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Amateur Straight Guys

no-tell-motel-2_tn.jpg - No Tell Motel 2 (DVD)
$39.88 $37.88 On Sale!
If you come to this Hotel I won't tell if you don't tell! And you can enjoy all this and much more! An Amateur Straight Guys DVD.
rump-rangers-2-asg_tn.jpg - Rump Rangers 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $46.88 On Sale!
Enjoy this ass fucking straight guy action! All this and much more included! An Amateur Straight Guys DVD.
below-the-belt-2-asg_tn.jpg - Below the Belt 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $46.88 On Sale!
Watch these hot studs go below the belt as they fuck and suck all day long! An Amateur Straight Guys DVD.
ass_eaters_anonymous_amateur_straight_tn.jpg Ass Eaters Anonymous (DVD)
When we first met Matt, he wouldn't even let another guy touch him. One night he shows up horny as hell, and in his subtle, but direct way, he let us know that he was in the mood to get his rocks off. We decided to film it and really have Matt show us what he wanted. He got stroked, sucked and munched and showed us exactly what it takes to make him bust a nut. When it was all over he said, �thanks man - that was awesome�. Another straight guy learns that GUYS SUCK DICK BETTER. Starring Michigan, Matt, Bryan, Cypher, Trevor, Ben, Marc, Xavier, Crash, Cowboy and Guzzo. Directed by Doug and Ray. An Amateur Straight Guys / French Connection DVD.
below_the_belt_nos_tn.jpg Below the Belt (DVD) Amateur Straight Guys
Ready to see some straight guys in some not so straight situations? Then you're in luck, cause this film is filled to the brim with hot straight guys wanking off together or pulling each other's meat! And because we know you love it, they'll be some sucking going on too! A must see! Starring Adam, Rick, JD, David, Marcus, Peter, Danny, Grant, Bryan, Spence, Guzzo, Kai. An Amateur Straight Guys Video DVD.
boyz-of-summer-asg_tn.jpg Boyz of Summer (DVD) Amateur Straight Guys
Here's ASG's tribute to boyz, summer and sex. We picked out two real-life friends, Wess and Lucky, and met up with Billy to have some summertime fun with each of them! Starring: Wess, Lucky, Billy. An Amateur Straight Guys DVD.
breeder_fever_tn.jpg Breeder Fever (DVD)
It took years of convincing my long time, very sexy, friend of the family to get naked for the camera. Dalton is a country boy fresh from a farm in my home state of Missouri. His natural blonde hair and bright blue eyes are almost too much for me to resist. . . Not to mention that sexy southern drawl. I have been trying to get in his pants for as long as I can remember. I like to consider myself to be a highly skilled straight guy seducer but all of my efforts, until now, have been futile! Suffice it to say his mind and his load were effectively blown once I finally got to put that big, beautiful, blonde, hairy cock in my mouth. Starring Axe, Chris, Dalton, Kai, Nate, Paul, Peter, Rodd, Skyler, Spence, Talon, Vince, Doug and Jay. Directed by Doug and Jay. An Amateur Straight Guys / French Connection DVD.
bros_before_hoes_tn.jpg Bros Before Hoes (DVD)
100% Straight - 100% Real - 100% Hot! Sure they've got pretty girlfriends waiting at home, but what's a guy to do when his best bud is hard up to get off? Directed by Doug and Jay. An Amateur Straight Guy DVD.
drill_baby_drill_tn.jpg Drill Baby Drill (DVD)
See straight guys suck, fuck and lick man ass. No wonder the line continues to be such a hit with fans - Spill Baby Spill may be just as appropriate! Starring Lucas, Peter, Joey, Kai, Talon, Bryan, Kasden, Jeremy, Spence and Ken Mack. Directed by Doug and Jay. An Amateur Straight Guys DVD.
dude-suck-my-dick-asg_tn.jpg Dude, Suck My Dick (DVD)
He could be your hunky mechanic, cute wholesome waiter or local university student in need of cash for tuition. They all have something in common: they follow the rule that a mouth is a mouth and when gay guys are eager to suck them dry they're happy to unload! Watch straight guys cum twice in the same scene only to have it eaten up by cum crazed men! 6 scenes, all oral cumshots! Starring: Skyler. An Amateur Straight Guys DVD.
dude_suck_my_dick_2_tn.jpg Dude, Suck My Dick 2 (DVD)
When straight guys hang out with no chicks around things can get out of hand. A hard cock needs a warm mouth, even if it is your buddy's! Straight guys doing things with guys their girlfriends can never know about! Directed by Doug and Jay. An Amateur Straight Guys / French Connection DVD.
fuck_club_tn.jpg Fuck Club (DVD) Amateur Straight Guys
This is one boy's club that's hotter than hell where membership really has its "privileges". There's no gavel banging. . .but there's a lot of sucking & fucking. Directed by Doug and Jay. An Amateur Straight Guys DVD.
Get Ur Freak On (DVD)
Axe and Adam came by one night to play with a new toy of ours . . . A new blow up doll. Neither guy had ever fucked around with a life size blow up doll before or with each other . . . After that night though that all changed. Two of the nicest, sexiest guys we've ever filmed - these studs know how to please. We started off bringing out the doll (who bears a remarkable resemblance to Steve Tyler from Aerosmith..hahahaha) and after messing with her both guys decided that it was time to venture in to real human territory. Venture they did - stroking, licking, sucking and nutting all over the damned place. Fun fun fun . . . Starring Nate, Rod, Vance, Erik, Matt, Brad, Adam, Axe, Bunni and Shaggi. An Amateur Straight Guys / French Connection DVD.
gettin_bizzy_tn.jpg Gettin' Bizy (DVD)
Recently we were in touch with a local young guy named Enrique who wanted very badly to be an adult film model. Something touched us about this guy's email and so we set up a time to have him come in and meet. During the conversation Enrique let us know how much he loved sucking dick and especially straight dick (we agree!) so we made arrangements for him to test out his skills on camera. We invited Spence and Kasden in so Enrique could take a "test drive" for you all to watch! Starring Bentley, Damon, Enrique, James, Jeremy, Kai, Kasden, Lee, Nate, Smoke, Spence and Tom. Directed by Doug and Jay. An Amateur Straight Guys DVD.
gettin_come_ama_st8gyz_front_tn.jpg Gettin' Some (DVD) Amateur Straight Guys
One of the most exciting things about what we do is discovering a young guy who is willing to explore, loves sex and really wants to "walk on the wild side" . . . So to speak. Of course you know by now that Crow is such a guy. He's open to almost anything and so is his butt hole (ha) so we wanted to see if we could get a few more guys to try some stuff they hadn't done before so of course we wanted to get Sean in ASAP so he could take a turn driving. Damn guys this video was hot from the minute we said "roll". Crow started the whole thing off by . . . Starring Nate, Ken, Jackson, Guzzo, Steve, Jared, Bryan, Sean, Crow, Lane, Cameron, CK and Doug. An Amateur Straight Guys / French Connection DVD.
Hittin' It (DVD)
Scene One - This is one excellent Friday because we have just made history! For the first time ever, Marcus fucks the hell out of another guy. And not just any guy, he's our own Axe. When I think of Axe having to take Marcus' huge dick . . . I was ready to feel bad for him because Marcus is so big, but once he got going, he had the ride of his life! (I loved Axe's facial expressions while he was getting pounded by Marcus' enormous cock.) Hahaha . . . Just recently, Marcus took it up the ass from one hot chick with a strap-on on Ashlee's Playhouse, and now he's bangin' Axe! How hot is this?! Not to mention what a sport Axe is for being able to get Marcus off for us on cam. Starring Marcus, Axe, Crash, Smoke, Brock, Riley, Robbie (a.k.a. Derek Brodie ), Guzzo, Doug, Dillon, Crow and Rick. An Amateur Straight Guys / French Connection DVD.
hittin_it_again_tn.jpg Hittin' It Again (DVD)
Brick and Peter: We met a hot young Kansas guy last weekend named Brick. Brick told us that he was pretty open minded. The day for Brick's video came and Jay and I had Peter in town to help us (true story). During Brick's "solo" video he suddenly asked if he could do something more. Guys, this is one of the best films we've done in a while. Totally hot and a helluva surprise! Starring Paul, Axe, Brick, Peter, Bryan, Guzzo, Kai, Landon, Marcus, Nate, Jay and Doug. Directed by Doug. An Amateur Straight Guys / French Connection DVD.
layin_pipe_tn.jpg Layin' Pipe (DVD) Amateur Straight Guys
Watch straight guys experiment with other straight guys. See plenty of hunky and horny dudes give each other sloppy facials, engage in dildo play, and more. They're all 100% straight, 100% amateur, 100% real, 100% hot. Starring Doug and Jay. Directed by Doug and Jay. An Amateur Straight Guys DVD.
Outdoor Wood (DVD)
Scene One - Three guys, a dry creek bed and a hot sweaty afternoon hike through a deserted canyon. As they climbed the rocks and splashed water on each other, it became apparent that it was not only the afternoon that was steamy. These three studs were all hot and horny and wanted to play. Gradually the playing became more physical, their wet shorts clinging to their crotches, their hands running over each others chests and bulging shorts. In the blink of an eye their clothes were on the ground, their hands gently caressing each other. One thing led to another as they relieved themselves of their sexual tension. Rubbing each other, moaning, they stroked and sucked each other off in the wilderness. I don't think CK, Ben, or Craig will ever be the same after that intimate exploration of each other, and neither will you after you watch these incredible studs give each other a work out to remember. Starring CK, Ben, Craig, Jackson, Doug, Jay, Nick, Xavier, Guzzo, Marc and Dirk. An Amateur Straight Guys / French Connection DVD.
Packin' Meat (DVD) Amateur Straight Guys
Okay we have to admit that we have met the ultimate sex freak and his name is Crow. Crow LOVES IT ALL! You guys have seen Crow before but today's video is some of the hottest shit we've done to date in our opinion. We asked horny, hung Dylan to come and play with Crow. We thought it was perfect, both guys are hot and eager and Dylan was bragging about what a good fuck he was. Well c'mon n prove it big boy! And prove it he did as he worked his dick and his temperature up to the task. After some fun 69 action Dylan mounted Crow and his legs went up and so will your dick as you watch this scorcher over and over! Starring Nate, Marcus, Jeremy, Kai, Bryan, Guzzo, Dylan, Crow, John and Aaron. An Amateur Straight Guys / French Connection DVD.