It Gets 11 (DVD)
It's all good in the 'hood because these fine brothers know how to take it like they should! They take it hard and fast with deep lovin' action that is super hardcore, ultra exciting and as black as it's ever gonna get! Starring Sexcyone, Aares Luv, De Karlo, Sexy Redd, Taz, Troy, Jalin Jones, T-Rodd, Mickey Jones. A Bacchus DVD.
as_black_as_it_gets_12_bacchus_tn.jpg As Black As It Gets 12 (DVD)
He's a fine, ebony brother who can fuck like no other! These horny studs are the real deal; beautiful black men who are heavy hung, oh so gay and totally proud of it! Starring: Anaconda, Dante Franklin, Thugzilla, Juice, Stefan Love, Treshawn, High Def, Lil Ken, Toni Amos A Bacchus DVD.
best_of_black_men_2_dvd_tn.jpg Best of Black Men 2, The (DVD)
Seventeen hot Brazilian men in seven hardcore, sexy scenes! It's an amazing collection of some of the hottest scenes on the market with some of the hottest men of Brazil! Starring Felipe Sainz, Duarte Burreto, Samuel Jacques, Manoel Velho, Llopo De Brito, Pedro Corsema, Garcia Lobo, Fernom De Souza, Joam De Costa, Pero Boteino, Pero Corsema, Denis Torres, Emillo Calvo and Ramon Mendez. Directed by Alexander. An Alexander Pictures DVD.
between-brothas_tn.jpg Between Brothas (DVD)
$24.88 $21.88 On Sale!
It's off the hinges and off the hook, these smoking bros are gonna tap it hard! This is real life brother bromance that is all the way slammin' and jammin'! Starring: Anaconda, Hot Boi, Jack Of Trade, Jay Jay, Killa-Kli, Lil Ken, Pete, Rico Pierre, T.J, Toni Amos. A Bacchus DVD.
big-black-jack-evi_tn.jpg Big Black Jack (DVD)
$29.88 $15.30 On Sale!
Big Black Jack is a big man now, he?s ready to play al the games that big people play! Alex King had done it again! The master of the black cock party had delivered another throbbing, pulsating, cum drenching sexual adventure featuring tight assed hard bodies! Starring: Platinum, Sire, Xavier Monroe, Baby Boy, Onyx, Chris Banks and Monroe Marquis. An Ebony Video International DVD.
big_black_surprises_bacchus_tn.jpg Big Black Surprises (DVD) 5 Hrs
5 Hrs of big black dicks jammed into the tighest of holes. A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
black-and-orgylicious_tn.jpg Black & Orgylicious (DVD) 5 Hrs
$19.88 $17.88 On Sale!
Chocolate treats for everyone to enjoy. There is plenty of man meat to go around at this party! A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
black-and-bisexual-bacchus-tn Black And Bi Sexual (DVD) 5 Hrs
$19.88 $17.88 On Sale!
These chocolate freaks need a little bit of everything! A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
black_and_bootyful_7_tn.jpg Black and Bootyful 7 (DVD)
These beautiful black brothers are packing junk in the trunk and they have bootyful behinds that are just begging to be loved! So come on inside for a little black in the crack, a little anal pounding, a little blowjob action, a little black on black love if you will! Now that's hot! Starring Mickey, Troy, Demo, Sexcyone, T-Rodd, K-Nasty, D. Jit, Rudy Scott, Cutie Bottie, Timpo Jones. A Bacchus Releasing DVD.
black_and_hung_7_tn.jpg Black and Hung 7 (DVD)
These hot, black studs are packing a heavy load and they are ready to explode! Super-hung brothers get their freak on in XXX action that is guaranteed to satisfy! There's nothing quite like witnessing a massive black schlong pounding away on an eager black asshole! This is one flick you don't wanna miss! Starring Dante Franklin, Juice, Anaconda, Titan, Thugzilla, Kid Kaj, Blue Ice, Rudy Scott, Mr. Goodbar, Trap Boyy. A Bacchus DVD.
black_and_loaded_6_tn.jpg Black and Loaded 6 (DVD)
These fine black brothers are keeping it real- real sexy, that is! They are aching for action, fully loaded and ready to explode in black, brother on brother sex that will leave you hungry for more! These big black hard dicks are cocked and loaded and ready for plenty of action! Starring Japan, Pete, Polo, Tezjork, Kidd, Thugzilla, Diamond Prince, Mr. Pain, Virgo, Sean Gold, Rusty Reagan. A Bacchus DVD.
Black Balled 1 (DVD)
Featuring Huge Dicked 13" Bam! Starring Sean Diamond, Randy Cochran, Bam, Rick Cruz, Paco, T-Spoon, Ray Gee, Antonio, Paul Hansen, Gene Lamar and Kevin St. James. Directed by T.J. Paris. An All Worlds Video DVD.
Black Balled 2 (DVD)
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
Luke Savage is a limo driver on his way to pick up a rich client. When he takes a wrong turn he ends up in a dead end alley. A group of street punks find him and decide to have a little fun with the hunky limo driver. Luke is quickly pulled out of the limo by Austin Black and four of his buddies. They force feed Luke cock after cock. When Austin sees his buddy JC Carter walking by with more friends he calls them over to get a piece of Luke's hot white ass. Once he has all ten of the black studs' cocks hard, Luke spreads his legs and gives them a taste of his hole. . . Starring Luke Savage, Austin Black, Eric Butler, J. C. Carter, Drakkar, Winston Love, Zaire Masters, K. J. Rogers, Jack Simmons, Mitchell Stack and Choice Thomas. Directed by Chi Chi LaRue. An All Worlds DVD.
black_balled_3_tn.jpg Black Balled 3 (DVD)
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
White skateboard punk Kenny gets in the middle of some hot, tearoom action. He definitely proves that he has "the little hole that could"! Starring Kenny, Flex Gamble, Bo Long, Dennis Lincoln, Zaire Masters, Ty Lattimore, Kamrun, Darryl Harris, Shahan, Derrick Jackson, Unique Lee and Kent Michaels.
black_balled_4_tn.jpg Black Balled 4 (DVD)
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
"Highly Recommended. Beefy stud Rob Romoni pulls the train better than any steam locomotive ever could here. Like an Iron Man triathlete, a gangbang bottom needs lots of stamina, lots of energy, and more than anything else, a never-say-die attitude, and Rob possesses all of those qualities and more. His handsome and well-hung tops impel the action with juggernaut force, which makes Rob's outstanding performance all the more impressive. After all, there's only one of him, and he ably sates a small crowd of black horny tops." . . . Martin Cox, ManNet.com. Starring Rob Romoni, Markus Ram, Kamrun, Brock Webster, Jason Tiya, Charles Rod, Solomon Gregory, Cutler X and Trey Kane. Directed by Doug Jeffries. An All Worlds DVD.
Black Balled 5: Star Fucker (DVD)
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
Dean Monroe plays a leading man who is always the center of attention when he is on the set. But after the cameras stop rolling on the set of the soap opera he stars in, the real action heats up! Starring Dean Monroe, Jack Simmons, Aron Ridge, Tiger, Marc Williams, Kamrun, Malik, Eddie Diaz and Nick Da'Kannon. Directed by Chi Chi Larue. An All Worlds Video DVD.
black_balled_6_all_worlds_tn.jpg Black Balled 6 (DVD)
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
Dylan Saunders wanders into Eddie Diaz's auto repair shop looking for some service but he gets much more than he bargained for when all the workers decide to give his ass a major overhaul, with their giant black and beautiful cocks! Starring Scott Alexander, Christopher Ashlee, Eddie Diaz, Aarin Driver, Markus Ram, Derek Reynolds, Aron Ridge, Ian Rock, Dylan Saunders. Directed by Chi Chi LaRue. An All Worlds DVD.
black-balled-8_tn.jpg Black Balled 8 (DVD)
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
Starring newcomer and insatiable bottom Dylan Hauser, the movie gives new meaning to the term, "Behind the 8 Ball". The cock-hungry Hauser takes on 10 well-hung black studs, including superstars Hot Rod, Scott Alexander, Angyl Valantino, Aron Ridge. Also joining the pack of gangbangers are Jonny Rock, Trey Turner, Lawson Kane, and newcomers Sean XL, Tokyo and Robert Anthony. They all come together in one of the nastiest interracial gangbangs ever caught on film. Starring: Angyl Valantino, Aron Ridge, Dylan Hauser, Hotrod, Jonny Rock, Lawson Kane, Robert Anthony, Scott Alexander, Sean XL, Tokyo, Trey Turner. An All Worlds Video DVD.
black_ballin_bacchus_5hrs_tn.jpg Black Ballin' (DVD) 5 Hrs
Black Ballin' features five hours of hung built black bangees getting hot and heavy. Bacchus invites you to watch as these thugs suck, fuck and jerk till they get a face full of cum. A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
big_blk_cock_lovers_bacchus_5_hr_tn Black Big Cock Lovers (DVD) 5 Hrs
5 Hours of so much sucking, and fucking it will blow your mind! A Bacchus 5 Hours DVD.
black_big_dick_club_5hr_bacchus_tn Black Big Dick Club (DVD) 5 Hrs
Bacchus invites you to take a look into the Black Big Dick Club. Only the biggest and baddest black dicks are allowed in, and once you become a member, the perks are quite clear. All the warm mouths and tight holes that you could want. A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
black_blockbusters_all_worlds_tn.jpg Black Blockbusters (DVD)
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
An all black cast gets nasty in this fuck and suck fest. These ebony gods know that it's better to give and receive! Starring Craig, Derrick, Eddie, G.Q., James, Matthew, Phaze, Spencer, Vito. Directed by Ron Rico. An All Worlds Video DVD.
black_boners_white_pricks_7_tn.jpg Black Boners White Pricks 7 (DVD)
Big black Boners and stiff white pricks are all the more exciting when you mix them up in an interracial fuck fest that offers the finest ebony studs with the cutest white boys around! They have prepared an all inclusive look at stars Justyn Blade and John Cedar, whose chemistry is undeniable in the bedroom and in front of the camera. Starring Sky Fairmount, Ass Professor, John Cedar, Delectable, Justyn Blade, Ty Boi, Alan Star, Aaron Galloway, Mason Winters, N-Tycin. A Bacchus DVD.
black_boy_toys_b5_tn.jpg Black Boy Toys (DVD) 5 Hrs
Everyone needs something to play with once in a while. It just so happens that these boys like fresh chocolate sticks. A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
black_cocks_in_white_jocks_tn.jpg Black Cocks in White Jocks (DVD)
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
"Highly Recommended. There is not one real moment of laziness in 'Black Cocks in White Jocks.' Sure, not everyone has the same energy, but there is no scene that doesn't benefit from outrageously good work. Guys like Kamrun, Jason Tiya and Fredrick Ford own their scenes, but not because their co-stars aren't working hard, but because they are just that damn good at what they are doing!" - Brent Blue, ManNet.com. Starring Frederick Ford, Ricky Martinez, Jason Tiya, Jake Samms, Kamrun, Tiger, Matthew Mayfair, Sledge Sawyer, Aiden Jaymes and Corey Tanner. Directed by Doug Jeffries. An All Worlds Video DVD.
black_dads_on_the_prowl_bac_tn Black Dad's On The Prowl (DVD)
Look out,because these fine black brothers are looking anywhere and everywhere for hot chocolate booty!No ass is safe with these butt bandit brothers on the prowl! A Bacchus DVD.
black_deep_drilling_alexander_tn Black Deep Drilling (DVD)
Don’t worry about the environment, the kind of black these guys are drilling is the cock kind, not anything that will kill fish if it spills into the ocean. In fact, for all the spilling that happens in Black Deep Drilling, none of it is wasted in the water. It is all spilled on the happily sated bottoms gathered to take the big black dicks that Alexander Pictures has scored in another great production of porn-o-licious Brasilians. Starring: Affonso Lugo, Goncalo Morales, Gustavo Alves, Hugo Lopez, Juan Acosta, Leandro Cruz, Luis Suares, Pascoal Coelho, Renato Morales, Riu Melo. Directed by: Alexander. An Alexander Pictures DVD.
black-dickasaurus-bacchus-tn Black Dickasaurus (DVD) 5 Hrs
A bone like this hasn't roamed the earth since the days of a T-Rex! A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
black-dicks-latin-asses-bacchus-tn Black Dicks & Latin Asses (DVD) 5 Hrs
Black dicks and latin asses...need I say more? A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
blk_dicks_and_wht_booty_4__bac5hr_tn Black Dicks and White Booty 4 (DVD)
Big black poles open up sweet, creamy cupcakes as these black dicks plow into hot white booty. This is interracial action that is sure to spark an epidemic of jungle fever! Starring: Ty Boi, Aaron Galloway, Infamous, Dustin Lawrence, Austin, Sexcyone, TJ, Diablo, Darvin Carrington, Sean Kane. A Bacchus DVD.
black-door-brothas-5_tn.jpg Black Door Brothas 05 (DVD)
Ever been banged by a gangster? These thug buggers love giving it and taking it to the seat of the baggy britches, and they love guzzling cock more than sipping gin and juice! BLACK DOOR BROTHAS are ALL about the street meat, bitches! Starring: Blu Black, Everlastin, Jalin Jones, Jock, Mr. Amazing, Pharoh, Sean Gold, Seduction, Troy. An Alkaline Productions DVD.
black_door_alka_tn Black Door Brothas 2 (DVD)
Ever been banged by a ganster? These thug buggers love giving it and taking it to the seat of the baggy britches, and they love guzzling cock more than sipping gin and juice! BLACK DOOR BROTHAS are ALL about t he street meat, bitches! Starring: Gangster, Shorty Thug, Slimm Reddi, City Boy, Jovonnie, Mr. Darvin, PlayBoy Redd, Cognac, Pasceo Marx. An Alkaline DVD.
black_door_brothas_4_tn.jpg Black Door Brothas 4 (DVD)
Ever been banged by a gangster? These thug buggers love giving it and taking it to the seat of the baggy britches, and they love guzzling cock more than sipping gin and juice! BLACK DOOR BROTHAS are ALL about the street meat, bitches! Starring: Mr. Young Gun, Darius Martin, Kriz Stylez, Zamir, Jock. An Alkaline Productions DVD.
black-dream-white-cream-tn.jpg Black Dream White Cream (DVD)
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
Dominated by the overpowering sex appeal of incredible newcomer Jonny Rock and a boatload of sex ready studs, including superstar Matthew Rush and Drake Jaden; Black Dream White Cream whips the sexual frenzy to a whole ‘nother level. Experience Black Dream White Cream, an interracial cum fest. Starring: Raphael Cartel, Shane Frost, Drake Jaden, Steven Ponce, Jonny Rock, Matthew Rush, Tristan Sterling, Ricardo Vaughn. Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue. An All Worlds Video DVD.
black-elastic-holes-5hrs_tn.jpg Black Elastic Holes (DVD) 5 Hrs
No matter what you stick in these boys holes to stretch it out, it will go back to the same tight hole it was before all ready for the next round! A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
black_filtf_2_bacchus_tn.jpg Black FILTF 2 (DVD)
He's a fine ebony father who can fuck like no other! These horny studs are the real deal; beautiful black men who are heavy hung, fine looking dads and totally proud of it! Starring: Ty, Dante, Sexcyone, Kamrun, Chris, Flex, Soloman, Pleasure, Ricco, Infinity. A Bacchus DVD.
black_fuckers_ap_tn.jpg Black Fuckers (DVD) Alexander Pictures
These chocolate boys are filling their vanilla toys with hot man meat! An Alexander Pictures DVD.
black-gay-shake-5hrs_tn.jpg Black Gay Shake (DVD) 5 Hrs
Put some of that brotha cream on me. I wanna make you a shake you will never forget! A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.