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Bear Chested (DVD)


"Bear Chested" is, as the play-on-words title would suggest, a video about bears (and the men who love them). The story centers on said hairy hunks and a model contest for a bear website. Mark Reed enters and wins. So much for the story. There are more than a few bears on display here -- he-man Barry Barrett, hirsute Buster, husky Scott Ramm and sinewy Mark Reed. And the smoothies are nothing to sneeze at, either -- Robert Black, Steven Richards, Jim Slade and Ben Archer. Mr. Barrett is the star (he appears on the box cover and in two scenes, and Steven Richards' dildo-worthy cock certainly deserves a special mention).

The first sex scene opens with Barry Barrett and Buster kissing and groping. They trade enthusiastic blowjobs (Buster really goes to town on Barry's gigantic prick). Barry blows his load following Buster's fine oral work, and then he rims Buster to climax.

After surfing around the Internet, Steven Richards gets frisky after seeing some sexy bears online and drops trou for Robert Black to make his soft cock hard. Here we witness an odd occurrence in gay porn -- a soft cock. Steven opens his jeans to reveal a totally flaccid penis. But don't let the green grass fool ya', honey, daddy is a grower. Robert licks and slurps for a few seconds and before you can say "instant message," Steven's cock has grown to a glorious size and shape. Man, what a perfect cock! Long, slightly downward curving, big head, full balls. Robert goes into a serious cocksucking trance with this equipment. He sucks and sucks and sucks. Very good blowjob. Very nice cock. Steven then fucks his buddy in a couple of positions before Robert cums while being fucked. Steven then drops his load on a crouching Robert's face.

Next, baldie Scott Ramm licks Buster's furry tits and pits, gives him some head, licks his balls, licks his hairy crack, and fingers his shiny hole. Buster then gives Scott's upcurving dick a thorough slurp. Scott then doggy- and sit-fucks his furry friend. Buster cums while being fucked (then eats his own cum), before Scott cums on Buster's smiling face.

Barry is back in the fourth scene with cute-as-a-button Jim Slade. Jim is smooth and tanned with a nice muscular body. The two men trade blows before Barry shoves that big dick of his up Jim's ass for a lap- and doggy-fuck. The insertion shots here are especially good during the lap position as you can really see that big cock lodged up Jim's pretty arse. And Jim really blows a big spurter at the end to prove his satisfaction. A representative from the contest, Ben Archer, delivers the trophy to the winner, Mark Reed. (Not that it matters, but why on earth in a video with two uber-bears, Barry Barrett and Buster, would sinewy Mark Reed win a bear contest? Granted, Mark is a totally hot man, but you would think that the cover model or hairiest guy might get the prize, right?) Anyway, Ben plops the trophy down posthaste and drops to his knees to give Mark a prize-winning blowjob, too. Mark returns the favor before he gets the best prize -- a doggy- and lap-fuck on a latte-colored sofa. Mark jerks off with Ben's curvy dick still up his chute and then Ben pops his load all over Mark's hairy jaw.

The sex in "Bear Chested" is excellent with lots of well-framed blowjobs and wonderfully executed lap-fucks (the in-and-out insertion shots were most impressive). Steven Richards, and his beautiful cock, almost stole the video right from under Barry's plantigrade feet. But, in the end, Barry got the job done (particularly in his second scene with Jim Slade). In a porn landscape littered with shaved pretty guys, these burly motherfuckas hit the spot. Woof!

A Video Review by Butch Harris [ ]

*** Highly Recommended ***

Starring Barry Barrett, Jim Slade, Steven Richards, Scott Ramm, Buster, Robert Black, Mark Reen and Ben Archer.

Directed by Peter Romero.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

A Catalina DVD.

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Write a review | No reviews for this product.