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Big Guns 2 (DVD)


Director Williams Higgins' "Big Guns" is one of the best-selling and most-cherished gay flicks of all time, so a sequel was probably inevitable. This worthy follow-up, directed by Josh Eliot, with a cast of hunky men, was certainly worth the wait.

As the flick opens, recruit Steve Rambo is writing in his journal and sharing his heated exploits. His first memory is in the barracks, waking up and seeing Brandon Lee stroking his meat. Brandon's wanking wakes up the rest of the room, who start spanking their monkeys as well. First up is Jacob Scott, who is joined by Marcello Reeves, Miguel Sanders, Austin Black and Steve Rambo. Before long, Marcello has gone over to gobble up Brandon's dick, shoving the whole thing down his talented mouth. Jacob joins him and they double team Brandon's meat. On the other side of the room, Steve, Austin and Miguel start their own three-way, with Steve and Miguel taking turns chewing on Austin's rod. After some spirited sucking by all parties, all six military men cum. They've only gotten warmed up, though, as it's now penetration time. Marcello lifts Jacob's legs in the air and bones him, while Steve offers up his ass for any takers. Watching the butch Steve, in a hot crew-cut, arch his back while Brandon fucks him is scorching. Face it, the man can bottom! Eventually Austin takes the place of Marcello and tops the tireless Jacob, while Steve continues to get drilled. The scene ends with yet another blast from the group.

The second scene finds Mitchell Stevens and Lex Kyler going at in a nearby warehouse. Mitchell wastes no time in yanking out Lex's cock and slurping it down. Aroused, Lex turns Mitchell around and dives into his tasty asscheeks. After warming up Mitchell with his tongue, Lex yanks down his pants and slams into Mitchell in a hurried, rather tepid loop.

Out in the jungle, Rambo recalls running into an all-black trio. Bobby Blake and Chuck Chambers have their mouths full -- literally -- as they orally munch on Kevin Kemp's amazing 11-incher. There is no penetration here -- just some fervid sucking and rimming, with each man at some point gagging on the other's meat. Perhaps the hottest moment finds Bobby over Kevin and grinding his thick meat down Kevin's tonsils.

The fourth scene, pairing Cole Tucker and Frank Parker, is the best. The passion between these two men doesn't seem scripted. Alone in the desert, they ravish each other's cocks separately, then 69 in a sizzling, slurping fashion. "Get my dick ready, guy" daddy Cole tells his grunt. At one point, Cole sits in Frank's face and lets Frank's tongue worm up his ass. It's not long before Cole has hurled Frank up against a rock and started to give him a power butt-fucking. Frank moans as Cole shows him little mercy. Cole eventually pulls out and shoots a load all over Frank before Frank nearly erupts in heat.

Steve Rambo returns in a fifth scene, teaming him in a nighttime three-way with Richard Raines and Mark Mason. While Richard and Mark furiously lock lips, Steve squats down and gets down to business, moving his hungry mouth from cock to cock. Moving close to a waterfall, muscleman Mark lines Steve up and gives him a mean screwing, while Richard jacks Steve off. Richard gets his time in Steve's infamous ass, too, as Steve shifts positions and lets Rambo sit-and-spin on his rod before the three all splash their juice.

In the final scene, Mark Kroner, Mike Nichols and Cole Youngblood decide to get revenge on their hard-ass sergeant, Ray Harley. Donning gas masks to cover their faces, they break into Ray's barracks to teach him a lesson. It's not like they are forcing themselves on Ray -- he practically leaps at their party-size pricks. After Ray has been fed the dicks of all three men, he lifts his ass in the air, preparing for a more probing revenge. Mark laps Ray's ass, slips on a condom, and slides into him, giving Ray a fierce plowing. Behind them, Youngblood is keeping Nichols' cock hard in his moist mouth. Nichols has other ideas, and after slipping on a condom, Nichols grabs hold of Mark and slides into his manly cheeks, as Mark continues to plow Ray. This is one wild chain-fuck, especially the penetration close-ups. Middleman Mark looks like he's in heaven topping and bottoming. After fucking Ray a few moments longer, Mark pulls out and blasts all over Ray's ass. Being the obliging bottom that he is, Ray next offers up his ass to Youngblood, while Mark sees how much of Nichols' dick he can swallow.

It's rare that a follow-up can duplicate or surpass the original's success, and "Big Guns 2" is not in the same league as "Big Guns." Taken on its terms, though, it's pretty damn hot, with some of the juiciest, cock-hardening pairings of 1998.

DVD features: Chapter selections; a photo gallery; bonus scene (from "Brothers Should Do It," directed by William Higgins, featuring Kip Noll and Derrick Stanton); trailers ("Hot Rods: Young & Hung II," "His Terrible Twin" and "Ranger in the Wild").

*** Highly Recommended ***

A DVD Review by Max Southern ( )

Starring Ray Harley, Steve Rambo, Cole Tucker, Mark Mason, Cole Youngblood, Jacob Scott, Lex Kyler, Mitchell Stevens, Frank Parker, Mike Nichols, Bobby Blake, Richard Raines, Kevin Kemp, Chuck Chambers, Mark Kroner, Brandon Lee, Austin Black, Marcello Reeves and Miguel Sanders.

Directed by Josh Eliot.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Digitally Remastered; AC-3 Digital Audio; Moving Chapter Menu; DVD-Rom Compatible; Parental Lock; No Regional Coding.

A Catalina Video DVD

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Write a review | No reviews for this product.