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Amateur Straight Guys

bad-men-asg_tn.jpg - Bad Men (DVD)
$49.88 $46.88 On Sale!
From the studio and director that brought you Fuck Dynasty and The Ass Bang Theory. Starring 6 amateur straight guys. Watch these studs indulge in their first taste of cock! Starring: Joel, Maxxx, Mike, Troy, Zeb, Zeke. An Amateur Straight Guys DVD.
ass-bang-theory-3_tn.jpg - Ass Bang Theory 3 (DVD)
$49.88 $46.88 On Sale!
Six hot, straight men cum together to finish out the trilogy of the ass bang theory. Forrest, Chase, JT, Tyce, Brett, and Tucker will show you the theory behind banging the ass! Starring: Brett, Chase, Forrest, JT, Tucker, Tyce. An Amateur Straight Guys DVD.
fuck-dynasty-3_tn.jpg - Fuck Dynasty 3 (DVD)
$49.88 $46.88 On Sale!
Watch the final chapter of the Fuck Dynasty series as the men of Amateur Straight Guys fuck and suck like champs! Starting with the hot duo of Forrest and Stifler, then leading to the incredible threeway with JT, Tony, and Tyce. Things round out with 2 hot solos! Starring: Forrest, JT, Roy, Stifler, Tony, Troy, Tyce. An Amateur Straight Guys DVD.
house-of-cocks-3_tn.jpg - House Of Cocks 3 (DVD)
$49.88 $46.88 On Sale!
Join us as we follow these boys into the house of cocks. This final installment in the series has some of our best moments with these amateur straight guys. Don't miss it! Starring: Austin, Logan, Parker, Pyro, Tony, Tyler. An Amateur Straight Guys DVD.
fuck-dynasty-2_tn.jpg - Fuck Dynasty 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $46.88 On Sale!
Join the men of Amateur Straight Guys as they get down to their dick sucking roots! Starring: Dean, Joel, Kane, Stifler, Tex, Tucker, Tyce. An Amateur Straight Guys DVD.
loadbusters-3_tn.jpg - Loadbusters 3 (DVD)
$49.88 $46.88 On Sale!
This hot new addition to the Loadbusters trilogy starts of with Amateur Straight Guys Bryce and Pyroworking each others hot meat. Then, follow Dean, Sean, and Tony as they group up for an unforgettable threesome. Chad and Brady finish things out with hot solos! An Amateur Straight Guys DVD.
ass-bang-theory-2_tn.jpg - Ass Bang Theory 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $46.88 On Sale!
Seven hot, straight men cum together in this movie to perform for the viewers. Seven stars will show you the theory behind banging ass! Starring: Chet, Forrest, Houston, Joel, Logan, Tanner, Tyce. An Amasteur Straight Guys DVD.
loadbusters-2_tn.jpg - Loadbusters 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $46.88 On Sale!
We've brought you 7 hot models. These straight boys have hard dicks and are eager to get off. Starring: Logan, Pyro, Tanner, Ty, Tyce, Wyatt, Zack. An Amateur Straight Guys DVD.
ass-bang-theory_tn.jpg - Ass Bang Theory, The (DVD)
$49.88 $46.88 On Sale!
Join nine amateur straight guys as they are pushed to the edges of their comfort zone! Watch them cum out of their shell and open up to new ideas! Starring: Capin, Chad, Kyle, Logan, Pyro, Ty., Tyce, Zeb, Zeke. An Amateur Straight Guys DVD.
house-of-cocks-2_tn.jpg - House Of Cocks 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $46.88 On Sale!
The second installment of HOC brings us back to the house where it all began. Watch these straight guys explore their wild urges on camera! Starring: Colby, Damion, Logan, Pyro, Rage, Tanner. An Amateur Straight Guys DVD.
fuck-dynasty_tn.jpg - Fuck Dynasty 1 (DVD)
$49.88 $46.88 On Sale!
Join the men of Amateur Straight Guys as they get down to their dick sucking roots! Starting with a hot threesome following up with a sexy duo. Included are two handjob solos. Don't miss it! Starring: Colten, Connor, Damion, Forrest, Logan, Pyro, Ty. An Amateur Straight Guys DVD.
house-of-cocks_tn.jpg - House Of Cocks (DVD)
$49.88 $46.88 On Sale!
Ready to see straight guys having hot, gay sex? This DVD is packed full of hot men getting their straight dicks serviced by other straight guys. They are horny and curious, which is great news for us. Starring: John, Lane, Logan, Pyro, Scott, Tanner. An Amateur Straight Guys DVD.
ass_eaters_anonymous_amateur_straight_tn.jpg Ass Eaters Anonymous (DVD)
When we first met Matt, he wouldn't even let another guy touch him. One night he shows up horny as hell, and in his subtle, but direct way, he let us know that he was in the mood to get his rocks off. We decided to film it and really have Matt show us what he wanted. He got stroked, sucked and munched and showed us exactly what it takes to make him bust a nut. When it was all over he said, �thanks man - that was awesome�. Another straight guy learns that GUYS SUCK DICK BETTER. Starring Michigan, Matt, Bryan, Cypher, Trevor, Ben, Marc, Xavier, Crash, Cowboy and Guzzo. Directed by Doug and Ray. An Amateur Straight Guys / French Connection DVD.
below_the_belt_nos_tn.jpg Below the Belt (DVD) Amateur Straight Guys
Ready to see some straight guys in some not so straight situations? Then you're in luck, cause this film is filled to the brim with hot straight guys wanking off together or pulling each other's meat! And because we know you love it, they'll be some sucking going on too! A must see! Starring Adam, Rick, JD, David, Marcus, Peter, Danny, Grant, Bryan, Spence, Guzzo, Kai. An Amateur Straight Guys Video DVD.
below-the-belt-2-asg_tn.jpg Below the Belt 2 (DVD)
Watch these hot studs go below the belt as they fuck and suck all day long! An Amateur Straight Guys DVD.
below-the-belt-3_tn.jpg Below The Belt 3 (DVD)
This hot, straight guy session starts out with a great foursome. They fuck hard and get sweaty. This is followed up with a threesome. Starring: Damion, Dean, J.T, Joel, Logan, Stifler, Tyce. An Amateur Straight Guys DVD.
best-of-brandon_tn.jpg Best of Brandon (2DVD)
A two disc special of all real, straight, hot guys! The very best of Brandon brings non-stop action from beginning to end! Starring: Brandon. An Amateur Straight Guys DVD.
boyz-of-summer-asg_tn.jpg Boyz of Summer (DVD) Amateur Straight Guys
Here's ASG's tribute to boyz, summer and sex. We picked out two real-life friends, Wess and Lucky, and met up with Billy to have some summertime fun with each of them! Starring: Wess, Lucky, Billy. An Amateur Straight Guys DVD.
breeder_fever_tn.jpg Breeder Fever (DVD)
It took years of convincing my long time, very sexy, friend of the family to get naked for the camera. Dalton is a country boy fresh from a farm in my home state of Missouri. His natural blonde hair and bright blue eyes are almost too much for me to resist. . . Not to mention that sexy southern drawl. I have been trying to get in his pants for as long as I can remember. I like to consider myself to be a highly skilled straight guy seducer but all of my efforts, until now, have been futile! Suffice it to say his mind and his load were effectively blown once I finally got to put that big, beautiful, blonde, hairy cock in my mouth. Starring Axe, Chris, Dalton, Kai, Nate, Paul, Peter, Rodd, Skyler, Spence, Talon, Vince, Doug and Jay. Directed by Doug and Jay. An Amateur Straight Guys / French Connection DVD.
bros_before_hoes_tn.jpg Bros Before Hoes (DVD)
100% Straight - 100% Real - 100% Hot! Sure they've got pretty girlfriends waiting at home, but what's a guy to do when his best bud is hard up to get off? Directed by Doug and Jay. An Amateur Straight Guy DVD.