*Updated August 3, 2015*

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after_school_group_sex_tn.jpg After School Group Sex (DVD)
20 Hot Students in 3 College Orgies! Starring Rusty Samuels, Steve Pierce, Adam Wolfe, Nick Stone, Jerod Stevens, Tully, Andrew blaze, Baron Long, Johnny Justice, Sean Storm, Jack Trade, Peter Jones, Skor Michaels, Jerry Bravo, Lane Nathaniel, Markus, Lex Kyler, Marc Calles, Alvin Eros, Jeffrey Devons, Cocwalk, Tommy Haas, Rocco, Alfred Calif and Butch Leifer.
bubblegum_memories_dvd_tn.jpg Bubble Gum Memories (DVD)
In BUBBLE GUM MEMORIES, horny young guys play with their instruments at school and also perform some music! Original Music by the Suck Puppets. Starring Dylan Hunter, Jason Sizemore, Elliot Ashland, Brent Collins, David Ocean and Jose Ortega. Directed by Toby Ross. A BigDikFactory DVD.
Rock & Roll Dreams (DVD) Includes Bonus Feature
Tommy Strasser (in his first Christmas away from home) conjures up the spirit of a bygone Rock star played by Justin Anthony. They dance, then Anthony poses for his fan, then tops living daylights out of him! Also included is a bonus music video that will put the cap on this already sexy desert. The DVD also contains a 60-minute bonus classic from 1970 called One Touches One. Directed by Dick Martin it has six segments. Starring Tommy Strasser, Justin Anthony, Dave Edwards, Josh Shafer, Sean White, Adam Ross and Patrick. Directed by Toby Ross. A BigDikFactory / Video 10 DVD.
straight_boys_gay_boys_tn.jpg Straight Boys Gay Boys 1 (DVD)
Straight Boys Gay Boys tells 5 short hot and original stories focusing on erotic mind games that cute and smart gay boys play in order to seduce slightly dumb but very hot and horny straight boys. This Ying Yang relationship is as old as the hills and has never been told in a more entertaining and original way. Casting real straights who are open minded and love to be seduced. Super hung hot dudes. Starring Ivan Zvadu, Jake Wolfe, Charles Winston, Joe Rubin, Ron Bon, Kyle Murano, Jason Miles. A BigDikFactory DVD.
user_friendly_dvd_tn.jpg User Friendly (DVD)
18 Fresh New Faces! A site on the interrnet looking for straight men looking to try man-to-man-sex brings forward many hot, young well-endowed applicants! Starring Sean Storm, Alexx Young, Scott James, Lane Nathanial, Skor Michaels, Jack Trade, Jerry Bravo, Bryen Josef, Frank Prantalos, Blade Vincent, Kyle Riggs, Kenny Kristian, Pierre Zachary, Jeremy Justice, Chad Roberts and Walt Matthews. A BigDik Factory/Video 10 DVD.