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Bacchus Releasing DVDs

brothers-taboo-25hrs_tn.jpg - Brothers Taboo (DVD) 5-Disc Set 25 Hours
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
It's time to get away from prying eyes and have some bro time. Watch as the hot young men go at it like wild animals. When some guys are too close all too often, things happen they will never forget! A Bacchus DVD Box Set.
put-the-load-on-dad-25hrs_tn.jpg - Put The Load On Dad (DVD) 5-Disc Set 25 Hours
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
He's an older fella looking for a hot spray, so give him a suck ream him out, just do whatever it takes to get him out and get each other off! A Bacchus DVD Box Set.
asian-gay-play-bacchus-tn - Asian Gay Play (DVD) 5 Hrs
$19.88 $14.91 On Sale!
See what fellows from the far East do when they sneak off to hook up... They get naked and nasty right away and do whatever it takes to drain each others dongs! A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
bare-in-the-rear-bacchus-tn - Bare In The Rear (DVD) 5 Hrs
$19.88 $14.91 On Sale!
No need to dress up your cock, just cum as you are! A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
black-fit-and-fucked-bacchus-tn - Black Fit & Fucked (DVD) 5 Hrs
$19.88 $14.91 On Sale!
Dazzling black dudes getting nasty at the drop of a hat in each scene included in this five hour fuckfest! A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
gang-banging-thungs-bacchus-tn - Gang Banging Thugs (DVD) 5 Hrs
$19.88 $14.91 On Sale!
In the hood they do things rough and right! Whether they're tearing up one of the homies or digging out a tight white boy, they get it in! A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
hunks-and-studs-only-bacchus-tn - Hunks & Studs Only (DVD) 5 Hrs
$19.88 $14.91 On Sale!
They only want the hottest, horniest men to sink their teeth... and their cocks into! A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
hustlin-young-black-ass-bacchus-tn - Hustlin Young Black Ass (DVD) 5 Hrs
$19.88 $14.91 On Sale!
Five hours of hot gay black fucking! Watch as these thugs pound some ass and suck dicks. A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
my-dad-and-my-uncle-bacchus-tn - My Dad & My Uncle (DVD) 5 Hrs
$19.88 $14.91 On Sale!
Five hours of two men ass pounding and cock sucking. They just can't get enough of each other! A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
pleasuring-myself-bacchus-tn - Pleasuring Myself (DVD) 5 Hrs
$19.88 $14.91 On Sale!
5 hours of hot studs engaged in self-play! They don't need anyone else to make them go into ecstasy when they can do it themselves. Watch their cum spill out as they stroke their big hard dicks. A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
tortured-and-abused-bacchus-tn - Tortured & Abused (DVD) 5 Hrs
$19.88 $14.91 On Sale!
Men putting each other through hell to serve their twisted urges! Five hours of cock and ball torture! A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
3-dick-play_tn.jpg -3 Dick Play (DVD) 5 Hrs
All dude pile-ups! Threeway fuck fests with hot, horny men that can't get enough dick and explore what they can get out of these wild fuck triangles! A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
fingers-tongues-and-cocks-2_tn.jpg -Fingers Tongues & Cocks 2 (DVD) 5 Hrs
Five hours of finger, tongue and cock play! Enjoy the gay action in this video. A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
fresh-protein-5hrs_tn.jpg -Fresh Protein (DVD) 5 Hrs
There is no man milk fresher than right out of the cock itself. Watch these boys get their daily dose of protein and much more! A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
los-amigos-bacchus_tn.jpg -Los Amigos (DVD) 5 Hrs
Check out 5 hours of Latin guys having fun taking in dick. Join them as they fuck each other outdoors. A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
my-bear-bacchus_tn.jpg -My Bear (DVD)
$24.88 $21.88 On Sale!
He's got so much hair, it's hardly fair. If you want a real man under the covers keep in mind, hairy men make the best lovers. I bet you'll say, what can make me feel this way my bear. Starring: Brad Eriksen, Chris Knight, Dallas Taylor, Gus Avery, Jesus De Leon, Logan Reed, Riley Duval, Ryan Scott, Todd Shore, Tony Brocco. A Bacchus DVD.
whoop-that-ass-5hrs_tn.jpg -Whoop That Ass (DVD) 5 Hrs
These boys have been bad, so now they are going to be disciplined...but they love it!! A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
young-cousins-in-lust-5hrs_tn.jpg -Young Cousins In Lust (DVD) 5 Hrs
They are your first and very best friends and now they can be your butt buddies! A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
12_inch_cocks_blue_balls_pro_tn.JPG 12 Inch Cocks (DVD)
You thought they were a myth, you thought they were a legend - but this monster quest proves, without a doubt, that 12-inch cocks really do exist! The truth is out there! Starring: Shai, Taz, Sexcyone, Ginuwine, Javon, Man, K-Nasty, Freakzilla, Kidd. A Bacchus DVD.
1st_time_fuckers_6_bacchus_tn.jpg 1st Time Cocksuckers 6 (DVD)
These pretty boys want to savor the flavor! Cum along for the ride as they suck cock for the very first time. Once they get their first taste they'll be back again and again and again! Starring: Jason Sparks, Mark Steel, Mark Pierce, Nathan Monem, Paul Carrigan, Luke Cross, Marcus Moore, Kyle Foxxx, Erin, Jesse Bryce. A Bacchus DVD.
1st_time_cocksuckers_7_bacchus_tn.JPG 1st Time Cocksuckers 7 (DVD)
Who can forget their first sweet taste of man meat? These oral virgins take the yummy cock lollypop into their mouths for the very first time and discover that, yes, they love sucking dick! Starring: Lee Casey, Dean Butter, Eric Evans, Raul, Matt Windsor, Mathew Thomas, Collin Jennings, Chris Banks, Chris Dano, Adrian Hart. A Bacchus DVD.
1st_timers_4_tn.jpg 1st Timers 4 (DVD)
Who doesn't love gorgeous hunks? These fine-assed studs are new to man to man love, but are ready to suck cock and experience some deep anal probing! They wont be done till they get a face full of cum and an ass full of fun! Come join some of the hottest newcomers to the business in "1st Timers 4". Starring Matt Fuller, Alan Gregory, Neil Evans, Vic Hall, Jason Nikas, Shawn Islander, Doug Jefferies, Josh A. Larousse. A Stallion / Bacchus Releasing DVD.
2_andahalf_5hr_bac_tn 2 1/2 Fucking Men (DVD) 5 Hr
5 Hours of hot, solid cock! A Bacchus DVD.
3way-gay-play-bacchus-tn 3way Gay Play (DVD) 5 Hrs
If you triple the cocks, you can triple the fun!< A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
am_hardon_dvd_tn.jpg A.M. Hardon (DVD)
It's the best wakeup you'll ever get! Rise and shine from a dick-drenched delirium. Where sex crazed studs really know how to handle each others morning erections. Starring Rob Steele, Bruce Hill, Patrick Ives, Peter Wilder, Sweet William, Kip Kasey, Ben-Wa and Drew Andrews.
adrian_hart_sex_adventures_tn.JPG Adrian Hart Sex Adventures (DVD)
Adrian Hart is the cock hunter. Join him in Adrian Hart Sex Adventures, as he goes rogue in an all wild, all Adrian fuck-a-thon that explores the wild and untamed outer reaches of sexual discovery. Starring:  Adrian Hart, Chris Dano, Damian West, Raul, Scott Mann, Tom Colt. A Bacchus DVD.
adventures_of_rocky_dvd_tn.jpg Adventures of A Rocky & Bill Winkler (DVD)
Two sexy Forest Rangers use handsome hikers as their personal sex toys! Starring Kevin Kemp, Dennis Lincoln, Bobby Blake, Mocha, Sebastian, Sweet William and Lucky Jones.
air_tight_assholes_2_bac_tn.JPG Airtight Assholes 2 (DVD)
When you just gotta have some tight, fine booty and nothing but sexy, gay ass will do, you gotta find a guy that's willing to bend over, spread 'em, and give you his airtight asshole. Starring: Adrian Hart, Damian West, Josh Catchings, Matt, Tyson Rexx, Slim, Skyler Ray, Justin Masters, Austin, Rhett Warner. A Bacchus DVD.
airtight_assholes_bac_tn Airtight Assholes 3 (DVD)
These guys are so tight that not even a fart can escape! They have airtight assholes and they are using them to bust it out in hardcore sex that grabs you tight and never lets you go! Starring: Lazio, Liam, Travis, Xavier, T.J., Raul, Ceasar, Jesse, Zidane, Jake, Michael. A Bacchus DVD.
airtight_assholes_4_bacchus_tn Airtight Assholes 4 (DVD)
These assholes are squeezed so tight that nothing can open them up but rock hard man meat! These perfect butts are super sexy and so airtight that is all right! Starring: Raul, Marco Paris, Chris Gil, Brad Harris, Mason Winters, Jason Sparks, Tomie. A Bacchus DVD.
airtight_assholes_5_bacchus_tn Airtight Assholes 5 (DVD)
Even slammed shut like a porthole, these airtight asses can't keep out the monster cocks that are aiming to open them up wide - because everyone knows - a tight fit is the right fit! Starring: Dirk Adams, Zack Masters, Luke Cross, Jason Fellowes, Orion Cross, Alexandre Carino, Brad Slater, Joey, Quentin Clay. A Bacchus DVD.
airtight_assholes_bac_tn.JPEG Airtight Assholes (DVD)
Airtight and feeling alright! These bungholes are tight and super-sealed, but nothing can keep out these horny butt crackers as they breach the seal and slide on into these warm and welcoming assholes! Starring: Mason Winters, James Doom, Jesse Bryce, Kyle Kruz, Tony, Jordon Grant, Seth Robinson, Damian West, Bobby Tyler, Justin Ryder. A Bacchus DVD.
big_and_beautiful_bacchus_tn Alan Gregory: Big & Beautiful (DVD)
Alan Gregory! So hot, so hung, so big, so beautiful - Alan Gregory is a man among men and a super stud of world renown! This showcase features Alan's considerable talents in all of their heart pounding, breath taking glory, over and over again! Cum watch five scenes of Alan and his boys sucking each other's cocks and pounding assholes! Starring: Alan Gregory, Ryan Foxx, Rico Suave, Neil Evans, Steven Richards, Justin Blade. A Bacchus DVD.
all_the_sexy_cowboys_tn.jpg All the Sexy Cowboys (DVD)
This is a voyeuristic cowboy dream! Starring Bobby Blake, Dennis Lincoln, Ricky Parker, Little Blundt, and Zaire Masters.
anaconda_cocksuckers_bacchus_tn.jpg Anaconda Cocksuckers (DVD) 5 Hrs
5 hours of black on black cocksucking! These are the biggest poles you're ever gonna smoke! A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
york_bac_tn.JPEG Antonio York - Big & Beautiful #2 (DVD)
Antonio York is the hunk of the minute, with a beautiful body and great big, ever-hard trouser snake. Get your fill because this is all Antonio, again and again and again!! Starring: Antonio York, Patrick Ives, Alan Gregory, Estefano Rios, Joie Torres, Cruzito. A Bacchus DVD.  
as_black_as_it_gets_11_tn.jpg As Black As It Gets 11 (DVD)
It's all good in the 'hood because these fine brothers know how to take it like they should! They take it hard and fast with deep lovin' action that is super hardcore, ultra exciting and as black as it's ever gonna get! Starring Sexcyone, Aares Luv, De Karlo, Sexy Redd, Taz, Troy, Jalin Jones, T-Rodd, Mickey Jones. A Bacchus DVD.
as_black_as_it_gets_12_bacchus_tn.jpg As Black As It Gets 12 (DVD)
He's a fine, ebony brother who can fuck like no other! These horny studs are the real deal; beautiful black men who are heavy hung, oh so gay and totally proud of it! Starring: Anaconda, Dante Franklin, Thugzilla, Juice, Stefan Love, Treshawn, High Def, Lil Ken, Toni Amos A Bacchus DVD.
as_black_as_it_gets_9_tn.jpg As Black As It Gets 9 (DVD)
It's all about that black, juicy dick and that brotha bubble butt. It's permanent midnight as these fine black brothers get their freak on in wild ass, XXX sex that is as kinky and as black as it's ever gonna get! These men are too fine and so hung! Watch as they take every inch of man meat they can get their hands on. Starring Mickey, Phoenix, Shai, Sexcyone, Sexy Redd, Debonair, Javon, Thugzilla, Jack of Trade, Killa Kil. A Bacchus DVD.
asian_boys_bac_tn.JPEG Asian Boys Love Dick (DVD)
You so horny, you so hung, you look like you lots of fun! No small fry here! These super-cute Asian guys are real hunks, with sexy bods and rock-hard rods! Starring: Stoane Banks, Paul Ryde, Devine Paulson, Jay Cash, Sky Durant, Peter Moss, Jay Lamb, Tonie Light, Vic Shore, Pearl Hall. A Bacchus DVD.
asian_dick_3_bac_tn.JPG Asian Boys Love Dick 3 (DVD)
Pretty Asian boys want to ride the dragon until he's flagging and leave him completely spent and satisfied. Starring: Lapaul Toy, Jason, Xing Starr, Stone Banks, Dagio Villa, Lance Trust, Rek Leen, Ken Lee, Daji Phengnan, Leo Penn. A Bacchus DVD.
asian-gay-boys-bacchus_tn.jpg Asian Gay Boys (DVD)
$24.88 $21.88 On Sale!
He's the rice queen of your dreams! These cute, Asian boys just want to make papasan happy. Me like suckie dick all night. Asian boy will treat you right. Starring: Leo Vdzu, Ping Pesite, Butter Firm, Triss Master, Gayson Duke, Aguin Cheer, Paul Toy, Jason, Sky Durant, Peter Moss. A Bacchus DVD.
asian_gay_lays_tn.jpg Asian Gay Lays (DVD) 5 Hrs
Straight from the Orient and straight up your ass. These boys know how to get it done! A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
ass-punishment-bacchus-tn Ass Punishment (DVD) 5 Hrs
You have been bad, and I can only think of one way to punish you...your ASS! A Bacchus 5 Hrs DVD.
ass_worshipers_bacchus_tn Ass Worshipers (DVD)
Bow down and kiss ass, in the ultimate adoration action that pays homage to the all powerful, all mighty, smokin' hot ass! Starring: Ty Thomas, Taz, Marquis Johnson, Sexcyone, Amaya, Anaconda, Romeo Carrington, Darvin Carrington, Tajahryl Prescott. A Bacchus DVD.
ass-worshipers-3-bacchus-tn Ass Worshipers 3 (DVD)
It's all about the booty and adoration for the asshole and reverence for the rosy sphincter in Ass Worshipers 3. Holy hot ass- this is one fine behind and it's worthy of true worship. Starring: Amari, Darvin Carrington, Erotic, Neo Ocean, Sexcyone, Thug Pussy, Thugzilla. A Bacchus DVD.
bad_cop_good_cop_tn.jpg Bad Cop Good Cop (DVD)
Whether you're a criminal or just a cop gone bad, these peace officers know how to deliver justice! With their batons at ready, these cops take no prisoners! Starring Alan Gregory, Claudio Black, Dirk Adams, Doug Jeffries, Pablo Torres, Raul and Scott Mann. A Bacchus Releasing DVD.
ball-boys-bacchus_tn.jpg Ball Boys (DVD)
Nobody knows how to ball like a Latin superstar soccer player! These Hispanic hotties like to ball and play, their hot cock action is gonna make your day! Starring: Alan Melo, Bruno Stigmala, Dennys Cult, Igor, John Blast, Junior, Mike, Roberto Gaucho, Rod Hara. A Bacchus DVD.
balls_deep_macho_productions_tn Balls Deep (DVD) Macho Man
Dive in and go all the way - Balls Deep - in hard driving, up-to-your-nuts action that goes as far as a guy can go into a willing asshole - without falling in! Starring: Adrian Heart, Patric Ives, Kris Anthony, Brad Harris, Collin Jennings, Marcus Gordan, Danny Lopez, Marco Paris. A Macho Man/Bacchus DVD.
balls_deep_2_bacchus_macho_man_tn Balls Deep 2 (DVD)
Go on and slam your cock in all the way! When you are balls deep inside these guys, it feels so good! Who would believe you could be this far inside! Starring: Derek Johnson, Wodchuck, Raul, Dexter Palmer, Chris Perez, Alexs, Luke Bishop, Brad Slater. A Macho Man Production / Bacchus DVD.