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2_too_many_boys_tn.jpg 2 Too Many Boys (DVD) Bel Ami
$53.88 $16.88 On Sale!
As Johan explains at the beginning the film, life is so much easier riding on the success of Too Many Boys: Swimming Pools, Sebastian as a servant . . . Who could ask for anything more? But this lifestyle means that all the new guys at BelAmi choose to party at Johan's place. Follow Gilles as he again takes the role of interviewer in 2 Too Many Boys and leads us around a house filled with sexy and very horny guys indulging all their sexual fantasies. There is so much sex in this movie that you will have to break it down into smaller digestible sessions! Starring Justin Boyd, Kurt Diesel, Josh Elliot, Rick Fontana, Henri Gaudin, Steve Jennings, Keith Johansson, Jason Knightley, Brandon Manilow, Niall Phoenix, Jeremy Reynolds, Todd Rosset, Oleg Tarkowski, Paul Valery, Mark Vernon and Mark Zebro. Directed by Marty Stevens. A Bel Ami DVD.
a_plus_2_tn.jpg A+2 (DVD)
$53.88 $16.88 On Sale!
The Personal Trainers Grade Their Final Students! In this finale to the second series of the 'Personal Trainers' Luke Hamil has reversed his role from trainee in the original A+ to trainer here. Joined by Josh Elliot and Sebastian Bonnet the team put the final group of trainees through their paces, making sure that they have a consummate knowledge of everything it takes to be a BelAmi boy. Fortunately for the boys they come through with flying colors: straight A's all around. Starring Sebastian Bonnet, Erik Bouna, Josh Elliot, Ennio Guardi, Luke Hamill, Alex Orioli, Manuel Rios and Yann Thersen. Directed by Marty Stevens. A Bel Ami DVD.
alpine_adventure_tn.jpg Alpine Adventure (DVD)
$53.88 $16.88 On Sale!
"Highly, Highly Recommended. We are on a skiing trip in Austria and Switzerland. And we are surrounded by some of the most beautiful and horny young men from Eastern Europe schussing and shtupping along to the direction of George Duroy and his merry Bel Ami band of men. By the time we reach the end of "Alpine Adventure," things are so hot it's as if this was taking place on the African subcontinent during a heat wave." . . . Bo Champion, Starring Sebastian Bonnet (a.k.a. Antoine Korda), Tommy Hansen, Raf Angelo, Sean Ellis, Matthew Gray, Greg Miller, Alex Orioli, Liam Phoenix, Danny Saradon, Richie Tyler, Mark Vidal (a.k.a. Steeve Sanders) and Johan Paulik (non-sexual).
bel_ami_xl_files_2_tn.jpg Bel Ami XL Files Part 2 (DVD)
$53.88 $16.88 On Sale!
The eagerly awaited follow-up to the smash hit video for lovers of super-sized men! Another huge collection of outrageously oversized dicks, all stuffed into one bulging package. They keep cumming! 20 all new, never-before-seen models!
bel_ami_xl_files_3_tn.jpg Bel Ami XL Files Part 3 (DVD)
$53.88 $16.88 On Sale!
The three elements of a star model are a handsome face, a muscular body and a large penis. All the young men in this "XL Files-Part 3" are outrageously over-qualified in the dick department. It`s always a surprise and a joy when BelAmi`s model scouts uncover young men with major meat. Bel Ami quickly puts them on their Casting Couch and gives them screen tests. In this third installment of the "XL Files" series Bel Ami is happy to be able to present another 20 sexy guys with bulging baskets. All of these super-endowed studs` casting auditions are being commercially issued in this video for the first time. WARNING: Make sure to sit far back from your video screen because when they get hard, any of the 20 horse Cocks could poke your eyes out!
belami_xl_6_tn.jpg Bel Ami XL Files Part 6 (DVD)
$49.88 $16.88 On Sale!
The freshest boys from BelAmi prove that SIZE does matter! 16 well-endowed boys from BelAmi Casting! Starring: Kurt Diesel, Manuel Rios, Paul Valery, Keith Johansson, Ralph Woods. Directed by: Marty Stevens. A Bel Ami DVD.
boy_watch_1_dvd_tn.jpg Boy Watch 1 (DVD)
$53.88 $16.88 On Sale!
This edition of "Boywatch" features a total of 30 stud-pups. The ten whom George Duroy considers to have the best chance of going on to Bel Ami stardom were specially filmed by Marty Stevens, in conjunction with a photo shoot. The remaining twenty, filmed by Marty's assistants, are included exactly as they were first shown on belamionline's Casting Couch.
boy_watch_2_dvd_tn.jpg Boy Watch 2 (DVD)
$53.88 $16.88 On Sale!
The second edition of "Boywatch" follows the pattern of the first, with a total of 30 stud-pups. The ten whom George Duroy considers to have the best chance of going on to Bel Ami stardom were specially filmed by Marty Stevens, in conjunction with a photo shoot. The remaining twenty, filmed by Marty`s assistants, are included exactly as they were first shown on belamionline`s Casting Couch.
boy_watch_4-redo.jpg Boy Watch 4 (DVD)
$53.88 $16.88 On Sale!
The fourth edition of "Boywatch" follows the pattern of its predecessors, with a total of 30 stud-pups. The ten whom George Duroy considers to have the best chance of going on to Bel Ami stardom were specially filmed by Marty Stevens, in conjunction with a photo shoot. Included in this group are the already-up-and-coming Rick Fontana, Sven Olafsson and Jimmy Larsen.
cocky_friends_bel_ami_tn.jpg Cocky Friends (DVD)
$53.88 $16.88 On Sale!
This film was filmed on location in Amsterdam. Cocky Friends was made with 3 american and 7 European models... Starring Kris Evans, Luke Hamill, Colin Hewitt, Florian Nemec, Elijah Peters, Milo Peters, Manuel Rios, Todd Rosset, Skyler Caine, Bobby Clark, Jesse Santana. Directed by George Duroy. A Bel Ami DVD.
enchanted_forest_tn.jpg Enchanted Forest (DVD)
$53.88 $16.88 On Sale!
"Highly, Highly Recommended. 'Into the woods,' clucked the wolf to the guy. Well, that may be another story, but you won't think so after seeing 'Enchanted Forest,' a visual and sexual stunner. No plot, just five very much in lust couples wandering through the Bavarian woods in search of peaceful, hidden places to fuck each other silly." . . . Bo Champion, Starring Ethan Clarke, Erik Simon, Mark Aubrey, Brandon Manilow, Christian Bisset, Sascha Chaykin, Steve Jennings (a.k.a. Alexander Steele, Jerry O'Connor), Sven Olafsson, Alex Orioli and Liam Phoenix. Directed by George Duroy. A Bel Ami DVD.
flings_dvd_tn.jpg Flings 1 (DVD)
$53.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Fling yourself in front of the screen and join 11 of Bel Ami's top models, including four exciting new talents, in six joyous, impulsive romps. Experience the spontaneous sexuality as Bel Ami's young and hung give in to their most primal urges! Starring Marcel Bouvier, Chris Cameron, Jeff Daniels, Tim Hamilton, Oliver Krist, Valentin Nabokov, Mirko Polakov, Danny Saradon, Dano Sulik and Nico Tiziani.
frisky_summer_2_dvd_tn.jpg Frisky Summer 2: Sebastian (DVD)
$53.88 $16.88 On Sale!
At last, a DVD celebrates the irrepressible Sebastian Bonnet, who made his debut in the Portugal scenes of the "Frisky Summer 2" VHS. All the Portugal episodes are grouped together, followed by the sequence from "Souvenirs" where Sebastian is gang-banged by seven sexy stud-muffins. And to start the DVD, the first encounter of the "Personal Trainers" themselves, Sebastian and Dano Sulik, where Dano cums a record five times. Starring Sebastian Bonnet, Lukas Ridgeston, Julian Armanis, Erik Kovac, Dano Sulik, Milos Janek, Gynt Klein, Jiri Lubov, Pavel Otava and Alex Petersen.
johans_journal_3_sex_lab_tn.jpg Johan's Journal Part 3: Sex Lab (DVD)
$53.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Johan brings us more horny adventures from all over the world in Sex Lab. Come watch the boys getting it on in South Africa, the U.K. and Europe and meet new star Jean-Daniel Chagall as he pairs up with Jason Knightley. Starring Jean-Daniel Chagall, Ruslan Brodovich, Johnny Surabaya, Jason Knightley, Oleg Tarkowski, Jacques Briere, Kimani Arenas, Jesse Santana, Juri Tokarev, Luke Hamill, Joel D'Amici, Leon Boisen, Todd Rosset, Dano Sulik. Directed by Johan Paulik. A Bel Ami DVD.
johans_journal_pt_4_belami_tn Johan's Journal Part 4: On The Set (DVD)
$53.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch a Bel Ami blue movie being filmed? Superstar Johan Paulik invites you to join him as he shoots sexy hunks doing what they do best. Starring: Kris Evans, Ariel Vanean, Colin Hewitt, Luke Hamill, Alex Orioli, Skyler Caine, Josh Elliot, Bobby Clark, Jean-Daniel Chagall, Andreas Mouskouri, Florian Nemec. Directed by:Johan Paulik. A Bel Ami DVD.
love_affairs_tn.jpg Love Affairs (DVD) Bel Ami
$53.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Sometimes when two boys meet it is the love of a lifetime, other times it is just a little Love Affair. During Bel Ami's periodic sojourn in Cape Town and when not performing before the camera himself, Lukas Ridgeston has been a busy little bee behind the camera lens. With the release of this new feature film Lukas makes his debut as a full-fledged director. Lukas snags ten gorgeous specimens of male beauty from the company roster as well to perform for him in the warm climate which happens to be very conducive to virile young men with raging hormones. Starring Jacques Briere, Sascha Chaykin, Kurt Diesel, Jean-Claude Duvall, Josh Elliot, Luke Hamill, Alex Orioli, Davy Paxton, Todd Rosset and Mark Zebro. Produced by George Duroy; Directed by Lukas Ridgeston. A Bel Ami DVD.
No Experience Necessary (DVD)
$53.88 $16.88 On Sale!
16 candidates and 8 trainers in a complete cinema verite miniseries. No Experience Necessary is the first official release of BelAmiOnline internet episodes onto DVD. All of these scenes are directed and filmed by Sebastian Bonnet with the irrepressible Jeff Daniels on second camera (and sometimes joining in the fun as well). Starring Thierry Aulin, Sebastian Bonnet, Justin Boyd, Sascha Chaykin, Ethan Clarke, Jeff Daniels, Rick Fontana, Luke Hamil, Tim Hamilton, Elijah Keilor, Brandon Manilow, Andreas Mouskouri, Etienne Pauliac, Davy Paxton, Manuel Rios, Phil Sardou, Marc Vidal, Noah Aniston, Rafael Bianchi, Leon Boisen, Nialli Dawson, Kurt Diesel, Jan Gabriel and Keith Johansson. Directed by Sebastian Bonnet. A Bel Ami DVD.
out_at_last_4_tn.jpg Out At Last 4: Bazaar (DVD)
$53.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Approx. 3 hours long! Seven major episodes and three blow-job scenes comprise this collection of episodes which were filmed as part of, but never released in, any of Bel Ami's major productions. Featuring some of Bel Ami's biggest stars coupled with seriously sexy stud-pups, there is something for everyone in this bazaar of sexual delights. Starring Sebastian Bonnet, Ion Davidov, Dano Sulik, Danny Saradon, Mark Aubrey, Denis Aysner, Pascal Babey, Lucien Barre, Henry Bresson, Roman Chaykinm Jeff Daniels, Josh Elliot, Joe Koslowski, Pavel Luknar, Brandon Manilow, Robbie Martin, Matt Phillipe, Mirko Polakov, Ken Russel and Andre Sorel.
Out At Last 5: Striptease (DVD)
$53.88 $16.88 On Sale!
"Highly Recommended. Features 10 scenes that were cut from other releases for one reason or another. Since this is Bel Ami, the quality of the cast-offs is better than the finished product from other studios, so this one is definitely worth watching, plus you get a lot more action than in any standard release." - Martin Cox, Starring Sebastian Bonnet, Ethan Clarke, Alan Connery, Juan Cortez, Joel D'amici, Josh Elliot, Luke Hamill, Jack Janowski, Ben Keaton, Robbie Martin, Jason Paradis, Davy Paxton, Liam Phoenix, Luc Renaud, Vincent Soula and Marc Vidal. Directed by George Duroy. A Bel Ami DVD.
outinafrica1_tn.jpg Out in Africa 1 (DVD) Bel Ami
$53.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Important: Region Code 1. Requires a DVD Player capable of playing region code 1.
"Highly, Highly Recommended. When the crew of stunning Bel Ami guys hits the shores of Africa, the locals regard them with the same kind of curiosity and awe that the guys show the animals at a local zoo. But then, it's only natural to stare at something so exotically rare and beautiful (and that goes for the humans as well as the animals). Like all Bel Ami productions, the dudes in this cast perform with a youthful exuberance and almost manic intensity, whether they're in heated sexual action or just clowning around at a variety of African amusement parks. It's 'Guys Gone Wild,' except way, way better, a spring break romp that could never air on MTV." - Martin Cox, Starring Joey Amis, Yves Carradine, Ethan Clarke, Josh Elliot, Tommy Hansen, Brandon Manilow and Marc Vidal. Directed by Marty Stevens; Produced by George Duroy. A Bel Ami DVD.

Out in Africa 2 (DVD) Bel Ami
$53.88 $16.88 On Sale!
"Highly, Highly Recommended. In the world of 'Out in Africa 2,' all that exists are the natural and bountiful beauties of the landscape and a plucky bunch of tourists. These European tourists are on holiday and having a blast. They make for eager students of all the attractions, mainly each other. The film shows their touring, but between their jaunts, they get sexual workouts. There are four scenes here, with eight men, making for a scorching quintet. There is such a level of fun here, such a level of excitement in their playing with each other, that the spirit of their vacation is infectious. No one ever stops grinning and I couldn't stop myself either." - Brent Blue, Starring Rick Fontana, Jason Paradis, Mark Aubrey, Ethan Clarke, Josh Eliot, Tommy Hansen, Liam Phoenix and Adam Dexter. Directed by George Duroy. A Bel Ami DVD.
Out In Africa 3 (DVD) Bel Ami
$53.88 $16.88 On Sale!
When a group of models is on location, not everyone works every day. When they have free time, they take care of themselves . . . and each other. In between bungee jumping, water skiing and sightseeing jaunts to a monkey park and a crocodile farm (where there were other 4 legged wild animals), the boys amuse themselves in more intimate ways. Proof positive that the Bel Ami boys work hard, but play even harder! Starring Joey Amis, Mark Aubrey, Sebastian Bonnet, Sascha Chaykin, Josh Elliot, Matt Phillipe and Liam Phoenix. Directed by George Duroy. A Bel Ami DVD.
personal_trainers_10_tn.jpg Personal Trainers 10 (DVD)
$53.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Learning certainly doesn't end in graduation. . . Experience the raw action and intensity of 4 new episodes as the beautiful BelAmi boys discover there's always something more to know. Starring Sebastion Bonnet, Luke Hamill, Josh Elliot, Todd Rosset, Jean-Claude Duvall, Keanu Faria, Jim Henson, Jason Knightley and Dolph Lambert. Directed by Sebastion Bonnet / Produced by George Duroy. A Bel Ami Productions DVD.
personal_trainers_11_tn.jpg Personal Trainers 11 (DVD)
$53.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Learning certainly doesn't end in graduation. Experience the raw action and intensity of four new episodes as the beautiful Bel Ami boys discover there's always something more to know. Starring Kieron Athey, Ariel Vanean, Marc Guerin, Vince Noyes, Val Horner, Ryan Quaid, Sebastian Bonnet, Josh Elliot and Luke Hamill. Produced by George Duroy; Directed by Marty Stevens. A Bel Ami Video DVD.