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Ayor Studios

11_pm_ayor_tn 11:00 PM (DVD)
If you ever wonder what your neighbor is doing at eleven pm... take a peek with AYOR in 11:00 PM. You might like what you see. Starring: Ali Montero, Bob Nesta, David Gold, Dominik Gunther, Donnie Jensen, Ennio Guardi, Nick Gill, Oliver Young, Simon Clay, Val Horner, Zaho Sebastian Mann. Directed by: Robert Boggs An Ayor Studios DVD.
bliss-part-1_tn.jpg Bliss Part 1 (DVD)
What these boys do to each other can't be described any other way than pure bliss. Starring: Benjamin Dunn, Danton Gary, Justin Conway, Lukas Pribyl, Matt Loree, Maxim Moira, Steve Weaver, Tim Law. An Ayor DVD.
boys_and_the_city_01_ayor_tn.jpg Boys And The City 01 (DVD)
In Boys and the City, Adam Zarsky and Kevin Kraus are a beautiful couple. Kevin finally decided to complete his studies and Adam, his physics partner, is helping him. Damian Dickey has completely different interests. Starring: Paul Brise, Tomas Adamec, Nikolas Markov, Adam Zarsky, Colin Reeves, Damian Dickey, Kenny Jacobs, Kevin Kraus, Lucky Taylor, Nick Deniels. Director: Robert Boggs. An Ayor Studios DVD.
boys-and-the-city-part-3_tn.jpg Boys and the City Part Three (DVD)
There's a big world out there, so it's a good thing these boys have a butt buddy to share it with. Starring: Adrian Rogers, Benjamin Dunn, Colin Reeves, Daren Hecker, Jack Robbins, Jason Mannato, Lucky Taylor, Philip Mason, Roger Charney. An Ayor DVD.
boys_and_the_city_part_two_tn.jpg Boys and the City Part Two (DVD)
Joshua and Rudy often meet in the fitness center, and thanks to their common friends Kiko and Mario they even like to enjoy each other’s company in Boys and the City 2. But where are Kiko and Mario today? Instead of exercising in the fitness center, they are at home getting it on. Starring: Joshua Campi, Rudy Black, Adam Zarsky, Damian Dickey, Drew Kilman, Evan Cook, Kenny Jacobs, Kevin Kraus, Kiko Hyde, Lucky Taylor, Mario Parada, Nick Deniels, Robin Few. An Ayor Studios DVD.
Buddies 1: Moving In (DVD)
BUDDIES, a real life series from AYOR Studios. Check out the real stories of a bunch of the hottest AYOR guys who've just begun to live together! Learn more about their private lives, the sex, the loves, and simply come have fun with them! Starring Mark Zebro, Sebastian Stone, Dominik Trojan, Sebastian Polner, Adam Kubick, Johnny Hunter, Genadij Prokov and Ondrej Sokol. Directed by Robert Boggs. An Ayor Studios / 1 Distribution DVD.
Buddies 2: Dominik in Ibiza (DVD)
"Highly Recommended. As Dominik tours the sunny streets of Ibiza, he runs into Lukas Pokorny, an adorable muscular spitfire, who turns out to be a fellow Czech. He is on his way to the beach, but since they are both horny, they decide to have sex, right there on the white steps. Dominik doesn't even take off his backpack before going down on Lukas, eagerly blowing the thick cock and lapping up his balls. It's a great big uncut cock, but Dominik is a great big talent and does quite well with it." - Brent Blue, Starring Dominik Trojan, Mark Zebro, Joe Donovan, Nikolas Markov, Lukas Pokorny, Samuel Hoffman, Andrew Shut and Peter Veselsky. Directed by Robert Boggs (a.k.a. Alain Eclair). An Ayor Studios / 1 Distribution DVD.
caravan_boys_ayor_tn.jpg Caravan Boys (DVD)
Enjoy this DVD filled with all the action you love to see from young, hot men including oral sex, anal sex, rimming, 2ways, and solos. Starring: Akon Romel, Alberto Dex, Andre Aston, Cliff Douglas, Gino Issa, Jan Cores, Justin Young, Kirk Ron, Laci Kowac, Petr Borek, Topher Nagy. An Ayor Studio DVD.
confession_ayor_tn.jpg Confession (DVD)
These innocent looking cute young guys do have quite a bit to confess! You will have a lot of fun watching this film and discovering the secrets of these cuties! Starring: Damien Dreik, Ennio Guardi, George Taylor, Jan Cores, Julien Heath, Kevin Ateah, Kyle Wilkinson, Noah Scott, Ryan Quaid. An Ayor Studios DVD.
escaping-the-city_tn.jpg Escaping The City (DVD)
These boys cannot contain their urges and force themselves to retreat into the wilds to find other feral young men to unleash their hormones! Starring: Andre Aston, Benjamin Dunn, Danton Gary, Jakub Jelinek, Jay Ozzy, Jeffrey Foster, Lukas Pribyl, Timothy Grant, Todd Mauro. An Ayor Studios DVD.
frisbee_2_ayoy_tn.jpg Frisbee 2 (DVD)
In the warm days of the year, it's time to spend time in nature and engage in recreational activities and the young lads in Frisbee 2 do just that. These guys find a deserted place and play a bit of Frisbee, but after their burst of energy, they can still muster enough strength to indulge in some boy/boy fucking. Starring: Dominik Gunther, Johann Scott, Thor Hassell, Alex Stevens, Aaron Shaw, Oliver Boyd, Val Horner, Igor Forst, Bob Nesta. Directed by: Robert Boggs. An Ayor Studios DVD.
hanging-out-in-the-city-ayor_tn.jpg Hanging Out In The City (DVD)
The city that never sleeps, and neither do these boys when it comes to hard cocks and tight holes. Starring: Patrik Jensen, Thomas Fiaty, Chester Pool, Aslan Brutti, Johan Volny, Carl Baxter, David Gold, Rocky Fox, Bob Nesta. An Ayor DVD.
in_and_out_ayor_tn.jpg In & Out (DVD) Ayor / Bel Ami
They are young, handsome, and wild and they've just spent the hottest summer of their lives. Enjoy dangerously gorgeous guys roughing it, while giving new meaning to the term "pup tent". Starring Jean Morocco, Chad Driver, Bjorn Gedda, Andrej Rovensky, Mark Zebro, Nikolas Markov, Dominik Trojan, Jakub Jelinek, Samuel Hoffman, Johny Lee and Andrew Shut. Directed by Robert Boggs. An Ayor Studios / Bel Ami DVD.
kevin_and_rudy_ayor_tn.jpg Kevin & Rudy (DVD)
Kevin & Rudy invite you into their bedroom and give you a peek into their strictly private lives. Boys are the best toys. Especially when they are packing massive, uncut pythons to go with their smooth, hard bodies and a lust for another man that won't quit. Starring: Kevin Ateah, Rudy Black, Axel Clark, Dorian Havdale, Karel Kolomaz, Maxim Moira, Radim Valovy, Rado Viker. An Ayor DVD.
more_tales_04_ayor_tn.jpg More Tales 4 (DVD)
More handsome young fresh-faced guys...share their lives for you...including steamy sex lives! Eleven gorgeous, hung jocks, smooth and big-dicked twinks gettting it on while on the go! These are the guys you dream see them once and they change your life forever. Filled with amazing encounters with copious loads of juicy stud-cum action! Come "meat" are their tales.... Starring: Aslan Brutti, Axel Jones, Carl Baxter, Chester Pool, David Gold, Ian Samson, Lucky Taylor, Sam Brooks, Shane Barrett, Thomas Fiaty, Val Horner. An Ayor Studios DVD.
neighbours-one_tn.jpg Neighbours One (DVD)
As the saying goes, you don’t choose your neighbour. And of course, you’re lucky when you discover that your neighbour is a sexy dude! There are several of them in Neighbours One the first completely bareback title from Ayor Studios. Starring: Adam Ross, Rudy Black, Kevin Ateah, Mario Ricci, Nick Kelson, Filip Pavelka, Philip Mason, James Wilson, Damian Dickey. An Ayor DVD.
neighbours-three_tn.jpg Neighbours Three (DVD)
Justin has a meeting today with a boy who he met last night in a bar. Jay is a sprayer. He and his friend often spray paint. Today Jay has a plan. He wants to fuck him. Justin lives in a shared apartment with a few friends. Justin is in the apartment completely alone in the afternoon and he strokes his dick in the bathroom... Starring: Joshua Campi, Andre Aston, Benjamin Dunn, Jay Ozzy, Jeffrey Foster, Justin Boyle, Justin Conway, Thomas Swings, Timothy Grant. An Ayor DVD.
neighbors-two_tn.jpg Neighbours Two (DVD)
James regularly visits a nearby cafe for lunch, and the waiter Joshua often serves him. It is clear from the way they look at each other that there is extraordinary chemistry between these two boys. And the regular afternoon pause benefits them both in Neighbours Two. Starring: Benjamin Dunn, Cory Blake, Jacob Payne, James Young, Jan Cores, Joshua Campi, Justin Boyle, Rudy Black, Thomas Swings. An Ayor Studios DVD.
rudys_summer_friends_ayor_tn.jpg Rudy's Summer Friends (DVD)
Rudy's Summer Friends love spending their summer holiday camping by a lake. They are young, handsome and wild and they have just spent the hottest summer in their lives. Perfect weather, not a cloud in the sky, and of course, lots and lots of hot sex. Starring: Kevin Ateah, Adam Ross, Damian Dickey, Jakub Jelinek, Jerry Harris, Maxim Moira, Rudy Black, Tomas Adamec, Zdenek Berdak. Director: Robert Boggs. An Ayor Studios DVD.
seduction-ayor_tn.jpg Seduction (DVD) Ayor
Not every weekend is so ordinary! Andreas and Casper are chasing each other around the cottage. Catch me! When you catch me, I’ll show you something. Really. Andreas showed everyone how he can suck his own dick, but also how he can have great sex! Starring: Andre Lopez, Andreas Mouskouri, Bjorn Gedda, Casper Watts, Colin Reeves, Jack Robbins, Jacob Payne, James Young, Jerome Reynolds, Larry Sims, Michael Getlin, Roger Gharney, Tommy Michaelo. An Ayor DVD.