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BJ Productions DVDs

bondage-dreams-bjp_tn Bondage Dreams (DVD)
Randy Storm and Ted Matthews are each secretly dreaming about the thrill of being completely bound and gagged by each other. Follow Randy and Ted as they enter their own personal fantasy of erotic bondage. This flick will demonstrate some of the hottest and securest erotic bondage ever captured on film. Starring: Ted Matthews, Randy Storm. A BJ Productions DVD.
pigs-tits-and-feet_tn Pits, Tits And Feet (DVD)
This is the ultimate body worship DVD. The Master of Fetish Video has focused on armpits, tits, and feet. Watch this all-star cast as they get into each other. Rick Bolton is worshipped by Randy Storm and Ted Matthews, Donny Russo has separate scenes with Danny Sommers and Trenton Comeaux. Watch Danny as he allows these two butch studs to nurse from his breasts. Join in on this voyeur’s paradise as the BJ Productions camera allows you to watch these wonderfully toned bodies as they worship every inch of each other! Starring: Trenton Comeaux, Rick Bolton, Donnie Russo, Danny Bliss, Danny Sommers, Ted Matthews, Randy Storm. A BJ Productions DVD.
whipped-and-creamed-bf_tn Whipped And Creamed (DVD)
Hot and hunky Donny Russo appears thoroughly roped and bound. In a variety of scenes, Donny is manhandled by a mysterious drill sergeant, who fondles, punches, and stomps our muscular stud into a fit of aroused pleasure. Starring: Donnie Russo, Shane. A BJ Productions DVD.
best-of-bolton-bj-tn Best Of Bolton (DVD) BJ Productions
A BJ Productions DVD.
donnys_dirty_sex_garage_bj_tn.jpg Donny's Dirty Sex Garage (DVD)
Donny Russo would rather work on his Jeep in the garage than work on Danny Sommers asleep in their bed. When Danny awakes and realizes that his boyfriend is out in the garage again, sparks start to fly. Soon Donny and Danny are ripping each other's clothes off and throwing motor oil all over each other. This leads to a hot, slippery, right down and dirty sex session. When Justin, the owner of the garage, arrives on the scene, he is angry and hot because these guys have really messed up his garage. Watch Donny Russo as he teaches the landlord who is boss. Starring: Danny Sommers, Justin, Donny Russo. A BJ Productions DVD.
electro-anal-kink-bj-tn Electro Anal Kink (DVD)
You have heard about these dildos. You have seen them in magazines. But have you ever really seen one in action? Now is your chance to get a real first hand look at the newest safe sex adult sex toy. Robby Boxer and Steve Lipariti are going to get sparked up and turned on as they get off with the ELECTRO ANAL BUTT PLUG. A BJ Productions DVD.
folsom_street_cruise_bj_tn.jpg Folsom Street Cruise (DVD)
Biker Boy comes to BJ Production's new San Francisco video store looking for work as a porn model. But Dirk makes his interview no push-over! He puts this new recruit to the test with a butt inspection, some ass having, and a sound paddling. Not yet quite convinced, he leaves Biker Boy handcuffed to the store door and tells him to take good care of any customers who come in while Dirk's gone. Enter Ranger and Downey, 2 hot and horny punks who know how to dish out the verbal abuse to their hapless victim. Starring: Dirk Davenport, Downey, Ranger, Biker Boy. A BJ Productions DVD.
la-boot-bottom-bj-tn L.A. Boot Bottom (DVD)
Rick Bolton and B.J. Slater are working at the CloseUp Productions Office when they discover Dylan Fox attempting to steal one of Rick's jock shoes. Dylan is getting off on the scent and feel of the jock shoe that belongs to the hunky Bolton. Both Rick and B.J. are happy to oblige the horny Fox by bringing him up to the office and allowing him to worship boots and then to work his way up to the other areas of the body. This DVD was shot in West Hollywood and has some of the most intense boot/foot worship scenes ever captured on camera. A BJ Productions DVD.
more-guys-in-bondage_tn.jpg More Guys In Bondage (DVD)
The setting is a motel room in a southern state. A cute young guy, Chris, is tied spread-eagled to a bed and worked over by two other young guys under the quiet guidance of a mysterious Master. There are no limits to the torture or sexual excess that takes place. Hot wax torture, pressure points, and breathing control, spanking, foot worship, water sports, rimming. When Chris threatens to get loud, he is securely gagged and the others continue to take their pleasures. The sex is hot and frantic. This is a truly special DVD with creative angles on bondage and fresh young faces. Starring: Chris Isaac, Guy Fox, Mike Mcgary. A BJ Productions DVD.
prism_sex_bj_tn.jpg Prism Sex (DVD)
You've read about the infamous Sex Clubs of New York City. You have heard what goes on there. Now BJ Productions and the cameras of Rick Bolton will take you behind the protected walls of the PRISM to show you what it is like. A unique video technique will make the lens of Rick Bolton's camera appear to be your eyes. Peek down through the glass floor and see what goes on below. Slave Dale will take you on a tour of the dark hallways and corners where hot mansex takes place. See what few have had a chance to experience! Starring: Steve Lipariti, Geoffrey Spears, Kevin Cox, Slave Dale. A BJ Productions DVD.
rough_roof_top_sex_bj_tn.jpg Rough Rooftop Sex (DVD)
Handsome straight hunk, Vic Moore is sunning himself nude on the roof of his apartment building in Manhattan. Three street punks see him and attack him before he even realizes he is being watched. Vic is made to have sex with the three hot punks. This video was shot on location in downtown Manhattan. Vic Moore makes his first appearance on video. The scene was unrehearsed. Although everyone was aware of the video story line, Vic gives real emotional reactions because it was his first time to have an orgy and the three butch guys really turn him on. Vic's reactions are real. Starring: Rob Cryston, Steve Lipariti, Eric Johanson, Vic Moore. A BJ Productions DVD.
rough_sex_bj_tn.jpg Rough Sex (DVD)
Donny Russo, the big, butch Bostonian boy, has two sex toys! Robby Boxxer and Eric Hunter! Donny likes his sex rough! He smacks his boytoys around, plugs them with dildos, and makes them service his every sexual need. This classic male fetish video is remastered and now on DVD for the first time. Starring: Eric Hunter, Donny Russo, Robby Boxxer. A BJ Productions DVD.