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Best of Tony (DVD)


Tony is a very attractive 20-something French guy, who demonstrates exceptional versatility in a series of six tightly-edited, intensely-paced sessions.

This is an imported DVD from Fance. It has been converted from PAL to NTSC for American audiences.

We first encounter Tony in his kitchen with a glass of ice water, a porn mag, and a surprise. Tony looks straight into the camera with big, sensuous brown eyes (sexily pierced right eyebrow) while rubbing an ice cube lovingly over his tight torso (paying special attention to his obviously sensitive nipples). This foreplay with himself soon has Tony sprawled on his back on the kitchen counter, pounding his sizeable cock hard and fast. This pounding turns out to be only a prelude: soon Tony pulls out his surprise�a dildo�and squats on it on the counter. Breathing heavily, Tony rides his pretty thick dildo as the camera lets us watch closely, first from the back and then from the front. Obviously a resourceful and horny guy, Tony then plants his dildo against the wall and backs himself onto it. This does the trick. Soon Tony pounds out very gooey load of French cream, which oozes from his cock.

Tony and Mack Magnus and Mickael - The second session takes place outside, at night, around a crackling bonfire. Tony and Mack kiss passionately near the fire. Albert squats to suck Tony's cock with equal passion, and the camera swings around to help us notice that Tony has a damn fine butt. Whether by chance or by design, Mickael soon wanders into the scene. Mack quickly shifts his attention from Tony's cock to Mickael's, while Bertrand sucks Tony. Everybody gets to suck everybody else, and we get to see that Mickael has an enormous cock. The size of Mickael's tool in no way intimidates Mack, who soon sits on it. Smoke from the bonfire wafts over this smokin' hot scene. Tony and Mickael stand over Mack and dump their loads. The bonfire crackles on.

Tony and Mack and Diego - Next, Tony and Mack share their picnic blanket with Diego. We get excellent close-ups of Tony eating Mack's ass and then fucking Mack while Mack eats Diego's ass. We get more excellent close-ups of Tony fucking Albert's ass while Damien sucks Albert's cock. Still fucking Albert, Tony kisses Damien, while Mack squeezes out pretty small load onto the blanket. Mack and Diego then join forces to blow Tony. Tony then fucks Diego�heroically! Tony drops his heavy load on Diego.

Tony and Manuel and Raphael - Two plumbers, Manuel and Raphael, have been summoned to attend to Tony's clogged pipe. Tony wastes no time sucking one Manuel's cock and licking his hole while Raphael still has his head under the sink. Tony throws another ferocious fuck into Manuel, who is bent over the bathtub. Demonstrating his versatility and that turnabout is very fair play, Tony takes a ferocious fucking from Manuel. After Manuel unclogs his own drain, spewing a creamy load all over Tony's pecs, Tony graciously returns the favor, spewing fresh French sperm all over his favorite plumber.

Tony and Stephane - Working out in the weight room with his buddy Stephane, Tony cannot resist blowing Stephane on the weight bench, lavishing attention on Stephane's very solid cock. Demonstrating superb technique, Tony alternately tongues Stephane's bulging cock head and swallows the whole cock. Gratefully, Stephane eats Tony's ass before throwing a muscular fuck into our favorite French guy. After Tony briefly but aggressively rides Stephane's cock, both guys cum all over Stephane.

Tony and Imran and Samuel - Tony needs a shower. But he needs Imran's huge and loooong cock even more. So he drops to his knees in the shower. Samuel soon joins the action and Tony finds himself happily at the center of yet another wild three-way. After sucking both Imran and Samuel simultaneously in the shower, Tony concentrates on sucking Samuel on a leather couch until he is rewarded with a big load. Imran then gets fucked while sucking Tony. Not surprisingly, Samuel and Tony also show us how French guys really French kiss, while Samuel sucks Tony. Then, Jean Pierre sucks Samuel, while Tony sucks Imran. The sucking is intense and fun to watch. Tony and Imran double-team Samuel' towering cock. Tony seems to want it more. Jean Pierre wants Tony to suck him. Working on both Imran's and Samuel' all-Euro cocks, Tony proves himself to be a tireless and world-class cocksucker. Imran shoots a big load all over Samuel and then Tony shoots an even bigger load, just before Samuel pounds out his spurting geyser.

Directed by Stephane Berry.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

A Porn Team/Stephane Berry Productions DVD.

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Best of Tony (DVD) Write a review | No reviews for this product.
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Write a review | No reviews for this product.