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~Arcade on Route 9 (DVD) Removed

Growing up in a rural Pennsylvania farm country, opportunities for anonymous sex really don't exist. I vividly remember having an overwhelming curiosity about the Adult Video Shack on Route 11, hoping to get a better sense of what and who was inside. I'd stare longingly at the nondescript building whenever we'd drive past it on our way to the nearest shopping mall, a full hour and fifteen minutes from our farm. The arcade in "Arcade on Route 9" is an obvious studio construction. Its booths are tenfold the size most actually are, and your shoes aren't likely to stick to its pristine plywood floors. But many of the subtler elements -- the flickering light, the ominously numbered doors, and hidden shadows immediately evoked powerful memories of my first trip through the doors of the Adult Video Shack on Route 11.

For me, director Joe Gage plumbed and coaxed to the surface several memories with this excellent film, as well as re-awakening some slumbering fantasies. I'm in good company. There are lots of us who fantasize about watching our dads get head, sucking mystery cock through a gloryhole, and hooking up with a stranger (or strangers) in a tight, cramped space, the chance that you might get caught a constantly thumping undercurrent to the sex. The is unmistakable Joe Gage, and his skill at creating sexual tension remains unrivaled.

Over a bowl of bloated Grape-Nuts, Matthew Matters, a thin, plain pup, and his father (Brett Anderson) coyly discuss the best way to celebrate Matt's birthday. Being a little old for Chuck E. Cheese, they decide to do some father and son bonding at the old arcade over on Route 9. Matt's calm expression doesn't really convey much of an inner monologue or clue the viewer into how he feels about going to an adult bookstore with his dad -- all of that comes later in the film.

Meanwhile, another kind of initiation is taking place at the doctor's office. When young brunet Adam Young sprains a ligament in his inner thigh, coach Peter Axel seizes the opportunity to run him over to see doctor Alex Brawley. The conspiratorial looks that Alex and Peter share gave me the impression that this is not the first athlete that this doctor has given the once over at this coach's urging. Adam plays the naive schoolboy with uncanny accuracy, tensing up and breathing sharply as the Alex moves his fingers up under his track shorts. Alex has Adam strip down under the guise of collecting a sperm sample, and before you can say lawsuit, both men are stroking along with the young patient. With a little coaxing, Adam finds his way to his knees, blowing his coach and his physician. And hungry for a taste of fresh meat, the more experienced gents put Adam on the end of the examination table and return the favor. The doctor gets his sperm sample, but it's immediately fouled by his own spunk and that of the coach.

Hiking along Route 9, handsome college boy Cam Kurtz accepts a ride from tow-trucker Josh West, a burly but mostly smooth bear who's eager to make conversation. Fishing for information, the conversation turns to the Route 9 arcade. Having never been, Cam accepts Josh's invitation to escort him there.

On this particular evening, the arcade is staffed by beautiful Jake Deckard. Along with keeping an eye trained to the back-room arcade itself, he's got his hands full accepting delivery man Matt Cole's cargo. Evaluating the current stock of porn in the basement stockroom gives Jake an opportunity to exploit Matt's natural curiosities about what exactly goes on in the arcade upstairs. I got the feeling that Jake has been waiting to suck off the delivery guy for quite some time. Matt's queer interests include exploring Jake's hairy asscrack with his tongue and fingers. When he tops Jake over a stack of wooden crates, Matt's pecs bounce heavily. Everything about Mr. Cole is thrilling to watch, and one of his best selling points is his versatility. Once finished ramming his new buddy, he fully exercises that versatility, getting his ass stuffed all over the stockroom.

With his big rig parked outside the arcade, daddy Ken Mack gets a cup of coffee before heading inside. He crosses paths with Cole Ryan who looks like he's working up the courage to go inside the bookstore. They exchange pleasantries and Ken easily seduces Cole into the rig's cab. Boyish Cole can't quite seem to get over the fact that Ken has all the comforts of home laid out in such a small space. He even has -- gasp! -- a DVD player! And no, Ken doesn't have "E.T." or "Independence Day" cued up. His library pretty much consists solely of all-male porn. As it turns out, there's really no need for either of these dudes to purchase tokens as everything they need is right there. Cole does a slow sort of striptease for daddy Ken as a prelude to some sensual oral sex. They eventually end up stroking off side by side and still have energy left to venture inside the arcade.

Along with pretty much the entire cast, father and son arrive at the arcade to officially mark Matthew's passage into manhood. Brett knows his way around the booths and confidently leads Matthew to one with a gloryhole. Bookstore patron Dominic Pacifico, here playing the businessman after hours, catches the father-son team out of the corner of his eye and makes a beeline to an adjoining booth. Brett lovingly explains how a gloryhole "works," even venturing to stick his dick through the hole first, Dominic eagerly waiting on the other side. Matthew watches his father get blown with great interest, finally mustering the courage to venture putting his own dick through the hole. Dominic has no problem doing double duty on the other side of the partition. Both Matthew and Brett get off, but before they move on to other arcade delights, Brett insists on schooling his son on the finer points of gloryhole etiquette. Dad points out how important it is to reciprocate, worshipping Dominic's nicely-shaped piece at the foot of the gloryhole, then guiding Matthew while he puts his lips around his first cock. Gage's set-up reaps fantastic rewards. I completely went with this one, suspending disbelief entirely. (And like the similarly-themed father-son episode in "110 Degrees In Tucson", I ended up watching these few moments of "Arcade" several times through because they're so convincingly well done.)

The booths are bustling on this particular night. Alex Brawley, here out of his white coat for the evening, cruises by coach Peter Axel and trucker Josh West getting better acquainted and decides to join the fun. Alex is the nicest surprise here. He's not only got a macho look but he's got acting chops. Here, he lets the coach fuck him while simultaneously sucking off a mystery cock through the partition. In a neighboring booth, Adam Young is getting together with someone his own age, hitchhiker Cam Kurtz. The guys spend long minutes rubbing their pricks side by side, comparing length. Cam eventually sits on Adam, a gut-busting experience to be sure. They switch roles before blowing their respective loads.

Making the most of Matthew's rite of passage, father and son join Josh Powell and Dominic Pacifico in a very large buddy booth. It's an excellent opportunity for pop to give his young'un further instruction. They're joined by a fifth, Jody Scott, another anonymous bookstore patron who hits the jackpot when he steps into this particular booth. While Matthew watches and masturbates, dad coaxes Dominic into his lap, fucking side by side with Jody, who's got his hands full with smooth cutie Josh. Not quite ready to roll on a condom and take this particular plunge, Matthew lends his dad a hand, slipping a hand between Dominic's legs and jerking him while he rides Brett's pole. I love watching couples fuck side by side, so this vignette was particularly gratifying.

Ken and Cole really could have stayed in the truck. Inside their own private booth, they strip naked and pick up right where they left off, Ken rimming Cole's furry hole. I personally wouldn't be able to stretch out nude on the filthy floor of an adult bookstore, no matter who was eager to ride my dick. But Ken throws caution to the wind, holding his cock up for Cole to take a seat. The action here was erotic but predictable, right up to the point where Ken spread his legs for the younger top.

And finally, Matt and Jake bring their fun into the upstairs arcade. No doubt these are the buffest beauties here and it certainly seems as if Jake and Matt are enjoying one another. But more than that, watching as they service two sizeable cocks that slip through the wall during their booth time just amplifies the excitement. I have a gloryhole fetish that's burned hot since seeing Steve Scott's 1982 classic "Dangerous" and Matt and Jake's gloryhole antics only served to throw more logs on that particular fire.

DVD features (2-disc set): Chapters; cum-shots chapter; fluffing footage; behind-the-scenes footage; photoshoots footage; gallery; trailers ("Lifeguard!," "Deep Water: Beach Patrol: Part One," "Closed Set: Titan Stage One," "Alabama Takedown," "Mens Room: Bakersfield Station," "Back to Barstow," "110 Degrees in Tucson," and "Mens Room 2: Gale Force"); interviews (Matt Cole with Jake Deckard, Ken Mack with Cole Ryan); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).

A DVD Review by Rick Forrent ( )

*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***

Starring Alex Brawley, Cole Ryan, Jake Deckard, Brett Anderson, Peter Axel, Matt Cole, Cam Kurtz, Ken Mack, Matthew Matters, Dominic Pacifico, Josh Powell, Jody Scott, Josh West and Adam Young.

Directed by Joe Gage.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

A Titan Media DVD.

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Write a review | No reviews for this product.