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Asian Men DVDs

bangkok-the-wild-city_tn - Bangkok The Wild City (DVD)
$49.88 $34.92 On Sale!
Pablo Bravo’s extraordinary trip to Thailand ! The best latino fucker had some great time in the asian capital of sex and fun - Bangkok ! Follow his advetures and watch those cute sexy Asian boys sucking Bravo’s dick and giving him their smooth hairless asses. Four of them will spend great time with latino lover. They will go around the city, visit clubs and have sex all night long. The latino-asian connection works ! One of the most vivid and most natural gay porn ever made ! Bravofucker
the-deuce-pf_tn - The Deuce: A XXX Porn Parody Part 1 (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
cum-back-to-chicago_tn - Cum Back to Chicago (DVD)
$49.88 $29.88 On Sale!
Sexy twinks and college age boys are the focus in this collection of solo and hardcore scenes. Big dick 18 year old K. D. Krosslin is featured in three of them and he shows just how much he loves fucking boys in the ass. This interracial mix of stroking, sucking and butt pounding action ticks all the boxes for those who enjoy watching American guys, at their sexual prime. Add this to your library of lust for youth and enjoy a front row seat to all the eye candy it offers. Starring: K. D. Krosslin, Raul, Jorge, Dalton, Dylan. A Hot Boy USA DVD.
argie-in-action_tn.jpg Argie In Action (DVD)
Making every bareback encounter count, Argie and his friends show us some of the hottest twink Asian bareback action! Starring: Argie, Derik, Gilbert, Jeff, Jesse, Vahn. A Gay Asian Twinkz DVD.
asian-bangerz-asiaboy-tn Asian Bangerz (DVD)
This compilation of gay Asian twink sex scenes is all about bareback fucking, and it delivers big! These skinny Asian boys, with silky smooth skin, strip each other naked, suck uncut cock and rim tight little asses, all leading up to some very hot barebacking in various sexy positions. A highlight of this collection is the scene where a gay boy seduces his long-time straight friend, with an erotic oil massage. It is totally off the charts sexy! If your passion is for cute young Asian boys having bareback sex, this DVD will not disappoint. Starring: Joe, Ae, Sof, Je, Kylie, John, Thomas, Dave, Guy, Dan. An AsiaBoy DVD.
asian-boys-r-tickle-toys_tn.jpg Asian Boys R Tickle Toys (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
The cute, smooth, ticklish Asian twinks are at it again in another collection of the greatest boy on boy tie and tickle videos ever produced. Laughing Asians proves that Asian boys are tickle toys! Starring: Diego, Jesse, Ronny, Hermis, Javey, Carlo, Cyruz, Willy. A Laughing Asians DVD.
asiaa-cocktease_tn.jpg Asian Cocktease (DVD)
There's a little bit of everything in this collection of gay Asian hardcore bareback sex scenes. In the mix, you are treated to a spit roasting threesome, a straight boy fucking a young guy's ass for the first time, and a virgin learning all about gay sex. These silky smooth Asian boys suck cock, rim ass and fuck each other raw in a collection of intense sexual encounters that leave everyone dripping in freshly pumped cum. This is gay Asian porn at its best and you'll have an up close seat for all the action. Starring: Jacob Bantay, Nishi, Marcon, Jayrald, Josh, Jordan, Jaymes, Andrew, Alex, Vahn Valdez. An AsiaBoy DVD.
asian-manholes_tn.jpg Asian Manholes (DVD)
The tropical Asian island paradise is loaded with cute Asian boys who have plenty of time to play. Come with us as we capture the cutest Asian twinks during their bareback play time in paradise. Starring: Ronny, Gil, Cyruz, Dave, Willy, Danilo, Lance, Warren, Gilbert Carreon, Vahn, Jesse. A Gay Asian Twinkz DVD.
asian_temptations_tn.jpg Asian Temptations (DVD)
$49.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Asian Temptations features 24 Asian men in the outdoors, participating in a go-go show and engaging in group sex. You get nine "regular" hardcore scenes plus one bonus scene. Starring Cha, Nat, Leck, Fill, Tom, It, Akg, Bin, Edd, Lee, Ton, Tom, Nut, Bank, Nok, Cho, Pon, Ice, Tum, Tea, Kon, Jack, Tanan and Bee. Directed by Lulu Sante. A Man's Art DVD.
asian-tickle-fantasies_tn.jpg Asian Tickle Fantasies (DVD)
These Asians are getting pinned down and punished by soft finger tips tickling their toes, arm pits, and sensitive sides. They try to escape, but since they are restrained all they can do is giggle. Starring: Argie, Vahn, Mike, Rico, Josh, Alex, Rave, Idol, Tricky, Jayford, Nathan, Lance, Cyruz. A Laughing Asians DVD.
ass-factor-gat_tn.jpg Ass Factor (DVD)
There's just nothing quite like a tight Asian ass to sink your cock into! Starring: Alex, Anthony, Argie, Chi, Evo, Jeff, Josh, Marcon, Nathan, Vahn. A Gay Asian Twinkz DVD.
bare-instinct-gay-asian-twinkz-tn Bare Instinct (DVD) Gay Asian Twinkz
Intense lust and passion, sweaty rough sex, and a good old fashioned threesome grudge fuck set the tone for this collection of one solo and four hardcore gay Asian bareback sex scenes. Enjoy 10 silky smooth Pinoy boys giving it all they've got and taking every raw inch. Rock hard and ready, the action doesn't end until they are all dripping in freshly pumped cum. Starring: Argie, Vahn Valdez, Andrew, Alex, Jude, Felix, Mikal. A Gay Asian Twinkz DVD.
bare-with-me-asia-boy_tn.jpg Bare With Me! (DVD)
If gay Asian twinks having bareback sex is on your agenda, this collection delivers. And there's a bonus solo jack off session, featuring one very sexy young man with a delicious 6 pack. One of the things that really stands out is the boys are totally into each other. Their cock sucking, ass rimming and raw fucking encounters are as real as it gets. Experience the passion and intensity that's released when these sexy boys get together for some hardcore fun. Cum towel not included. Starring: Joe, Jae, Non, Poi, Oliver, Tony, Mike, Nat, Tar. An Asia Boy DVD.
bareback-addicktion_tn.jpg Bareback Addicktion (DVD)
We have 10 sexy gay Asian twinks fucking each other bareback. To make it easier for you to follow all the action, we've split them up into couples, making this an orgy of 5 separate bareback sex scenes, all with adorable silky smooth Asian boys. There is no shortage of cock sucking and ass rimming, before the boys get around to stuffing dildos and raw cocks up each other's skinny ass. A highlight in the mix is when a Thai Army soldier takes a boy captive and has his way with the twink. Rock hard uncut cocks sliding in and out of smooth little buts will be forever stuck in your mind, after watching this hot collection of gay Asian bareback fuck scenes. Starring: Bird, Wee, Albert, Ward, Golf, Jib, Hans, Jake, Peter. An Asia Boy DVD.
bareabck-all-the-way-asia-boy_tn.jpg Bareback All the Way (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Attention all you Asian twink fans. This one is a must have for your gay porn collection. The Thai boys are oh so sexy and silky smooth and the bareback action is both hardcore and kinky. From huge dildos stuffed up skinny asses to boys pissing on each other, there's a lot to like about the compilation. Have a cum rag handy, because these cute Asian boys set the screen on fire. Enjoy as these naked little guys suck dick, rim ass and fuck like there's no tomorrow. Starring: Am, Ce, Ball, Kai, Oliver, Keith, Saem, Bas. An Asia Boy DVD.
bareback-me-jesse-str8-to-the-hole_tn.jpg Bareback Me Jesse: Str8 to the Hole (DVD)
Str8 Asian hunk Jesse Rivera returns in this 2nd collection of gay 4 pay adventures in gay Asian hardcore. And this time he's stepped up his game and goes bareback. Is there anything this hot stud won't do for money? Starring: Jesse, Gil, Benjamin, Javey, Ronny, Vahn. A Gay Asian Twinkz DVD.
barefoot-tf_tn Barefoot (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Starring: Nishi, Rico, Alex, Arjo, Alex, Clark, Freddy, Marcon, Rizal. A Twinky Feet DVD.
cock-asian-daddy_tn Cock-Asian Daddy (DVD)
Daddy's gay Asian boys are lining up for some mature white cock. And Daddy Mike finds that two Asian twinks are better than one. Watch this white daddy show them what interracial gay sex is all about in "Cock-Asian Daddy" Starring: Clark, Mike Reynolds, Nishi, Rizal. A Daddy's Asians DVD.
cockie-monster_tn.jpg Cockie Monster (DVD)
This film consists of 5 smoking hot scenes of horny Asians getting their fill of dick and one sexy solo. A hard dick slides in their tight ass and they begin stroking themselves for extra pleasure. One really horny guy enjoys rubbing his cock and playing with his ass outside. Starring: Chi, Arjo, Rave, Marcon, Nathan, Josh. A Gay Asian Twinkz DVD.
cum-along-with-me_tn.jpg Cum Along With Me (DVD)
There is quite a line up in this hot gay Asian twink bareback compilation. There are thirteen boys in six scenes of action packed hardcore sex, with a kinky threesome watersports orgy topping it all off. Actually, one couple delivers a sensual and passionate love making scene, just so you can catch your breath before the hard pounding sex kicks back in again. It's a bonanza of silky smooth Asian boys all getting nasty with each other, and you have a front row seat. Cum rag not included. Starring: Joe, App, Arther, Lee, Benz, Oliver, Kim, Ray, New, Pat. An AsiaBoy DVD.
cum-jerk-with-me_tn.jpg Cum Jerk With Me (DVD)
Seven hot horny exhibitionists all ready and waiting to show off their hot dreamy Asian bodies. Watch these boys caress stroke and tease their cocks, poke their butt holes and slam dildos in their pink holes until they erupt and fire loads of white hot boy lava all over their hard bodies. If that isn’t enough, and you can hold out for the 100% Bareback duo between Jacob & Vahn, it will be one well deserved. Starring: Jacob, Vahn, Alex, Jordan, Marcon, Warren. A Gay Asian Camz DVD.
cum-tickle-me-la_tn.jpg Cum Tickle Me (DVD)
If erotic bondage and tickling turns you on, gets you hard and horny and ready to cum, you're going to love this collection of Asian twink tickling scenes. When the cute Asian twinks have been thoroughly tickled to tears, the focus turns to stroking the bound boy's cock until he blows his load. Starring: Vahn Valdez, Marcon, Arjo, T-Boy, Jaymes, Marco, Rico, Alex, Ricky, Argie, Freddy, Mikal, Gilbert. A Laughing Asians DVD.
cum-to-daddy-i-wont-bite-gay-asian-twinks-tn Cum To Daddy, I Won't Bite (DVD)
Daddy Mike is at it again and he getting raunchy with his Asian twinks. Daddy thrills his boys with ass play and bareback fucking until Daddy and Twink cum together. Starring: Daddy Mike, Freddy, Argie, Andrew, Alex, Russell. A Gay Asian Twinkz DVD.
doctor-tickles-kinky-clinic_tn.jpg Doctor Tickles Kinky Clinic (DVD)
Doctor Tickles proves that "Laughter is the best medicine". And the prescription for his Asian twink patients is a nice long tickling session. Watch as Doctor Tickles (played by the Asian twink tickle master Mike Reynolds) straps these cute boys down for a dose of pure tickle hell which keeps them in hysterics for the duration of their visit. The boys always leave with a smile! Starring: Vahn, Mike Reynolds, Rave, Josh, Russel, Argie, Jacob, Ricky, Alex. A Laughing Asians DVD.
dr-albert-full-body-check_tn.jpg Dr Albert: Full Body Check (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
You are invited to enter the world of horny Asian Doctor Albert, as he makes his rounds. Albert's bedside manner rivals that of others, as he gets his cute young Asian twink patients naked and goes to work on their hard cocks and tight smooth assholes. The doctor's bag is well equipped with enema kit, Jennings gag, dildos and lots of baby oil. Everything he needs to make sure his young patient's leave satisfied and wearing a big smile on their cute face. With plenty of ass rimming and cock sucking, Dr Albert delivers a thorough treatment that always ends in a deep bareback fucking session and ample doses of warm Asian boy cum. Starring: Albert, Jacop, Adam, Leo, Jimmy, William. A Doctor Twink DVD.
extreme-cum-lover_tn.jpg Extreme Cum Lover (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
It's all about the taste of fresh cum and what it takes to get some, as 10 smooth Asian boys get together in 5 hardcore bareback fuck scenes to satisfy their appetite. The flavor of pre-cum and ass juice are welcome appetizers, as each horny Asian boy diligently works the cum out of his partner. Raw meat finds hungry hole and it's only a matter of time before the dessert starts pumping. Taking it on the face or licking it off their fingers, these cum hungry Asian boys all get exactly what they want. Starring: Argie, Marcon, Arjo, Andrew, Marco, Alex, Simon, Russel, Jayrald. An AsiaBoy DVD.
fuck-me-raw-asiaboy_tn Fuck Me Raw (DVD) AsiaBoy
This Asian twink bareback fuck series has a little bit of everything. We start with a hot solo jack off, followed by a sensual erotic massage. Then the volume pumps up as two Asian boys suck and bareback fuck the night away. Next we add a big Black African cock to the mix, in a hot threesome where two Asian twinks take his raw monster up their ass. And for a healthy dose of kink, two Asian boys have a double dildo, bareback, watersports piss party. These smooth young guys deliver a jaw dropping, sex charged, series that you'll be watching over and over again. Starring: Pat, New, Alex, Oliver, Eric, Win, Ray, Hugh, Albert, Jackky. An AsiaBoy DVD.
fucking-desire-asiaboy_tn.jpg Fucking Desire (DVD)
What happens when you have 10 very sexy gay Asian twinks with a desire to fuck? Well, you get this hot compellation of bareback fuck scenes. Each plays out different, but they all tell the same story. These horny Asian twinks enjoy it raw, hard and deep. Of course, they all like to suck uncut dick and rim smooth Asian boy ass, but it all leads to the same thing. And when the boys get down to fucking, they don't come up for air until the warm cum is pumping. Grab a front row seat, and a cum rag, and enjoy watching all the action from these silky smooth Thai boys. Starring: Poi, Sof, Golf, Net, Oliver, Jackky, Peter, Jake, Rain, Ray. An AsiaBoy DVD.
high-butt-pleasure_tn.jpg High Butt Pleasure (DVD)
The Doctor is in, in everyone’s hole that is! Five hot scenes 100% Bareback and dripping with cum. Packed full of fetish content with dental dams for deep face fucking, speculum’s to spread the boys butts wide open, enemas, rimming, dildos, and as if that wasn’t enough, deep raw hole pounding ass splitting action with plenty of cream pies to go around for all. Follow up exams will most likely be necessary for these hot boys! Starring: Argie, Alex, Benz, John, Bill, Chai, Vahn, Josh, Mike, Evo. A Doctor Twink DVD.
hungover-abn_tn.jpg Hungover, The (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Starring: . An Asian Boy Nation DVD.
hungry_asian_holes_tn.jpg Hungry Asian Holes (DVD)
These gay Asian buddies keep the place smokin' hot with ass pounding friction and hot cum facials all weekend long. Starring: Alex, Arturo, Benjamin, BoyToy, Jeff, Kris, Renz, Ricky, Tenjo. A Gay Asian Twinks DVD.
josh-top-to-bottom_tn.jpg Josh Top to Bottom (DVD)
Sometimes tops need to bend over and take it up the ass. See Josh, go from being a top to taking like man as a bottom! Starring: Josh, Argie, Nathan, Willy, Vahn, Gilbert. A Gay Asian Twinkz DVD.
kris_likes_it_raw_tn.jpg Kris Likes It RAW (DVD)
Kris is such a handsome and hot gay Asian twink, with masculine features and a thirst to bareback fuck cute Asian guys. Gil is his gay anal target in this scene, and Gil is having a field day with Kris' enormous cock. Apprehensive about taking that monster up his ass, he makes sure he sucks cock thoroughly to get his boner nice and rigid. Gil sits on Kris' cock and rides it for a while to loosen up then with plenty of moans and grunts, the bareback fucking heats up as Kris pounds Gils beautiful smooth bubble ass into oblivion before shooting his cum load for Gil to lap up and eat. Starring: Kris, Dave, Gil, Vahn, Benjamin, Willy, Ricky. A Gay Asian Twinkz DVD.
lets-get-totally-fucked_tn.jpg Lets Get Totally Fucked (DVD)
This is one very hot compilation of bareback sex scenes featuring 10 adorable gay Asian twinks. Those who enjoy watching slender smooth Asian boys naked and fucking raw, are going to want this collection in their library. Each scene features cute young guys stripping naked, sucking uncut cock, rimming smooth little butts and fucking bareback. Some of the boys get a little kinky, with fruit, while others enjoy a big dildo in the mix. Of course, there is plenty of warm cum pumping at the end of every ass pounding episode. Take a seat, click play and keep at least one had free so you can join in on the action. Starring: Arthur, Jimmy, Joe, Ce, Golf, Oliver, Nicky, Guy, Jake, Adam, Nicky. An AsiaBoy DVD.
mr-hardball-part-1_tn Mr. HardBall Part 1 (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Spring training is here and Ken Ott, otherwise known as “Mr. Hardball,” is ready to do some serious balling! Watch the sexy fun as our “Batter with the most splatter” fucks the catcher and goes way past first base every player on the team. Can anything slow “Mr. Hardball” down? Starring: Alex Chu, Cody Hong, David Ace, Gabriel Dalessandro, Jessie Lee, Ken Ott. A Peter Fever DVD.
now-you-see-me_tn.jpg Now You See Me (DVD)
Check out these hot gay asians putting on special webcam shows for their fans! Starring: Dominik, Gilbert, Arjo, Jayrald, Nishi, Russell, Felix, Argie. A Gay Asian Camz DVD.
oh-so-asspectacular_tn.jpg Oh So Asspectacular (DVD)
Starring: Nathan DeMarco, Gilbert Carreon, Rave, Jordan, Marcon, Simon Mercado, Jacob Bantay, Conan Reyes, Jayrald. A Gay Asian Twinkz DVD.
pound-me-harder-ab_tn.jpg Pound Me Harder (DVD)
Most guys that are into Asian boys dream of traveling to Thailand and experiencing the exotic pleasures its young males have to offer. Well, if you haven't bought your ticket yet, this collection will have you booking the next flight out. Filmed on location, in Thailand, these hardcore bareback scenes give you a good taste of what sex with a Thai boy is like. From anal toys to bondage and everything else in between, these Asian twinks show you how they like to have sex. It's the next best thing to feeling the silky smooth skin of a naked Asian boy pressed up against you in bed. Starring: Joe, Rung, Toey, Wan, Tom, Bank, Guy, Oliver, Kong, Golf. An AsiaBoy DVD.
racked-and-tickled_tn.jpg Racked & Tickled (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Cute Asian boy toys become tickle toys in this collection of erotic tickle fetish bondage scenes in glorious FULL HD. These super cute Asian twinks are stripped and strapped on our tickle rack for some of the wildest bondage & tickling action ever produced. Starring: Hermis, Willy, Alex, Benjamin, Vahn, Lorenzo, Javey, Niko. A Laughing Asians DVD.
raw-deal-asia-boy_tn.jpg Raw Deal (DVD)
This collection is like a variety show for hardcore gay Asian twink sex, with a splash of kink for added entertainment. The action includes a young soldier bareback flip fucking a school boy, and a well hung twink with a kinky foot fetish. It's all about skinny and smooth Asian boys sucking dick, rimming ass and fucking each other raw. And for those that need a little extra stimulation, some well placed fingers or a big dildo does the trick. When the fucking is over, the cum starts pumping out and into hungry mouths. Anything left dripping off a dirty cock is sure to get licked up and swallowed. Starring: Guy, Hans, Wan, Em, Big, Marvin, William, Net, Sim. An Asia Boy DVD.
raw-dick-tator_tn.jpg Raw Dick-tator: Rule With an Iron Cock (DVD)
This collection delivers all the cock sucking, ass rimming and bareback fucking you can shake a dick at, but it doesn't end there! Some of these Asian twink couples take things a little bit further than most. Form light bondage, to fist fucking and a few oranges stuffed up a boy's ass, the action definitely gets kinky in places. One thing is certain. This compilation offers a few doors you might not have thought to look behind. Take a peek at what the kinkier side of gay Asian sex looks like. Starring: Boat, Oat, Golf, Din, Nat, Off, Gardner, Jimmy, Jame, Pong. An Asiaboy DVD.
raw-on-demand_tn.jpg Raw On Demand (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
From the producers of Gay Asian Twinkz, this is a compilation of 4 hardcore bareback scenes and one solo, featuring 8 Asian boys. The focus is on fucking raw and even our solo boy fantasized about having his Asian ass fucked bareback, as he shoves fingers and a dildo up his hungry hole. With the duos, there's no imagination required, as they lick ass and suck dick until both are rock hard and ready to fuck. Needless to say, plenty of cum gets spilled in the making of each intense sex scene, and perhaps in the watching of them, as well! Starring: Alex, Rico, Marcon, Reno, Jacob Bantay, Vahn Valdez, Jordan, Adrian. A Gay Asian Twinkz DVD.
sexamine-me-daddy_tn Sexamine Me Daddy (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Doctor Daddy is in, and the Asian boys love it! Four cute Asian twinks visit daddy's clinic for some of Doctor Daddy's anal exams and bareback treatments. Slim sexy Clark, hot Rizal, cute young Nishi, and boyish cutie Marcon are today's appointments for daddy's busy day at the clinic. Starring: Clark, Marcon, Mike Reynolds, Nishi, Rizal. A Daddy's Asians DVD.
sling-addiction-boynapped_tn.jpg Sling Addiction (DVD)
$49.88 $16.88 On Sale!
There’s something extra tempting about a boy in a sling when he’s bound and helpless, with his vulnerable hole totally on display. Ashton, Tyler and Titus dive dick first into their hanging captives. Fingering, fuckingh and abusing these boys. It’s no wonder these dom’s suffer from serious SLING ADDICTION! Starring: Ashton Bradley, Yoshi Kawasaki, Casper Ellis, Johannes Lars, Tyler Jenkins, Alexis Tivoli, Titus Snow. A Boynapped DVD.
str8-asian-bj_tn.jpg Str8 Asian BJ (DVD)
Alex is one of those gay boys who loves straight dudes. So we gave him some cash and challenged him to see if he can lure some straight Asian guys into getting a blowjob. Well he certainly found 7 sexy guys and for a few moments each it was Hard To Be Straight. Starring: Marco, Alex, Jaymes, Rico, Trickx, Christoph, JR, Robin. A Gay Asian Twinkz DVD.
stripped-tied-and-tickled_tn.jpg Stripped Tied & Tickled (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Let your tickle fetish fantasies run wild with this kinky thrill ride of cute Asian twinks being stripped naked, tied, and tickled to the brink of insanity. This is definitely one to add to your Laughing Asians DVD collection! Starring: Jeff, Gilbert, T-Boy, Argie, Ricky, Nishi, Simon, Kenny Cruz, Jacob Bantay, Vahn, Hunter, Idol. A Laughing Asians DVD.
they-call-me-hardcore-hermis_tn.jpg They Call Me Hardcore Hermis (DVD)
Asian gay boy Benjamin is a cute little twink with a tight hole. Today he goes home with the hot Asian stud Hermis for some gay anal sex. This gay Asian twink got more than he bargained for by getting Hermis all hot and horny for his tight Asian hole. Hermis has a big dick and you can tell how big it really is by hearing Benjamin's moans. Hermis does a thorough job at fucking the hell out of this thin little Asian twink boy. Then Hermis blows his load all over little Benjamin's face. Starring: Hermis, Benjamin, Gil, Ronny, Kris, Jesse, Niko. A Gay Asian Twinkz DVD.
tickled-straight-la_tn.jpg Tickled Straight (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Laughing Asians loves to see what happens when you get a cute Asian straight boy tied down and break him out of his tough exterior by tickling him into an hysterical, squirming, giggling, hunk of boy laughter. There's no pretending here. These straight boys are delightfully ticklish! Starring: Jack, Vahn, Ricky, Willy, Derik, Franco, Argie, Elgie, Jojo, Hunter, Evo, Alex, Rico. A Laughing Asians DVD.
ticklish-gym-buddies_tn.jpg Ticklish Gym Buddies (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
It's workout time at Laughing Asians gym. Gotta keep these cute Asian twinks in tip-top shape! But when you have a bunch of Asian twinks obsessed with tickling, the workouts are less than routine. Out come the restraints, off come the shoes, and a gym full of laughter ensues. Starring: Argie, Idol, Ricky, Josh, Jacob, Vahn, Warren, Jacob. A Laughing Asians DVD.
up-in-the-ass-gay-asian-twinkz-tn Up In The Ass (DVD)
Straight Asian boy Willy has a monster to tame, in his sexy solo jerk off scene, and it's a nice way to wind things down after the 4 intense hardcore bareback fuck sessions he follows. Eight silky smooth boys pair up to suck cock, rim ass and fuck raw, as the horny Straight boy waits his turn to earn some cash. Starring: Josh, Gilbert, Willy, Andrew, Tinq, Paul, CJ, Russel, Nishi. A Gay Asian Twinkz DVD.