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Glory Hole Sex

glory_hole_of_desire_tn.jpg Glory Hole of Desire (DVD)
In a room full of buddy booths, dashing Lucio Maverick is dressed in a suit, spitting on a random cock in a hole and sucking nicely. He may be coming from work or from a stylish affair, but does the guy on the other side of the wall care what he's wearing? No, it's Lucio's mouth that is keeping him hard. The dick belongs to Flavio Valentino, a glam-bomb type who, also in a suit, looks like he came from a modeling shoot. Starring Jack Wright, Lucio Maverick, Mickey, Evan Rochelle, Flavio Valentino, Tomi, Fredy Costa and Claudio Antonelli. Directed by Joe Budai. An Elite Male DVD.