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Back to Barstow (DVD)


"Back to Barstow" is quite simply, astounding. The sexual gratification on the faces of the men at the end of each scene has to be real. What they go through to pull off these wild and believable scenes can only end in that sort of big-eyed euphoria. I know mine did and all I had to do was watch it!

The basic story is that good-looking Joey Russo is returning to town, which seems to excite a whole bunch of locals. It certainly does hairy-chested Troy Banner who gets himself hard talking about the old days with pal Marc Sterling. We first see Joey in his truck, parked outside of a house. When Tyler Boots, a very hairy rugged guy, shows up, he pulls out. Tyler is there for some chick, but the only person there is sexy bearded Fyerfli, who happened to be reading a girlie mag when Tyler stopped by. The beginning of the scene unfolds in a way only Joe Gage could pull off, so slow and full of tension that you will be screaming at your TV for these guys to start already, but yet waiting and waiting for it to happen. Tyler finds the magazine, has a beer and starts looking at it. "Go ahead, pull your dick out," Fyerfli says. Tyler isn't up to it, but "nobody has to know." Tyler resists, but, of course, he gives in. He is mighty hung and Fyerfli can't take his eyes off the cock. He pulls out his own super large one and they jack off, but Tyler keeps his eyes on the magazine and that's it. The two stay in character when Fyerfli gets on his knees in front of Tyler to suck him, with Tyler still reading and puffing on a cigarette.

Fyerfli tentatively goes to suck, in character, as if he's not completely sure of what has to happen now that he's opened the can of worms. Tyler doesn't want to suck Fyerfli, but the latter insists. "No teeth," he cautions, but he needn't worry, because Tyler is every bit the deep-throating pro that Fyerfli was. After both have had a chance to cum, it's Tyler who says, "let's keep goin', brother, gimme your ass." Tyler has been converted to the fun of this sexual game. Tyler really hits a grand stride as he eats from Fyerfli's great ass, and the scene shoots off with sparks. Tyler must really be a butt man because he then fucks Fyerfli with all he's got. Fyerfli roars in appreciation as Tyler socks it to him hard. Fyerfli then rims the hell out of a very willing Tyler, lubes him up and fucks Tyler! This match-up of tentative strangers has turned into a brilliant show of versatility, and all with such care in the unfolding of the scene. Fyerfli fucks with blasting power and then sits himself on Tyler's dick again. Watching him bounce until he cums on Tyler's chest is a late-in-the-scene highlight. Tyler then whips off his condom and dots Fyerfli's ass.

Round-faced Troy Banner is still fully hard and he's gotten his lean brunet friend Marc Sterling to the same level, where both are sporting gigantic boners. There is more of the supreme teasing as a curled-lipped Troy strokes himself just out of range of Marc, who eventually can't stand the tension anymore and breaks it by blowing Troy. Marc is an attentive sucker, the kind who looks like he's studying the cock as he licks it. The piercing intensity Troy showed in just staring at Marc translates into a whopper of a deep-throat blowjob on Marc's cock next. Troy aces it before they sit together and grab cocks.

Meanwhile, this mysterious Joey is still on his way back to town. He stops in a gas station where sizzling hot beefy Latino Diego de la Hoya is an attendant. Joey goes into the can where ripped Sebastian Tauza is and Joey teases him just enough before leaving. Diego comes in to fix a light bulb and since Sebastian still has his cock out, Diego is the lucky winner to play. However, Todd Maxwell, a strong sturdy man with abs for days, steps out of the stall to make it a three-way. Sebastian blows Diego for a bit and then Diego bends over to suck Sebastian, both of them demonstrating huge ability. In fact, "suck" might be too delicate a word for what Diego does. Inhalation comes to mind. Todd and his gargantuan slightly curvy dick want Diego's mouth, and Diego can even deep-throat that monster as well! With Diego's face full of his own saliva, Todd comes down to help, turning a sharing routine on Sebastian into an extravaganza. Todd works Sebastian alone and Diego lays flat on the grimy floor to suck Todd.

It's dirty and it's nasty, but it's hotter than hell. Todd then sits alone while Diego fingers and rims Sebastian, but maintaining eye contact with Todd so well that when he invites Todd to stick in a finger, Todd looks like he's ready to explode already. Diego's rimming is fantastic. Todd fucks puppy-guy Sebastian with a big sweaty fuck, but Sebastian is suddenly the star here, because he registers no angst on his face. He takes this massive plow with so much grace. Diego gets on all-fours next to Sebastian and Todd goes to plunder in his ass. Diego is a bigger guy, so Todd can really unleash his fury here, but Sebastian teasingly plays with his ass, so Todd doesn't want to give that one up, either. So, he goes back in for yet another powerful ride. Sensational Sebastian smoothly sits down on Todd's cock and you have to see the insertion shot to believe just how easily Sebastian takes such a huge dick. Sebastian's bouncing is enormous and though Diego tries to blow Sebastian, it's not a fair fight. After fucking Sebastian for a while, Todd pulls out for his second big shot, Diego cums with Todd jamming fingers into his ass and Diego sucks off Sebastian.

Marc and Troy are still going at it. Together, they fit Marc with a condom and then Troy goes chasing it down Marc's dick. Muscular sexy Troy hasn't lost his drive for the sensual and he rides slowly and carefully, every now and then punctuating the ride with flurries of unexpected speed. He rides until he cums on Marc's chest and then Marc has a shot so big that it coats his own cheek.

Elsewhere in the house, lanky brunet Toby Tyler and mocha-skinned big-lipped Ricky are waiting to have a sexy party. Marc joins them and then beefcake daddies Joe Sarge and hairy Randy Eliot show up. They all await the arrival of Joey rather nervously. Troy brings him in and urges him to unleash what he's got, so Joey, not having spoken a word the entire film, pulls out his rabidly hard cock. Everyone is impressed, and one by one they each pull out theirs. This ought to be the first official meeting of the Massive Dick Club, because from the guy-toys to the daddies, everyone here is ridiculously well hung! They touch themselves as Joe Sarge takes pictures of them and then finally Toby falls to his knees to start sucking. From this moment, he will own the scene, this quiet kid with the sexual prowess of a tigress in heat. He devours Troy, Randy and Marc with such sucking aplomb that when Ricky joins him in sucking, comparison just isn't fair. Joey helps out, too, a gulping gagging animal on Troy's cock, giving Toby a run for his money. The guys reverse so that piggish Randy can suck Ricky's fat uncut cock to perfection as Troy has a blast on Joey.

Randy goes off to suck Joey alone through a glory hole, with the preening sex god Joey looking hunkier than the law should allow while Randy lip-smacks a blowjob. Joe and Troy prepare dildos for Ricky and Toby, who find time to blast off a pair of shots just waiting. As Joe and Troy are prepping them, in strolls lean brunet Tim Tucker, who helps himself to a beer while he checks out the surroundings. He finds Joe squeezing a dildo hard into Ricky and Troy pushing one into Toby. Tim decides to go help Randy suck off Joey, and he's a wowing blower himself. Toby once again reclaims the scene by riding the dildo with such power that Troy's eyes don't blink in amazement. Joey is by now sucking Tim, but Toby's riding takes the focus of the camera after moments of the excellent blowjob. Randy fucks Toby, and this is the wildest fuck of the story, a story full of wild ones. These two fuck in so many positions it's hard to count, and there is a moment where Randy wraps Toby around his body and moves him to the floor, his cock never slipping from Toby's ass. Toby can take Randy's power with such ease that it spurs Randy on to give him more and more and more.

Troy then parks himself on Joe Sarge's dick and rides a bit. Not to be outdone, Joey sits on Tim and gives Toby the closest run for his money. Joey is suddenly alert and alive, bouncing with astounding speed, his hard cock swinging in the air as he rides with animalistic intent. Joey continues riding even through his cum-shot, followed by one from Ricky. Toby releases from his major hooked cock, which gets Randy to go immediately, followed by Joe cumming with Troy sitting on his face. After Troy finishes, Marc, who had basically disappeared from the scene, sucks Joey until they are both ready to blast. "Welcome back," Troy says to Joey, who just smiles in the knowledge that he makes Barstow hum again.

If I used the word "teasing" too much in this review, I apologize, but I took my cue from the master, Joe Gage. The central plotline has us waiting and waiting for this gorgeous man Joey to finally get into a sex scene, so that's the first tease. Then, springing from that, he sets up each scene to unfold so slowly that the wait gets you so horned up you feel the same fire as the performers. Watch Tyler suck dick for the first time and you can totally understand why he gulps. He's been playing with Fyerfli for so long, how could he not? Or, how about Sebastian in the bathroom, waiting and waiting for the right guy to fuck him, taking everything Todd has to give him? This is smart filmmaking, but smarts isn't enough. Only sublime sex can do that, and there isn't an inch of film here that isn't truly dazzling. It's hardcore, it's nasty and it's potent. "Back to Barstow" is top-notch on every conceivable level.

DVD features: Chapters; behind-the-scenes featurette; bonus (Joe Sarge sucks off Randy and Troy); photoshoots; and no regional coding (playable worldwide). A DVD Review by Brent Blue ( )

*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***

Starring Joey Russo, Troy Banner, Marc Sterling, Fyerfli, Tyler Boots, Todd Maxwell, Sebastian Tauza, Diego de la Hoya, Toby Tyler, Ricky, Tim Tucker, Randy Eliot and Joe Sarge.

Directed by Joe Gage.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

A Titan Media DVD.

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