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Black Manhole (DVD)

The spare direction and lack of plot keep the focus on sex in "Black Manhole." Starring hunky black studs Jason Tyia and Hercules, each of whom is featured in two separate duo scenes. Both guys have shaved heads, buffed bodies and huge dicks, but they have very different onscreen personas.

In the first scene, Jason is matched with Eddie, a cute young stud who does a quick up-and-down on Jason's tightly muscled body with his tongue before he dives on Jason's meaty dick. Jason's aim seems intent from the get-go: even when the two are kissing, he's toying with Eddie's butt. Eddie is only too happy to be the bottom toy for Jason, so it's a good match. Jason fucks Eddie two different ways, from behind, and in the sidesaddle position, shoving his thick cock inside Eddie's very narrow ass, and then Jason straddles Eddie's chest and jerks out his load, his hot load dripping onto Eddie's skin from above. Then Eddies squeezes his cum out, and it sticks to the head of his dick, his foreskin, and his fist.

Hercules is up next, matched with Mark-O, a cute young stud with a closely trimmed goatee. Hercules is much more reserved onscreen than Jason, although his body is equally impressive. Hercules and Mark-o go kind of slow in the scene, and Hercules gets all the way naked before Mark-O loses any of his clothes. Tight close-ups give an in-the-moment view of Mark-O getting face-fucked by Hercules's big cock, and then Mark-O reclines so that Hercules can fuck him. Taking Hercules all the way isn't easy for Mark-O, but his determination pays off, because when he cums after Hercules has thoroughly plowed his ass, it's a huge, dripping load.

Jason's second scene is with Hot Shot, a stud who arrives to give Jason a treat on his day off. Jason's outgoing personality is very evident in the scene, and in addition to his sexy wordplay, he also has a grin that makes his whole face light up. Hot Shot can actually hold his hand around Jason's dick while he's sucking on it, proving that Jason's other great asset is his huge cock. Hot Shot can't get fucked hard enough when Jason slides inside him doggy-style, begging the big stud to pound his ass. Jason dick is captured in a great tight close-up as he slams Hot Shot's ass.

The finale to the scene is the highlight of the entire production. As Jason fucks Hot Shot missionary-style, Hot Shot strokes his dick until he shoots, sending multiple jets of cum over his head, an amazing pop-shot. Jason shoots next, working every last drop of his cum from the head of his cock. In the fourth and last scene, Hercules hooks up with Jay, a dark-skinned, handsome studpup who admires Hercules's six-pack abs. Jay's hands and mouth show their appreciation next, roaming all over Hercules, and making his dick bulge against the thin fabric of his bikini underwear. Jay has barely begun to suck on Hercules's cock before he starts announcing his intention to get it inside his ass, and of course he gets his wish, but only after Hercules heightens the anticipation by rubbing his thick piece against Jay's exposed asscrack and between his legs. Then he makes Jay suck his dick a while longer, followed by Jay fingering his ass with lube to get it ready. After all that teasing, it might seem that the fucking would be anticlimactic (so to speak), but it isn't, in fact, it's really hot. Jay spreads his legs wide apart for Hercules, who guides his dick inside and starts to fuck Jay hard, and Jay's moans sound like he's having a great time. Jay sucks on Hercules once again as he jerks his cock to climax, and Hercules sends rivers of white cream running down Jay's chest.

DVD features: Chapters; gallery; trailers ("Diving Lagoon, "The Seven Deadly Sins: "Wrath," and "Nomads"; and no regional coding.

A DVD Review by Martin Cox ( )

*** Recommended ***

Starring Jason Tyia, Eddie, Mark-O, Hercules, Hot Shot and Jay.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

An All Worlds/Big City Video DVD.

Black Manhole (DVD) Write a review | No reviews for this product.
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Write a review | No reviews for this product.