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Asylum (DVD) Falcon


Falcon Video Pac 190.

You know that old expression, the inmates are running the asylum - well, in this case, that's a very good thing.

And as the undercover reporter who's arrived to expose the whole situation at this particular madhouse, Erik Rhodes, is just the kind of guy I'd love to misuse my authority for, so when steamy janitor Leo Giamani does exactly that, I can't say I blame him. Leo's thick, long meat more than fills Erik's gaping mouth, and seeing the big muscle stud on his knees struggling to swallow down every inch of that luscious pole is one of the best parts of this entire flick. The two studs use their mouths and tongues to delve even deeper, Erik eating out Leo's ass and then going for another bout of hot blowjobs, but the action reaches an even higher level when Erik bends over to take Leo's hot cock from behind. The fucking is completely versatile, with Erik taking his turn inside Leo's hot hole, too, pronging him missionary. Once more, they switch off, and Erik is now on bottom in the same position as he strokes out his load. Leo answers with a second hot load.

With the asylum now completely accessible to Erik (well, after he makes it past the cadre of house cats that seem to be patrolling the halls), he snoops around and stumbles upon Doctor T.J. Hawke abusing patient Dominic Pacifico. His hospital gown leaves him anything but covered up as Dominic gets a tube up his ass and more. Dominic's ass is filled with a series of colored liquids that make him feel "real nice," as the Doc puts it, but not probably as good as when the Doc downs Dominic's uncut rod. Since Dominic responds so well to this oral treatment, next T.J. sticks his tongue where the tubes were. T.J.'s exam concludes with an exploratory ride up Dominic's sphincter, which Dominic submits to and even seems to like, go figure. The scene ends with both dudes creaming Dominic's now completely bared torso.

Erik, however, seems to need more evidence. He next spies on hunky security guard Diesel Washington, who's prowling around with a big see-through bag filled with oversized dildos. Diesel, as anyone who has seen him before knows, needs no help in the dick department, so I can only assume he's expanding his game. Diesel finds his playmate in adorable Ryan Raz, who, in his chained and tethered state, has no way to demur when Diesel shows up to probe his ass in more ways than one. Ryan takes to the rubber dicks like a duck to water, and soon he is on all-fours, surrounded by them, one in his mouth, and one in his ass. But soon enough the fake dicks give way to Diesel's real one, and Ryan is happier than ever. For his part, Diesel loves the cocksucking he gets, but he goes totally wild when he gets a shot at Ryan's tight hole, which he pounds in earnest, backing up against a wall and holding Ryan aloft while he does it. The fucking gets even steamier before the scene concludes, with Diesel completely turning out his young charge.

After Diesel has showered his cum on Ryan's recumbent body, Erik discovers the mother lode of evidence in a file room. Little does he know, though, but he's about to get a first-hand look at how asylum doctors Rod Daily and Ty Colt do business. Ty is the cover boy here, and he is one very fine specimen of masculinity, a taut-bodied blond with a big dick and a handsome, almost pretty face. And not only that, he and his assistant manage to subdue Erik and make the big stud their playtoy for the evening, taking turns sucking his uncut cock and then Ty sitting his bubble-butt right on Erik's face. The fuck sequence is amazing, beginning with a three-way fuck, and then continuing with Erik getting it from all sides, not just by his captor's meat, but also with a nightstick. After the assault on Erik's ass is almost too much to take for its heat, the three dudes blow loads one by one (and by this time, Rod has the nightstick up his ass).

Does Erik get his story? Yeah, will anyone ever get to read it?

DVD Features: Chapters; trailers ("Rush & Release," "Basic Plumbing," "Longboard," "The Farmer's Son" and "Riding Hard"); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).

A DVD Review by Martin Cox ( )

*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***

Starring Erik Rhodes, TJ Hawke, Rod Daily, Dominic Pacifico, Leo Giamani, Ryan Raz, Ty Colt and Diesel Washington.

Directed by John Bruno.

A Falcon DVD.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

Asylum (DVD) Falcon Write a review | No reviews for this product.
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Write a review | No reviews for this product.