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Bacchus Releasing DVDs

twinks-out-of-control_tn.jpg - Twinks Out Of Control (DVD)
$24.88 $21.88 On Sale!
Twinkie seduction, they fill every hole. Passions are rising, they rock and they roll. Look out, cause these horny, young twinks are out of control! Starring: Damian, G-zon, Kevin, Lazlo, Renato, Seth, Travis, Zlatko. A Bacchus DVD.
casual-sex-encounters-3_tn.jpg - Casual Sex Encounters 3 (DVD) 5 Hrs
$19.88 $16.88 On Sale!
To some men, when their mind is consumed with lust, they can only think of a few buddies that would be down for a quick screw! This is a film for the fellas that know the value of a discreet arrangement! A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
do-me-daddy_tn.jpg - Do Me Daddy (DVD)
$24.88 $21.88 On Sale!
Do me dad cause you're the hottest black guy I've ever had! Oreo action gives May/December satisfaction as these young white boys get it on with the chocolate daddies of their dreams! Starring: Ashten, Frank, Jesse, Manny, Reign, Shahan, Soloman, Zane. A Bacchus DVD.
hard-body-stallions_tn.jpg - Hard Body Stallions (DVD) 5 Hrs
$19.88 $16.88 On Sale!
These men are rock solid statues that just so happen to crave others of their stunning caliber! They get more than what they need when the opportunity arrives! A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
he-goes-down-on-dick_tn.jpg - He Goes Down On Dick (DVD) 5 Hrs
$19.88 $16.88 On Sale!
He does. And if you try to call his bluff he will certainly blow you too. Tons of guys blowing other hot guys! A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
latinos-get-wild-in-the-woods_tn.jpg - Latinos Get Wild In The Woods (DVD) 5 Hrs
$19.88 $16.88 On Sale!
These guys love the outdoors. They love it so much that they will take their clothes off and fuck and suck each others' hard cocks. A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
menage-a-dick_tn.jpg - Menage A Dick (DVD) 5 Hrs
$19.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Tons of all-male threeway sex! They screw until they spew, and when they do, they always gobble the goo! A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
latin-style-workout_tn.jpg - Latin Style Workout (DVD)
$24.88 $21.88 On Sale!
Lift and lunge, squat and plunge! These buffed Latino boys power through a sex workout that is sure to make you sweat! Muy Caliente! Starring: Arnold, Caio, Christian, Christian D, Eduardo, Gilson, Javier, Luke, Pablo, Poax. A Bacchus DVD.
more-than-a-bromance-3_tn.jpg - More Than A Bromance 3 (DVD)
$24.88 $21.88 On Sale!
It's more than a bromance, it's a real romance as these black brothers fall in love and fuck it over and over again. I love you, man! Starring: Black Hawk, Dark Chocolate, Diablo Negro, Kaponex, Sexcyone, Tempt, Troy. A Bacchus DVD.
barebacking-twinks_tn.jpg - Barebacking Twinks (DVD)
$24.88 $21.88 On Sale!
With nary a condom in sight, these young looking boys are a Twinkie lovers delight! Barebacking action delivers the ultimate satisfaction. Starring: Dirk Adams, Dustin Long, Jesse Bryce, Marque, Michael Madison, Rhett Warner, Wade Molawk, Wiley Boyd. A Bacchus DVD.
furry-man-hunt_tn.jpg - Furry Man Hunt (DVD)
$24.88 $21.88 On Sale!
These fuzz hunters are searching for a bear in the biggest manhunt around. He is a sexy daddy bear,he's really fuzzy everywhere. I just want to suck his cock and have him fuck my ass a lot! Starring: Estefano Rios, Gino Rotelli, Jose Cabrera, Marcus, Mark Van Der Velt, Quentin Clay, Scott Mann, Sky Fairmount, Steven Richards. A Bacchus DVD.
man-caves-3_tn.jpg - Man Caves 3 (DVD)
$24.88 $21.88 On Sale!
Cum inside my man cave, you know it's dark inside. Jump on top of daddy and take him for a ride. These older gay men still got what it takes to make you a slave to their butt cave! Starring: Buck Bronco, Chance Taylor, Daniel St. James, Dean Marquez, Eric Evans, Joe Romero, Marcus Moore, Mark Hunter, Scott Mann, Steven Richards. A Bacchus DVD.
cock-party-throw-down_tn.jpg -Cock Party Throw Down (DVD)
$24.88 $21.88 On Sale!
Homies want to rock and homies want to roll - homies want to stuff their dicks in a tight asshole! This is one rockin' gang bang, throwdown party you don't want to miss! Starring: Anaconda, D.j., Ganster Pussy, Mack, Major Pain, Mickey, Pisces, Sagitarius, Sexcyone, Sexy Redd, T-Rodd, Thugzilla, Track Starr, Wood. A Bacchus DVD.
tri-barebacking_tn.jpg -Tri Barebacking (DVD)
$24.88 $21.88 On Sale!
No glove, all love. This is pretty, gay threeway action with nary a condom in sight! These threeways are gonna last all night. Tri barebacking - you are gonna love it! Starring: Bili, Eric Taylor, Herman, Justin Parker, Mylosh, Renato, Tim Cross. A Bacchus DVD.
12_inch_cocks_blue_balls_pro_tn.JPG 12 Inch Cocks (DVD)
You thought they were a myth, you thought they were a legend - but this monster quest proves, without a doubt, that 12-inch cocks really do exist! The truth is out there! Starring: Shai, Taz, Sexcyone, Ginuwine, Javon, Man, K-Nasty, Freakzilla, Kidd. A Bacchus DVD.
1st_time_fuckers_6_bacchus_tn.jpg 1st Time Cocksuckers 6 (DVD)
These pretty boys want to savor the flavor! Cum along for the ride as they suck cock for the very first time. Once they get their first taste they'll be back again and again and again! Starring: Jason Sparks, Mark Steel, Mark Pierce, Nathan Monem, Paul Carrigan, Luke Cross, Marcus Moore, Kyle Foxxx, Erin, Jesse Bryce. A Bacchus DVD.
1st_time_cocksuckers_7_bacchus_tn.JPG 1st Time Cocksuckers 7 (DVD)
Who can forget their first sweet taste of man meat? These oral virgins take the yummy cock lollypop into their mouths for the very first time and discover that, yes, they love sucking dick! Starring: Lee Casey, Dean Butter, Eric Evans, Raul, Matt Windsor, Mathew Thomas, Collin Jennings, Chris Banks, Chris Dano, Adrian Hart. A Bacchus DVD.
1st_timers_4_tn.jpg 1st Timers 4 (DVD)
Who doesn't love gorgeous hunks? These fine-assed studs are new to man to man love, but are ready to suck cock and experience some deep anal probing! They wont be done till they get a face full of cum and an ass full of fun! Come join some of the hottest newcomers to the business in "1st Timers 4". Starring Matt Fuller, Alan Gregory, Neil Evans, Vic Hall, Jason Nikas, Shawn Islander, Doug Jefferies, Josh A. Larousse. A Stallion / Bacchus Releasing DVD.
2_andahalf_5hr_bac_tn 2 1/2 Fucking Men (DVD) 5 Hr
5 Hours of hot, solid cock! A Bacchus DVD.
35_and_up_10_tn.jpg 35 & Up 10 (DVD)
Twinks got you down? Hankering for some real hot man-on-man action? Just check out these mature men, you won't be dissapointed. Starring: Paul Carrigan, Eric York, Chris Johnson, Joey Lexington, Tony Morelli, Estefano Rios, Gino Rottelli, Joie Torres. A Bacchus DVD.
35_and_up_13_tn.jpg 35 & Up 13 (DVD)
If you have had enough of young studs and crave the heat and experience a real man has to offer, then this is for you. All mature men in all mature action that will satisfy your every daddy on daddy fantasy. Daddy always knows best especially when he is fucking you up in your tight ass! Starring Paul Carrigan, Antonio York, Christian Luke, Steven Richards, Chris Dano, Gino Rottelli, Mark Galfione, Cosmo Top. A Bacchus DVD.
35_and_up_2_dvd_tn.jpg 35 & Up 2 (DVD)
If you don't believe everything gets better with age, including sex, take a look at 35 & Up #2. Starring Paul Carrigan, Tom Moore, Scott Mann, Kyle Richards, Lex Kyler, Ariel Santos, Aron Saks and Deacon Frost.
35_and_up_6_tn.jpg 35 & Up 6 (DVD)
Guys talk about how sex with guys who are thiry-five and older is much better than sex with younger guys and how things never last as long with younger guys as with older ones. Starring Billy Houston, Christian Luc, Dominic Sinclair, Eric Evans, Jose Bravo and Thomas Bond. A Bacchus DVD.
3way-gay-play-bacchus-tn 3way Gay Play (DVD) 5 Hrs
If you triple the cocks, you can triple the fun!< A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
4_bi_4_bac_5_hrs_tn 4 Bi 4 (DVD) 5 Hrs
5 Hours of Bi Bliss! A Bacchus 5 Hour DVD.
am_hardon_dvd_tn.jpg A.M. Hardon (DVD)
It's the best wakeup you'll ever get! Rise and shine from a dick-drenched delirium. Where sex crazed studs really know how to handle each others morning erections. Starring Rob Steele, Bruce Hill, Patrick Ives, Peter Wilder, Sweet William, Kip Kasey, Ben-Wa and Drew Andrews.
adrian_hart_sex_adventures_tn.JPG Adrian Hart Sex Adventures (DVD)
Adrian Hart is the cock hunter. Join him in Adrian Hart Sex Adventures, as he goes rogue in an all wild, all Adrian fuck-a-thon that explores the wild and untamed outer reaches of sexual discovery. Starring:  Adrian Hart, Chris Dano, Damian West, Raul, Scott Mann, Tom Colt. A Bacchus DVD.
adventures_of_rocky_dvd_tn.jpg Adventures of A Rocky & Bill Winkler (DVD)
Two sexy Forest Rangers use handsome hikers as their personal sex toys! Starring Kevin Kemp, Dennis Lincoln, Bobby Blake, Mocha, Sebastian, Sweet William and Lucky Jones.
air_tight_assholes_2_bac_tn.JPG Airtight Assholes 2 (DVD)
When you just gotta have some tight, fine booty and nothing but sexy, gay ass will do, you gotta find a guy that's willing to bend over, spread 'em, and give you his airtight asshole. Starring: Adrian Hart, Damian West, Josh Catchings, Matt, Tyson Rexx, Slim, Skyler Ray, Justin Masters, Austin, Rhett Warner. A Bacchus DVD.
airtight_assholes_bac_tn Airtight Assholes 3 (DVD)
These guys are so tight that not even a fart can escape! They have airtight assholes and they are using them to bust it out in hardcore sex that grabs you tight and never lets you go! Starring: Lazio, Liam, Travis, Xavier, T.J., Raul, Ceasar, Jesse, Zidane, Jake, Michael. A Bacchus DVD.
airtight_assholes_4_bacchus_tn Airtight Assholes 4 (DVD)
These assholes are squeezed so tight that nothing can open them up but rock hard man meat! These perfect butts are super sexy and so airtight that is all right! Starring: Raul, Marco Paris, Chris Gil, Brad Harris, Mason Winters, Jason Sparks, Tomie. A Bacchus DVD.
airtight_assholes_5_bacchus_tn Airtight Assholes 5 (DVD)
Even slammed shut like a porthole, these airtight asses can't keep out the monster cocks that are aiming to open them up wide - because everyone knows - a tight fit is the right fit! Starring: Dirk Adams, Zack Masters, Luke Cross, Jason Fellowes, Orion Cross, Alexandre Carino, Brad Slater, Joey, Quentin Clay. A Bacchus DVD.
airtight_assholes_bac_tn.JPEG Airtight Assholes (DVD)
Airtight and feeling alright! These bungholes are tight and super-sealed, but nothing can keep out these horny butt crackers as they breach the seal and slide on into these warm and welcoming assholes! Starring: Mason Winters, James Doom, Jesse Bryce, Kyle Kruz, Tony, Jordon Grant, Seth Robinson, Damian West, Bobby Tyler, Justin Ryder. A Bacchus DVD.
big_and_beautiful_bacchus_tn Alan Gregory: Big & Beautiful (DVD)
Alan Gregory! So hot, so hung, so big, so beautiful - Alan Gregory is a man among men and a super stud of world renown! This showcase features Alan's considerable talents in all of their heart pounding, breath taking glory, over and over again! Cum watch five scenes of Alan and his boys sucking each other's cocks and pounding assholes! Starring: Alan Gregory, Ryan Foxx, Rico Suave, Neil Evans, Steven Richards, Justin Blade. A Bacchus DVD.
all_the_sexy_cowboys_tn.jpg All the Sexy Cowboys (DVD)
This is a voyeuristic cowboy dream! Starring Bobby Blake, Dennis Lincoln, Ricky Parker, Little Blundt, and Zaire Masters.
amateur_bareback_tn.jpg Amateur Bareback (DVD)
Far from seasoned professionals, these guys still know just what they like - hot, skin-to-skin, bareback action with that fresh amateur touch! Watch as they dole out scorching blowjobs and rim jobs before sliding in the back door uncovered and then pulling out to leave a messy cumshot! Starring Rick Ferraro, Miguel, Woodchuck, TJ Jordan, Orion Cross, Derek Johnson, Luke Cross, Jess Taylor, Josh Dean, Micah Lawrence. A Bacchus DVD.
amateur_bareback_3_tn.jpg Amateur Bareback 3 (DVD)
For all you purists out there, this is fucking the totally natural way! These guys are fresh of the bus, smokin' hot, and ready to be broken in! Novice studs want to ride 'em bareback and these amateur cowboys are cuming out of the shoot without a love-glove, in skin on skin action that is one damn exciting first time at the rodeo! Starring Rocky Moore, Tony Akin, Damian Blackwell, Azor, Dennis Hunt, Trent Michaels, Jesse Bryce, Matt Hunter, Kyle Connar. A Bacchus DVD.
amateur_bareback_bac_tn.JPEG Amateur Bareback 4 (DVD)
These no glove, all love guys are not pros, but real life lovers. They go natural and condom free, in all-amateur action that is men-on-men and skin-to-skin -- just the way bareback should be! Starring: Corey Stevens, Casey Martin, Tyson Rexx, Johnny Williams, Wiley Boyd, Michael Madison, Tim Skyler, Jacob Daniels, James Doom, Kyle Kruz. A Bacchus DVD.
anaconda_big_black_and_beauti_tn.jpg Anaconda - Big Black & Beautiful (DVD)
Can't get enough Anaconda? Wrap yourself around the most dangerous snake in town as he shows off his big beautiful dick again and again and again. You are going to wonder how he can perform so many times and with so many men. They are just as hot as him and they need his big cock! Who is he not to give it to them? Starring Seduction, Ty Thomas, Austion, Anaconda, Jack of Trades, Derarlo. A Bacchus DVD.
anaconda_cocksuckers_bacchus_tn.jpg Anaconda Cocksuckers (DVD) 5 Hrs
5 hours of black on black cocksucking! These are the biggest poles you're ever gonna smoke! A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
york_bac_tn.JPEG Antonio York - Big & Beautiful #2 (DVD)
Antonio York is the hunk of the minute, with a beautiful body and great big, ever-hard trouser snake. Get your fill because this is all Antonio, again and again and again!! Starring: Antonio York, Patrick Ives, Alan Gregory, Estefano Rios, Joie Torres, Cruzito. A Bacchus DVD.  
antonio_york_big_beautiful_tn.jpg Antonio York - Big & Beautiful (DVD)
When you have a star like Antonio York, you know you have hot ass pounding, sucking and fucking action in every scene! Antonio York is one hot motherfucker! Enjoy him all night long as he cums again and again and again in an all Antonio fuck-fest that will leave you spent and more thankfully satisfied! Starring Claudio, Antonio York, Jeff Campbell, Marco Pole, Johnny Morrelli, Kyle Foxxx. A Bacchus DVD.
as_black_as_it_gets_tn.jpg As Black As It Gets (DVD)
These hung, dark skinned brothas flash their big ol' Johnsons in this all male action that goes as deep as these dawgs can go! Every cock is huge and they show no mercy as they pound into those sweet dark asses. You'll be stroking it non-stop when you see these guys drop their pants and get busy! Starring Passion, Romeo, Tray, Freakzilla, Lil Ken, Toni Amos, Dekarlo, Juanito, Killa Kil, Ice Berg. A Blue Balls Productions / Bacchus DVD.
as_black_as_it_gets_11_tn.jpg As Black As It Gets 11 (DVD)
$19.88 $5.00 On Sale!
It's all good in the 'hood because these fine brothers know how to take it like they should! They take it hard and fast with deep lovin' action that is super hardcore, ultra exciting and as black as it's ever gonna get! Starring Sexcyone, Aares Luv, De Karlo, Sexy Redd, Taz, Troy, Jalin Jones, T-Rodd, Mickey Jones. A Bacchus DVD.
as_black_as_it_gets_12_bacchus_tn.jpg As Black As It Gets 12 (DVD)
He's a fine, ebony brother who can fuck like no other! These horny studs are the real deal; beautiful black men who are heavy hung, oh so gay and totally proud of it! Starring: Anaconda, Dante Franklin, Thugzilla, Juice, Stefan Love, Treshawn, High Def, Lil Ken, Toni Amos A Bacchus DVD.
as_black_as_it_gets_2_tn.jpg As Black As It Gets 2 (DVD)
Black as a panther, dark as the night, these smoking hot brothers leave no hole unexplored as they fulfill every gay fantasy in this all black on black, fuck-o-thon that just can't get any HOTTER!! It's important to note, there are some very large cocks in this movie! Starring Cobra, Blu, Debonair, Anaconda, N-Ice, Peanut, Micky, Mr. J, Pinky. A Blue Balls Productions / Bacchus DVD.
as_black_as_it_gets_3_tn.jpg As Black As It Gets 3 (DVD)
This black on black sexual action leaves no hole unexplored, and no taboo unbroken. Super hard-core sex never looked so hot! Starring Sexcyone, N-Ice, Gee Ricco, Dekarlo, Aaries, Troy, Nature Boy, Sexy Redd, Anaconda. A Blue Balls Productions / Bacchus DVD.
as_black_as_it_gets_4_tn.jpg As Black As It Gets 4 (DVD)
$19.88 $5.00 On Sale!
Black as ebony and as dark and seductive as the blackest night these fine black brothers deliver the hottest gay black-on-black sex around for those who like their sex as black as it gets! These black studs love whipping out their massive tools and hammering them into their bro's tight hot holes! Starring Infinity, Mellow, Miami, Justyn, Lil' Ken, Younger, Thugzilla, Lil Blundt, Southern Comfort, Eveready. A Bacchus DVD.
as_black_as_it_gets_5_bacchus_tn.jpg As Black As It Gets 5 (DVD)
Hot as fire, black as night, these studs do it up right! As hot as Georgia asphalt and just as black, these super studs deliver up sizzling, brother on brother sex that will leave you breathless 'cuz it just don't get any blacker than this! So if you're craving a little double chocolate action this is the film for you! Starring Troy, Red Bone, G-Dawg, Ty Lattimore, Hollywood, Rudy, Sevyn Carrington, K-Nasty, Pretty Boii, Pugg. A Bacchus DVD.
as_black_as_it_gets_06_tn.jpg As Black As It Gets 6 (DVD)
Permanent midnight rules as these super hung brothers collide in the ultimate ride that is as deep, dark and black as it's ever gonna get! Da bottom bro wants that thang balls deep...and the top's only too happy to drill him a new a-hole! Deep dark and chocolate, everyone's favorite! Starring Mickey Jones, Sexcyone, T-Rodd, T-Bone, Thugzilla, Scandalous, Keron, Rico Pierre, Hot Sauce, Thug Pussy. A Bacchus DVD.