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Australian Men

novices-in-aussie-amateur-po_tn Novices In Aussie Amateur Porn (DVD)
Loads of hot Aussie amateurs aged 18yo through to 25yo get in front of our cameras for the first time! If you're into true Australian amateur hot meat then this is the dvd for you! Starring: Arthur, Carter, Jazza, Jesse, Tate, Will. An Amateurs Do It DVD.
australian-amateur-random-fuck-buddies_tn.jpg Australian Amateur Random Fuck Buddies (DVD)
Check out these Australian Amateurs meet up with their random fuck buddies! Starring: Aaron, Sam, Richard, Lewis, Billy, Aron. An Amateurs Do It DVD.
Cheaters (DVD)
It's New Year's Day and three hot couples head to the beach for some serious romance-but testosterone takes over and the fuck fest begins! Almost two hours of hot fuck fuelled infidelity as our six lovers swap partners and even seduce the local life guard. Seven awesome Aussies - Six steaming scenes - Aussielicious! Starring Spikee, Mark Sawyer, Jake Harvey, Kristian Winter, Jmmy Brooks, Marc Armon and Aiden Burrows. Directed by Mike Esser. An Alpha Males Studios DVD.
down-under-aussie-hand-jobs_tn.jpg Down Under Aussie Hand Jobs (DVD)
If you’re a lover of Australian amateurs, then Down Under Aussie Hand Jobs is sure to please you ! Loads of different Aussie real amateurs get interviewed and strip and get named before getting themselves off on camera before us! Starring: Jacob, Ed, Miles, Aden, Dave, Ed 2, Julian, Junior, Saul. An Amateurs Do It DVD.
dream_on_straight_boy_tn.jpg Dream On Straight Boy (DVD)
Brodie's a hot straight boy with a big problem. . .every time he sees hot guys he starts dreaming of dick! Policemen, soldiers, footy players, plumbers and pool boys all catch his attention and stimulate his overactive imagination. Seven hot Aussies spunks star in this top notch Mike Esser fuck fest (four of them are fresh faced porn virgin Alpahmales exclusives!). Starring Brodie Woods, Jake Harvey, Mitch Milano, Rip Kurl, Aaron Cruze, Andy Stone and Anthony Tangala. Directed by Mike Esser. An Alpha Males Studios DVD.
manly-beach-kb_tn.jpg Manly Beach (DVD)
$53.88 $40.41 On Sale!
Kristen Bjorn gives us a look at the sex lives of the young hunks who hang out on Australia's awesome beaches includes some well-endowed cockmen as well as some talented cocksuckers. Starring Sean Davis, Dex Brown, Root Calahan, Ian Layman, Blue Vainer, Ned McCabe, Hogan Malony and Demetrios Xenos.

recruiting-australian-amateurs-for-sex_tn.jpg Recruiting Australian Amateurs For Sex (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
We all love an Aussie amateur but sadly they live so far away from the rest of the world ! At last they get a little closer when we recruit 11 hot Australian amateurs and pay them to get naked, pose and get off on camera before us! Starring: Cameron, Hayden, Chris, Connor, Thomas, David, Christian, Jimmy, Lucas, Mark. An Amateurs Do It DVD.
Twisted Web (DVD)
Packed with deceit, intrigue, amazing Sydney locations, hot guys and amazing sex - this chain of desire features a group of studs whose sex lives become entangled in a tangled web of lust. Starring Rick Chester, Nick Ford, Mitchc Milano, Jarrod Whitman, Billy Bong, Martin Mazza, Kirstian Winter and Hung Joey. Directed by Mike Esser. An Alpha Male Home Entertainment DVD.