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Alpine Adventure (DVD)


We are on a skiing trip in Austria and Switzerland. And we are surrounded by some of the most beautiful and horny young men from Eastern Europe schussing and shtupping along to the direction of George Duroy and his merry Bel Ami band of men. By the time we reach the end of "Alpine Adventure," things are so hot it's as if this was taking place on the African subcontinent during a heat wave.

The introduction is pretty unique: Johan Paulik wanders through a chalet where the cast is still sleeping, leading his white Labrador retriever, Max, on a merry romp, video camera in hand, into each bedroom, some of which are occupied by couples. We are introduced to the cast in this manner, and it's a nice way of getting to meet them, even though most of them are not sporting wood, so to speak, at this point. That all changes after a travelogue beneath the credits.

We first meet sandy-haired Liam Phoenix out on the slopes. He tells us that he has had fun skiing, but more fun fucking. The chalet has a sexual spell on it, he believes. At full erection one night, he sticks his long puppy-smile face into a couple of the bedrooms to find couples intertwined in passionate fucking. He comes to an open door, and on the bed, he spots the very dark-haired Raf Angelo slowly masturbating in full view. Liam invites himself in, straddles his friend, and they start to make love. They resemble each other except for the stark difference in hair color, plus Raf's eyebrows almost meet. Raf makes love to Liam's seriously fat cock, and you wonder if it's going to fit up Raf's pretty little ass. When Liam starts to munch on Raf's tool, you have to do a double-take: it's almost identical in every respect to his. And it's all Liam can do to get the best of it, and he almost does. This is a deep-throating and cock-worshipping kind of guy who is happy to throw up his legs and wrap them around Raf, who then slides his fat sausage up the chute quickly and easily, with sincere appreciation from Liam who revels in the pounding he gets and the wet kisses. Raf then grabs a pillow, stuffs it under Liam's lower back for leverage, gets into a crouch, and sends Liam into further ecstasy with a face-reddening fuck that is framed from a variety of positions. Raf then assumes another position when he grabs the rafter above the bed to get more leverage into his prize. One of the best bottoms in the Duroy stable, then moves on his side that makes his hole tighter and brings a rush of cum from Raf that is soon matched with a geyser from Liam. The scene ends in sticky fingers and kisses.

Tommy Hansen tells us his story. Around a breakfast table, the guys are eating food as Tommy prepares sausage and eggs in the kitchen. Tommy is a smashingly handsome dirty-blond with unreal abs and a faint resemblance to both TV star Simon Baker ("The Guardian," CBS) and former porn star John Davenport (with a big fat dick to match). Tommy tells us how the inestimable Sebastian Bonnet snuck up behind him in the kitchen and went fishing for his sausage through the fly of his chili-pepper print pajama bottoms. Reaching behind him to grapple with Sebastian's already-hard cock beneath his flannel sweats, Tommy sets off a spark that leads to an exceptional encounter. Anyone who hates English subtitles as much as I do, though, will be stunned by the way Duroy handles it here. The script is extremely hot, full of lust and longing, and actually heightens an already sizzling encounter. Sebastian drops to his knees and goes mad over Tommy's timber. Tommy then goes nuts over Sebastian's cock, balls and pubes, bringing Sebastian, who oddly looks a little like Liam Phoenix from the first scene, to a frenzied state as he stands to cover Tommy with kisses before going back down to chomp on his very wide cock, paying special attention to the foreskin in a brilliant close-up. Tommy then sits Sebastian down in a chair and gets on all-fours to eat away at his crotch and cock before letting Sebastian move him against the counter for a brief rimming. Sebastian is consumed by this cock, and soon sits on the floor to get some more before standing and mounting his breakfast prey. He lifts his right leg up on the counter and fucks Tommy standing, then sits him on the counter to continue missionary, pulls out, and spills a ton of cum all over Tommy's abs that he rubs in like so much suntan lotion. Tommy then spills his seed.

Marc Vidal introduces us to the next scene. Marc has a huge shock of slicked-back black hair, exceptional eyes, a taut body, and a to-die-for dick. He tells us of his encounter with Greg Miller who looks like he's out of a French military fuck flick, but with a stronger hunger for dick than many of them have. They romp in a small tub in the chalet as Greg sends Marc over the moon with his kissing and cocksucking (their kissing episodes are sensational, none of that tongue-lashing, it's all tongue-eating and lip-locking). They move to the bed where it's Marc's turn to show his oral skills that he demonstrates ably before covering his lover with more kisses and then shoving his very long tool up Greg's ass missionary in a wild, loud and emphatic fuck that is as frenetic as the previous two scenes were romantic. This room is steeped in the scent of man-sex, and they don't lose a beat as Marc pulls out, tosses Greg on his knees, and plows him doggy until he spills a serious load all over his buttcrack.

Four guys meet in the chalet sauna as they are obviously in the mood. Liam Phoenix, who is fondling the smaller blond guy-toy Sean Ellis, makes a move on the inexcusably beautiful Danny Saradon, who is being worshipped by the jealous-looking Matthew Graya, a lanky crew-cut lurker with the face of a future drill sergeant. Matthew pulls Danny away and they head for their room, leaving Liam and Sean to go back to their own devices. This consists of short but intense mutual blowjobs by the fireplace. Sean is overwhelmed by Liam's honker and spends most of the time eating its head, which obviously works because he elicits an amazing stream of goo from that cock that completely covers his chest. Liam is not done, however, and as he proved in the first scene, he is a consummate cocksucker, completely engulfing Sean's pretty-good-sized pecker in deliciously noisy slurps before sitting on it for a back-to-front ride that morphs into a similar scissor-fuck. All this takes place on a small couch, and it is remarkable how comfortable they look as sex on a couch in porn is often so contrived. They end with Sean sending streams of sticky cum across Liam's pubes.

They get up, open the door to the next room and see Danny and Matthew kissing. Danny warns them off, and they go away leaving our next couple to roll in their pent-up juices in a canopied single bunk. Danny, who bears a slight resemblance to cross-town Prague rival William Higgins star Pavel Korsakov, services Matthew's pretty cock, but as he announced in the beginning of the scene, he's really a super-bottom and he is ready for this man's rod. Matthew loosens up his sphincter with saliva and drives his tool straight up the chute doggy, and in what is the quickest fuck in the flick, cums all over the pretty booty.

The finale features Sebastian Bonnet, this time with two of the handsomest models in Europe, the dark-haired, sultry-eyed and open-faced Alex Orioli, and the sweet songbird-faced Ritchie Tyler, whose robin's-egg-blue eyes bore in on his playmates as he devours them with kisses and nips. The three horse around in the indoor pool and get hornier and hornier as they touch each other. They dry off, kissing and groping, and then move in for the lust payoff that begins in the drawing room with a floor-to-crotch shot of the three boners dueling. Alex then stands on a couch as Sebastian eats his cock as Richie kneels and worships Sebastian's pecker. Alex then gets on the floor and sucks the other two as they kiss and fondle each other. Alex then positions himself on the couch, one leg over the end and the other one on the ground, and sucks Richie as we are treated to an insertion close-up of Sebastian entering Alex's hole. There are some brilliantly framed and edited close-ups here of sex framed by cinematographer Marty Stevens in such a way as to never give the impression that these are performers under direction. Alex Orioli succumbs completely here, and in the process, becomes a major player in the Bel Ami pantheon of stars.

There is more cum spilled by these three per square inch than in all the other scenes put together -- and that's saying something for a movie as cum-drenched and hot as this cool number nestled in the snowy Alps.

A DVD Review by Bo Champion ( )

*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***

Starring Sebastian Bonnet (a.k.a. Antoine Korda), Tommy Hansen, Raf Angelo, Sean Ellis, Matthew Gray, Greg Miller, Alex Orioli, Liam Phoenix, Danny Saradon, Richie Tyler, Mark Vidal (a.k.a. Steeve Sanders) and Johan Paulik (non-sexual).

Directed by George Duroy.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

A Bel Ami DVD.

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Write a review | No reviews for this product.